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on August 15, 2011
I am a first time mother of a healthy baby girl, and this diaper thing was all new to me. My baby is 9 month old, and this info is what I learned over the last few months that I can share with all of the new parents. For me, Pampers are the best diapers, as I am often clumsy in putting on the diaper, and all of the various types of Pampers are extremely forgiving in not failing even if improper strap placement occurs. They are also the most absorbent diapers on the market in my opinion. In terms of buying Pampers, Amazon offers the best deal: 30% off if enrolled in Subscribe and Save and Amazon Mom plus no state sales tax. Even if you use store coupons, manufacturer coupons, weekly ad sales, etc, the retail stores cannot compete on price. A downside to Amazon is that you may have to wait 2 weeks in the mail for the diapers, but I always stock up ahead of time so for me it wasn't a problem. It should be noted that Amazon's best price occurs when it periodically offers a $2 Pampers e-coupon on top of the the 30 % savings, but it is best to be logged into your account to see and "clip" the coupon under the Special Offers section.

There are different types of Pampers, and these are my impressions:
* Pampers Swaddlers. These are my favorite diapers because of the thinness, softness and super-absorbancy. I also loved the witness indicator found in their sizes N,1, and 2. It should be noted that Swaddlers' Dry Max technology is controversial, as some parents claim that the diapers' gel leaks and thus causes diaper rash. This has never happened to me. Truth be told, I like the Dry Max, as they make the diapers super-absorbent, and thus causing less diaper rash for my baby. Another downside is that they have a slight perfume that make them smell like baby powder, but the smell is not strong enough to bother me or my baby. I could get Swaddlers on Amazon up to size 3, but I decided to switch at that point, as my baby began crawling and it make sense to use Pampers Cruisers, which are designed to be stretchy for a moving baby.
* Pampers Sensitive. I do not understand how Sensitive is any different from Swaddlers, except that sizes N, 1 and 2 don't have Dry Max. I stuck to Swaddlers since they were cheaper and seemed just as good as Sensitive. Sensitive goes up to size 4, so for those parents who hate Cruisers and wish they could get size 4 Swaddlers, I would buy these given that they are so similar in design.
* Pampers Baby Dry. These diapers do not have the Dry Max technology, but they are still extremely absorbent. I find that it lives up to Pampers's claim of lasting through an entire night. Overall, while I prefer the Swaddlers because they are thinner, softer, and more absorbent, I still like this diaper, and often buy it because it is cheaper than Swaddlers.
* Luvs Ulta. Okay, okay, officially these are not Pampers. I still include them because they have the same manufacturer as Pampers. If I were more cost-conscious, I would buy these diapers as they are very good diapers sold at an awesomely low price. Luvs is a bulky diaper, so I am willing to spend the extra cents for Pampers. Other solid cheaper diapers are Parents Choice and Babies R Us. They are not soft and are bulky, but they get the job done. Wal-Mart's Parents Choice is particularly good for me as they have very large diaper straps that make them super-easy to put on.
My impressions of other diapers on the market:
* Wegmans. They need to go back to the drawing board with these diapers, as these are just bad diapers that fail like crazy on me.
* Huggies Pure and Natural: If there was a beauty contest on good-looking diapers, these diapers should win. Not only do they have a pretty design, they are super soft as they are made out of aloe and organic cotton. I breast-fed my baby, so I was excited by the claim that these diapers have a pocketed waistband that is good for holding the runny messes that are particularly common with newborn breastfed babies. Alas, I still found Pampers in being better able to handle the messes. Overall, I do not like Pure& Natural as they are expensive, run small and are not super-absorbent. If you get these diapers, buy the larger sizes.
* Kirkland Supreme Diapers: Huggies makes Costco's storebrand diapers, and in their design, they looked to me similar to the Pure and Naturals. Unlike the Huggies, they are latex free. I only used one box and never bought again, as I was disgusted that I had to throw out most of my diapers because they were too small in size. Again, favor the larger size if you buy.
* Target Up and Up: These diapers do not have a noticeable smell like Pampers, and they are latex and chlorine free. I had difficulty placing the straps correctly and thus they failed on me.
* Huggies Little Snugglers/ Snug and Dry/ Little Movers: I wish that I like these diapers as they are cheaper than Pampers due to frequent store sales and plentiful manufacturer coupons. I am not sufficiently careful with the placement of the diaper straps, thus causing my baby to suffer abrasions and the diaper to fail. They seem more absorbent to me than Huggies Pure and Natural, but not as absorbent as Pampers.
Hope all of this info is useful to you and good luck with your baby!
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on May 25, 2010
I have been using Pampers diapers since my son was born. I loved the old Swaddlers, they were soft and had the fantastic wetness indicator. The only thing I didn't like was that the diaper bunched up around my baby's bottom. I have been using the new Swaddlers with Dry Max since late January. In the beginning, I really missed the wetness indicator and didn't like the new scent and feel of the Dry Max. I called Pampers to express my unhappiness about the product change without notification and they immediately sent out $40 of coupons for diapers plus extra coupons for wipes. The Dry Max diapers are thinner and a little rougher than the old diapers but they work great. My son has never leaked urine in these diapers (not even overnight for 12 hours). I have had a few poopy diapers leak usually right before I moved my son up to the next size. These diapers fit him much better than the old Swaddlers, no more bunching up around his bottom. I like that Pampers has sizes that overlap and I love that has brought back the subscribe and save for these diapers! I appreciate the extra 15% savings, thanks!!
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on February 3, 2011
I want to preface this with the fact that I have a five year old and a three month old.

