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on January 14, 2014
Since there are so many reviews, I will focus on what I have not seen in other reviews and what I believe is the biggest design flaw in this product. The shaver is fine, and I have no problems with it. But if you're buying this unit, it's probably because you want the cleaning system, too, so be aware...

This purchase replaced an older Panasonic model where the razor was held in place by snapping into a piece that came over the top of the razor and cleaner. I never had any problems with this setup, but Panasonic decided to make it simpler, by having a system where you just drop the razor in the cleaner, the razor leans *slightly* back, and cleaning starts at the press the button. The problem with this is that without something holding the razor in place, it easily slips.

As the razor cleans itself, the cleaner activates the razors blades to shake off debris. Unfortunately, while doing this, the razor very subtly moves itself out of place from the 3 metal contacts that it uses to charge and connect to the cleaner. As it cleans, it goes through cycles of turning the blades on and off as it pumps water through, but since it loses contact, it will stop vibrating before it is supposed to and the razor doesn't get fully cleaned -- or charged!

I've "fixed" this by putting small items under the front of the cleaning system to make the razor lean back far enough so it can't shake itself out of place, but this is a ridiculous fix. I've used it for six months and there is no "breaking in" period after which this works better.
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on January 7, 2013
I went from a Norelco floating head rotary razor to this Panasonic foil razor. They are different, but I'm not sure I would call one better than the other. I would say that the Panasonic probably gives a slightly closer shave and gets some places like the upper lip a little better than the Norelco. I also personally find it slightly less irritating to my neck which for me is extra sensitive and it trims sideburns better since it has a straght blade. However the flip side is I find it doesn't contain all the stubble dust in the shaver head. If I shave after I am dressed it leaves dust on the front of my shirt that has to be brushed off. It also does not do as well as the Norelco shaving my chin area.

I think the differences in performance mostly come down to the differences in the way the two types function. The Norelco cuts in circular patterns and you use a circular pattern when you are shaving with it, so it catches stubble from multiple directions, with and against the grain. In addition the floating heads conform to irregular surfaces like the chin better than the flat surface of a foil head. Where the Panasonic excels is on flatter surfaces like the neck and cheek and it seems to cover more surface area in a single pass. However be warned that you may have to turn the Panasonic around and shave the opposite or opposing direction to shave against the grain to get the closest shave with it.

It all comes down to personal choice. Both of mine still work so I can alternate back and forth for various reasons, I like them both. The alternative is shaving with a blade. I still prefer using an electric shaver over shaving with a blade for daily use. All I can say is try a foil or rotary shaver and make your own choice. As long as you don't go too cheap on either type, I doubt you can go wrong. My only other caution would be that if you have been shaving with a blade there is usually an adjustment period going to an electric shaver. Your skin has to be conditioned to it, this usually takes a couple weeks. See the manufacturer's recommendations on this. If you give up on it in less time, it is probably not the razors fault.

If you're trying to make a choice, I hope this helps.
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on November 22, 2014
Let me just say I purchased this for my husband on August of 2012. I haven't used this myself but my husband raves about the shave. Before I sat down to write this brief review I asked him some general questions about the shaver. For the record, he raves about the shave...period. I asked if he has ever used the cleaning feature and he said no so when you read other reviews about the cleaning feature I am not in a position to rebutt their comments. Also, my husband has a full beard type of facial hair but he is not course haired type of guy. He really does like this shaver for every day use but has mentioned that it's not built to tackle 2 days worth of growth or a beard. He is going to be giving his 2 year old shaver to my son and has asked Santa for another one of these. Hope this helps.
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on December 7, 2012
The product itself is of pretty high quality, the cleaning system works great (though the included cleaning product smells exactly like Gak, seriously), I love the travel lock mode, and shaving when I've shaved within the past day or two works just great.

The problem I have is that I don't shave every day, and if I go 3 or 4 days between shaves the razor REALLY has issues and pulls on hairs a lot when shaving. With my previous electric razors I would simply use the built-in trimmer first to shorten the hairs and then switch to the main shaving mode to finish the job, which worked fine for me.

