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on June 19, 2013
The Video is from a group of still pictures using the time lapse picture option. Then with the camera in the review,menu option you can create a time lapse video and select a group of time lapse photos. You can edit or remove each of the pictures prior to editing. Once a time lapse video is created you will have all of the still pictures as well as the newly created video. Very cool feature!

I bought this camera after mine broke on my first day of vacation. I wanted a tough, waterproof camera and this TS-5 was the best that I found after comparing it to several other waterproof cameras. This TS-5 had a larger battery, which allowed 340 pictures on a charge and that is about 100 more then the closest similar camera. By the way I bought additional batteries ( that allowed me to take 700 pictures on a charge.

This camera has a time lapse option that s a great feature when used with a tripod. You have several options such as 10 second intervals up to 30 minutes to take pictures of the changing sky or a blooming flower etc. once you have set and taken time lapse photos the camera has an option to convert it to a movie at 6 frames per second or 30 fps to create a seamless movie from the still pictures.

There is also a feature that will allow you, while reviewing video that you have already recorded, to save/convert any frame to a still picture. This will also keep the newly created still picture in perfect focus. I recorded a bird drinking and flying off and was able to create still pictures of it taking flight. This was a very cool effect and is simple to use.

I would recommend a tripod to use some of these options. I bought a flexible tripod, which allowed me to wrap the legs in a small tree and use the remote control function to take video of a birds nest feeding new born chicks. I found myself keeping the camera with me all the time to try to get familiar with the functions and I had a lot of fun doing it.

This camera was the only one that has built in WIFI. The remote control function uses this feature. The camera generates its own wifi signal and you just have to connect your tablet, I-Pad, I-Phone or other smart phone to that SSID wifi network, did use a I-Pad and an I-Phone 4s and each worked fine. You do have to download the free Panasonic app to use this feature. With the remote control function you can take video, still pic's and zoom. You can also review still pictures only with this, not video, as well as drag and drop them to save them on your smart phone or tablet. You can setup a link to apps like Facebook and send them right from the camera if you setup a Lumix Club account (free) and it will create a Lumix folder for uploads to Facebook and other apps.

Once you have connected to your own wifi setting you can go to the wifi history and rename that setting and save it as a favorite connection, this will remember your network SSID and password and connect quickly without having to re-enter your password, which can be a pain if you do this a lot. With the wifi you can automatically save pictures to your connected device as you take each picture. You can also use this to send pics to your pc without having to connect your camera or remove the mem card. However this did not work with my IMac, nor does the software that comes with the camera work on a Mac. This was not an issue for me as I did open the camera and put the mem card into the Mac and copied all pics that way.

The GPS, Altimeter,depth gauge and compass features are also very cool, but I have not used all of them yet. The camera can use the GPS to tag your city and your pictures. I have not been on a vacation to take advantage of this, but I am looking forward to trying it out in a remote setting.

This camera has a bunch of preset settings for different situations such as night time shots, pictures through glass, far off scenery etc. it also has an automatic setting that will automatically change according to each situation to take a great pictures. The camera powers up very fast, about 3 seconds so you can shut it off to save the battery and turn it on quickly to take fast shots. You can use burst shooting to take several frames with one push of the shutter button to make the best picture out of the many frames used. This camera focus quickly as well.

I haven't even used this under water yet and I absolutely love this camera. Is has these great features plus it is a waterproof (up to 43 feet), shock proof (for a drop up to 6 feet), dust proof and freeze proof and a rugged tough camera.

I would recommend extra batteries, a hard case, a tripod and a floating strap in case you drop it in the ocean. As some other reviewers stated you may want to use the heavy or thick part of the strap instead of the thin string to attach your strap to the camera.
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on February 25, 2015
strong enough to last a year in my hands thats amazing.

made of steel pretty much. been in salt water and sand, been in frozen lakes for half hour time periods, been strapped to the outside of and airplane for and hour. and has fallen countless times on concert and rocks and is still waterproof.
good light for video
great video quality
great screen and menu navigation.

over exposed pictures
good luck finding you videos when you want to take them off the camera onto your computer their buried in some deep file
the shortest interval for times lapse is 10 seconds. a 5 second option would have been nice.

i have gopro hero 3 black + and I'd say their are equal. both have ups and downs but they are equally useful
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on March 4, 2014
Beware of abysmal customer service from Panasonic.

For many years, I have purchased digital cameras. etc. including this one but unfortunately, for my future purchases I will mostly exclude Panasonic from my research just because of their customer support.

