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on June 19, 2010
I bought this camera to replace a Sony DSC-W90 8 Mega Pixel camera that I really love and got lots of use from. I suppose technically I didn't need to buy a new camera, but the Sony had started to get a little glitchy and I'm going on some trips in the near future that I knew I'd want to document. Plus I had a little extra money to spend...

I was prepared to spend $250+ on my new camera, but after looking at lots of reviews, I decided on this one.

When I got the camera, the first thing I did was to take some test shots (indoors and outdoors) with the Panasonic and my old Sony. Initially, I was little disappointed with the indoor pictures my new camera took compared to the old camera. The outdoor pictures were clearly superior, however.

After playing around with it a little, though, I figured out that all I needed to get the indoor pictures up to snuff was to adjust the exposure by +1. This made a world of difference. Outdoors in bright light, the Auto Intelligent feature works great.

I'm sure as I encounter different environments for taking pictures I'll have to play with the settings a little more, but I'm confident this camera offer superior quality to my Sony and is a good replacement for simple high-quality point and shoots needs.

It would be nice if the Auto Intelligent feature took care of all this right out of the box. Hence the four star review as opposed to five. Other than that I am happy and would recommend.
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on April 6, 2010
We bought this camera because of its 8x optical zoom and it hasn't disappointed. The stabilization feature really makes it possible to zoom that much and yet obtain a crystal-clear picture. The optical image stabilization has also allowed us to shoot pictures from moving ships and cars with great results. While the pictures taken outdoors really convince with natural colors and crispness, the images taken indoors at low light show quite a bit of graininess, the only complaint really that we have. So far we haven't made too many movies, but we bought a class 6 SDHC card after realizing that otherwise it takes a long time for movies to download to the computer. The battery life has also been satisfactory, however, if you intend to use the camera to take HD movies, battery life will very likely be much less. So far we have been able to take >200 pictures with one battery. If you buy the optional battery, which has more power, it'll last even longer. Oh, and to be able to take movies you have to browse through the menu, there is no designated button just for that. But it's not too bad and the menu is easy to handle.
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on May 26, 2010
This camera takes good pictures on sunny days (even if the photo has part shade)and nice photos with flash of close up subjects. The flash will light up a pitch black room. However, if you insert a person indoors some distance away, the room and person will appear someone dark (a casual shot from the side without allowing the camera to hit face detect and focus on the person). On cloudy days outdoors, the camera takes darker pictures than I like. So it's a mixed bag--the daylight, bright day photos are quite sharp up until you full zoom, but then the far end of the zoom can get a tad blurry.

So I think this camera, which is very fast at focusing and fun to use, would work for family photos IF it can face detect and you are close enough to the people indoors. Outdoors in good light it should work fine. General scenery and yard type photos would do well as long as there is light.

I cannot quite give it a 5 rating, however, because of the poor low light ability outdoors on cloudy days and the darker photos indoors unless you are close to the subject.

The lenses on these small Panasonics are a bit "slow" (3.3 to 5.9 vs. 3.3 to 4.9 on the bigger cameras), but as long as you are taking wide angle shots or only zooming part way out (to leave the f stop at 5.3 or below), the photos are quite clear. Also, this camera has a slower USB port than most and takes a little patience downloading if you have more than just a few photos at a time.

Bear in mind that for most scenery shots this camera did a fine job, and that I did NOT try out the "cloudy" scene setting on darker days.

I decided to send this back and get one with a Leica lens, hoping that might clear up the troubles. The Panasonic DMC-ZR3 with a Leica lens and a bit bigger grip. It is still small like this camera, but I'm hoping the Leica lens will focus to a bit clearer photos on zoom. I may shoot it at a reduced MP size of 10 or 12 since 14MP is a bit much for the sensors on these cameras. If the Leica lens in the ZR3 still has focus problems on the far end of 8x zoom like this one does, I will go for an older TZ5 or TZ4.
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on January 15, 2014
We purchased this camera in 2010 it was the second one we owned. The first one was crushed by a tractor, not the camera's fault. This camera is easy to use and takes fantastic photos I really loved that aspect of this camera. The macro feature was used a lot on flowers and cool bugs. The color is true to life and the photos are so clear and sharp for a point and shoot. Even evening, dusk and dawn photos are great. I used this camera for all kinds of adventures from taking pictures around the ranch, to hiking, and out in weather that it is not made for. But I am only giving this camera a four star due to the fact that both camera's developed the same problem. And that was that the lens protector will not open all the way anymore and cuts off part of your photos or will focus on the part hanging in the way and not on you subject. This is frustrating as you always have to check to make sure it has opened all the way and then your shot is gone. And even when you push them out of the way they get in the way. The was my fault as I took some photos of the horses during a lite snow. But in all fairness I used this camera like a tough rugged camera, and for the four years we had this camera it did a fantastic job. We still have this camera but it is now the house camera and we are purchasing a rugged camera for outdoors and choose the Olympus tg 830. We would have gone with the Panasonic rugged camera as we liked this Panasonic, but the reviews on amazon made us shy away.
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on August 3, 2017
I needed a small cheap camera for an event and it did the job. Not the greatest pics but not bad either!
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on September 7, 2011
I previously owned the Lumix 12 Megapixel camera, very similar to this one, and I thought something was going wrong with that one. I bought this camera because of its similarity to the other camera -- I wanted to be able to use the same SD card, the same spare battery I bought, the same cable, etc. And it does use exactly the same accessories. It turns out that I think the first camera was OK, after all -- it was just flipping-out because I was trying to use it in 105 degree heat (Nevada in the summer). When used in more normal temperatures, it went right back to working reliably. Since I had already ordered this camera, I gave my older camera to a friend who needed a new one, and he says it's working fine for him. In general, I like the layout of the buttons on the back of this camera a little better than on the older one; it's especially good to have the "Menu-Set" button in the middle of the "button grid," since that one gets used so much. However, I don't like the position of is the "Mode" button. When I turn the camera side-ways, to take a "portrait" shot (as opposed to "landscape") I find that my thumb naturally wants to rest where the "Mode" button is, and, of course, you don't want to be pushing that button while you're taking pictures. Otherwise, I like this camera a lot -- it takes very nice pictures and video and is very intuitive to use.
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on February 11, 2011
I bought this camera because I wanted a "shirt pocket" camera for the times that carrying my other cameras is not practical. I looked at several other brands before purchasing the FH20 based on user reviews. Overall, I am quite satisfied. I didn't give a 5 star rating because nothing is perfect.

