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on August 17, 2016
I spent a lot of time checking out all of the top rated electric razors. First, I wanted a razor that would give me a decent shave, I enjoy shaving with a blade and lather when I have the time and didn't expect as close a shave from an electric. Secondly, I didn't want to spend too much for what I want but I also didn't want to spend much less than $100.00 because I've had those razors in the past and they are poor value, don't shave well at all and don't last long.
Now, why I picked the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4. First it was in my price range, very important to me. Some models, although very good, get Ridiculously expensive. Secondly, the reviews from other purchasers on Amazon rated this model highly, better than the Arc 5. I didn't want a washing station, just more crap around my sink. It doesn't have to be plugged in all the time, again less crap hanging around, the razor, cord and charger sitting out. It holds the charge for definitely more than a week and charges in ONE HOUR. I've time it several times, from flat battery to full charge, one hour. The digital read out on the handle is very handy, tells you how much charge you have left and how long you took to shave.
It has a big head, which to me is good, covers more area with each stroke. I have had no trouble at all around my nose or those few hair that hide in the corner of your mouth. The area around my adam's apple doesn't come out perfect, but is very acceptable to me. I usually shave in less than 3 minutes. If that's too long, you're in trouble. It's easy to clean. Running water will do it, I like using an can of compressed air. Blow it out in two seconds and it's not wet when I put it away. I liked the features and lay out of the Arc4 better than even the more expensive units.
They suggest you allow 30 days for your face to get accustomed to the unit. It took about half that for my face to not know I'd shaved it. As your face gets used to it, the shave gets better and better. I never expected to get this close a shave from an electric and without face burn. I am very happy with my Arc4. You won't be sorry if you buy an Arc4.
Hope this was of some help to you.
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on May 22, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. Previously, I was using a rotary electric shaver and this one is better. I especially like it since it can be used on my face while it is wet with soap and warm water (shaving cream is too thick). It's still not quite as close a shave as a good new razor but no one else will see or feel the difference shortly after the shave (e.g., wife with tender cheeks). Holds a battery charge very well so you don't have to drag the charger if you're going away for a week or 10 days (I haven't tried to see how much longer it might work before fully depleted). If you don't like it you can return it to Panasonic within 30 days for any reason (or so they say but I didn't put this promise to the test).
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on July 8, 2017
This is my very first foil shaver so I can't compare to other brands. Shaves as close as a shaver. Build quality is superb and it's made in Japan!

UPDATE: Upon testing it for almost a full month now, I do have to say that it gives me razor bumps just like other razor blades which is really unfortunate.
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on November 21, 2016
I can just say a few words here because I have had and have no time to do anything lately, including shaving. I have only had this since 11/4 and it is now 11/21. So I can't tell you details about wet vs dry, cleaning etc...... All I can say is that I bought this after my battery was dying on my old Braun 3 series razor, which I thought was a good razor. But to change the battery is more difficult than trying to change a battery on an IPhone which is difficult but I can do with my eyes closed.

So I am stunned. This is better than anything I could even imagine! Maybe if I used a brand new 5 blade regular razor in the shower with shaving cream, it might be a better shave...maybe? But this is the closet shave and best Electric Razor I have ever used. It is amazing to me. I can spend less than 1 minute each day and have a perfect shave. I mean PERFECT shave. I want to shoot myself for not buying this when it was first available. If I did not shave for 2-3 days I had to use an electric trimmer, a blade shave in the shower and then my Braun to miss everything I could not get with the blade shave.

So I have had this is over two weeks and it is a lifesaver and I still am in disbelieve as to how well it works. I did try the side trim feature today and it did not seem to me that great, but as far as shaving this is the best razor I have ever used, gives me an almost perfect like blade shave and I am really glad I bought it! Really glad! I'm only writing this because after two weeks the LCD is saying my charge is at 10% and I needed to charge this and it reminded me to leave a review.

But if you hate to shave like I do, BUY THIS RAZOR! it is 1000% Awesome!

