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on September 12, 2014
Lot's of confusion about "codes" so I put a chart up explaining the difference.

Standard Eneloop models:
1st Generation Eneloop model numbers and specs
AAA: HR-4UTG 1000cycles Rated 800mAh. Min. 750mAh
....AA: HR-3UTG 1000cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min. 1,900mAh
.......C: HR-2UTG 1000cycles Rated 3,200mAh. Min. 3,000mAh
.......D: HR-1UTG 1000cycles Rated 6,000mAh. Min. 5,700mAh

2nd Generation Eneloop model numbers and specs
AAA: HR-4UTGA 1500cycles Rated 800mAh. Min. 750mAh
...AA: HR-3UTGA 1500cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min. 1,900mAh

3rd Generation Eneloop model numbers and specs
AAA: HR-4UTGB 1800cycles Rated 800mAh. Min 750mAh
...AA: HR-3UTGB 1800cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min 1,900mAh

4th Generation Eneloop model numbers and specs
AAA: BK-4MCC 2100cycels Min. 750mAh
...AA: BK-3MCC 2100cycels Min.1900mAh
......C: BK-2MGC 1000cycles Min.3000mAh
......D: BK-1MGC 1000cycles Min.5700mAh

1=D 2=C 3=AA 4=AAA

I just ordered these and got the 4th gen!!!!
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I have done extensive study on low-self-discharge (or 'pre-charged') rechargeable batteries, starting from early 2007 when the original Sanyo eneloop cells were introduced to the US market. Subsequently I have tested Sanyo 2nd-gen eneloop, followed by Sanyo 3rd-gen eneloop and finally these Panasonic 4th-gen eneloop.

Every single eneloop cell I have purchased in the past 8 years, including the original ones, are still in good working conditions. That says a lot about the quality of eneloop batteries. But the question is: are there any REAL improvements in later generations of eneloop batteries?

The advertised capacity ratings for all eneloop (1st to 4th-gen) batteries are identical:
- AA cells are rated "Typ. 2,000mAh, Min. 1,900mAh"
- AAA cells are rated "Typ. 800mAh, Min. 750mAh"

Actual capacity measurement, using my old La Crosse BC-900 Battery Charger, also showed that capacity numbers are consistent from 1st to 4th-gen. In fact, my measured results are consistently about 4-5% higher than the advertised values.

[Charge Retention Rate]
With each new generation, eneloop's long-term charge retention rate gets a little more ambitious:
- 1st-gen claims "85% after 1 year"
- 2nd-gen claims "85% after 1 year; 75% after 3 years"
- 3rd-gen claims "90% after 1 year; 80% after 3 years; 70% after 5 years"
- 4th-gen claims "90% after 1 year; 70% after 5 years"

Notice that those numbers are essential the same, just extending over longer period of time. In fact, I have tested a set of first-gen eneloop cells after 3.5 years in storage, and they still contain around 75% of rated capacity. To me, this shows that there are no real changes in the charge retention rate among different generations.

[Cycle Life]
The main difference between different generations is in the advertised lifespan:
- 1st-gen: '1000 cyles'
- 2nd-gen: '1500 cycles'
- 3rd-gen: '1800 cycles'
- 4th-gen: '2100 cycles'

Let's consider how long it takes to actually test a rechargeable battery through 2100 deep discharge/recharge cycles:

The standard test procedure calls for charging at 0.2C (~5 hours) and discharging at 0.2C (~5 hours), plus cooling period of one hour each between charge and discharge phases. So a complete cycle takes about 12 hours. To exercise a battery through 2100 cycles would therefore take nearly three years!

However, 3rd and 4th-gen eneloop cells are both released less than 2 years from their previous generations.

[Bottom Line]
My theory is that all eneloop 2nd/3rd/4th gen batteries are in fact made with the same battery technology. It takes many years to collect the actual cycle life and charge-retention rate data. Therefore only later generations are able to advertise higher number of cycles and longer storage life.

If my theory is true, then it follows that there's no reason to pay higher price to get the latest 4th-gen eneloop. Any earlier generation of eneloop would perform just as well.

