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on May 23, 2011
This cordless phone and answerer are new for 2011 and the performance is outstanding. Minor changes for 2012 and 2013. Read on.

You can buy this phone/answerer in five configurations: KX-TG6632B (two cordless phones and answerer), KX-TG6633B (three cordless phones and answerer), KX-TG6643B (three cordless phones and answerer WITH keypad), KX-TG6644B (four cordless phones and answerer WITH keypad), KX-TG6645B (five cordless phones and answerer WITH keypad). All have the same handsets and the answerer differs only in that some come with a keypad and others without. None of the answering machines have a hard wired handset. Otherwise the features and performance remain the same.


Near perfect display: Readable with no back-light and with the back-light on (hit any key) there is a brilliant white background with purple text using very large characters. This is the best display I've ever seen. The fonts are near perfect and the text is huge!

Range - outstanding: Past cordless phones have proven unreliable just outside my garage door. I had perfect reception there and decided to experiment. My driveway is 250 feet long and I still had reception 250 feet from my house! Stunning! Yet at the farthest distances some hiss became evident.

Voice quality - outstanding (yet I do wish I could turn the volume up just a bit more from its highest setting). Also there is no hiss or other audio anomalies.

Battery life: the batteries are standard NIMH AAA which are easily replaced. After a few days the meter shows no discharge. However after 5 to 7 days these phones need to be recharged so I really doubt the claimed 11 days of stand-by as quoted in Panasonic's specifications.

Programming: Reasonably easy although I had to consult the manual a few times. Program one phone and the rest (including the base unit) automatically update. That is a very nice feature. Even if you don't wish to do any programming the default settings are wisely chosen.

Comfort: These phones are very light weight but comfortable if you like to cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder. A belt clip is included.

No interference: The dect standard (1.9 GHZ) is a new frequency that does not interfere or share the same spectrum with past cordless phones or other wireless devices like routers. The "plus" designation is simply Panasonic marketing - meaning this is the second generation of Panasonic DECT phones.

Tone control: Three settings - normal, high frequency boost and low frequency boost.

Power outages: Keep one handset in the base and the system will function for about two hours during a power outage. The handset powers the base in this case.

Features: Too many to list but every feature offered seems to provide a great deal of flexibility. For example - talking caller ID can be turned on or off at either the answerer or handset respectively. Three groups of favorite numbers are offered so three people can have separate lists and each group can be given a unique name.


Volume: The ringer, speaker phone and handset are all just a bit low on volume, at least, to my ear. At their highest settings I find the volume acceptable but I wish they all could go a bit louder.

Answerer: Limited and rather basic. You can answer the phone there only by hitting the speaker phone button. You can't dial out except for three buttons which you can program. More flexibility is offered on the TG6643B which has a keypad but it still has no hardwired handset. You can only record or check your announcement at a handset but you can play back or erase messages at the answerer.

Battery life: the batteries are standard NIMH AAA which can be easily replaced. After the first few days of no usage the meter shows no discharge. However within 5 to 7 days these phones need to be recharged so I really doubt the claimed 11 days of stand-by use as quoted in Panasonic's specifications. ALSO ----- if you actually spend some time TALKING on these phones - within a few hours usage they will need to be charged! To be clear - these phones are a bit weak on battery power.


This is a near perfect cordless phone offering clarity, great range, no interference with existing cordless appliances, a wonderful display and a number of other features. It shows the maturity of the technology brought to us in 2011

Overall I highly recommend this phone. I'd strongly recommend you purchase one more handset than you think you'll need given the low cost of an additional handset when purchasing a package. Purchasing separate handsets at a later date is much more costly.

Keep in mind if it does not say dect PLUS - you are looking at an older model Panasonic ---- many of which are still offered for sale on Amazon

BEST DEAL: As of May, 2011 the five handset version with answerer is only $10.00 more than the three handset version. The four handset version is priced higher than either of those. Go figure. Having an extra handset or two you'll never regret!

UPDATE 2012: (November 2012) I just purchased the newer 2012 Panasonic KX-TG4745B for my parents. Prior to installing the system for them, I used it in my home for a week. It is even better than this fine system. It has much bigger keys, it is louder, has a dedicated rocker switch on the side of the phone to adjust volume and has the same excellent range and sound quality. The only thing missing is the ability to power the base unit with a handset during a power outage. I'd recommend this newer model over this one.

UPDATE 2013: (April 2013) Panasonic just released literature on their 2013 phones. Most of the 2013 models will NOT be available until May/June of 2013. It may take another few months for them to start appearing on Amazon. There are only a few additional features on the 2013 models. Cordless phones have already matured to the point that companies are just playing with features! I'll add - I love my 2011 Panasonic cordless phones. Yet, some newer models offer integration with cell phones via bluetooth. If that feature appeals to you then you should look at some of the newer models (not all of them feature this capability). Looking at what will become available for May/June 2013, I'd recommend the KX-TG6845B - it is essentially the same phone as I have already reviewed here. By the way - to eliminate some confusion on Panasonic model numbers - the last number (digit) relates to the number of handsets provided with the basic model so a KX-TG6845B has 5 handsets, a KX-TG6844B has 4, a KX-TG6843B - 3, etc.

As of May/June 2013 buy the Panasonic KX-TG6845B assuming the model I've already reviewed is no longer available.
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on April 29, 2011
Gone are the days of needing phone wires throughout your house. I had one old cordless phone as well as several corded phones around the house and out in my shop, all of them wired to the wall. I decided to upgrade to this system. It was a good move.

The set up was simple. An hour with the directions to get all my settings the way I wanted them and punch in all my stored numbers and I was in business. Now the only wired connection is to the base unit which sits on my desk. I can put the others handsets anywhere.