Oh well, that's it Jeff.(who does not look like a bum (anymore)'

Thank you Panasonic!
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on October 9, 2016
If you are looking for a electric razor for shaving your head this is the one for you. Shaves wet and dry and cuts as close as a razor.
review image
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on October 13, 2013
(UPDATE 11/20/13 - To research complaints about battery drain, I went ahead and did a battery drain test AFTER the display on my shaver showed "10%" of juice left. It ran for a FULL 35 minutes beyond this point before conking out. I think what's happening is the display drops in 10% increments after each use, giving users the misleading impression that they've got little charge left especially when they hit the "50% left" mark. Based on my "battery drain" test, this is NOT true. The battery in this shaver is GREAT, holding a charge that lasts well within the 45 minutes touted on a single charge.)


* Until now, I've always believed electric razors could NEVER come close to beating hand-held blades. But this Panasonic comes very close - so much so that I rarely use a straight blade anymore!

* Disclosure: I do NOT work for Panasonic and I am NOT being compensated in any way for this review. But this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver is pure, unadulterated awesomeness, blowing every competing Norelco and Braun shaver out of the water!

* Very few people can afford $300 for this machine. But when it comes up for sale for under $150, which is often - you should snap it up because it's worth EVERY penny - and THEN SOME.

* Unlike other electric razors, this Panasonic cuts so close without nicking up your skin that you won't believe your eyes and you won't believe your fingers when you run them over your face after each shave. Neck hair will take longer to shave - but NOT too much longer compared to other electric razors. (And I have coarse dark hair which grows quickly.)

* A blue LED light clocks each session. When you turn it off, it tells you how much battery life is left, i.e., 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, etc. You'll get about 45 minutes of shaving on a single charge - or about 10 days worth of shaving without reaching for the re-charger. (BTW, the reason this shaver won't work with the cord is common sense! Who wants to be electrocuted in the shower with the cord attached?)

* Cleaning is a breeze. Just press the buttons on the right and left sides of the head - and the foil framework comes off easily. Turn your shaver on and hold the power button down for at least two seconds. Your shaver will go into a "cleaning mode" whereby its blades will vibrate like mad, providing the cleaning equivalent of jumping to light-speed in a "Star Wars" movie - without rattling like the Millennium Falcon. Just run tap water over the blades and all hair cuttings will vibrate off into your bathroom sink.

* I've tried this shaver in both wet and dry modes and its performance is superb. However, shaving in wet mode with a thin cream such as Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Key Lime Cream is supersonic awesome. (Note, shaving "wet" makes cleaning easier because you'll have less facial oil when you clean the heads after every use.) Unlike Norelcos with rotary blades which pivot a little, the head on this Panasonic pivots up and down AND side to side, hugging your face in every direction. It has two (2) motors. One cuts up and down and the other cuts from side to side. It's great at getting rid of 99 7/8% of my neck hair and the nubs in both corners of my mouth. (More about that "1/8" difference later.)

* This shaver comes with a travel pouch and a locking switch (to prevent it from going on while traveling) - as well as a blade cover. It also has a pop-up trimmer for bushy sideburns and mustaches. The head can even be locked to prevent pivoting while shaving.

* Now, about replacement blades. Do the math. Panasonic still wins. If you have to change blades every six-months-to-a-year - well, no offense, but you've got a genetic profile of a werewolf. Most people with "standard" beards won't have to replace the blades on this machine for WAY MORE than a year, and I have a tough, coarse beard.

* The money you'll spend for two (2) Panasonic WES9068PC Men's Shaver Replacement Inner Blades - is TINY compared to the cost of replacement blades for other electric razors. This Panasonic takes two (2) replacement blades - which doubles to four blades - because two additional blades are built into the outer foils - which hook into the base of the replacement blades. Note that the outer foil unit - Panasonic WES9165PC Men's Shaver Replacement Foil - does cost more to replace, but you won't replace it often (unless you break or puncture it) - because the two blades built into them are designed to cut thicker hair. These blades are comparable to what's found on a trimmer for sideburns, but the foils protect you from getting nicked or cut. (And I don't know anyone who's ever replaced the bigger blades on a trimmer.) Don't get me wrong. You WILL change the two-bladed foil unit eventually, but in the long run, you WILL still save money compared to what it costs to buy one 18-multi-blade blister pack locked up in plastic cases in stores. If you want to save even more money, buy the foil and the two blades TOGETHER - which are available in the Panasonic WES9025PC Men's Shaver Replacement Out Foil and Blade Kit for ES-LA63-S. Buying this "kit" should save you around $20 to $30 than buying these items separately.