The same time I bought this camera (Lunix DMC-TS5A) from Amazon. I purchased a ZS30 camera directly from Panasonic since the model wasn't available at the time on Amazon. I bought two camera to take on my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa. After getting back and starting to sort through my photos, I realized that a good quarter of the photos showed a strange round smudge on them. In fact probably more of the photos have the same problem but is not as noticeable due to the content of the image. I had a previous panasonic camera that I stopped using a year earlier because of a similar smudge thinking that something had gotten on the inside of the lens. And now, this brand new panasonic camera was having the same problem.

After a very frustrating interaction with Panasonic Customer Service, I sent it to the Panasonic Repair center in McAllen Texas. As others have noted, the only verification that it was received was due to my paying extra to USPS to have signature confirmation of its arrival.

Then, weeks later, it showed up back at my address. Unlike what customer service had told me would happen. I never received any contact from the McAllen service center saying that they had received it, fixed it or even that it was being shipped back.

Now just one month later. I just got back from a short weekend trip taking new photos on my "fixed" camera. Half way through the trip, the view screen on the camera started displaying strange black and white vertical lines on more than half of the screen. I kept taking photos as well as I could with only partial display available in hopes that the lines wouldn't show up on the actual photos. Once I uploaded the photos to my computer, I was glad to see in fact that the lines were not there. HOWEVER, the same round smudge mark that I had paid to get fixed was on most of the photos.

I just got off the phone having talked to four people including a supervisor who all seemed to care less that I was having a problem. Telling me I should fill out the service repair request online which they nor I could get to work. And now, I am told by a supervisor (Kevin) that he will email me a mailing label to once again send it in to the void known as the Panasonic Repairs Center, 4900 George McVay Drive, Suite B12, McAllen, Texas 78503.

I have yet to be emailed the mailing label which at this point may or may not come to send off my camera for another 3-4+ weeks and then hopefully someday, I'll receive a camera back that may or may not be fixed or replaced. So so frustrating!

Oh! And for some reason even though I am sending it back with the same case number as previously, I have to resubmit everything in the original box with a copy of my original order which was purchased directly from Panasonic since the camera for some reason never had the serial number engraved on the actual device.

Well, I guess I'll try posting this on multiple review sites to hopefully help others steer clear if they think they'll ever have to deal with Panasonic's Repair *Non*Service.
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on December 3, 2014
I owned a older version (DMC-TS1) of this camera, bought it for general pictures and to mount on the deck of a kayak. The older version really took a good beating. Salt water/fresh water, tough wipe-outs and "gone wrong" landings in the surf zone. My old camera had been literately dragged along the sand on the beach by waves with the weight of a fully loaded kayak on top of it when it was mounted to the deck. The older version lasted about 5 years. Family member took it on a trip to the Bahamas and it never worked again. The latch was opened by accident when the camera was under water. Was bound to happen at some point.

After reviewing other cameras I purchased this one as a replacement. Owned it for about a year without any issues. I am happy with the picture quality for what the it is...a tough camera. A few tips...if expose the camera to salt water or any water...remember to rinse the camera off and make sure all the latches are close when you do so. Also ear tips are useful for cleaning sand and dirt around the latches of the camera. When cleaning the latches make sure the camera is dry.

The reason for the 4 stars and not 5 is because I really have not had the chance to put this new camera to the test. So far no exposure to saltwater, sand or much abuse. If it's built as well as the older model, I have confidence that this camera will last a good 4 to 5 years. This camera has an extra latch that locks the latch closed, makes it almost impossible to open the hatch by accident.
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on November 10, 2016
I would highly recommend that you do NOT purchase this camera if you will be using it in the water - for example while snorkeling or hanging out by the pool. I paid $249 for this camera and planned to use it when snorkeling in Maui. When we finally put it to use, it lasted about four days into the vacation before it stopped working. Unfortunately, when I tried to return it, I was beyond the one year warranty. So, I decided to get a replacement camera, the same model, from the service department at Panasonic. I paid $220 for the replacement and vowed to be extraordinarily careful about how we handled it around the water. We tested it for a couple of days at a swimming pool to ensure it worked correctly. We then took it to Maui for use in the ocean while snorkeling - we managed to take about twenty five photos during that first day and it stopped working while we were snorkeling. I was really disappointed. It was the beginning of a two week trip and replacement camera, a brand new device, did not make it through the first day even though I was being VERY careful. The really sad news occurred when I sent it back to the service center. They informed me that since it was purchased from them, it only had a ninety day warranty. It was going to cost $75 just to figure out why it was not working. I said enough, and am going to write directly to Panasonic about the poor product they have on the market.

