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on March 15, 2012
I have been looking for something to replace my ps3 for streaming videos/blu-ray playing as well as something that supports Amazon Prime video streaming. This thing fit that niche perfectly for me. Not only can it stream videos but it can do it wireless without the annoying stuttering I used to get with my PS3 when streaming HD files wireless within my home network. The interface for Amazon Prime videos is pretty nice and since it is a blu-ray player I played a few from my collection to test it out and well.... it plays. Very easy to set up and being it is only half the size (depth) of a conventional blu-ray player is a plus.

The only thing I can see that might be a problem though is the remote. It's not like a regular remote since it has that swipe pad in the center of it. It really limits what you can do since you need to go to different screens within the interface instead of simply clicking a button on the remote. Having to navigate around instead of just having a button to push is going to irritate some people.

UPDATE: Universal remote works fine with this unit, eject works as well so the remote that comes with it gets put in the drawer along with the rest of them.
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on March 29, 2012
I bought this unit to replace a Panasonic BDT-310 that I was giving to my brother to upgrade his 3D qualities. The BDT-310 was a great player and when setup for 3D in the manual mode the 3D affect was spectacular. So seeing that Panasonic had a new model wth a new video chip I decided to upgrade both myself and my brother's units.
I am a former engineer and technically savvy. I read comments that people were having trouble with the new remote and problems with the wifi setup. It took about ten minutes to learn how to use the remote. I pushed the EPA button then hit start on the player and it connected perfectly. The picture is awesome and there are additional audio settings to play with. I found with my other player making adjustments to the manual 3D settings gave me a fantastic 3D picture when watching a 2D movie in the 3D mode. I am lucky that my TV allows me to adjust brightness and contrast differently for a simulated 3D, full 3D and regular TV viewing. This allows me to compensate and correct for the darker picture you get when wearing the 3 D glasses.

I wish that they had put disc eject feature on the remote, but that is a very small inconvenience to deal with to get the fantastic picture and sound this unit produces. I was watching a Tanning DVD and would have sworn it was a Blu-ray disc the picture was that good.

To sum it up, don't be swayed by some negative comments as the unit is fantastic. The people complaining probably can't work a microwave or taster over properly LOL.
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on February 5, 2013
If you just want a disk player you could do worse. For HD-1080p streaming,(Netflix)stick to Roku. Other features such as wifi-network are bargain basement quality and lack refinement and don't stream HD. Over-priced, if you paid $199 get your money back. If you own a Viera TV then the remote will work with this player. Several features such as power on/off are combine. What I found really useful is when you insert a disk it powers up the player and TV simultaneously and automatically displays the bluray/CD menu. Pretty cool.

Discs- This unit has significantly better than average playback quality. Images are rendered with incredible clarity. Depth of black almost look painted. Zero- dropped frames, skipping. Panasonic has disc playback wired. Colors are so brilliant and sharp. CDs sound great powerful with impressive headroom, presence and dynamic range. I thought Pandora sounded clean but after listening to this player I am returning to listening to CDs. As a disc player this cannot be beat.

HD Streaming- It doesn't. Mom's 2003 Samsung wifi/disc player which has never had a firmware update looks better. While disk playback is top notch, streaming quality is terrible. Like observing old 480p analog broadcast signal, grainy, harsh, images rendered lack definition. In spite of my fiddling with this units color pre-sets, aspect ratio image never improved. I tried everything from Warm-Cinema, individual brightness and contrast settings. Maybe in time I will find a happy medium. Until then I am sticking with the Roku. So if your'e into the vintage thing you got it. If you want quality Netflix or 1080p HD streaming get a Roku set top box.

DLNA- Handy but not functional. Sure you can connect with your Windows7 machine but content is limited. Video? WMV is all it will play, doesn't recognize .AVI. Which many of my "videos" are ;)Photos fared better. All Jpegs displayed in 4:3. Strangely my 1080p Home "Movies" appear to be quite sharp and HD appearing. Is it HD>?

Remote- Valiant but in the end the "brush stroke" movement is like fishing marbles from a fish tank with chopstix. Fast forwarding a disk will aggravate your hemroids. There is no replacement for tactile response. A touch pad revived from a discarded Toshiba Satellite notebook provides none.
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on October 21, 2012
This machine is exactly the same as the 220 model but it has 1) a slot loading drive and 2) a fancy remote with a touchpad and minimal buttons.

No real complaints about the slot loader. It looks sleeker but it's otherwise immaterial. I would note that there's a flip-down panel on the front and mine broke the first week under normal usage. Now the panel is stuck in the down position which ruins the sleek look they're going for. Pretty poor design and engineering. The size/shape is also non-standard and it doesn't lend itself to have other AV devices stacked on top of it.