The trimmer on this razor is so poor that it really isn't an option. If your facial hair has grown to more than a couple of millimeters then the trimmer pulls your hair at the edges. Even with that, the trimmer is very ineffective at trimming any hairs, including sideburns. Also, the width of the trimmer is only about maybe 1 inch so it takes much longer to do standard trimming.

I've tried skipping the trimmer altogether, but the main shaving mode just pulls too much hair and causes too many annoying little pains.

Again, if you never go more than a day or two without shaving, or your facial hair grows slower, this is a great razor. It's just not great for me and my shaving habits.
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on November 17, 2015
I have been a Braun series 7 user for over ten years. Before that i was a Norelco user. I have been using my new Panasonic for the last couple of months. I have not used the cleaning apparatus that came with it. I clean it with my little Braun brush and it comes away very clean. Down the road I may try it but for now I see no reason. It comes apart very easily and just tapping it a few times on the sink removes most of the debris. Now for the best part. It is the most wonderful shave I have ever experienced. It plows through even my three day growths with only an occasional snag or pull. The Braun would be a painful experience even with a new blade and screen. The speed of the motor is very much faster than my Braun which is the first thing I noticed. The blade looks similar to my Braun but cuts much better and must be sharper. I have only good things to say about my experience. Panasonic has upped their game with this wonderful product. Another bonus is it is more reasonably priced. I am careful to use the word "Love" very sparingly so I will say I like this razor very much, my highest praise.
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on November 11, 2015
This is my fifth Panasonic shaver, with my previous one being an Arc4 version. The previous shaver did not die and is still going strong after 3 years, but the blade change it was due for cost nearly as much as this one. One of my first Panasonic shavers was an Arc3, and it did a fine job, so I wondered if anything more than the Arc3 was just marketing & increased cost. So, with this shaver on a really good Amazon daily sale, I jumped in.

Just to cover WHY this is my fifth Panasonic as opposed to other brands or some form of razor, my face tends to get irritated with blade shaving. I've tried every kind of bladed shaver and shaving cream out there, but my face was usually red and angry after shaving. Even went to the The Art of Shaving store and got a 'professional' straight edge shave--same thing. I also tried other electric razors, such as a Braun and Norelco. Those usually did not irritate my face, but the shave was not very close.

The first time I tried a Panasonic, I knew I had finally found the holy grail of what worked for me. Really close shave, no irritation, did not take forever, and I enjoy shaving in the shower. Even the replacement blades are cheaper. Perfection.

As compared to my previous Arc4, this shaver gives just as close a shave, holds a better battery life, is lighter, smaller and therefore easier to hold than the ES-LA63-S it replaced. I have had the cleaning station with a Panasonic before, but killed the shaver early by cleaning/charging every day. I plan to only put this one in the dock once the battery life is below 30% or more.

