Customer Reviews: Panasonic DMP-MST60 Smart Network Media Streaming Player with Built-In Wi-Fi
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on June 1, 2013
I think it has potential but Panasonic needs to do a lot of development. They may be working on it as there has been several firmware updates recently.
The processor is ten years behind what is normal today, it does everything painfully slow.
The feature I was most interested in is the web browser but it is almost unusable for anything and will not play things that require flash a very common system for video and live broadcast.

I have a three year old DVD player with Netflix etc. built in that works much better and it cost about the same and will play DVD's. The attraction of the Panasonic DMP-MST60 that prompted me to purchase it is the web browser but so far trying to use it has been frustrating and essentially useless.

This purchase has very much lowered my respect for Panasonic. This product makes me think a name with a great history of good products is being poorly managed.

I do not recommend purchasing now. Maybe Panasonic will make improvements that will make it acceptable but I do not think it is for now.
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on August 24, 2013
First the good news. This device does these things very well:
1. Video Quality - Excellent. Allows you to adjust the picture quality
2. Interface: While the menu takes a bit of time to get used to, it's actually very efficient and makes navigation easy.
3. The box design. It's really very well designed and super lightweight.
4. Remote control is substantial and useful, although some buttons (for instance, the "Netflix" button) are always subject to being pushed inadvertently, due to their close proximity to other buttons on the remote.

Now, all the bad:
1. It won't map drives on your network. As hard as I try, this device will just NOT map network drives or recognize my Windows Media Player on my laptop in order to stream files. My other devices are a cinch to configure (Apple TV, Western Digital Live TV+, KDLINKS 720, Samsung and Panasonic Smart TVs, etc.) and have no problem sharing files in my home. There is another reviewer who highlighted this same issue. It's not a fluke. This device is just awful in connecting to other devices in the home.

2. S L O W. You'll think that there is something wrong with the device when it takes several seconds to render navigation screens. It's super jerky and slow and just frustrating as hell. While the interface design and layout makes a lot of sense to me, the responsiveness is like a 1980's computer.

3. User icons. Try as I might, once you set up a user identity on this device (and why you need to do so is still a major question in my book), you can't get rid of them. There is no way to delete user profiles, etc. It's an odd function to begin with, but clearly shows that the product managers of this device really didn't give the user experience a lot of thought when designing this feature.

4. Erratic network connection situation. It connects to my wireless network just fine, but every now and then it says it has no network connections and can't provide Netflix or other network apps, when it IS connected and shows a successful connection status in the network status screen.

5. Requires a lot of rebooting. The device gets confused and dead ends to blank screens a lot, and the only way out, is to unplug and start over. Hugely frustrating.

My recommendation is to stay away from this device at this time. It's really not well thought out and executed. Maybe future updates will fix this, but if you have a good Blu Ray player with app support, there really is no use for this device.
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on June 2, 2013
I have two Roku streaming players which work as well or better than this device. I purchased this because I was interested in the internet connection. It does not work for anything other than the most rudimentary of applications. Don't expect to be able to stream from the internet. It doesn't support flash applications. The Amazon interface doesn't have watchlist capability and the other menus are extremely difficult to navigate. I will say that I like the interface and the quality of the stream is close to HDTV cable or satellite. This device has great possibilities, but Panasonic either released it too soon, or can't support it with other than basic services.
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on May 7, 2013
I was really looking forward to seeing what this could do. I bought mine directly from ABT since they are here in the Chicago market.

This one is one of the few players out there that can stream from Amazon. That was really one of the big features I was looking for. It does have many of the popular web features such as Pandora, Netflix and a wide selection of others that you can add by connecting to their "app store"

So a bit about my experience with media players. For about 5 years I have been ripping movies to my Windows Home Server. I'm now on my third server running WHS2011. I've got about 700 blurays and dvd's sitting on 24tb worth of hard drives.

For the most part I keep everything in MKV format. It has good compression and can hold anything from old dvd movies to High Definition Bluray video with multiple audio tracks.

For the last 5 years I have been using the WD line of media players my favorite is the WD TV live+ from a few years ago. The TVlive+ work VERY well for connecting to my network shared folders and I really like how I can choose whether to display the DVD cover or just list folder names.

