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on October 18, 2012
I just got this camera today and have been taking a few pictures to test it out to see if I like it. I also ordered a SONY NEX-C3 and i am going to compare and probably send one back. I haven't received that one yet and will update when i get that one.
Just some quick comments i will say are that the camera is pretty compact and solid feeling once you put the battery in the compartment. My only big issue so far is on how to hold it. I am extremely afraid I am going to drop this thing due to the the lack of a grip on the camera when you hold it. I find myself trying to position my hands correctly as to not block the speaker (only for video) or to get out of the way of the flash. It is tempting to grab hold of the lens as you carry it, you almost have to because its the only stable part of the camera for positioning your hand. But I can get use to this, I don't have large hands unfortunately (please no Freudian thoughts here) and it is still a bit tough to comfortably hold it.
The one thing about this camera that I can't emphasize enough and is probably why i will keep this camera regardless is the flash. To have the option of holding back the flash so you can bounce light off the ceiling or whatever changes the whole quality of the picture. It's like night and day literally. The flash when pointed directly at a subject seems to whiten out or decrease the vividness of the picture. I mean the picture is good either way but when you compare the both of them it is such a difference. This feature should be on every camera and in my opinion was worth everything i paid for it due to the quality of pictures. I will update as I go along and give this rating a 4 star until i work through some more testing.
As far as video I am still doing some filming with 1080i AVCHD and so far so good.

FLASH - OMG this rocks
very sexy good looking camera
on/off button
options ofr more lenses
touch screen

Hard to hold comfortably - if you have big hands look out.

UPDATE: 11/4/2012
Been playing with this camera some more and I reallly enjoy using it. The touch screen is very cool when focsing on subjects near and far. You just touch where you want to focus and hit a button to take the picture and thats it. This is helpful when there are objects near and far. Also i took some video inside with decent lighting and the video quality was very good. I am real happy I purchased this camera.
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on October 23, 2012
My goal in purchasing this camera was to upgrade from a point and shoot model. I wanted better lenses and the ability to instantly take photos, without the usual lag between pushing the button and taking the picture. This camera has super fast focus in most conditions, and allows you to take photos in low light conditions without using the flash. I was really trying to get a camera with a viewfinder, but found it was going to get me a bigger camera and cost a lot more. The screen on the back is large enough and can be made bright enough in sunny conditions to be able to use it instead of a viewfinder. Besides, being able to edit photos afterwards on the computer helps make up for a picture that may not be perfectly framed. I couldn't pass up the special one day pricing that was offered through Amazon, and I was glad I didn't.

I am pretty geeky and comfortable with electronics and even downloaded and read the basic instruction manual before I received the camera. I also watched videos on YouTube produced by Panasonic, which really helped me to get a grasp of the main features of this particular model. The controls on the back are simple, like a point and shoot, so I felt at home. This camera can do a lot, and there are a lot of menus you go through in the screen to make some settings. However, if you want to let the camera do most of the work, it will take great photos.

I took this camera on a trip to Berlin Germany recently. Most days were overcast so I had good even light. I loved having the ability to brighten up the pictures and change the color balance to a redder tone very quickly and easily in Auto+ mode. It made the pictures warmer. I also liked the ability to zoom in and crop certain photos within the camera. With the lens that was part of the kit, 14-42mm, it was not too large to carry around with me. If you just used the 14mm lens, you could easily slip it into a coat pocket.

I took a few videos that came out very well, with good sound, but that was not the main reason for buying this camera.

Overall, I am pleased with my decision. I look forward to many more great pictures in the future!
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on October 6, 2012
After my last vacation, I was tired of lugging my Canon T2i around with couple lenses. I thought I try out a micro 4/3 camera for the compact size. I didn't have very high expectations since it wasn't rated very high by the photography web sites but the price was great. Boy I was surprised by the shots I got event with the 14-42 kit lens. The photos are sharp and the colors are vibrant. The camera is light and small which makes it easier to carry.

I've read people complaining about not having enough manual controls but personally I like using just the dial and the touch screen to access all the functions. It allows me to keep my eyes on the screen without having to hunt for different buttons. Also it has the PASM/ISO modes that give me all the controls I need for shooting. It even has a function button that I can program. The best thing about the camera is the ability to use the touch screen to focus and adjust depth of field.

Some people also complained about hard to hold the camera because it's too small, but I hold it with two hands just like I hold the Canon T2i and didn't find any issues with the size.
The low light performance is not great compared to my Canon but I bought the 20mm F1.7 pancake lens and it was a big improvement over the kit lens.

Since this is an entry level camera, I didn't expect it to have all the bells and whistles. However I do wish they didn't leave out the stereo mic. In the future I will get a better Lumix or Olympus body to get the tilt screen/EVF/HDR functions but for now I really like the compactness and simple interface of the GF3.

In summary, I do recommend the camera as a small, portable camera that takes decent pictures. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles compared to the more expensive models but for the price it's great. I've loaded three pictures titled "GF3 with 14-42 kit lens". These are jpg images straight out of the camera so you can judge for yourself.
review image review image review image
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on November 29, 2012
We purchased this camera to allow us to cover everything from hanging out with friends to long backpacking trips. So the portability of the camera is the main thing we love. I can sling it on my shoulder while hiking and forget about it. It seem quite durable so far. It does a fantastic job of taking pictures in landscape settings in normal light conditions. For the price it is producing amazing pictures.

