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on March 20, 2016
I recently began using the ES-LV95 after a brief detour with the Braun 9095cc, both flagship shavers from Panasonic and Braun; the ES-LV95 replaces my older ES-LV81. This review is a comparison of the (relatively) new Panasonic with the newest Braun, however contrasting this new Panasonic with the old, the ES-LV95 improves performance and convenience in every respect by comparison with the earlier Panasonic, so I won't reference the venerable ES-LV81 again.

Compared to the Braun, the new Panasonic is lighter weight (7 oz vs 8 oz) and slightly slimmer. It's mostly plastic, but then so is the Braun, and esthetics of either is a matter of opinion. The Panasonic has slightly less chrome showing and is a little more svelte, which I sort of favor, so a win for the Panny for appearances for me. The head is larger - about 1/4" wider - and seems more flexible than the Braun's, moving more easily around a true 360 degree axis rather than the Braun's two-dimensional swivel, allowing the Panasonic to adapt to the contours of your face better. It covers more area quicker, and shortens my morning shave by almost half compared to the 9095cc, but does require practice maneuvering the larger head around the corners and angles of your face. The Panasonic has 5 cutters arranged symmetrically (a center flat cutter for longer whiskers, flanked on either side by 2 foils), contrasting Braun's asymmetrical 4 cutters (2 different flat cutters, blue and silver, with a foil on either side). One advantage of the Panasonic is that the cutter blocks and foil can be purchased separately - the foils wear out faster, so may need more frequent replacement, but can be replaced without replacing the cutters. With the Braun, the cutters and foils are one cartridge assembly so you have to buy both. As an addendum, replacement heads for the Braun have been generally unavailable now for more than a year, with the few that are available priced sometimes at more than the cost of the shaver. The Panasonic replacement heads are readily available anywhere, usually $50-60 range for foil and cutter blocks combined.

The higher speed cutting cycles of the Panasonic (14,000 cpm) compared to Braun's 10,000 cpm, seem to provide a more comfortable shave (for me) - that's 233 cutting cycles per second (Panasonic), compared to 167 cutting cycles per second (Braun), or 40 percent faster. Braun's "sonic" technology also creates more vibration (and noise) in the head and shaver compared to the Panny. The high speed Panasonic seems to smooth out each pass, and require fewer passes or repeat passes, as opposed to the Braun's "paint mixer" vibrations on your face and in your hand. Neither of course is as quiet as a rotary shaver. The Panasonic shave is definitely closer, with fewer missed spots or random whiskers. Panasonic also has a "sensor" mode on this shaver, which reportedly detects beard thickness and adjusts cutting speed, which it actually appears to do; it does result in a less irritating shave than previous models or the Braun, which could be attributable to this feature. The Panasonic requires a different technique and a lighter touch than the Braun - since it cuts your beard more easily, you don't need to apply any extra pressure shaving to get a close cut; in fact if you press as hard with the Panny as you sometimes must with the Braun, it will let you know you've had a close shave, and not in a good way. Easy does it. Both shavers have a lock for the head, allowing a closer shave around more challenging areas such as under the nose and around sideburns, and both have a pop-up trimmer for trimming along a straight line. Both configurations work equally well for those purposes.

Battery longevity seems similar for both shavers, with the nod going to Panasonic for number of shaves per charge because it takes less time to shave; should last a week or more on the road with a single charge. You can charge these shavers with the cord, without the cleaning station, and both are multi-voltage for traveling. Cords are similar with large transformer plugs, and like all wet/dry shavers, you can't use either shaver as a corded shaver but must recharge. Straight cord for the Panny, coiled cord for the Braun. Information on the shavers' LED displays is similar; the Panasonic provides percentage of charge left versus the Braun, which just displays diminishing bars until the final ten minutes of charge. The Panasonic also displays "MIN USED" for a shave, up to ten minutes, when it starts over. I actually find this useful for improving my shaving technique and speed.

