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on May 29, 2013
I'm a Panasonic phone fan and it falls squarely into what I'd expect. I bought this for my Mom. Just want people to be aware of a few key features.
- This model does not have an answering machine
- The key pad does not light up
- It is a stand-alone phone (not just an expansion for an existing set)

That's it. Works well and sounds fine. I wish it had a few quick key programming features so I could program Mom's voicemail number into a key rather than force her to go through the phonebook key, scroll down, select voicemail, hit send. That is no big deal for me, but a little more trouble to remember for her.
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on October 26, 2011
The reason why I bought this cordless phone is because Panasonic is one of the few manufacturers who uses regular AA rechargeable batteries:
Most cordless phones use special battery packs. These are typically expensive to replace, most of the time you can buy pretty much buy a new phone for the same price. The Panasonic phones use regular rechargeable AA batteries which are fairly inexpensive to replace once the batteries are getting weak.

Even though the phone looked nice and the menus were easy to use, I never got to use my phone: I took it out of the box one time, hooked it up and everything worked phone, the handset synchronized with the base station in a few seconds. I then unplugged everything because my land-line wasn't activated yet. When I plugged it back in a few days later the handset would not synchronize with the base station any longer. I followed the procedures from the manual and also called Panasonic customer service (who gave me the same procedures) but couldn't get it to work.

I ended up returning the item to Amazon for a refund and ordered a newer Panasonic model Panasonic KX-TG6513B DECT 6.0 PLUS Expandable Cordless Phone System, Black, 3 Handsets which has worked flawlessly so far. The return and refund process is very easy and efficient by the way.
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on June 15, 2013
I recently purchased a lake house. I work from home a couple days a week and want to work from the lake house but the cell service is inconsistant. Therefore I needed a landline and bought this phone. The phone works very well but I have one complaint. I ordered the Panasonic Headset that Amazon recommended to use with this phone. I thought this would be good for my many conference calls. Unfortunately when the phone and headset arrived the phone did not have a headset jack and i had to return the headset.
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on April 21, 2011
I gave this to my friend to use with his VOIP line (via an ATA, of course). He liked it and when I call him on it, it sounds very clear.

Panasonic cordless phones have always performed well for me in the past, so I am confident you'll find this a great choice if it has the features you need. Caller ID + no answering machine make this a great fit for most VOIP services (which always include caller ID for free and have voicemail, so you don't need an answering machine).
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on May 18, 2014
We had this exact model for years and it worked great until all of a sudden it would randomly shut off (all power on the handset, not just "dropping" a call) all the time, and often in the middle of calls. The handset became completely unusable. We figured it was just getting "old" - we had it for 5 years. So we bought another - the same exact phone. Within TWO DAYS the same thing was happening with the brand new handset. Don't waste your money/time... buy something else.
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on July 6, 2012
Overall, we like this phone, which replaced our old, easy-to-use cordless that finally bit the dust. The handset is small (as is the base), lightweight, gets good reception and was easy to set up. The basic functions of the phone such as caller ID, voicemail, being able to view a list of missed calls, etc. all work as expected but there are a couple of features that are unnecessarily cumbersome to use.

Technical restraints required that the phone's base station be located in the bedroom, so we always to turn off the ringer at night. Instead of a single switch or menu setting for silencing the ringer users have to go through multi-step menu options to turn it off: Press Menu, scroll to Initial Settings, press Ringer Settings, press Ringer Volume, press up/down arrow 6 or so times to lower the volume to OFF, press Menu again. Ok, this takes but a few seconds, but when one is ready to just go to bed it would be more convenient to just flip a switch or select a single menu option.

A second cumbersome feature is actually more annoying to use: deleting the numbers from the list of either missed calls or the numbers for the callers who left voicemail. The phone stores these numbers in case you want to save them to speed dial or want to write a number down, but the numbers are very difficult to erase. Here again, multiple menu selections are needed, but in this case the instructions don't give users enough basic information to be able to erase the numbers easily. Options exist to Erase numbers one-by-one or to Erase All. However, the process to do so is less than intuitive and it is not always easy to get to the Erase All menu option. Sometimes, when trying to get to the Erase All option, a single caller number appears on the screen and users can't get to or get back to the correct menu option to Erase All without starting over. The menu sequence is: Press Menu, press up/down arrow, press Edit & Save, press Erase, press up/down arrow for option to Erase one-by-one or Erase All, which may or may not result in getting to the option to Erase ALL.

So, as I said, overall we like the phone and would likely buy another but the two functions mentioned above can be really annoying at times. For that reason, using these features requires patience!
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on March 12, 2013
I turned my head, this package was at my front door!! Blew me away!!! Never happened to me.

This phone is very stylish, adorable and simply perfect for anyone in any room!! Works well also!!
Instead of seeing green light up with past phones, the change of champaigne gold was awesome.. Excuse my spelling!!

Would now purchase anything I need from this seller which is Amazon, LLC!!

Thanx for the great phone and Service... All I need now is a phione call???? LOL
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on October 5, 2015
Astonishingly good. Longer range - like down the block good. Very good sound quality as well. I've been buying Unidens for decades because I didn't like the sound of the Panasonics but this thing is fantastic. I use this on my Obi200 with Google Voice and can't think of a better combination.
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on September 3, 2011
Hi, I purchased this instrument ard one n half months back, and I was very happy with this deal. sound quality, range and battery life was good. Now the speaker phone started creating problems.. It drops in between the calls, I feel like call is dropped but later on found that its the speaker which stops working and I have to press talk button to switch back to normal mode..

Update: Just called Amazon customer care and they offered me a free replacement. Moreover they gonna send me a free shipping label as well and I have 30 days to ship so I can keep this until new phone comes.. Thanks Amazon.. that was really good. Appreciate...

Another Turn: just checked price its 19.99 whereas I bought it in 24.99. I asked for a diff and they are saying you return both (original + replacement) and order a new one but we cant make the diff. strange however I dont wanna do all these..
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Top Contributor: Swimmingon February 28, 2014
I replaced my old second phone with this one. Note: it require a phone jack connection, or it will not work. My previous phone was paired wirelessly with the phone on the base, but this one operates independently. The display is bright, buttons are large enough, etc. It rings really loudly, which is great. Highly recommend.
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