Customer Reviews: Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player, Black
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VINE VOICEon April 1, 2009
With the BD80, Panasonic has taken its popular BD55, with its excellent picture and sound quality, and added the ability to access online content via the new VIERA Cast feature. Currently VIERA Cast is limited to YouTube, Picasa online photo sharing, stocks and weather via "widgets" but Amazon's on-demand movie service will be available on the BD80 in May. Other internet-based content can be added by Panasonic over time, based on user demand (without the need for a hardware upgrade).

Overall, the BD80 works well as a multi-media player - they added a USB jack on the front for viewing photos, Divx and Xvid videos and listening to MP3 files. This is in addition to the SD card slot (and BTW, an SD card is still required for BD-Live). It would have been nice if the player supported MKV videos, WMV, WMA and M4P files, but I guess we can't have everything. Viewing YouTube is pretty straightforward - you can even log in to view your favorites - and it's nice to be able to do that without a PC connected to your TV.

For Blu-ray and DVD playback, the unit performs extremely well. It isn't the absolute best upconverting DVD player available, but it does a good job wringing detail out of standard def content. And it really shines as a Blu-ray Disc player with top-notch video and audio performance. The player decodes all of the latest surround sound codecs (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, etc.) to multi-channel PCM and to multi-channel analog outputs (5.1 or 7.1-channel) for compatibility with older receivers and surround processors that lack the latest HDMI audio support. If you do have a newer receiver with HDMI audio support, then you can set the player to bitstream these soundtracks to your receiver for decoding. The player also offers standard coax and fiber optic digital outputs though these do not support the new codecs.

In addition to VIERA Cast and the USB port, Panasonic adds a new "High Clarity Audio" feature which allows you to turn off analog video processing if you're using HDMI for your video output (improving sound quality) as well as a new "3D NR" noise reduction feature for cleaning up noisy Blu-ray and DVD transfers.

It's too bad Panasonic could not improve the load times for Blu-ray and DVDs. As it is, they're pretty much identical to the BD35 and BD55. But at least they did provide a "Quick Start" mode which allows the player to power on/boot up quicker than its predecessors. Even still, the player is a bit slower to load discs than the latest offerings from LG and Samsung.

For those who don't need the multi-channel analog outputs or Divx support, the less expensive DMP-BD60 may be a better choice as it offers the same audio and video processing as well as the same VIERA Cast feature.

Overall, the BD80 is a solid performer. I would have liked Panasonic to include an SD card in the box for BD-Live access (as well as an HDMI cable, instead of those silly composite video/analog audio cables), and it would have been nice to have a Wi-Fi option, instead of requiring a hard-wired Ethernet cable for internet access, but Panasonic is not the only vendor who omits these things. While the online content offerings are currently a bit light and the operational speeds are only average, the excellent audio and video performance and flexible media playback options make this a strong contender in the 2009 Blu-ray model line up.

You can view our more detailed review on Big Picture Big Sound (dot com).
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on April 22, 2009
Updated 11/29/09
Many of these Panasonic players including mine suffer from random freezes that last between 5-6 seconds and then resume during blu-ray movie playback.
So far Pansonic has NOT be able to come up with a fix for this.
If you don't mind this possible problem the rest of my review still stands.
Unfortunately for me I found this random freezing to be annoying and unacceptable.

Panasonic has once again come up with a solid performance player!

I choose the Panasonic 80 after a very through and grueling side by side comparison with it's main competitor, the Sony S-550.

The Sony and Panasonic player's PQ where both overall very good on blu-ray playback.
The Panasonic had a very slight edge over the Sony, in producing a more COLORFUL picture with more 3-D POP EFFECT.

Sound quality reproduction between the two players using the 7.1 analog connections was much more dramatic.

Both Panasonic and Sony player's produced an excellent 7.1 sound field, but the Sony suffered from a lower LFE output than the Panasonic, both at the same settings and volume.
The Sony 550 required a +15 SW increase from my receiver, and still did NOT sound as POWERFUL and DYNAMIC as the Panasonic 80 at +10.

All players suffer from LFE drop using analog connections, but the Panasonic clearly had the edge in the sound department using the analog connections.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a high performance affordable blu-ray player, and have an older non HDMI AV receiver, this is the player to get.
You can also take advantage of the High clarity output on the Panny 80 if you have a newer HDMI receiver, or opt for the cheaper Panny 60 player.