When my five year old was a baby we tried almost every diaper we could get our hands on. She had very sensitive skin and we didn't have a very large monthly budget for expenses. We were always looking for an inexpensive yet gentle solution to her diaper needs that ranged from store brand, to Huggies, to Pampers, and even difference organic brands.

In my personal opinion we found that because of the way the Pampers were designed they really pull the mess away from a newborn babies skin better than any other diaper we have tried. Be it urine or bowel movements (which for newborns are generally liquid) we always felt better about the Pampers diapers because it seemed to trap all of the liquid mess within the diaper and not right up against her.

That being said once her bowel movements became solid we found that we could generally purchase luvs or other less expensive brand diapers and she would have little to no irritation issues.

So I feel that Pampers are one of the best diapers for newborns and although they may be a little pricier than other brands at times, they are well worth it.

With Amazon Mom and Subscribe to Save this is the best deal I've been able to find on diapers even when using coupons and waiting for items to go on sale in the stores. This way I can have both the better diaper and the better price.
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on March 22, 2011
I used to love the swaddlers and used them with the last newborn.

Now, with the Dry Max, it has become a horrible defective product that leaked chemicals all over my newborn infant and all over the floor, changing table, etc. It was terrible. I don't even know why Pampers is still selling them and would encourage Amazon not to carry it until they fix their product. If you look online, you will see all the complaints about Dry Max. I actually wouldn't mind so much if it stayed in the diaper within the core, but since the diapers just rip apart spontaneously with about a tablespoon of water.....and leak the gel capsules everywhere - that is unacceptable.

Pampers says the chemical gel capsules are non-toxic, but there is almost no mention of this on their website, just one line on the box hidden where you cannot find it. In addition, non-toxic or not....when they are filled with urine and liquid feces (from breastmilk), and the diaper literally rips EVERY time, and then the full capsules roll out all over your newborn, on their clothes, their belly button which is still healing, and onto the floor, changing table, etc and are impossible to clean up (because they stick to EVERYTHING) - I'm not sure that really qualifies as non-toxic. Who wants urine and feces everywhere?

These diapers are terrible. Don't buy them and tell all your friends not to buy them either.

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These diapers are wonderful for us. Our 4 month old daughter is average weight, above average height, with sensitive skin, and breastfed. She pees A LOT since she is very active and breast milk is digested faster than formula. So I change a lot of wet diapers :)

I was upset with the redesign at first because they were different and the old ones were so great with the indicator strip. But I am won over after using them. What this diaper lacks in a wetness strip it more than makes up for in ability to keep our daughter bone dry and comfy without the bulk. I did not notice a chemical smell from them at all and our daughter has never had a diaper rash with pampers, even without rash cream.

I am able to fit several more diapers in the diaper bag than I could before too, nice to be extra prepared when going out all afternoon. The new thinness also makes less bulk when disposing of them when out and about, so it is more discreet when I am trying to hide in my hand as I scurry to a public trashcan. This may seem like a small detail, but it is a nice perk if I have to put the dirty diaper in a Ziploc and carry it home in an already crowded bag.