So, don't be lured by the more expensive Panasonic shavers. Just get this one!
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on July 6, 2016
This replaced an Panasonic that I loved, but was not holding much charge after many years of use and had the charging/cleaning station go out. The ES-LT71-S is much quieter and has less vibration than the older razor, but shaves just as well. In fact, the older razor would occasionally pull hairs when my beard was more than 2 days long, but the new one does so less. The head has more range of movement as well, though I'm not sure there's a functional difference. I find the trimmer works well. Construction is still solid and it sits easily in hand. While electrics are never as close as an actual razor, it's close enough to be visually indistinguishable.
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on September 21, 2015
I tried the Panasonic Es-rt97S shaver recently and was not too thrilled about how well it worked. So returned it and picked up this shaver, which is cheaper and has better features. So what's good about it?
Obviously, shaving would be at the top of the list. The shave is very aggressive which is both a good and a bad thing. The good part is that it gets as close as you can get short of using a manual razor. The bad part is it can cause irritation, especially if you are not used to it.
Other things that are nice about this shaver are:
It comes with a travel pouch. Granted, it's not much to look at, but it gets the job done.
The head can be locked. Nice feature to have as if you leave it unlocked, it can be harder to get a close shave.
The power switch can be locked. Why is this important? Ever had a shaver with a discharged battery because it shifted and got turned on during a 5 hour trip? Need I say more?
The cleaning station uses cartriges. Simple, no fuss. When you're done, pull out the cartridge, throw it away, and pop a new one in, and rinse out the water tank. I didn't pay $130 to get the equivalent of an oversized catchup packet of detergent and a funky looking cartridge that tries to imitate Braun (poorly I might add), but with water instead of alcohol. I do somewhat understand why Panasonic made this change, but I'll take the older system any day over the newer.
The shaver has a faster motor. Yeah 10,000 vs 13,000 cpm. It's 30% faster and seems to have the same battery life. Plus, I do believe the faster motor allows for a closer shave. For $40 to $50 more, I would have expected the faster motor on the newer shaver.
The shaver feels pretty good in the hand. However, if you are used to a Braun shaver, this one may take getting used to.
The shaver can be used wet or dry. Although I don't use this feature, it is nice to have available. The only downside to this feature is you can't use the shaver corded, but who in their right mind has an electrical cord running into the shower while it is on?
So what's ugly about Panasonic shavers? Only 1 thing, the trimmer. I wouldn't recommend using the trimmer as it pretty much clogs up at the first sign of stress. This is not specific to this shaver, all the Panasonic units I've had have this problem. If you need a trimmer that can cut just about anything, Braun is the way to go.
In conclusion, Panasonic did it right with this shaver. This is a nice upgrade from the es-8109s which did not have the power switch locking feature. I'd recommend this shaver to anyone who wants a close shave. This, and the Braun 350cc-4 are the only 2 I've found so far that give the type of shave I want.
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on November 24, 2015
I upgraded to this during the Amazon Lightning Deal from my old Braun shaver (Series 3). It operates on a whole new level and I get what feel like even closer shaves than I can achieve with my standard razors!

The cleaning base is awesome. I usually only send it through the cleaning cycle once every other time I use the razor. On the 'off day' uses, I just rinse the foils and blades off in the sink and then set it on the drying function only. While the cleaning and lubrication functions are great for extending the life of the shaver and keeping the blades sharp, the number ONE killer for blades is leaving them wet. This drying function is a life saver and dries the shaver perfectly, which is far better than I could ever achieve by running the shaver, shaking it off, drying it with a towel, etc.

The refill cartridges that are supposed to be swapped out monthly seem like they're only a couple dollars each which seems like a great compromise for a vastly superior cleaning and drying function over all my old shavers. Furthermore, the cartridges are, as others have commented, not alcohol based, so they will last their full life cycle instead of evaporating like other manufacturers' cartridges.

I highly recommend this shaver for anyone looking to impress their significant other with a face as smooth as that of perhaps the backside of a newborn, or so to speak.
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on October 20, 2015
This is my third Panasonic shaver, and it rates as one of the best. I shave every day, so I have not experienced any "pulling" on my whiskers. I have not found it necessary to go over the same area many times. Two or three passes are sufficient to get all of the whiskers. No irritations.

I like and prefer the automatic cleaning system. I have not experienced "rocking" and "lost electrical contacts", which were described as problems in one review. In fact, this automatic cleaner is quieter than previous models. (It too is my third cleaning system.) Yes, I know that one can remove the head and rinse under water and/or apply soap to the head and run the shaver to clean, and then rinse. However, I prefer to simply stick my shaver in the cleaner and press the button to start the cleaning cycle. I do this every-other-day, which gives me a reasonable life - about one-month - on the cleaning cartridge.

My immediately-previous Panasonic had 4 shaving heads. However, I believe that this 3-head Arc-3 shaver (2 foil cutters plus 1 center cutter) actually does a better shaving job. And, it is lighter. My first Panasonic also was a 3-head shaver. When I went to replace it, I thought 4 heads would be better than 3 heads. Instead, now I think the opposite. Which is why I am fine with the Arc 3 shaver and glad to have it.
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