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on June 29, 2013
I have used the older model DMC-TZ5 for several years and love it. Previously I have owned Sony, Nikon and Canon pocket digital cameras and ended up giving them away. Lumix is by far the best. I wanted to upgrade to this DMC-ZS25 for more MP and the extended Zoom. This is an excellent camera for trips and vacations. It is small, light, compact and fits in your pocket. If you do not want to carry bulky DSLR's and still get lots of functions this is a good choice.

The only issue I have is Panasonic did away with the external battery charger. Now the battery has to be in the camera to charge. A USB cable and an external plug is provided. I do not like this system. Should something go wrong you will never be able to charge the battery. This has happened to the SONY DSC P1 a camera I purchased in 2001 for $799.00.

Panasonic DE-A65B battery charger adapter will work with this battery, DMW-BCG10PP. Since the spare batteries are sold on Amazon by third party vendors with many negative reviews I decided to purchase the spare battery and charger from Adorama.

Another minor issue I have is the microphone is mono and not stereo. This was not a deal breaker because the camera is great and Amazon had it at a reasonable price with quick shipping.

If you plan on keeping the camera for a while I would strongly recommend purchasing the battery charger adapter while they are still being made. It is actually a spare part for a different older model.
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on September 23, 2013
I was deciding between the ZS25 and the Canon SX280HS. I felt that the Canon had better picture quality but the battery life issue during video was a deal breaker. I decided to go with the ZS25 and I am impressed with it so far.

- Compact size. Perfect for traveling especially with the ability to charge the battery in the camera.
- Leica lens
- Very good picture quality with natural looking colors
- 20x optical zoom is impressive. Ability to zoom to 40x with intelligent resolution and maintain very good picture quality. See the pictures I posted.
- Intelligent Auto does a great job picking the best settings for the situation.
- Pictures taken with HDR have significantly better exposure
- Very good pictures in low light situations
- Panorama feature
- Very good HD video capability
- Many creative picture features
- Decent battery life (200+ shots with good mix of pictures, video, and flash). You should get a spare battery if you plan to be shooting for a full day.
- Made in Japan

- Pictures can appear soft. Intelligent Resolution makes the pictures noticeably sharper.
- Pictures viewed at 100% can appear noisy. This should not be an issue if printing to typical smaller photo sizes.
- Panorama feature is nice but picture quality is not as good as regular pictures
- Videos with zoom fully extended and be a little shaky

I gave the ZS25 four stars because the picture quality does not seem to be as good as my old Panasonic DMC-LZ2. The DMC-LZ2 takes excellent pictures for a 5MP point and shoot.

Overall, the ZS25 is a very good camera with many useful features. The Intelligent Auto feature makes it easy for anyone to take very good pictures with no effort, which is what many people look for in a point and shoot camera.
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on November 15, 2014
The camera is fine. It takes pictures and the pictures come out OK.
Every time I drop it in my pocket, the mode wheel rotates. This is one instance where a conventional hands on switch isn't superior to an electronic menu. I have ruined dozens of important shots because I reached into my pocket, pulled the camera and took the shot without knowing the camera was in the wrong mode. It doesn't sound like much work, but it gets annoying to have to look at the mode selector dial each and every time you turn the camera on.

The little shutter doors that protect the lens stopped working after about 100 on-off cycles. They stuck partially open and ruined a few pictures before I realized what happened. I cleaned them, I massaged them, I spoke in soothing tones but they never worked well again. Finally, I forced them open and they've stayed open for months now. They don't close when I turn the camera off.
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on June 2, 2014
I love the picture quality, the video quality, the "scene" options, espescially the sports and sunset options....i'd never buy anything BUT a Panasonic lumix!...I tried all the top cameras...[point and shoot cameras.]..and sent them all back but this one...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This camera produces picture quality as good as my friends dslr. It also has options to do creative retouch right through the camera itself. Everyone tells me my pictures are beautiful, and I have blown up scenery and other pictures to 16 by 20 inches, with no blur! If you love photographing your grandchildren at play, or hummingbirds and stopping their wings in flight, or a butterfly landed on your lilacs, this camera is for you!The zoom is amazing! And my sunset pictures I've blown up to 16 by 20 have sold, framed, for $75.00!....Eventually I hope to buy a Panasonic DSLR, but for now i'm very happy with this one. The price you cannot beat!, especially through I would recommend buying extra batteries so as to never risk missing your perfect shot! I got a battery 2 pack, plus charger, through Amazon. You plug the battery into the wall and charge, plus it came with a car charger. When your battery low warning comes on, just grab a new one fully charged and you're ready to go! I really do rate this camera a #5 star!
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on November 24, 2015
I've purchase 3 of these cameras--none as good as the earlier model. I like the compact zoom, but it just doesn't seem to have the same clarity in distance shots as the earlier versions.