I am sorry that some people have had bad experiences with this product. I am so glad that it works so well for us. I have used pampers since we brought our baby home from the hospital and tried a few other brands; I found the pampers to work the best and these are no exception.
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on September 28, 2011
We received Pampers Swaddlers as well as Huggies Little Snugglers as gifts. Both of these are in newborn size, when we really should be using preemie size. Pampers fit our small newborn (as low as 5lbs 0oz, now 5lbs 14oz) better than the Huggies. The Huggies are way too big, leaving gaps around both legs that poop has leaked out of. The Pampers are also too big (since we have the wrong size) but they're easier to setup tighter. Regardless of sizing, the Huggies clearly aren't as absorbent, so the baby is sometimes detectably moist when we take the diaper off, and whatever poop is in the diaper remains wet/liquidy. With these Pampers the baby is dry, even when the weight of the diaper indicates that a lot of pee has been absorbed, and whatever poop is there has been dried out. I think we'll stick w/ Pampers for now. I'll give the Huggies another try when the baby gets a little bigger and they might fit better.

UPDATE: Had another kid, also less than 6lbs. Same experience.
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on April 13, 2012
The picture shows an 84-count package of newborn Pampers Swaddlers with the Sesame Street design. These are what we had been using successfully, so I ordered them from here since I have a tough time getting out to go shopping with my newborn. Well, I did get Pampers Swaddlers, but instead of an 84-count box, I got 5 individual packages of 20 diapers. You would think that would be a bonus, as that's 100 diapers instead of 84, right? The problem is that these are, I beieve, an older variety of the Pampers Swaddlers (NOT the Sesame Street design), and they leak like crazy! Every time I change my baby's diaper, I also have to change his clothes because the urine has soaked through EVERYTHING! This did NOT happen with the Pampers Swaddlers I'd been using previously that I got from the hospital and that I'd purchased locally. Now I'm stuck with 100 diapers that I paid for that are pretty much worthless. I'm not upset with Pampers about this since the actual pictured product is a good one, but it's not what I was actually sent when I ordered.
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on October 5, 2010
I am generally of the opinion that if there isn't something good to say, don't say it.
This is one of the few occasions where I have to break that rule.
At first I thought that the negative reviews were by folks who either had an agenda against pampers or were in some way "inexperienced" (due apologies for the term).
But after using the Dry Max version and comparing it with the non-Dry Max version that was provided at the hospital, I have to say that this is one of the worst ideas P&G ever came up with. New Coke is probably a minor misstep in comparison.
Firstly, there is no wetness indicator line - why take a step BACK?
Second, they SMELL way too quickly compared to the original pampers. And before you jump on me saying I should change diapers more often - I do, and am definitely not going to let my kid test the limits of the diaper just so I can have the pleasure of washing the crib sheet and clothes several times a day.
Finally, it SHEDS - there are more of the tiny gel-like deposits on my kid when I change the diaper. That is quite frankly, disgusting, not to mention disturbing.
I just ordered the "other" brand since it still has an indicator line, and I am going to see how that compares to the original pampers - thankfully I still have a few left over from the pack they gave us at the hospital.
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on April 13, 2011
Ok, so this review is coming from a set of new parents. We are currently using the newborn size. We haven't tried any other diapers, but then again, we haven't had to because they work so well.

The diapers are adorned at the point of sealing them up with baby Sesame Street characters, very cute and understated. They fit great and absorb well too. They have a nice cut out for the umbilical cord, and they also feature a yellow strip that turns blue when they get wet, so you know when it is time for a change.

Word of caution: we bought the same diapers (at least we think they were) from Wal-Mart, but they didn't have the yellow strip that turns blue, and if they got too full, they would start to leak the gel beads used to absorb. That being said all diapers we received from Amazon have been the good ones that have had the strip, and do not leak the gel.

Order through Amazon Mom subscriptions and you get something like 30% off, great deal and fast delivery.
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on March 11, 2011
Buying diapers via delivery on is hands-down the best way to do it! Not only do you get diapers delivered to your door, but by signing up for a subscription (which you can cancel at any time) you save significantly.

Now- on to the diapers themselves. I planned on doing cloth diapers for my baby, but complications with the service meant I had to do disposables. First I tried some "natural" brands, including Huggies. I *thought* those were fine until a neighbor gave me some leftover Pampers. These swaddlers are so soft! The other types I used didn't feel good to me, so I bet they don't feel good against baby's skin.

Why not five stars? It seems like every time I change her I have to wipe off some of the absorption 'crystals' from her bottom. I'm not sure there is even anything wrong with that, but it makes me a tad uncomfortable.

Overall, great diapers, especially when paired with Amazon Mom delivery.
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