My main gripe is the touchpad remote. It sounds like a good idea but it doesn't work well at all. It's not precise and mis-reads your gestures. It also requires the screen to be on so you can see the available menu choices. This is hugely annoying if you've already turned off the TV and/or only want to listen to audio CDs. There's no eject button or any of the other choices you're accustomed to on a remote (forward, rewind, pause). My Bluray player is in my cabinet at above-eye-level so it's really hard to find the eject button on the player by fishing around on top. I completely regret buying this and I wish Panasonic would offer free BDT220 Remotes to anyone stuck with these awful things.

Traditional remotes with dedicated buttons are tried and true. There's no reason to change the format. This seems like somebody at Panasonic had an invention in search of a purpose. If I needed fancy, pointless gadgetry that actually made my life *more* complicated, I'd shop at Brookstone.

Second rant: It's hard to type/navigate the on-screen keyboard with this thing (also true of the BDT220). Using Netflix and other online applications that require typing is painful via this remote. Instead of adding a pointless enhancement that does nothing for the users, they should have had a small flip-up (or slider) QWERTY keyboard in the remote ... like some of the smartphones have.

The other aspects of the player are fine, as expected. But I can't give this product a decent rating considering how poorly designed the hardware and UI are.
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on May 8, 2012
I purchased the 320 to replace a Vizio Blu Ray player in my bed room that started to dislike playing my discs and kept opening it's tray. I payed about $179 total with 1 day shipping for my 320. Worth every penny and then some! After reading the reviews regarding the touch panel remote I was a little hesitant. Although having owned several tablets and currently own an Asus Transformer Prime, I felt confident that It wouldn't bother me. I'm really glad I listened to myself. Remote is actually quite nice! Love the elegant unique look. Touch panel is very responsive and easy to use with swiping gestures. It didn't take long for me to get the hang of it. If you have an Apple device like the Iphone, Ipad, Android tablets/Smart Phones... Go download the app Blu Ray Remote by Panasonic. Works great on my TFP. You can change the mode settings to have the remote look just like the previous Panasonic blu ray keyed remote for the traditional keyed buttons everyone is accustomed to using. You can even set a timer and command it to do an Action like turn the Power off and such. I actually just received my 320 today in fact and setup took me about 10mins to get going adding my Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and You Tube accounts with no issues. The home screen layout is easy to understand. You can customize your home screen to your liking like adding your own Wallpaper, Profile Icon, Nick name and such. You can also setup 4 individual users with there own color coded button along the bottom of the home screen, so each user can have there very own settings that fit there personalities. This device is very sleek and stylish! Looks very attractive not your average boxy looking player. One major reason why I purchased this device is due to the Eco mode feature. My wife and I play a movie at bedtime. The Blu Ray ends up being on all night long which while we sleep consuming power and diminishing the life of the device overtime. Having this feature allows us to continue to watch our movies and not be worried to fall asleep and leave the player on all night since the Eco mode will put the player in the lowest state of power and puts it to sleep until it recognizes movement then re-enables playback if needed by motion sensors in the device.
Performance is very fast! Power up and load time is one of the fastest out there. It's a lot faster and quieter then my Samsung, and Vizio blu ray players. Sound quality also gets improved by this device. Image quality is as good as it gets giving you many options on viewing display, audio, networking and many more I have yet to play around with. I would highly recommend this for those looking into upgrading their blu ray players or just want the latest and greatest gadget around!
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on December 13, 2012
I bought this Blu-Ray player along with Panasonic's ET5 television and I'm not a happy camper.

First of all, the lack of real buttons on the remote is a real problem. Slide your finger up along the edge to pause? Or is that how you select play? Who thought this was a good idea? I found that you can get a replacement remote intended for the DMP-BDT220 that has buttons and works with the 320. But, that's $20 I should not have had to spend ....

But, the remote shouldn't be a problem because the player and TV support "Viera Link." So I can use the TV's remote to control the player. At least that's what the ads for the TV say. And that's what Panasonic's videos on YouTube demonstrate. But, it doesn't work. Sometimes, while playing a Blu-Ray title, the play, pause, and other buttons at the bottom of the TV's remote will control the player. But, there are no keys that work to select menu options or do other things on the player. Panasonic's email support has been no help. They insist that the player cannot be controlled through the TV's remote. That seems to be true, but it's not what they advertise. The TV doesn't even turn on the Blu-Ray player when it's input is selected as the reply from Panasonic says it does.