Now for my ahha moment--I've purchased 3 of these cameras in the last 5 years!!! They lack durability. The lens always seems to malfunction and have "zoom error" in extreme climates--dust, heat, humidity. I think the metal expands and the lenses that telescope can't fit back into the body.

Shame. I don't think I'm going to spend another $250 on a camera that lasts 13 months--just past the warranty.
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This little camera takes very good photos. My complaint is with the unreliable focusing meter. Even when the camera beeps when the sensor is focused, many photos come out very blurry instead. This has annoyed me more than once in the six weeks I have had this camera. I'm also not thrilled with the proprietary cable needed to charge/upload photos. Sharpness drastically declines when using the zoom.

I rarely use flash, so I can get around 200 photos per battery charge.

The macro is excellent. Close-ups of flowers and bugs come out sharp.

Despite these flaws, it's a nice camera to have on hikes, or to use when only taking sporadic photos.
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on February 14, 2015
Was disappointed by this camera. It's actually my third similar Lumix and I've found the quality is declining with each purchase. This one's picture quality is less than crisp, which my older Lumixs used do so amazingly well. It also has a tendency to get "dust and stuff" sucked into the zoom lens and, after basically making my last 2 cameras unusable (after 2 years and 1 year respectively), I have bought a cover for this one that wraps around it and has to be undone each time I want to take a series of shots. It's doing okay so far (I've had this one for over a year now), but I think there maybe some dust in there again which will really annoy me. We'll see. I can't afford to buy another new camera so will have to wait a bit but I am an avid snapper and take the camera with me everywhere because I still haven't found a camera that I love enough on a smartphone. These problems are more expensive to fix than is worthwhile and, if you read about them online on forums etc. you'll read (as I did) that Panasonic isn't open to fixing this problem, even though it really just requires a "sensor cleaning". Anyway, I'm really sad that my Lumix (that I used to love so much) isn't taking care of this problem. My old, old (10 years) bigger body Lumix DMC-FZ20 still takes great pictures (albeit slowly) and, if I really want a good shot, I still use it over this much newer and camera. One thing I should mention is that this camera was advertised as a "refurbished" model but, after doing a lot of homework and reading all the reviews before purchasing, the understanding was that it was equally good to a non-furbished camera, as it came from Panasonic, not from a re-seller.
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on March 11, 2015
This model replaced the older model no longer made that I needed to replace and this DMC-ZS25 model is the most frustrating camera to operate for one simple function, "multiple photos stored as one" while taking pictures. Even with this option turned off the camera will still take "multiple photos stored as one" and there is no control over how the camera decides to take these other than when you need flash which it will not take flash pictures like this. On the "intelligent auto" or any other capture mode you can press the capture button once and then "multiple photos stored as one" and click click click it fires off 3 pictures with no flash. You can press and hold the capture button and the same thing happens "multiple photos stored as one" click click click and still no flash no matter how you try and take pictures the camera will 50% of the time either take them as normal and use the flash or this "multiple photos stored as one" and is the most frustrating thing and after one week of use I threw this camera in the trash can to buy another to have one less piece of crap out on the market.
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on June 20, 2014
I've only used this camera for a few days now, but my main priorities were better low light performance and more zoom than the Panasonic DMC-TZ3 I am currently using. So far I have not been disappointed. Most of my pictures are taken indoors (birthday parties, recitals, graduations, etc.) so bright pictures in low light are important to me. The results so far are nothing short of impressive. I could not believe how bright the pictures looked, even without a flash. I took the same shots with the TZ3 and they came out dark and barely usable. I'll post a comparison in the Customer Images section.

The 20X zoom is amazing! And the detail at the end of the zoom range is remarkable.

The ZS25 does not have the solid built like a tank feel of the TZ3, but it is also much lighter which should be more comfortable carrying around in the pocket of my cargo shorts.

I am not a photographer, just someone who wants an easy to use automatic point and shoot that produces nice photos. This ZS25 looks like it will serve me well.
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on September 14, 2014
So far, so good. Seems to have a lot of features that we didn't realize it had. My wife seems happy so far. She still would like a camera that processed pictures faster after taking the picture. I shoot an SLR and I can take more pictures while she waits for the "point and shoot" cameras are still putting the information on the card. I've tried to get her to step up to a larger camera, but she prefers the small ones. At least this one has a great zoom lens and panorama photos. We checked out the new WiFi models with this camera's features, but found they were not reliable, basically all brands (don't need that anyhow). Like my wife says, if a download is slow via cable, think about WiFi, when a card in the computer is instantaneous. My wife LOVES this camera! She takes all kinds of pictures now. We can't imagine this camera being a run away best seller for Panasonic.
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