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on March 5, 2015
I've had the LF51 for about a week now. This is a switch from rotary to regular in electric shavers for me. I have to say that so far, I can find very little to complain about.

The shaver does an excellent job on my beard. I've even let the stubble grow out for two days, and this thing tackled it like it was nothing. The "lock" and "soft" don't seem to have a lot of effect, I'm still experimenting with that, but it doesn't detract from the shaver.

The pop-up trimmer works extremely well, and after I get the sideburns where I want them, the shaver part takes care of the stubble that's left with no problems.

Cleaning couldn't be easier. I followed the directions, used hand soap, and the faster cleaning speed and that did the trick. The only thing the shaver is missing is a cleaning brush, but since I have a couple lying around, that's about it for the cons as far as I'm concerned.

Replacement foils and blades seem straightforward, and relatively reasonably priced, as opposed to the Norelco which this replaced.

The travel case seems sturdy enough. The travel lock is extremely simple to use, you just rotate a sort of ring that surrounds the on-off button.

The battery indicator seems to work well, although I have trouble seeing the color blue due to an astigmatism, but I can manage and so can you.

Don't hesitate, don't dither. You've done enough research. Order this shaver and be done with it, you'll be pleased.
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on February 9, 2015
This is an awesome razor. I had been reading reviews about electric razors for weeks before deciding on this one. Of course, everyone knows about the Braun line and how good they are. I had a Braun 3 series and it was good but it was a budget razor, I think I paid $40 for it 3 years ago so it wouldn't be fair to compare this Panasonic to a $40 Braun.

It basically came down to Braun versus Panasonic. To me, I felt the Panasonic gave me more razor for my money since I did not need the cleaning system for the razor, I can clean my own razor. This gives a nice close shave, just about as close as a razor. I'm in the military so I shave each day. The battery life has been nice, I especially like the 20-40-60-80-100% meter on the front, it gives me an idea of when I'll need to charge. I like the tilting head, it enables me to hit spots that a non-tilting head would miss. Yes it is noisy but you're only shaving for 60-90 seconds so it shouldn't be a big enough factor to keep someone from buying this.
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on January 2, 2016
I have been using and Arc 4 for several years. I had replaced the blades and foil on my old Arc 4 and decided to get a new one because it wasn't that much more than buying replacement parts. I was surprised to find out the foil on this one is different than my old one. I really wish they would keep the design the same and make the replacements cheaper. It gives you a great shave whether dry or with shaving cream. I have really sensitive skin and was getting more razor burn from my Gillette razor than with this. I have actually had much less issues with my skin while using this electric. I love how the head pivots and contours to your neck and jaw line. My father was always a big Norelco rotating blade guy, but I always felt it was pulling my hairs out and was tough on my face. This gives you a nice close shave and the only thing that would make things better is cheaper replacements. The battery has lasted forever on my old one and still runs strong. I am sure this Arc 4 will be the same and will give me years of use.
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on September 9, 2015
Debated for a long time between this shaver and the Braun 790, which is generally considered by most as "the best" electric shaver on the market. I decided finally that the answer to my internal question to myself of "can the Braun REALLY be worth DOUBLE the price?" is "probably not." Played the odds, saved $95, and am glad I did.

Really glad I did. This shaver is excellent. I have owned many (7-10?) electric shavers since I started using them early in my adult life in the early 80s (I'm 52 now) and this one is by and away the closest "electric" shave I have ever had. By a lot. It shaves, on my face, very nearly as close as a blade - and I have never been able to say that about an electric shaver I have owned. Some have been VERY good - but this one is excellent.

I replaced an older model Panasonic I had used for nearly three years, and I see that they have the Arc5 now. So unless something happens, I'll probably stick with the Panasonic brand for the next couple of shavers after this one.

For those of you who are debating the Braun 790, one of the other deciding factors over the Braun is the fact that with the Braun you have to buy that cleaning solution for the base. So the Braun, over time, and up front, costs more. I can't see how it would possibly shave better than this Panasonic though, so I didn't see the value.

Best of luck, shaver shopper !!

Save yourself
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on July 22, 2015
Picks up with more blades, and more coverage, where the utterly brilliant ES 8228 left off (which I loved for all the 7years it lasted me until the charging prongs started to corrode - which is weird). Need to aware of that with this one.....this unit is made in Japan (as was the ES 8228, and that is IMPORTANT). I had a spare lower end, lower speed Panasonic Linear unit (made in China); and that is worthless.

The ES 8228 was a wee bit aggressive on the face despite that it had less blades. Perhaps this one with it better design and hypo - allergenic is too much of a good thing (this is nit picking really). In efficacy terms, this thing is ALL one could ask for, The shave takes the same time, and you need to be thorough as it will leave microscopic hairs which are not an issue but you CAN feel them. It wont be an issue to most, it isn't for me. Here, its important to note that this unit is not a big jump in performance over the ES 8228 (which I did expect it to be). The only difference seems to be that, its even more benign to the skin than the previous generation 14,000RPM linear motors (foils and blades on the ES 8228 lasted about 1.5yrs on average).