* I'm taking away a "half-star" (even though fractional-stars aren't allowed here) - for one reason. While this is the BEST electric razor I've ever used - note that in my first paragraph above, I said "this Panasonic comes very close" to beating a hand-held blade. After a wet shave (which I recommend over dry if you're not in a hurry) - I run my fingers over my cheeks, jaw bone and neck. They slide like a sled on snow across my face and jaw line - and over 99 7/8% of my neck.

* But there are always one or two tiny spots on my neck this razor won't completely get. Now, you might ask, "well then what's the point of buying this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver with Dual Motor and Multi-Flex Pivoting Head if it's not as good as a blade?"

* This is my response: Shaving is one of the most aggravating and time consuming chores men face EVERY day. The type of finish you will get with this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver with Dual Motor and Multi-Flex Pivoting Head is EQUAL to using a hand-held blade for, let's say, four minutes. Think about it. During my hand-held "blading" days, unless I was headed to a special event - I did NOT spend as much time to get at every cotton-picking nook and cranny on my neck, especially the area below my ears. I could still FEEL tiny bristles, but I could not SEE them. When 100% smoothness was required, I spent more time WITH A HAND-HELD BLADE to get at those nooks and crannies anyway. Hence the "touch up" conundrum. Today, I STILL keep a hand-held two-blader nearby if perfection is my goal. But most of the time, I don't bother.

* One last thing. Don't mess with electric shaving kits which come with "immersible tubs" filled with expensive cleaning solutions. Panasonic recommends just liquid soap and water to clean the heads. (After shaving in wet mode, I don't even bother with soap. The residual suds from the Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Key Lime Cream and a strong blast of tap water while the heads are in "cleaning mode" does the job for me. If I want to clean after shaving dry, I just use a blast of tap water, no soap.)

* Yes, the $300 price tag is steep and yes, you get what you pay for. But this Panasonic is almost always on sale for below retail. For all these reasons, this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver with Dual Motor and Multi-Flex Pivoting Head still gets a STRONG four and one-half stars.
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on December 15, 2015
I own old Norelco Philips Arcitec 1050 and decided to upgrade to this Panasonic shaver.

Advantage of Panasonic over Philips 1050

- Panasonic shaves more deeply and shaving result is better. After shaving skin is softer and smooth. I tried with and without cream no big difference here and in both situations Panasonic is winner here

- Battery is very weak compared to Philips. On full charge Philips ~ 10 shaves vs Panasonic ~ 4-5 shaves. It is important because I never took Philips charger with my even on long trips.
- Panasonic is much heavier. If you travel much this should be considered.
- Panasonic is louder. Probably its not issue for many people but in the morning when shaving I don't want to wake my kids up. Besides that it also disturbs me.
- It is not easy to shave in the "corners" of face. For example below the nose. You have to repeat movement and push hardly many times in order to get good result.
- Problem with long hair. It is impossible to shave with Panasonic after not shaving for 5 days. You have to use trimmer first. For Philips no big deal even after week not shaving it cuts like Japanese knife.
- Trimmer is big but not very effective. Philips trimmer is smaller but cuts better even after 7 years using it.

I am still not sure what will be the next. Will it be new model of Philips or Braun.
Braun has good reviews but still don't want to risk again.

Hope this review helps!

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on May 30, 2017
Trash. I've had another old Panasonic for years that was functional but had been pulling hairs and often required multiple passes. Still, it got the job done. But I received an Amazon gift card as a present and decided to upgrade.

The Arc 4 arrived promptly, ahead of the surprisingly short schedule it had offered. This was convenient as it was able to disappoint me faster and not waste any more of my time. This is a great shaver if you're okay with getting rid of 95% of the hairs you want gone. The number of spots this razor missed was astonishing, especially in comparison to the prior 15 year old low end razor I had. The Arc 4 took a stand, leaving those hairs up no matter how many passes or angles I came at them, like they were non-combatants I had ordered executed.