The cleaning station for the Panasonic is significantly improved over the previous design, which sometimes had problems with leaking solution. The new design uses a detergent solution and a filter tray rather than a cassette - you mix the detergent packet with water in the tray, and I recommend distilled water to avoid mineral build-up on shaver or cleaner. The Panasonic cleaner is water based versus the alcohol based Braun station, but both provide excellent cleaning performance - Braun says their cleaning solution is not compatible with soap, so none of the Braun shavers that include a cleaning station are approved for use with shaving foam or gel. That's right folks - the Braun wet/dry shavers that include a cleaning station are not approved by Braun for use with shaving cream. The Braun alcohol solution is advertised as "sanitizing" the shaver head, but both cleaning solutions provide more than adequate anti-bacterial properties (remember, you wash your hands with soap and water), and neither actually sterilizes the head (important tip - don't share your shaver with anyone boys and girls). The Braun station runs with a couple of minutes of louder buzzing (running the shaver for cleaning), followed by about 40 minutes of a quiet fan cycle, while the Panasonic station runs the shaver a little over 5 minutes, followed by a little over an hour of fan drying; both stations seem to run either comparable cycle at about the same noise level - the fan cycle is plenty quiet for a spouse, partner or family member sleeping feet away. The Panasonic seems to dry the head completely, whereas the Braun is always slightly damp the next morning. Both station/shaver combos occupy about the same counter space and height, with similar controls and information for drying or cleaning, with the Braun being slightly larger and taller.

Probably most significantly, the Braun cleaning cartridges cost more than twice as much as the Panasonic detergent packs, require orders of magnitude more storage space, and are flammable; one plus for the Braun cartridges is that they are self-contained like the Philips Norelco cleaning system, requiring no mixing. If storage space is as important as convenience however (and we're talking a minute or so exercise of opening a detergent pack, emptying it into a tray and filling the tray with water - once a month tops), you can store more than a year's worth of Panasonic cleaning packets in the bottom of a bathroom cabinet drawer without noticing, while that many Braun cartridges will fill a substantial part of your closet with flammable liquid. Cartridges for the new Braun cleaner don't seem to last as long as previous units either, less than a month on average for me, shaving daily. Panasonic detergent solution lasts well over a month - going on two months now with the current solution and just as effective cleaning. Cleaning with either station will leave your shaver like new and smelling fresh, but both shavers can really just be rinsed in running water, so you don't absolutely need a cleaning station, although it is convenient. The Panasonic head is much easier to clean manually than the Braun since the foil and cutters are separate. The one minus of the Panasonic compared to the Braun is the travel case - the Braun has a nicely fitted hard leather case, where the Panasonic has their standard "faux leather" vinyl bag, but they do provide a hard plastic head cover.

As a side note, there is already a new Panasonic series of shavers (ES-LV6/7/9) on the market that appear similar, with a slightly redesigned head and body, and a similar cleaning station, so the ES-LV95 is not their newest model. Again, be aware that if you are a traditional "wet shaver" - I.e. shaving soap and water - Braun specifically says their only approved Series 9 shavers for shaving foam or gel are the 9040s and the 9080s (the "s" suffix means does not include the cleaning station), NOT the 9095cc. I have used it successfully with a shaving brush and soap, but according to Braun's literature this is an "off label" use and may void your warranty. If you are a wet shaver, technically your only choice is the Panasonic between these two. Highly recommended.
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on August 12, 2014
I bought this shaver to replace an older Remington r7130. I am active duty military and have to shave daily, so I wanted to get a shaver that would give me a fast, close shave. My old Remington wasn't working the best even after replacing the blades and cleaning it regularly so I wanted to try something new.

I read reviews that the Panasonic ES-LV95-S and Braun 799cc were two of the best foil shavers and decided to compare them. I have thick facial hair with tough skin on my face, but sensitive skin on my neck and was hoping that these two would cause less irritation on my neck than my old Remington. I only tested these two shavers dry, but here's how it went for me.