The Panasonic unit is much sleeker than the WD ones. Its about half as tall but does lack composite outputs. Personally I use both HDMI and composite connections as due to copyright laws signals from HDMI can't be down converted by video processors or Video receivers. So in other words in order to send video signals from our main system throughout the house I still need the non digital composite connections.

Performance. I think this is the killer of this product. Now days with phones having dual core processors and tablets having even quad core processors the speed of which this device goes from page to page it VERY disappointing. When compared to the WD players it seems just plain sluggish.

The last and overall killer for this product is difficulty in connecting to my windows shares. The player has a place to map your network drives and I have been able to map 1 but when I try to map a second drive it fails to connect and then gets frustrating. Frustrating? yes, when you go to map the second drive it changes what you have inputed into the settings for the previous drive.

For example I enter this

drive name, DVD Movies
login name, john
login password 1234

and then after it tells you that it can't connect it moves everything around so suddenly it will show the location as your name and your name as your password. Its really jacked up!

So what I ended up with?
1. I can stream Amazon = Thunbs up!
2. I can stream netflix = no big deal I have a tivo and a WD tvlive that can do that connected to the same system. 9and BOTH are quicker at connecting)
3. I can stream Pandora = thumbs DOWN, why? well no composite outputs so I can't pump music throughout the house because receivers won't distribute digital (hdmi) signals into zone 2 or zone 3.
4. Network shares = Can't map the 6 drives so WORTHLESS!

So overall? STAY AWAY! There are so many new media players out there. And there is some REALLY cool stuff coming out soon such as the Archos TV connect. I just don't understand why Panasonic slaughtered this one. Its just inconceivable that with so many players now using the ridiculously fast Realtek 1185 or 1186 chipsets and some now featuring the just released 1186DD chipset which is now available on about 5 models that they would put such a severely underpowered processor on their new line of product.
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on April 17, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using set top boxes for streaming video for years. The very first version of the Roku streaming box still sits on the TV stand in the livingroom and is still used on occasion. The technology has advanced considerably since those days. In the bedroom, I have the current generation of the Roku box. It is much faster, with higher resolution, better WiFi and , in general, a much better value.

In most ways the Panasonic DMP-MST60 Smart Network Media Streaming Player harkens all the way back to the earliest days of video streaming and that's not good, not good at all. First, It is deadly slow. Frankly, I wouldn't have thought it possible to make a contemporary digital communication device that works this slowly. Whether it's the processor, software, the WiFi, or a combination of all three, this thing takes forever to accomplish anything.

The Panasonic DMP-MST60 Smart Network Media Streaming Player has many compelling features, but they either don't work, or work so poorly that it's as though they didn't exist.

Network drive mapping is a joke, it is convoluted and unnecessarily difficult and in the final analysis, just doesn't work right.

The lack of composite outputs means you can stream Pandora, but only listen to the music over the TV speakers.

The web browsing feature is equally frustrating. It is slow, hard to navigate and lacks support for Flash.

The remote is set up poorly, the device tends to drop the network connection and it just comes across as clunky and hard to use.

I have always considered Panasonic as a good brand for electronics. The Panasonic DMP-MST60 Smart Network Media Streaming Player makes me take a step back from that assumption. With all the new and infinitely better streaming technology hitting the market right now, I would definitely give this unit a pass.
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on May 18, 2013
And then I have to pay for the shipping back to get it serviced. What kind of a company makes you pay for shipping back THEIR defective product? Panasonic, that's who. I bought it to get Amazon Prime videos and to let my son use a bluray that I was using for Netflix to use on another TV. Anything that conks out in 1 month is basically a piece of junk IMHO.
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VINE VOICEon March 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
At this point, I'm not surprised to see all of the overwhelmingly negative responses to this product. My image of Panasonic has taken a big hit as a result of using this player, hopefully the people they have making their televisions aren't the same people working on these "Smart" devices. Let's start with the positives, which shouldn't take long. The box is lightweight and stylish, so yay to Panasonic for making it look good enough to purchase and then majorly disappoint. They also throw in a remote control that would be extremely useful if I ever had any intention of using this product again. Now to the negatives, which should take quite longer. Other reviewers have mentioned this item WILL NOT map drives on your network. This is extremely frustrating as it makes file sharing an almost impossible task. Good luck trying to stream music from other devices in your home, my guess is you'll give up on it the same way I did after an hour or so. The next issue is that I had to reboot this device 6 times during my three hour journey with it. I thought this might just be an isolated incident with this unit, but sure enough, other reviewers have mentioned the same exact thing. My biggest complaint of all though is how slow this device is. It brings me back to the time of AOL where you'd wait 10 minutes for your phone to connect to the internet, hearing those loud clanging sounds as you waited to hear the magical words "You've Got Mail." Thank you Panasonic for providing me with a bit of nostalgia, but I'll say no thanks to this product in regards to future use, and anyone browsing it on Amazon should do the same.
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on January 21, 2015
This media streamer/local media player has: Netflix, AmazonPrime, HuluPlus, Vudu, and CinemaNow. All of them on their latest versions.