Some people may ask why chose this at all if not for performance. Especially considering that the replacements foils for this maybe a little bit more expensive than ES 8228 twin blade types. And the answer may only be that these shavers have gotten a lot cheaper than the top of the line linear models from 10years ago.

The charge holds a week with a 8-10 minute shave each day, and I love that like the ES 8228 it does not burn one's skin, which leaves your skin looking better and better the more you use it. One can damage the foil or blade by putting it face down hard or on jagged surfaces, so a little care will go a long way

Yes, it could be better in performance, but the baseline established by good 14,000rpm linear models is already very high and none other manufacturer comes even close. Thumbs up.
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on August 14, 2015
I have been a Norelco shaver user for many years. I have not been satisfied with the closeness of the shave so I thought I'd give the Panasonic a try. As the song says, Night and day. The Panasonic gives a closer, smoother shave in half the time. Although I had one of the high end Norelco's it could not perform close to the Panasonic. I like the ease in cleaning the shaver. The replacement parts are much cheaper than the Norelco. If I had to find a fault with the Panasonic it would be the short time it keeps a charge. Four to five days is the best I can get from this shaver. Not a big deal, I plug it in and it's ready by time I need it. I would recommend this shaver and for those that have difficult beards to shave this shaver will do the job.
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on June 20, 2015
Gives closest shave of any electric razor I have ever had. Unfortunately the battery only lasts about a year. Then when I replaced the battery the shaver quit working. Put old battery back in and shaver still would not work. Panasonic must have a failsafe to disable razor if anyone but their techs work on them. New battery was good. Took shaver apart and checked for any damage or loose parts, found nothing. I used to be an electronics tech so I know what I was doing. Good razor but too expensive to replace foil and battery every year.
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on August 30, 2017
Having been a regular razor user for years only having tried electric razors in the past with not so desirable results I decided to try an electric razor because of pending travel, After much research I decided on the this razor. I did not need or want the cleaning station that others come with and the added expense of the cleaning solution that evaporates away quickly from another brand that I tried a couple of years back briefly before returning to a regular razor.Also, wanted the shaving ability of the more expensive Panasonic razor so I decided upon this one without all the bells and whistles such as a second motor in the head and a display that tells you when to clean the razor and how many minutes you shaved.I simply wanted a razor that wold perform and do the job it was designed for. This razor in my opinion has far less to go wrong with it and comes with the same motor that is the Panasonic top line of razors. The most important aspect for me which I determined after receiving and using this razor, is its shaving performance which is clearly equal to what I get with a regular razor but more convenient. I do not shave wet with it but may try that in the future. I simply shave dry and clean it regularly placing a drop of oil on each blade periodically. I'm very pleased with the superior shave quality and convenience to other electrics I have tried and especially with it providing a shave equal to a regular razor.The build quality on this razor is impressive and I suspect it will last many years.
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on November 16, 2013
I have gone through a few shavers and this is by far the best. Rotary shavers would really irritate my skin especially at the neck area where it's toughest to shave and requires frequent passes with an electric shaver. This panasonic barely irritates my skin around the neck area and outperforms the others shaving trouble spots quicker. I shaved last night a week old beard and it did a great job. I have a tough beard and grows in different directions but was really impressed with this last test for a week old beard.

I'm glad this shaver worked out for me because it was my last shot and if it didn't perform well I was going back to a razor. My previous shaver was a Phillips Norelco AT810 power touch and man did that burn the hell out of my face. Not bad if you have a weak beard but for me a foil shaver is the way to go and this one did not disappoint.Also have in mind that with electric razors it's better to aim for one in a higher price range than the cheaper ones. If you are like me who was almost ready to give up on electric shavers then please give this one a chance. Between amazon's return policies and Panasonics money back guarantee I saw no reason to not at least try it. Panasonic seems to have it right and I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Go ahead and give it a shot!!!
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on July 29, 2015
I am a long-time (30+ years) Braun user who was looking for a replacement for my venerable 8975. After reading both positive and negative reviews of newer Braun models, I concluded that, in light of the many negative comments and high prices, it was time to try a different brand. I settled on the Panasonic ES-LFI-A Arc 4. (Why can't they come up with simpler model names?) This model was consistently rated high within the Amazon community and carried a lower price tag. Hence it was worth a try. I was pleased with the shaver from the get-go. Obviously, electric shaver technology has changed a lot since I bought the 8975, so technology advances (such as much faster oscillation) explain a big part of the improved performance. This razor caused no skin irritation yet gave a much closer shave. Moreover, unlike the Braun cleaning system, the Panasonic just requires a little liquid soap and water--cheap and effective cleaning. The soft carrying case will work well for most trips, and the razor is said to be good for 14 daily shaves. The one-hour recharge is a plus, and the 5-minute quick charge for one shave obviates the need for a corded shaving option. Finally, this razor is much lighter a easier to handle than my Braun 8975. I did not give this five stars because I never give five stars unless a product exceeds my expectations.
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