Sound and Feel: The Panasonic was slightly louder than the Braun, but it was most likely due to the fact that it had a higher pitch since it runs at 14,000 cycles per minute vs. Braun's 10,000 vibrations per minute. I wouldn't describe either as being too loud since they didn't bother my wife or dog that were sleeping in the next room at 530 AM. The Panasonic felt like the foil got warm when it was shaving, but wasn't hot or annoying. You could definitely tell that it was giving you a close shave. The Braun had more of a vibration to it that almost felt like a massage and you couldn't really tell it was cutting the hairs, but it was. Overall I would say the Braun sounded and felt slightly better than the Panasonic when using it.

Shave Quality: I tested the two shavers daily for a week then with two days growth when on leave by shaving half my face with the Panasonic and half with the Braun. Neither my wife, mother, or mother-in-law were able to tell the difference between the sides when looking at me. However, when the touching my face they always said the side I used the Panasonic on felt smoother without knowing which shave I used. Also, the side the Panasonic was used on took longer for my five o'clock shadow to show up than the side with the Braun, but just slightly. I would say that the Panasonic definitely provides a closer shave than the Braun.

Shave Time and Cleaning Ease: I was able to get as close a shave as possible on the Panasonic side approximately one minute faster than the Braun's side every time with about 2 minutes for the Panasonic vs. 3 minutes for the Braun. It is easier to manually rinse the Panasonic as well since it's foil and blades are separate whereas the Braun's foil and blades are one unit. I did not compare the cleaning stations as I planned on returning one of the shavers and was more concerned with a fast, quality shave over how well the cleaning unit works.

Accessories: The Braun's cleaning station looks nicer than the Panasonic's and other reviews say that it works better, but like I said earlier, I did not compare the cleaning stations. The charging cords can plug into the back of their respective shavers or cleaning stations, so there's really no difference in charging options. The carrying case for the Braun was a hard clam shell design while the Panasonic was a soft leather. I did like the case for the Braun better, but since Panasonic provides a protective cap for the foil it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

Overall: For a dry shave the Panasonic consistently provided a higher quality shave in a shorter time. I did not test the wet shave of either. It did seem that the Panasonic would provide a better wet shave as well since it would be easier to rinse hair and shaving cream from its foil and blades than the Braun. I am definitely happy with the Panasonic and will be sticking with it even though it cost me ~ $150 more than the Braun. The shave quality and speed was worth it to me.

On a side note, the dry shave of the Panasonic was nearly as close of a shave as using a Schick Hydro 5 razor with shaving cream. The razor (with new blades) got slightly closer, but the Panasonic had less irritation and no chance of dealing with any cuts when in a hurry. I am pleasantly surprised with how well this shaver works.
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on March 30, 2017
The ES-LV95-S from Panasonic is a 3.5 star electric razor. My previous electric razor was a Braun 760cc that I had purchased 8 years ago. I was mostly happy with it, but sought something newer and, perhaps, "better". Well, I'd say the ES-LV95 is a decent replacement but it isn't substantially better than my old Braun.


- Feels good in-hand, despite its big shaving head.

- Quieter than the Braun.

- Big shaving head makes quick work of stubble on my cheeks and neck and along the jawbone.

- Gives a close, aggressive shave if you make a few passes with it. I consistently get a closer shave than I ever got with my old Braun.

- Shaves really well on the neck, cheeks, along the jawbone, and the sideburn/chops areas.

- Faster motor + bigger head make for a slightly faster shave. Though you'd expect it to be even faster given the more powerful motor, 5 shaving heads, etc.

- Easy to manually clean with soap and water. You really don't need the cleaning base.


- Big head makes shaving upper lip and sideburns tricky. You get used to it, but there is a learning curve.

- The aggressiveness of the shave takes a little getting used to. You'll want to make sure to give your skin/face a full 21 to 30 days to get used to this shaver. If you're expecting immediate gratification with this model and you're coming from a Braun, like I did, you might be disappointed.