I have not investigated any other waterproof cameras, so I don't have a good recommendation for you - other than to avoid this camera at all costs.
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on November 30, 2013
Got dust on the sensor in a couple of months, for a water proof and dust proof unit was disappointed. I buy two of these cameras for work every 1-2 years
I sent this in for service 3 weeks ago and Panasonic was going to call me back and never did, also they had no idea when I would get it or the status of the unit.
The image quality is ok, slow at time to capture the image, poor low light capability. I was going to purchase a Panasonic mirrorless unit, but after this I think I'll look at another manufacturer. I have purchased 6 of these for my business and this was the last one.
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on January 3, 2015
The good:
- remote control over wifi - it works really well to about 10 meters in an open space, and is easy to work with if your smartphone/tablet has NFC built-in
- rugged build (in other words: it's childproof)
- waterproof chassis - I had mine out to sea several times, without paying attention if it gets splashed on, submerged or else - no issues at all
- video quality - good image quality, OK sound

The bad:
- picture quality - while the videos are OK, the stills are pretty poor even by compact camera standards, unless there's plenty of ambient light
- battery life - what battery life!? Two hours on full charge, with GPS on - 20 images without flash, and maybe 10 minutes of video - is really bad.
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on June 24, 2015
This camera is awesome. It's the perfect point and shoot underwater camera for your adventures. I've owned three of these Lumix's and they get better with each new version. I've dropped the camera on concrete, no damage. It's been at the bottom of a lazy river for a good hour, no damage. And it shoots stunning still images and video. It's compact enough to keep in your board shorts.

Some suggestions if you buy this:

Get an extra battery, or two - with the gps location setting on it chews through battery power. I ended up turning that functionality off.
Get a wrist strap that tightens around your wrist, or one that, ideally, floats.
Make sure you follow the instructions for opening and closing (and locking) the door as not to damage the internal components.
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on December 8, 2014
We bought this camera because my husband got one, and I kept stealing it !
The track record with the Lumix series is good - we have a friend who is a professional photographer, and he said this is the best point and shoot on the market. I think he's right. Not a replacement for my Canon SLR, but it is really good. My husband is a Registered Maine Guide and this camera is perfect for him in his work. Never enough time to set up a camera and arrange a shot. He was using an Olympus, but it took time to get set up that he seldom has. Plus, when you set that camera up for some special effect - low light photography without flash, for example - when you turned off the camera it defaulted to it's basic settings and you had to start over. The Lumix will stay where you left it and just needs a touch of the on/off button to get to work. A lot of pictures in the woods benefit from low light settings. With the screen view and the waterproof feature, he can stick the camera under the water surface and get a shot of a fish as he nets it for a client ! They love that. Buy one, you won't be sorry.
Only gripe - the batteries could last longer.
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on September 8, 2015
This camera is a workhorse. It followed with me on a bicycle across the United States Of America, then after the beating of a bike ride solo across the country it went to Hawaii with me where it encountered good surfing, bad surfing, a few drops over 10 feet, rappelling of waterfalls, a bike ride of volcano's with a mild drop, then when I got home it went white water rafting, zip lining (dropped it here) and in the end all the photos for a pocket camera were fantastic. The panorama function worked quite well (see an attached) and in the end I am very happy especially with the wifi and gps functions.

Side Note, I got a speck in many photos mid way through Hawaii, it was small enough where I only noticed it when I zoomed in for a photo and it was more a shadow than a black spot. When I got home after the abuse this camera suffered I found the warranty was never going to cover this since i bought a warehouse deal from Amazon (Amazon you need to put a warning on that aspect). So I took it apart found the cause of the spec, and reassembled it. If you see a speck and have checked the lense on the outside you will want to take photos of a white paper and see if it moves over the course of a couple shakes and days. If not there might be a small piece of factory dust on the CMOS sensor like mine had. In my case this happened after a serious beating of the camera. But this is something I can easily let slide simply because of how small we are talking. Take a needle out and look at the tip of the needle ... the dust piece was smaller or the same size as that. After assembling the camera and submerging it on a rope into my lake for a few hours to test if it survived I did the white water rafting trip. So clearly it survived and I am happy.

I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a quality camera, great picture, and all the other beat the heck out of it options this contains. Panasonic won this compared to my Fuji I replaced this with.

Daniel Mollino
review image review image review image
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