Either way you won't be disappointed by Solid Panasonic Performance.
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on August 27, 2009

GREAT PICTURE 1080p blu-ray nice display BD LIVE




I bought this player last week.I like the sd card reader for photos.
I have it hooked up to a philips "47TV.Hdmi cable. I am a repair tech for tvs and consumer electronics. A lot of peoples reviews complain about the long load time.
Think about it a standard dvd is 4.7 GB. compared to blu-ray 50gb.THats a lot of information for the player to load.I played over a dozen movies no problems with frozen video.plays all
the way through.If you stay with major brands like panasonic or sony you should have years of enjoyment.Also you need to update the software if you have a problem playing any disc.
Just go to panasonic's web site and download the update.
Sound effects has a surround-like effects. re-master1 remaster 2 remaster 3
To enjoy a movie with powerful sound even when the volume is kept low at night.

You can select the picture to your liking.
functions are soft,fine,cinema user
3D NR smooths block noise in the background to give a greater feeling of depth.

IS a function that is available on tvs that support hdavi control 4
panasonics tvs support these functions.
I am happy with my purchase It's a good player go out and pick one up.
Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player, Black
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2009
I switched to this player from an earlier Samsung model. The Samsung almost turned me off from blu-ray completely, with its endless problems in playing blu-ray discs.

By contrast, this player is a pleasure.

It was extremely fast to set up. Plugged in the power (which, unlike many players, is a detachable power cord. This means if you are jamming the cord through a hole with a bunch of other cables, as I was, it is easy because you don't have to get the plug to go through the hole, just the small end of the cord). Plugged in an HDMI cable. Plugged in a network cable.

Turned it on. It asked a few questions. It discovered my network and connected without trouble. (It autodetects firmware updates, which is way nicer than my older player in which i had to burn firmware dvds and then go through a painful update process.)

It asked whether i wanted to have the instant on feature, which it kindly defaults to the greener "no" option.

And then, boom. Done. Popped in a blu-ray that failed on the samsung, loaded very quickly and started playing, with a very very crisp picture and lovely sound.

Haven't tried the bd live features yet (waiting for sd card to arrive), and it doesn't take sony memory sticks, butalready it has brought back pleasure into video viewing.

Because it supports DivX, I've also been able to get rid of a secondary LG player I had just for that purpose.

Altogether, I'm a happy camper and watching movies again.
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on May 28, 2009
The quality of the player is just what I expected from what I had read before on the Blue Ray player, the quality of the blue Ray movies is extremely good and the quality of the normal DVD movies is also much better than any other DVD player I had before. I played same movie on this player (DMP-BD80)and also watched the same movie on my old Sony player and the difference is very dramatic, I had no idea the colors would be that much better and everything looks sharper too, something that I never thought possible, I am a quality freak so I really look around before buying.
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on April 10, 2009
All I have to say is that on the surface, Blu Ray picture and sound is definitely all it's cracked up to be and then some. I still have my first generation Sony XBR 1080i I bought in 2006 with 2 HDMI outputs and I must say with this player via HDMI (Monster Ultra High Speed 1000)I can really really tell the difference. I used used the same Monster cable and hooked it up to my DirecTV box, and I must admit as a skeptic of HDMI fraud, it definitely gave me a slightly clearer picture than the hdmi cable they provided me when I got the new HD Box a couple of months ago. I have only tested a few regular standard DVD's on it (The Dark Knight, Constantine, Underworld 2 and Day After Tomorrow) and the picture and sound seemed more enhanced and clearer than on my old regular DVD player. However, Constatine in some scenes seemed a bit grainy and overenhance a bit but still enjoyed it better than on my original dvd player. The frozen scenes on the Day After Tomorrow were spectacular.

I've only had this model since April 2 so I haven't even begun getting into the BD-Live and hooking it up to the internet as of yet. However, I specifically bought Quantum of Solace, Bolt, Wall-E, Night at Museuem and Kingdom of Heaven and I must say the picture is breathtaking. The sound is so clear and crisp I had to turn down the normal volume I usually have my 5.1 surround sound receiver at down several several notches. I don't have a fancy receiver with hdmi ouput, just used a digital coaxial cable and connected to the back of the bluray player along with hdmi for the stunning picture. I can only imagine what it would look like on a newer 1080p t.v. if there is really that much of a difference than the quality I see now. However, i noticed something about the audio connections or maybe I have it wrong. For some reason it seemed like the sound from the player was slightly louder and when I had audio cables as compared to the digital coaxial cable i'm currently using which seems to be much clearer but compressed. Maybe it's me I don't know i'm still new at this blu ray thing.