- Shaving comfort is lacking. Braun is way ahead of Panny in this area. The ES-LV95 and its 5 blades generate a pulling sensation that I notice on my upper lip that I find startling. I still feel the aggressive pull at my hairs on my upper lip with this shaver even after 30 days. I had hoped it wouldn't do that or that my face would get used to it after a few uses, but it still does it. The blades actually gave me a small cut on my upper lip the first time I used it and it's done it on several occasions since. It's not a big deal, but for nearly $200 I expected a little more comfort.

- The cleaning base... it looks and feels cheap. And, I can't say I'm a huge fan of the DIY approach that Panasonic has employed here with having you mix the liquid from detergent packets with water. I know I got tired of having to store the Braun cleaning cartridges before using them, so I appreciate the saved space that the Panasonic detergent packets provide. But, I'm not sure the detergent mixture and cleaning process gets the shaver as clean as my old Braun system did. Thankfully, you really don't have to use the detergent packets and cleaning base if you don't want to.

I have not done a "wet" shave with the LV-95. My understanding is that this is where the Panny really shines, but I'm not big on wet shaves with an electric razor. I figure if I'm gonna wet my face, use cream, etc., then I'd rather just use a real blade. I'll get a closer shave that way, but I digress...

As long as this unit is priced under $200 (preferably under $175), I think this Panasonic is a decent value. Getting the version without the cleaning base might be the better way to go, if it is substantially cheaper ($30+). When I made my purchase the price delta between the two was less than $20. For that small of a difference, I'd just take the cleaning base and use it once a week or so.

Knowing what I know now, if I had the chance to go back and make this shaver purchase again, I'd probably just bite the bullet and buy one of the new Braun 9000 series models. I miss the comfort of the Braun. If the closest possible shave from an electric razor is all your after, though, you can't go wrong with the LV-95.
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on December 6, 2016
OK. It just arrived. First, I restrained myself and gave it a full charge before turning it ON. It took about an hour or so and 100% showed on the display. Splashed a little Lectric Shave on my face and let it dry for 20 seconds. Then turned on the shaver for the first time. It sounds like no other razor I've ever used. I knew that it was going to be different.
I started with my neck. OH MY GOSH! It was like mowing a lawn. I had 2-1/2 days of growth due to Amazon's missing the one-day delivery date. I was saving up a full day (plus) growth for my first Panasonic shave; but ended up with 2-1/2 days.

Just one slow, soft swipe up my neck and over the adam's apple and then tested with the back of my fingers. No doubt, one swipe shaved pretty well . . . almost as well as my Norelco with 3 month old cutting head that was recently cleaned. Then, I continued; shaving my entire face, nose, tops of ears, et al. I have never had such a good shave with an electric razor in my 54 years of shaving! I've been using Norelco for at least the last 50 years with an occasional safety razor when I wanted a really good shave. May never need the safety razor again. The Panasonic is THAT good! I don't know how long the blades/screen lasts, but this first time usage was absolutely remarkable. I'm sitting here feeling of my face after every sentence I type.

My plan is to update this review every so often; or as the shaving quality changes from today's experience. Just like with my Norelcos, I'm planning to buy a new head every 6 or 7 months. But other reviews are stating that a full year or more is more like it. We'll see. But for now, I'm extremely happy.

I've been using this Panasonic razor for two weeks now, shaving once a day. The indicator shows that it's taking between 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 minutes per shave; for a total of 44 minutes before the first full charge ran out (11-12 days). That's not good. I was expecting at least 2 weeks of shaving bliss before recharging was necessary. But, I charged the razor back to 100% 2 days ago and will reserve judgement over more than one cycle.

The shaving is wonderful. Where I was taking 5 or more minutes for a mediocre shave in my 40+ years of Norelco shavers, this shaver gives a baby-bottom smooth shave in around 4 minutes. There's just no reason to rub it around my face any longer. Especially smooth are the areas above and below my lips. After shaving, I cannot tell where my lips stop and the shaved skin starts. IT'S THAT SMOOTH!