I still have about a week to decide if I'm going to return the TV and player. I hate to have to go to the trouble, but it should work right without all this frustration and, as I said, Panasonic's support hasn't helped.
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on June 21, 2012
I have two Panasonic Bluray DVD players and this latest model confirms my belief that no one makes a better unit than Panasonic, in this price range, with providing excellent 3D, Standard and High Definition picture quality. So good in fact that I have difficulty at times seeing any difference with the Blu-ray Vs. Standard Def. The quality of the unit is first class and the disc is fed into a drive slot at the front,no tray, is easy and efficient in operation. Now the remote control operates with a very, very sensitive touch pad. Which I really do not care for and might very well discourage consumers from purchasing.
I was, after a period of time able to figure it out but decided that my Harmony One Remote made life considerably easier and programmed it to take over, thereby my box full of cast off remotes received another to add to the collection. There is no reject button but I can live with that and use the control on top of the player. Incidentally, Harmony still do not have the programming Data for this unit they do provide sufficient information from previous models to get you up and running with a simple touch of a button. I suspect that there is a brand new Harmony One in the works.
Great Machine.
Remote Control is like something from control panel on Starship Enterprise.
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on May 1, 2012
I purchased this as an upgrade from my Panasonic DMP-BD55 blu-ray player. I'm glad I did not listen to the reviews complaining about the remote or complexities. It's a very intuitive device. I did spend a few minutes looking over the manual and quick setup. Wireless setup was simple and fast and did a firmware update. I registered the player with my Amazon Prime account and tried out streaming. I've watched several HD movies and some TV shows and experienced excellent picture quality, and performance, with no problems at all (this was my first experience with streaming video) and I'm very pleased. DVD and blu-ray movies are excellent video and audio quality. Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase and upgrade from my older player. I do not agree with those who complained about the remote in their reviews. The touch pad is great and a significant improvement over searching for the right button to push. In my logitech harmony remote, I just use an older panasonic blu-ray and the commands work fine (logitech does not have the new remote in their database yet).
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on July 17, 2013
The bottom-line is this, the fancy touch-pad remote is so UN-user-friendly that it nearly ruins the whole purchase.

I like the look of the player, especially the tray-less disc feature (it works like your car CD player, grabbing the disc to play)... but there are even OTHER issues, about Blu-Ray in general... which are killing the whole Blu-Ray market. For example... many discs force you to watch stuff you don't want to watch... you're trying to skip ahead, or get to the movie... and you keep getting the message, "this disc doesn't allow this operation at this time"... so you keep clicking, or else simply fast-forwarding EACH little section that won't allow you to simply skip it... all the while getting frustrated at the whole process. What does this have to do with this player vs. Blu-Ray in general? This BS is way worse... thanks to the crappy remote! On top of the awkwardness of the touch-pad interface (I have a laptop, etc. and no other touch-pad is so finicky)... you can easily... accidentally... find yourself starting all over through all the menus and attempts to fast-forward to "play".

The remote kills an otherwise great Blu-Ray player... but at this point I tell all my friends to simply buy the cheapest name-brand Blu-Ray player anyway... There's no reason to spend this kind of money on a player... especially with the terrible attempt at a high-tech (yet BS) remote.

The "220", which lacks all the visually impressive "gimmicks" probably has the exact same "guts" and comes with a "normal" (better) remote. I bought that player as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and she's enjoying it more than I'm appreciating the "cool factor" of this otherwise nice player. Get the Panasonic remote app for your smart phone, and you'll be a little happier, but the app still mimics the same touch pad remote.
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on November 7, 2013
I purchased this unit based on overall reviews and the included feature to adjust 3d effect depth. I sit about 6 feet from my 55" 3DTV and most 3d movies are authored with insufficient depth for sitting this close. The built in adjustment feature solves this problem pefectly. Unfortunately instead of remaining a static setting, it resets when you put a new disc in the unit. Very annoying. This is like reseting all the brightness, contrast, and color preferences for every new movie you watch back to defaults. Very pointless design decision on Panasonic's part. What has been said about the remote is fairly accurate. The touchpad is very inconvenient to use. Supposedly you can pair to an Android device to give direct control access, but the software can't seem to connect to the player at all. Don't bother with the 3d simulation effect. My built in TV simulation was far better than the weak 3d simulation the player offered. While I am not terribly impressed with the ease of use, this player does provide good picture quality and the build in image control options are very useful in refining your viewer experience. I did not have any issues with the Wi-Fi receiver that some have mentioned. If you are having signal issues it is more likely a problem with reception in your home or placement of your Wi-fi router not the unit. Netflix played HD streams with little trouble. The unit is compatible with the Super HD stream Netflix offers. It doesn't appear it supports 3D streaming, however, that feature is limited to certain ISPs of which mine is not a part of. Technically I am not supposed to get Super HD, but both this and my PS3 unit are able to access that on my ISP provider. The streaming video controls/display are very basic compared to other dedicated streamers. Since the streaming is a secondary feature, this does not diminish the value of the unit and it adequate for most user needs. If you can get past the terrible remote design and minor progamming issues, this unit will fit your needs.
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