Has YouTube and Vimeo.

It also has MLB, MLS, HuffingtonPost, euronews, and many others.

If you connect a usb flash or hard drive to it it will play mp4, mkv, mp3, jpeg, bmp, etc.

It allows you to use external subtitles, .srt for example.

It lets you use your own image for the background.

The remote actually is a regular sized remote and not a tiny funny remote.

I don't know why the reviews are so bad for this wonderful device.

I just got it yesterday and when I hooked it up it updated its firmware. It's now on version 1.31.

No problems yet. I've tried all the channels mentioned above and I've tried mp4s, mp3, MKVs, jpegs and bmps with no problems.

It plays 1080p mp4s with external .srt Spanish subtitles beautifully. You can see all the accent marks, diaeresis, upside down question and exclamation marks in all their glory.

In my opinion, this is the best media streamer/local media player combo device out there. Excellent price too.

The seller (rainbowriffic) did a fantastic job in shipping and packaging.
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on March 9, 2014
Panasonic designed a bad product.

This unit packed a lot of features, everything you would want for a media hub (well, almost...see 3 below). It's got Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu etc.from online contents, and USB, DLNA, Miracast from local contents. BUT because the slow hardware and bad software, it is also really unpleasant to use.

1. Internet Media: very slow getting into the Network Service menu such as Netflix, Hulu. You can easily press the Netflix button by mistake and it takes forever to load the app while impossible to cancel before the app is loaded.

2. Miracast: the only reason I bought this is to "replace" my Sony Google TV box. It does work. However there is a minor problem that took me hours to figure out. This unit takes (cannot change it) in the Miracast mode. If your router is like mine which uses that IP address, all network services will be unusable after quitting Miracast. So I ended up changing my router ip to

3. This unit is designed for use with a Panasonic TV. The remote can only control a Panasonic TV(no learning feature). And it is a basic LED remote, no Bluetooth. You need to point at the unit to control it. So you still need the TV remote to change volume. There is no Android or iPhone apps for it either. The Panasonic TV apps do not work.

This is a disappointing product, I gave it a two-star instead of one only for its plentiful working functions.

So, if you are looking, here is my advice:
Buy a Roku for simplicity,
Buy a Sony Google TV for flexibility.
Buy this Panasonic only if you want Miracast. Or in fact if you want Miracast, buy a Netgear's Push2TV in addition.

I am keeping my Sony.
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on February 10, 2014
This device delivers basic functionality in streaming from the major providers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu etc). I'm on Amazon Prime and it worked, but doesn't deliver the nice features of your watch list like say the Roku 3 does.
My major reason for trying this unit (and ultimitely only reason) was for it's included "web browser". It does have a browser ('Opera' - on a Linux platform) and that's where the good ends. It will not allow you (no matter how hard you try) to watch your favorite shows on websites like CBS, NBC, SyFy - you name it. The problem is a little thing called Adobe Flash Player. This is a fairly widely used piece of software (like EVERYWHERE). Without the ability for the included browser to download and install "Flash" it is worthless. I did try multiple times and different ways for this to work. Finally today I called Panasonic help (they were very nice!) and try as they might to find an answer, their final ruling was that the "player" would not be able to install flash and it wasn't in their immediate plans to upgrade with any firmware releases to address this issue.
This is at best a "2" star device for the above reasons.
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