So far, no hairs have escaped a shave. With the Norelco, I would occasionally see that hairs avoided being cut and grew such that they'd never get captured in the rotary head. Trimming would be required to cut the errant hairs back down to where they'd be shaved. But somehow, not a single hair anywhere on my face has needed trimming.

The flexible head shaver is wonderful when it comes to shaving around my nose. The curvature of the shaving surface fits right into the area adjacent to the bottom and sides of the nose and shaves closer than I can get with a razor. Conversely, shaving right up to one's sideburns is not easy. The shaving head is so smooth that it's hard to determine exactly where the shaving action is happening. So for under the sideburns, I use a mirror so I can see what I'm doing. Otherwise, no mirror needed.

So far, my face likes the shaver. I haven't experienced any irritation at all.

Finally, the trimmer is a bit difficult to use accurately. It's hard to tell exactly where the trimmer is when trimming around my ears or nose hairs. I do have a separate trimmer in the bathroom drawer that I'll start using for that. (The Norelco trimmer was the best part of that shaver).

I'll leave another review in a few weeks after experiencing more battery life cycles.
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on January 14, 2017
There is no perfect razor. Period. I have tried everything. I have had previous Panasonic 5 head razors, Phillips-Norelco 1280 wet/dry. They all have issues. Every beard is different and, unfortunately, it is a trial and error game.

I prefer wet/dry, and use Creamo. What you use is of paramount importance, and will be different for all based on preferences. This razor shaves exactly like my ES-LV81. Only difference is the cleaning/charging base, so not interchangeable. But, here is a benefit. No silly proprietary cleaning cartridges! Yay! Now, I can use the Panasonic or norelco solution—ingredients the same.

Replacement foil/blades for Panasonic around $55. Norelco $35. I found the Norelco blades to last about 6 months for me. My Panasonic foils have lasted around 9-12 months with the last razor. I think they're the same, so I would expect similar results.

I like the Panasonic shaver on the flats of my cheeks and neck, and that little spot right up under my nose. The Norelco outperforms on my Adam's apple and around the jawline. Otherwise, it's a wash. Panasonic much louder than Norelco if it matters. My wife would sleep through my Norelco shaves in the early AM. Not so much the Panasonic. Also, given the baseline noise, don't plan on using the cleaning cycle while you want to sleep either.

Durability? Both poor. Expect these to last about the duration of the warranty. My last Panasonic, 2 years and a day. The cleaning system about a year and a half. Norelco 2 years (with one replacement under warranty) and the cleaning system died at about 1.75 years. I could've replaced the Norelco again, but just got fed up and needed a change. Looked at the Braun, but found replacement heads an issue with them so didn't buy.

You cannot go wrong buying any of these $200 razors. Just don't expect them to last forever. I bought the Asurion warranty this time, but who knows. I may get tired of this one and want to change again. Grass is always greener . . .
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on November 2, 2015
Razor delivers a very good, close shave in a very short shaving time. It is large and I thought that might be an issue but it wasn't a factor at all, There wasn't a part of my face or neck that I couldn't easily reach.

The cleaner also works well, it pushes the cleaning fluid into the razor head and turns the razor on and off to shake whiskers free of the blades and foil. After it cleans the razor, it has a small fan that dries it. The entire process takes about 20 minutes and thoroughly cleaned the unit. I will rinse off before cleaning in the future just to clean as much of the easy to remove stuff and reduce amount of shaved whiskers that go into the cleaning detergent tank.

I have owned several other electric razors in the past, but they were usually for use on weekends when I didn't care to get a super close shave, on days when I was running late and brought them with me in the car or on vacations when travelling. None of the other electric razors come close to the closeness of the Panasonic, it is as close as a traditional blade razor, it is the only electric I would consider to be a true replacement for a traditional.