Finally, if you are extremely 'value conscious' like me, consider the following rebranded eneloop batteries and get the same quality for even less:
AmazonBasics Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries (in white wrappers) are rebranded Sanyo eneloop.
AmazonBasics High-Capacity Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries (in black wrappers) are rebranded SANYO eneloop XX batteries
Duracell Ion Core AA Rechargeable Batteries are rebranded Sanyo XX, while Duracell Ion Core AAA cells are rebranded eneloop AAA batteries

[Update on Dec 22, 2015]
For additional information on eneloop batteries in general, please refer to my newly updated "Panasonic/Sanyo eneloop FAQ":
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on January 30, 2015
I've been using a variety of Ni–MH batteries for a while now but for sheer reliability and longevity the Eneloop ones are hard to fault. This is the 4th generation of the Eneloop range the first coming to the market in around 2005, over time the number of charges has increased from the original 1000 cycles up to a claimed 2100 as well as extending the charge they retain in storage for longer. Since Panasonic took over Sanyo in 2013 the they retain the Eneloop branding, this model is BK-3MCCE the prior generation is HR-3UTGB the cycles up from 1800 on that model.

It's easy to spot the newest model purely because they are Panasonic branded
The cells are quoted as retaining up to 70% of their capacity for 5 years and are ready to use out of the box

I tested the pack I got and the capacities ranged from 2020-2078 mAh this can vary a bit but you're guaranteed a minimum of 1900 mAh. Unlike some other makers you can be sure you'll get the quoted capacity Despite the higher cost per battery the longevity of the Eneloop batteries has been very good I've had sets for a good while now (over 5 years) and they're still going strong where as some budget offerings have lost their capacity or worn out after a few years. I've also never had a problem with the Eneloop cells fitting, in the past a few makers have played around the standard AA size and some are a bit longer or larger in diameter this can cause problems on some devices fitting wise.

On the packaging Panasonic recommend using their own chargers, but I've never had a problem with a good quality third party smart/intelligent charger with any make of battery it's well worth investing in one of these as it can extend the life of cells and avoid overcharging problems that some timer/manual chargers have.

**A few chargers worth looking at**

Maha MH-C9000 (very advanced high end charger)
Powerex MH-C9000
Technoline BL-700 or BC1000
Foxnovo F-4S
The official Panasonic charger is: BQ CC16 this is an intelligent charger with individual monitoring and charging of cells, I don't recommend the basic BQ CC18 it works fine but it is timer control only.
A decent budget 8 cell intelligent charger is the KooPower 8 Bay smart charger (this seems to be available in a few brand names same design though)

Some of the top end chargers have multiple charging speeds and testing capabilities as well as discharge/re-fresh cycles. If you don't need these features then just go for a normal smart charger it's worth the small additional cost.

There are some cheaper batteries out there, and some decent budget offerings too. But despite the higher cost this seems to be levelled out with the lifespan of the batteries. Hard to fault really a very reliable and solid offering and suitable for use in a wide variety of appliances even heavy drain items like flashes and digital cameras. For super high capacity users take a look at the Eneloop Pro range
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on January 13, 2018
I've used eneloop batteries for years. In fact, my earliest Amazon order for them is from 2011. I have 13 orders for AA and AAA eneloop batteries between then and now.

I'm sure the kids have accidently thrown out a few here and there (they seem to magically disappear from the battery drawer), but every one we have is still in good working order. They hold their charge and perform quite well. We use them in TV remotes, RC cars (way too many), flashlights, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless controllers for the Xbox and Wii (really good for these), a Lego Mindstorm, and even the remote sensor for our weather station. Not a single problem!

We do use, have always used, a good quality charger--Maha PowerEx MH-C808M Charger for Eight AA/AAA/C/D NiMH/NiCD Batteries--which I also purchased with my first eneloop order.

My only complaint is that I can't get eneloops in C, D, and 9V sizes. Yes, I could order the spacers, but that's not the same.

I would not have repurchased eneloop batteries so many times if they were not top notch. My experience has been so great that I just have no desire to consider any other rechargeable batteries. I'm about to place my 14th order and thought it about time to submit a review!
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on February 28, 2016
The BEST batteries ever. They always get the best ratings on review sites. I've tried others, hoping to find a better battery for less money, but it's hit-and-miss at best. These batteries generally discharge more than their stated capacity. Other brands often hold 10% less than stated capacity. Some cells I have had for several years (early generation Eneloops) still hold more than their stated capacity.

