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on April 4, 2015
This is a very nice fan. I installed it from below (no attic access) to replace a smaller fan. This fan is so quiet it is hard to believe that it is even doing anything but it is. The installation is not difficult but there are several steps. Removing the old fan will most likely require you to use pliers, hammer or small pry bar to get it out because it was installed before the drywall and you wont be able to get to the mounting screws. After I removed the old fan I was able to see where the ceiling joists were and enlarged the hole to 10.5" x 10.5". Make sure you poke your head into the hole before you decide where to make the cuts to make sure aren't going to end up too close to a pipe or other framing in the space. My joists were about 13" apart so I cut a piece of wood and screwed it to the side of one of the joists so it was even with the side of new hole - this left a solid mount on both sides of the hole for the mounting screws. The actual rotating part of this fan is held into the frame with 3 screws which I removed to make it as light as possible while I was doing the installation. The most ingenious part of this fan is that there is a panel on the frame that has the connection for the flexible duct and the wiring - this panel lifts off after removing the screw that says something like "keep this screw in for grounding purposes." The instructions don't say anything about this which is incredible because this panel is the whole reason that you can install it from below. My suggestion is that you take this panel on and off a few times until you understand exactly how it works because when you do it for real on the ladder you want to know exactly how it works. After I connected the wiring and duct, (here comes the tricky part) I was able to hold that panel in place in the hole with one hand and then take the frame for the fan in the other hand and push it straight up into the hole. When you push the frame up it will connect with the panel that has the electrical and duct connections. You can then put the screw back in that keeps it locked. Then drive screws through the flange on the frame, through the drywall and into the joists. I used 2 screws on either side of the fan and it was more than solid. Then replace the rotating part with the 3 screws and install the white cover which will cover the flange on the frame.
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on September 17, 2017
Instructions were very clear and the fan came packaged very well. Installation was somewhat easy for an advanced DIY'er and I was able to retrofit it into my bathroom very easily through the attic using the existing 4" pipe. Although the fan is very quiet, it does not move very much air even in a small bathroom. Since the fan is rated for 110 cfm I expected quite a bit more out of it.
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on February 18, 2017
So silent I had to start pooping in the bathroom downstairs so I don't gross out my wife in the morning :P
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on October 15, 2012
I purchased this for my 1st floor master bath to replace the builder grade junk. It's a large fan and due to the nature of the install (1st floor beneath an extra bedroom)it took probably 4-5 hours to install. I don't fault it for the difficulty of the installation like some others seem to... it's a 1st floor beneath a 2nd floor... what are you expecting??? But I digress. I ended up building a 3 sided frame out of 1x4, between the joists in order to secure the unit. This is what took so long. Once installed the fan proved to be much quieter than the original and moves a ton more air, but I definitely know when it was running. Some reviewers claim to not hear it, but to me, it's obvious when it's on. That said, it's still very quiet. To give an example, the old fan was clearly audible in our living room, 20ft and a couple of walls away. The new one is audible only in the attached bedroom when the door is open, but not when closed.
The only thing I can figure is that I'm running a reducer from the outlet to the existing exhaust ducting and the increase in back pressure is causing more noise. But who knows... maybe some of the other reviewers are hard of hearing. I'm overall very satisfied with the purchase and would definitely recommend. These are probably the only fans I'll purchase for the rest of the house.
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on November 16, 2015
So far, so good. It is much quieter than the 30-year-old fan that it replaced, and, as it is more powerful it does a better job of removing the humid air from the bathroom after a shower. I just wish that the installation was not as complicated as it turned out to be.
Specifically, due to the protrusion of where the fan attaches to the ductwork, the joist hanger on one side was almost useless. I was able to get a good solid installation by using the joist hangers on the other side, and by screwing directly into a joist.
Coupled with that the fact that the bottom flange is wider than the mounting hole, and you have to wrestle to get the fan through the smaller hole. Repairing/replacing the sheet rock was probably the most annoying part of the installation.
Still, I give it four stars and probably, based on one month's service, would give it five stars were it not for the difficulty of installation.
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on November 22, 2015
This is a great exhaust fan. It's clearly meant for commercial applications but it works fun for residential purposes. The fan is super quiet. I have it in a 42 square foot bathroom and it's not very loud at all. I know it's oversized but I was tired of constant humidity problems with "recommended size" fans. I installed a humidity sensor for the switch and it works great.

Because of the flow rate of this fan the exhaust line is 6" so you'll need to choke it down to 4" for most residential applications. It came with a groove for a mounting bracket but no bracket. Luckily the distance between my rafters is 14" so I was able to screeches it directly to the rafters.

I am very happy with this fan and the noise it creates is negligible. I would recommend it to anyone planning to install a new bathroom fan.
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on December 4, 2017
This fan perfectly illustrates the difference between a $30.00 fan and a more expensive, quality fan. The one this replaced was also rated for 50CFM, but I found out when removing it that it could only connect to a 3" duct. It was LOUD and barely moved any air. I installed this one and connected it to a 6" flexible insulated duct and it works beautifully to ventilate the bathroom. It is so quiet that I have walked past it and left the house not realizing I had left it on. Well worth it!
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on February 9, 2015
We bought this fan for our remodeled master bathroom, after reading lots of reviews of fans. It looks nice and works well. However, it is not super quiet (at least mine isn't). It is much more quiet than my old one, but you can hear it in the bedroom. In the bathroom with no water running, it is very easy to hear. I took the advice of one reviewer and bought the timer switch Lutron MA-T51-WH Maestro Countdown Timer. For those that might forget to turn off the fan, the timer will shut it off automatically after the time you select has expired. If you want the timer to match the most popular color of light switches and frames available (almond), choose the "light almond" color for the timer.
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on December 19, 2013
Extremely quiet operation. Overkill for my tiny bathroom. I actually wish I bought the lower CFM version as it gets very cold after shutting off water when finished showering. This fan is so strong you can feel a current of air coming from under door when door is closed.

This Panasonic is about 3 times larger than my original 20+ year old fan.

I had fitment issues which required cutting 2" from the joist that was in the way. This is a 2-3 hour delay for me... most of it used up in contemplating what to do next (I've never done anything like this before).

I see reviews on how to install from underneath but I can't see how this is done with existing drywall. My opinion is that it must be installed from above which means you have to climb into attic.

Would recommend for larger bathrooms.
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on December 29, 2011
I bought this fan for a basement bath remodel after reading other favorable reviews. It was easy to install, because I had removed the ceiling, and the floor joists from above were totally exposed. Just choose the position for the fan; attach integral flange to one floor joist with screws; extend the side bars to the other joist, screw in and voila! Fan attached. Electrical connections were very typical, and the 4" exhaust was easy to extend to the outside. I removed the internal damper from the fan unit, because the outside vent cover had a fairly snug damper that seemed to keep cold air out by itself. Didn't want to have to push two dampers open each time the fan would run.

After connecting, I did a test run and felt the exhaust coming out through my exterior wall. The volume of exhausted air was indeed impressive, and I began to worry about all the heat I was going to lose this winter when my son re-occupies his bath! Overall, the unit is sturdy, very quiet and pushes air very well. I plan to buy two more for my other baths. Recommended.
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