I highly recommend this razor to anyone looking for an excellent, close shave from an electric.
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on April 3, 2014
I want to start out by saying that these are all 5 star electric shavers and I don't think you can go wrong with either of them. For what it's worth I'm a verified purchaser of each one. My face is used to both rotary and foil shavers, and I assure you I have tested each one for 30 days or more to their fullest potential.

Look and design:
The Braun is less flashy than the other two but still has all the great features. The hygiene meter at the bottom is really a nice touch for anyone who doesn't have the base, or does but wants to cut down on solution usage. It's very comfortable to hold and
maneuver around your face. The Norelco looks very sleek and has a very nice LCD with all the great features you could ask for. It also feels very natural in the hand and the 3D gimmick, isn't as gimmicky as I suspected. We'll go more into depth with that later on in shaving performance. Out of the three, the Panasonic is the oddest feeling. This new ES-LV95 is a lot more natural feeling in the hand compared to the slightly older ES-LV81. It's still a little top heavy but makes up for it with and amazing new feature I'll mention later on below.

Build quality:
While all three feel very solid and of high quality, the Braun really stands out. All are made out of plastic but the Braun's more matte finish personally feels more durable to me. The others by no means feel cheap though. They each have rubbery grips. The grips on the Braun and Panasonic feel more solid and rigid, while the Norelco's has a really nice silky feel to it. Each one has good sturdy weight and if had to predict any of them failing on me, I'm almost positive that in each case, it would be solely mechanical.

All three shavers have great cleaning stations that combined with proper care, can result in a shaver that feels like new every time you use it. The cleaning solutions for each one are roughly the same price at around $5 each month. I can't fault either one but I feel like the Braun's is the best. It's fast, quiet, and adds a fresh smell to the shaver. When it comes to manual cleaning, it's a completely different story. The Norelco and Panasonic are extremely easy to clean manually with the Norelco being just a little easier. The Braun on the other hand is somewhat of an annoyance. The other two are is simple as holding under the faucet for about a minute and sometimes adding liquid soap. Since the Brauns head is all one piece, you really have to go deep in there with a brush, or hold it under the faucet much longer to give it that same clean. It's nothing that would make me say the cleaning system is a must like a lot of others do but it's a little extra work for sure.

Dry shaving:
Yup, it's what you've all been waiting for. After months of use between these three shavers I'm happy to say that they are all great! We'll start off with the Braun. It is without a doubt the most comfortable shave I've ever had. The Sonic technology really is more than just some fancy selling point. The way it glides over your face feels more like a massage than a shave. The OptiFoil catches every hair and cuts it below the skin, and the ActiveLift gets even the flattest hairs on your neck. This is without a doubt the most innovative shaver since the first electric and you have to respect that it really set the tone for modern day electric shaving. When you see the things Panasonic offers, it's easy to write the Braun off but you have to give it credit for being the first truly great electric shaver. Even four years into it's life it's arguably still the best shaver on the market. Just when you think it's about to finally meet it's match they come up with a way to make it even better. Now that there are models that support wet shaving, I can't think of any reason not to consider it.

Where the Braun has it's shortcomings the Norelco 3D really shines. The 3D heads(like the Braun's Sonic technology) is much more than just a gimmick. The ability to flex outwards helps give as close of a shave around the neck and jawline as you can get with an electric shaver at the moment. It's without a doubt my personal favorite of the three and my main shaver. In the dry shaving area the two foils do get closer on my cheeks, but the difference is very minimal and nothing you can really notice until a few hours later. All shave below the skin for a razor smooth feel but it just seems like the Norelco doesn't get as deep since the shadow comes back faster. It's also extremely quiet unlike the Braun and Panasonic which sound like chainsaws.