I have often read that users will probably lose these batts before they wear out (wear out means their capacity is substantially below specs, say 60% or so). The higher capacity rechargeable hold as much juice as a quality alkaline, they will take fast discharge better than alkalines and operate above 1.2v for most of their lives instead of alkalines which can drop below 1.2 with 60% capacity remaining (meaning alkalines will deliver at sub 1.2v rates which many devices do not like.

Buying one of several quality chargers for $30-60 will enhance battery life and is a great investment. These chargers have a setting that will condition older rechargeables also, and display the battery capacities. I track these capacity numbers on the batteries with a Sharpie so that I can have an idea of capacity when I head out. (My full range of battery capacities range from 300 to 2100 mah. I have not yet purchased the 2600 mah batteries, but will when I purchase my next batch.) Plus Eneloop is a great LSD (low self discharge) battery!

If I had to keep buying alkalines I would go broke, not to mention the environmental implications, driving to the store, etc. Now when I see pallets of batteries and realize that most of these will end up in land fills and our drinking water, I cringe. Rechargeables are one of the best things we can do for our planet, as long as we insist upon using battery-operated devices.

Would most definitely recommend. Be safe!
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on May 30, 2015
Product Name:Panasonic BK-3MCCA8BA eneloop AA New 2100 Cycle
Short Description: Replacement batteries for everyday electronics, the envelop are the Amazon leader in quality for sure. I use these primarily for my Apple iMac keyboard and mouse, they do a very good job keeping up with all the work I do constantly and last quite a while. Then just recharge them and back in there they go all over again saving money, time and most importantly, money!
Visual Appearance ★★★★★
Intended Purpose ★★★★★
Cost ★★★★★
Quality ★★★★★

Pros & Cons
★Great lasting capacity, I've used mine over and over and they're still going.
★Quick recharge time depending on the charger you have as well.
★Great for cameras and high drain electronics.
Cons: None so far, I wish they would run deals more often though.

Final Thoughts and Personal Opinion: These are awesome I say buy them!!

Reviewed by Rody Aroche
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on September 29, 2016
Best mainstream rechargeable battery available.

These are Eneloop 4th generation. I get 800-850 mAh tested on a smart charger. Regular AAA is 900 mAh, so great for a rechargeable. It also has 2100 recharges, meaning that after charging once a week for 20 years, it will start to really drop off (~1000 cycles).

There are Eneloop Pros with more mAh, but for the price and number of cycles, these are great. Especially good for outdoor solar that die after a year of cycling every day, or USB devices that get recharged alot.
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on August 4, 2016
Enloop, everyone's favorite re-chargeable LSD battery. I have invested several hundred dollars into these batteries (since they were Sanyo still) to power my photography gear and I do not regret it at all. I have used them in extreme heat and extreme cold with great results in both. I have had some that I just keep on hand without being stored in a device and the low discharge is fantastic (sometimes 4-5 months). Just put them in whatever device I need and they fire it right up. Definitely worth the slightly higher cost than other comparable batteries.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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Top Contributor: Petson January 30, 2017
The best rechargeable batteries I have ever used. I accidentally ordered these thinking I was getting the AA ones instead so while I was initially disappointed when I received them I decided to just keep them and have been happy using them ever since. I charge them in the same charger I use for my AA batteries which is super convenient. I thought about getting one of the large assortment packs and charging stations that eneloop offers but haven't pulled the trigger on that yet. For now these are keeping my AAA devices powered and I have about 20 of the AA batteries that I use for my mouse, keyboard, and all the xbox one and xboxb360 controllers floating around the house. Eneloop is a solid battery and has far exceeded my expectations so far.
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on July 18, 2017
For me, these batteries seem like a game changer. A next generation of NiMH rechargeables. The big difference for me is that they are holding their charge really well, even in devices with rare use light remote controls or garage door openers. This different battery chemistry means to me that the batteries _way_ longer between charges so they have a radically increased utility for me over the older batteries. I've now been replacing all of my older rechargeables as I come across them. I've not been using them for too long so I can't speak to their longevity but I suspect that since they don't have to go into the charger as often, they also might last longer.
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