The load up times is really really slow. Though this model has a feature for quickload which is actually slightly faster but be prepared to wait a while. It's a bluray disc with way more content stored so what are you gonna do. By now you'd think they'd work this kink out of Blu Ray after 3 years.

Of course you can't stop and pick up where you left off. Why, Why has this not been fixed yet. You'll just have to remember where you left at by hitting the status button to show you the chapter it's currently at or I think there is a bookmark feature but it hasn't worked for me as of yet.

The remote looks sort of cheesy and I wish it could have been a universal style remote to allow you work more than one different brand of component (I'll just buy a Logitech Universal to cure this problem).

If you accidently choose 1080p as your source for your television and you only have a 1080i (which i found out the hard way as the idiot from Tweeter conned me into thinking my televsion would be able to deliver 1080p via some de-interlacing of some sort and suprise, it doesn't) you will not only lose your picture and won't get a signal but only audio, in order for me to get the signal back I had to disconnect the hdmi plug from both the t.v. and bluray unit and reconnect them and restart the machine all over again. Of course the instruction booklet didn't tell you this in the troubleshooting section.

Other than that, I'm really quite happy with the player. Looking forward to getting the "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I know it was a crappy movie but the special effects was awesome and i can only imagine how good it would look on my big screen. It think the Blu Ray is going for 16.99 on Amazon at last check and you even get the orignal version of the movie included. Can't beat that no matter how bad the movie is. Can't wait for Underworld 3 in Blu Ray.
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on April 25, 2009
I must say this. There seems to be a good number of people who seem to believe that the PS3 can offer the same or better picture and audio quality as this blu-ray player. Please do not get offended, but uhh-YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DAMN MIND!!!!! Please schedule an appointment to see an eye doctor ASAP. I could not believe the picture and sound quality of this player. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! This players perfomance had me smiling like a little kid. I LOVE the features on this player! It has a diplay menu that shows exactly what frame rate and type of audio you are watching and listening to- This is an important feature! Have a problem with dialogue being too low? NO PROBLEM HERE!! You can use the dialogue enhancer or/and you can have the player enhance the audio with one of its 5 audio settings, which is pretty awesome. Don't like the picture? I doubt that you wouldn't, but hey! If you would like to enhance pic quality, you can choose between fine, cinema, soft, normal, and user settings. You can do all of this without interrupting the movie. When you get this player, put in one of your favorite blu-ray movies and explore the options that you have. If you want an amazing blu-ray experience, pick up this player. You WILL NOT regret it!
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on April 4, 2009
I have had this unit for a couple of days now and am very impressed. Picture and sound quality are both excellent. As the other reviewer stated load times haven't really improved much over the last generation Panasonic units. The big thing going for Panasonic though is it provides outstanding customer support by providing frequent firmware updates that actually work without creating new problems. That cannot be said for most of its competitors.
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on June 7, 2009
This is the newer version of the popular Panasonic 55 blu-ray player. It offers excellent image quality and top notch sound quality. I purchased this player to replace my Sony BDP-S550 and the performance of the Panny 80 is better than that of the Sony 550. The image quality is sharper and the sound is clearer and fuller. The loading times could be a little better but to me that does not keep it from being a great standalone blu-ray player. I highly recommend the Panasonic 80 blu-ray player.
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on November 10, 2009
I did lots of research and finalized on BD80, for which I am very happy.
I did looked into all the reviews on BD60 in addition to BD80 reveiw, basically this player has few additional features to the BD60 player , which has good rating all over the sites.
BD80 is nothing but BD60 + additional features.
The key additional feature ,what I feel are 7.1 Analog output, playing Divx formats and Playback Information Window.

The one I bought had 1.6 profile, after connecting to Internet, it automatically detected and offered firmware update and updated it to 2.1 profile.

Amazon on Demand picture quality is really amazing. The only con , I can see is Netfilx connectivity is missing, however , I assume, we can expect that in near future.. along with any firmware update...

I can see the difference in Picture Quality and Audio Quality. I would highly recommend this product.
Thanks to 6Ave for good packing and prompt delivery.
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