Then we have this brand new Panasonic which manages to be even better than the ES-LV81. It added the Sensor technology which can sense the length of stubble and adjust the speed specifically for each area it goes over. It results in getting an amazingly clean shave with just one or two passes. It doesn't feel as comfortable as the Braun but at the end of the day, what does? You can't really call it irritating either but you can tell you just got a good shave when you're done. The big head makes it hard to get around goatees and sideburns like the Norelco, it just takes time to get used to it. Overall I would say the dry shave is slightly better with the two foil shavers but not enough to persuade your opinion. With the end result being the same your choice is really between the comfort of the Braun, maneuverability of the Norelco, or speed of the Panasonic.

Wet shaving:
I'd go more in depth here but not much to say. The Braun and Panasonic give me the exact same shave when wet as they do dry but with a little more comfort. This is where the Norelco really shines though. The wet shave it does is on par with the Braun/Panasonic closeness but combined with amazing comfort and one of the best shaves I've ever had around my neck and jawline with any kind of blade.

At the end of the day all three are amazing shavers and neither is a wrong buy. You simply just have to weigh your options. I'll probably stick to my Norelco just cause I love rotaries but the Braun and Panasonic shaves are just as good...and even better in some areas. Whatever you choose, you won't regret it. Thank you for reading and enjoy your new shaver :)

Also, here's a link to the other two shavers I reviewed in case you're interested.
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on May 20, 2017
Given the price of this razor, I wouldn't really recommend it.
While it can give a pretty close shave, it only does so erratically depending on your whiskers.
I returned this one and am trying a Braun 93 series.
While the Panasonic was easier to clean, and replacement heads were cheaper, the Braun seems to catch stray hairs better.

That being said, if you're a traditional wet shaver thinking either of these is the ticket to electric freedom with as close a shave.............
You will be disappointed. Just as I am.

In actuality, my old $35 Norelco triple head caught more of my whiskers and gave a closer shave than either of these.
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on January 17, 2016
I held off on reviewing this until I've been through the reccomended 30 days of using the razor. I am impressed with how well this guy shaves and my cheeks have never been so smooth. This does a great job of getting your skin smooth and not causing in grown hairs. I was using a DE razor before this and wet shaving but I have found I have less irritation and less breakouts after using the electric razor. I have acne prone skin and keeping my skin happy means less bumps overall.

The only reason I held off giving 5 stars is the razor sometimes just misses a random longer hair or two on my neck and I have to follow up with my safety razor to get it cut. A minor annoyance but given the price of this thing I would expect it to cleanly cut every hair I throw at it.

The cleaning unit is nice and running it through the cleaning cycle does leave the razor like new - and it smells good afterward too. I haven't been able to find the refills for the cleaning solution reasonably priced and Panasonic seems to be out on their web site too.
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on April 4, 2016
For all of my shaving life I have always used Braun shavers. When it was time for a new shaver I was torn between getting the new Braun series 9095 or trying a different brand. I ended up trying both the braun and pansonic shavers For the most part, this panasonic shaver gives me the closest shave I have ever had using an electric shaver. The reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it doesn't do a great job on the neck area. I'd often times see some stray hairs on my neck even when shaving over them several times, more so than any other shaver I have used. Other than the neck area, the shaver does cut incredibly close. I also love shaving in the shower with gel, makes my skin feel even more smooth.

Now for my comparison to the Braun 9095. While Braun advertises their shaver as a wet/dry shaver, it clearly states in their instruction to NOT use shaving cream or gel. I called Braun about this, and indeed the instruction manual was correct. The person told me that left over gel/cream on the shaver can ruin the automatic cleaner and void the warranty. I thought this was disappointing for an expensive wet/dry shaver. You don't have to worry about this with the panasonic, in fact it even says to treat yourself with gel/cream wet shave. As for the actual shave itself the panasonic shaved closer than the Braun did. The Braun did do a better job in the neck area, but for overall closeness, the panasonic wins out.

Overall I am very pleased with the panasonic shaver and happy that I changed brands after using Braun for several years. If it only did a little bit better job of cutting in the neck area I would definitely have given it 5 stars. Instead I give it a 4.5/5
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