The shave felt nicer than my old one and would have been fairly pleasant except for the astonishing frustration at the products fundamental shortcomings. I had to go over with my old shaver afterwards anyways so the Arc 4 gets returned tomorrow.
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on September 18, 2017
I started shaving my head a few months ago and have been through a few different products looking for the best and easiest one to use. I started with the Skull Shaver -- Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart. It's OK but it doesn't feel like a high quality product. Plus I never got a super close baby-butt smooth shave with it. Then I went the high quality double edge safety razor route. After that, I just used my old Mach 3. Honestly, the Mach 3 did just as good a job as the safety razor but with far fewer nicks. I also tried BIC disposables which were a complete disaster. You get what you pay for. Then I bought this Panasonic Arc4 Men's Electric Razor. After getting used to the grip and the different shaving angles needed for shaving a head, I'm happy to say that this gets as close as the Mach 3 and safety razor and with no irritation and of course no nicks or cuts. It does take about 10 minutes and several passes, but so did all the products. I use either alum -- Osma Alum Block By - Value by OSMA (2 Pack) or Remington Face Saver (talc) -- Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver to prep my scalp. I like both and tend to switch back and forth. The Panasonic is easy to clean, charges very fast and is well built, plus it's a wet/dry so you can lather up and use it in the shower if you want. The head swivels side to side and front to back to adjust to the contours of your head. I really have nothing bad to say about this product and definitely would recommend it. P.S. - I have a beard so I don't shave my face. I use this only for shaving my head.
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on June 1, 2017
I have been a Braun user for the past 30 or so years although I tried Norelco and that didn’t work out. I had two of the 7500 series razors and they were both getting old with battery problems and no longer provided a close shave despite purchasing new cutter head and comb. I originally decided to upgrade to a Braun Series 7 Razor with far newer technology and found it to be an expensive failure, at least for me. It gave a bad shave, and it actually irritated my skin. I figured this was due to an aggressive comb in the middle of the head. I also didn’t like the fact that you had to use an expensive accessory you plunge the razor into to clean it. The series 7 was a very unsatisfactory experiment and after several months of unhappy use, the store I bought it from gracefully allowed me return it.
At that point, I began casting about for a replacement razor and revisited the Panasonic line. I had looked at them before and noted they were very pricey in stores, (when they could be found, even more than high-end Braun); however, the ones I looked at on-line were more reasonably priced and the spec’s were good so I ordered a Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry from an Amazon vendor.
When I received the razor and tried it, I was amazed that it gave me a far nicer shave than either my former Braun 7505 or the series 7 razor I unsuccessfully tried. The technology of the Panasonic razor is excellent, with a very fast moving cutter assembly. The head design is compatible with my skin and doesn’t irritate (unless I press too hard when shaving). I’ve decided that I will not achieve a razor-blade smooth shave with any electric razor so I don’t push it. My shaves pass the “wife” test though so that’s good enough for me and I do not live with a styptic pencil like I did in my early days of blade shaving. It’s waterproof, so I understand you can get an even closer shave if you use a shave cream like Nivea and shave “wet” with the razor.
One of the very favorable things I noticed about the Panasonic is how you clean it. They instruct you to just “put a few drops of hand soap” (from a dispenser) on the head and run the razor. Amazingly simple - and you don’t need a complicated alcohol based cleaning accessory for this razor as you do with Braun and Norelco. You can also clean it by just turning it on and running it under the faucet. It even has a “turbo” mode which vibrates the cutter assembly extremely fast – not unlike an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This seems to clean the razor really well. I blow on it to try it and lay it on a washrag to completely dry with the head off.
The only problem I had with the razor was with the flip-up trimmer. This might be the only weakness in the design of this razor and where it is inferior to Braun. The trimmer would not stay locked in the “up” position so I contacted amazon and received an amazing bit of no-quibble customer service. They advised me that a replacement razor was on its way and to return the bad one in the original box. OK – so I have to go without my razor for a while until they send me a new one? - absolutely not. They emailed me a printable return label to tape to the original box with instructions to either have it picked up by UPS (free) or take it to one of their drop-off locations. Then they told me I could continue using the old razor until the new one arrived within a very short time after I contacted them.
This is a great way to solve customer problems with minimum inconvenience and, despite the failure (it can happen) the outstanding customer service made me a loyal Amazon customer for future purchases.
All in all, I’m extremely happy with my Panasonic ES-LA63-S razor and with where I bought it on line. As for the price? With a little shopping, I ended up with a four blade electric razor for just over $100.00 that beats both Braun and Norelco.
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