The only reason for taking a star off is the quality of the lens. As stated above it takes great pictures outdoors and high light conditions. Just don't plan to take any pictures indoors or in dark. It just isn't meant for that operation. To get a lens that does well in that condition you would double the price of the camera. So it is fair enough that they included this lens.
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on May 30, 2012
I received this camera yesterday and have used it pretty much nonstop since then (which isn't saying all that much though, I guess, since it's only been a day) . So far, I'm extremely happy with it!

I'm an artist , and I sometimes do semi-serious photography projects as sort of a side thing. I have my good (film) SLR that I've been using, but I wanted something smaller, lighter, and more viable for everyday usage. I also don't really care about flash or about video, so those features weren't a concern for me. Manual settings were important for me, however, and even though this camera is supposedly being marketed towards point and shoot converts, I am still very happy with the manual control you can get. The manual mode is pretty straightforward, and there are also aperture and shutter speed priority modes. The manual focus is also really nice, and the picture-in-picture thing on the display makes it really easy to use.

I only have a few complaints. In bright sunlight, the display is kind of hard to see, and I find that I have to awkwardly shade it with one hand while I take the picture. In addition, I am also a little disappointed by the (slight) awkward appearance of this camera with the 14-42 mm zoom lens. It isn't as small as you'd think (but still probably small enough to fit into your bag). I bought this camera only with this lens, and it seems to me that the camera must've been intended to be purchased with the zoom and the pancake lens as a set. Like other people said, the zoom lens here also produces a shadow when you're using the flash at close distance.

Anyway, I would recommend this camera to people like me, and to anyone else who wants a small(ish) good quality camera for everyday use. You probably wouldn't want to use this camera for your professionally serious-ish projects (though you could, I guess), but other than that, I think this camera is a great choice.
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on March 5, 2017
Good camera still in time to get beautiful pictures, I bought it used, and it work very well. I used many lens but finally I bought a vintage tv lens 50mm 1.4 from Fotasy and I love it, the lens work very well with micro 4/3 like lumix and olympus pen cameras.
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on February 27, 2015
I ordered this camera and found it to be very good in its functions and clarity. But I had to return it since it just did not fit what I was looking for. I prefer to have a camera with the same functions and clarity but a "uni-body". It was a little difficult for me to imagine putting the pieces together everytime I want to use it. So in exchange, I'll purchase an FZ200 or FZ1000. But for one who likes to play with pieces and get the best out of a camera, I strongly suggest you get this and you won't regret.
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on June 23, 2012
If you are looking for a dslr sle cams without the bulk or the price this is the camera for you. It is fantastic. I wanted a camera with the speed of a DSLR and found it in this camera. It is fast. I can snap the shutter constantly and not miss the shot I always missed with a point and shoot. Burst mode makes it even faster. I have been jealous of those with a DSLR and the speed they could take pictures. No longer and my camera is a lot smaller and lighter.

It does not have a viewfinder, but if you are like me you have grown to not need it.

I just took this on a trip and it worked perfectly. I don't think I have to color adjust a single picture it took. At night the camera new it was night and the pictures were crisp and clean without a flash. Same goes true for low light situations.

The flash works great. However, my one complaint is that the flash buttons easily pushed inside a bag. I kept finding the flash open side my backpack with a fear it had bent of broke. It didn't but I am researching a case for that reason.

The touch screen works surprisingly well. It is sensitive and I don't find myself pushing hard like others had said. I didn't thinkiwouldusit, but I used it a lot. It is great for previewing and zooming in on your photos.

Personally,I keep the camera in full auto mode. It has great manual features, but not what I need.

I bought a bigger zoom lens and haven't even used it yet. The 14-42 is great and the picture quality is so crisp that I cam able to crop and zoom on the computer and maintain a high quality

I cannot recommend this camera enough.
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on January 3, 2012
The Lumix GF3 is a little bit more expensive that its competitors (Sony CX) but it is absolutely worth the difference. The "brain" of the camera is amazing knows what you want to do and the result is amazing. The zoom 14-42mm is very luminous and allows excellent pictures. Of course, should you want to exploit the fast burst mode on sporting events, you'll need to acuire a longer zoom.
Having the photos in "Raw" format as well as JPEG is useful to manipulate your photos beyond rescaling and red eye.
The battery life is excellente as well allowing you leave the grid for various days even when using the camera extensively.
What could be improved is the flash. It is great to have a built -in flash but this one is so strong that it flattens the image too much. But this is not a problem as photos without the flash are excellent even indoors and by low light.
Gest this camera, it is jewel!
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on December 31, 2013
This was my (probably) 6th or 7th camera and it paved the way to get a dSLR (recently acquired). I'm not leaving it behind though.
It lacks of the viewfinder, but this is one of the reasons it is so compact.
On the other hand the controls are easy to follow and it even has a touchscreen LCD for easy access.
Plenty of features and modes (just as a dSLR), multiple shooting modes, HD video capture and so on.
Now I'm getting a ring adaptor in order to use the new lenses of my dSLR.
This camera will stick with me for years to come!
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