The camera is solidly constructed and is heavier than most competitors offerings as a result. However, this offers assurance that the camera is not as fragile as those of much of the competition.

The output photos are of high quality, much better than what I have seen from the cameras of several other manufacturers. This comparison, in some cases, is not only to compact cameras but to larger, higher priced, digital point and shoot cameras. The exception to the good quality is when the digital zoom feature is used.

The 8x optical zoom of the FH20 exceeds that offered by other manufacturers that I looked at by 2x. Photos taken using this feature are of very good quality and compare favorably with those produced by many larger, more costly, point and shoot digital cameras.

The FH20 biggest negative is inherent to all cameras of this type; the LCD viewfinder. Using this type of viewfinder is awkward because the camera must be held away from the eye which sometimes makes it difficult to determine the focus point. Also, the image is difficult to see in bright sunlight or areas of strong illumination.

The digital zoom feature is off by default. This is a good thing because I found that using it does not produce any usable photos.

This is a very good compact camera, one that I would recomend to others in the market for a camera of this type. I did, in fact, tell my wife we needed to buy one for her use. However, I would only recommend it as a supplemental camera due primarily to the reliance on the LCD screen as a viewfinder. This, however, is typical of all compact cameras and should not be considered as a negative when considering this camera for purchase.
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on December 30, 2010
I went shopping for a pocked point-and-shoot camera with a budget under $150. This is best I could get on this budget!! It has solid construction and it is very easy to use. This was a gift to my 12-year-old daughter, who has (had) no idea on how to take a picture. She is enjoying it a lot! ... and taking great pictures.

The front is made of aluminum and its brushed finishing feels great. The back appears to be plastic (bummer), but feels OK. My main requirements for this camera were (a) good zoom (8X optical + 4X digital - 5 stars!); (b) image stabilization (5 stars); (c) low-light capability (4.5 stars - I still need to get into the manual to make sure I am not missing anything to take that perfect low-light picture, but we have taken great ones, including one with the Christmas tree); and (d) fast shutter (5 stars). My kids love sports, and now I can (finally) take pictures where the ball does not look blury!

Besides the difficulty with low-light pictures, that could be our fault, the only little disappointment was the fact that one cannot adjust the zoom level during video recording. That would be a great add-on.

One hint, here. I bought a Class-10 (10 Megabytes per second) SDHC memory card. The camera can handle it well and the manual says that the internal memory may be slower than Class 6 (6 MB/second)
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on June 11, 2011
I purchased this camera from the Deal of the Day on Amazon.
Received the camera, all parts, an SD card and a leather case for the camera... all shipped and delivered quickly from Woot. Refurbished.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20K 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Image

I wanted a smaller point 'n shoot camera since my other point 'n shoot is a bit larger.
I am quite happy with the quality of the pictures of this camera and it's very easy to set and use.
I haven't tried the video portion out yet, I've only snapped photos.
If I have any problems with the video portion, I'll update this review. For a pocket size point 'n shoot... this was a bargain.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20K 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black)

When I put the camera in the case... I put the telescoping lens in the back of the case so I don't "snap" the case closed right over the lens, thus not putting any extra pressures on the lens.
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on October 18, 2010
I bought this camera to replace a broken Kodak. I'm almost glad the Kodak broke because I like this Panasonic better. There are lots of options for a casual photographer but not too many for a novice -- good for point-and-shoot. The video and image quality is great, but if you're really particular, you'll need to mess with the settings a lot to find the perfect mode for any given situation. The one thing that the Kodak really did better was video recording. Although I prefer the Panasonic's video format, the Kodak allowed you to zoom while recording and the Panasonic doesn't. Also, Kodak recorded from two mic's, allowing for stereo sound; the Panasonic doesn't. But for casual recording, the Panasonic is more than adequate, especially when you consider the HD recording quality. One more quality I prefer about the Kodak: being able to recharge its battery without removing the battery. I suppose there are pro's and con's to either method, but I personally preferred the non-removable battery (and, no, I didn't use a docking station).
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