The sound clarity is fantastic and equal to any corded phone. The range is way beyond what I need, so even the phone out in my shop works great. The display is easy to read and the menu very intuitive even if you don't have the owners manual handy. I really like the intercom feature where you can transfer a call to someone else in the house without having to yell for them to pick up the phone. It will ring what ever handset you want. I also like the feature that lets you silence the ringer according to a preset schedule, so now the phone in my bedroom won't ring between 8pm and 8am. I can still hear the one in the kitchen ring and don't need to get blasted out of my sleep by the one by my bed. Caller ID shows up on all the handsets and you can retrieve messages from any handset. Once you store a name and number it is available on all handsets. Very cool. You can also block any callers that you don't want to hear from again or any callers without caller ID (which is most of the telemarketers)

The only thing I don't like (or need) is the voice that announces the callers ID. It's a mechanical sounding voice and rarely pronounces the names right. Fortunately this is an option that's easy to switch off on any or all of the handsets and the base unit.

I am very happy with this purchase and wish I had done it years ago. You can't go wrong with this system.
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on November 23, 2012
We were looking for a replacement answering machine and phone and we can't believe all we got for our money! We started with since we do a lot of shopping here. We made use of the filters to narrow our search. As we sift through the choices, one thing we rely on quite a bit are the consumer reviews. We have found that they are much more accurate than tech reviews because they're written by real people using them in the real world.

This phone system receive great reviews and by a large number of people. We are completely happy and very pleased with the results of our search and thank the reviewers for their comments on the phone system. the phones are very easy to install and get going. No complex instructions. The directions are easy to read and the menus on the phones themselves correspond perfectly with the booklet. The phone menus make it easy to navigate the features without having to look things up all the time. The displays are clear and easy to read. There are many feastures we enjoy such as multiple handsets each with their own cradle and charger. Common phone number storage for easy recall of a number when you're not attached to your cell phone. The phone numbers can be accessed from any phone.

One of the things we really liked is how most features are available from every phone, not just the base unit. Each phone can act as an intercom, and each phone can be a hands free speaker phone too. You can access missed calls lists and messages left from any phone. The caller ID works flawlessly as soon as we subscribed through our phone company (within a few hours). The phone at my computer lets me screen incoming calls even though its not the base unit. Sound quality is good as well as reception throughout our house (all 3 levels).

The only thing I can say is not impressive is the synthesized voice that you can choose to announce who is calling. Its not very good at pronounciation. We simply turned off this feature. If you still want some sort of recognition of who is calling in case its someone well known when you're not near the phone, you can have a dedicated ring tone/style attached to it like most cell phones. However, you can always have a phone nearby with 3 handsets and the base which can answer as a speaker phone if the handset is unavailable. In the event you misplace a handset, any handset can send a tone you can hear to another handset to help you locate it.

Well, I know my review may not be technically well written, but I can assure you that this phone/answering system is a great buy especially for the price. Great features, great quality, and a great price!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 20, 2011
I bought this for my father who kept receiving unwanted solicited phone calls. He is in his 60's and hard of hearing and was annoyed that he could not block the calls with his phone service. I own the Panasonic Dect 6.0 Black Cordless Phone with Answering Machine and ChoiceMail (KX-TG7432B) and love my phone set. Last year my number was somehow sold and it was nice to just block the callers. With my set I can block up to 30 numbers. It is easy to block the calls and remove them later to add newer numbers. I have been very happy with my Panasonic phones so I knew my father would love his. He set them up and charged them and when I went over the night he received them, they were all charged. Setting up the answering machine was easy. He wanted one of the phones in his bedroom with the ringer off. It literally took seconds to do. I have spoken to him several times on his phones and I will admit I am jealous. His are very clear, crystal clear! In fact his answering machine is so clear I thought he answered the phone. I was there when he recorded the message too. These phones are easy to use and are loaded with features. I like the belt clip as does he if he goes outside and needs one on his belt. The range is incredible too, never have I heard interference. One thing I love that is a selling feature for me, these phones all have headset jack inputs. I use a headset so I am hands free and have that feature with my phones. It seems a lot of newer phones they are getting rid on the headset input. I was happy to see the input on all of the phones. I also like that he can answer the phone from the base with the speakerphone button if he misplaces the phone. He keeps the main unit on a shelf in the kitchen. Great phone, value, features, you name it. I love Panasonic and now my father does too. They are the best phones.
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on November 2, 2013
Great phone - has a lot more features than I was expecting. I originally did not set out to purchase a phone with 3 extensions, was just looking to replace my wall mounted wireless phone/answering machine in the kitchen, but could not find one that looked nice mounted on the wall AND cradled securely AND did not interfere with the Wi-Fi in my house. I ended up going with this one, based on the way it did mount to the wall (Handset lays fully in the cradle on a nice viewing angle and not just stuck in a bottom holder like the extensions). After setting everything up and replacing the other old wireless phones in the other rooms, with the extensions - I was really glad I splurged and purchased this one! I love that each handset has the talking ID AND that you can program the phone to ring different for different groups. Now when family calls - the ring is very distinct. I HATE telemarketers and Robo-calls - the Do Not Call list is a joke - no one pays any attention to it. The handset is very easy to read, even my husband can read it w/o his glasses! All-in-all, very pleased with the purchase and the sound quality is very good.
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on May 5, 2013
Now, I know they are usually better than mine has been, but this phone SUCKS! VERY distracting background noise, static and hissing, and now, a NEW fun development: LOUD crackling at random intervals audible on both ends. I do NOT have DSL, and so don't need a filter, and I tried a hard-wired phone, the old system and other jacks and there is no issue. I tried twice with Panasonic to gett hem to replace it, and after telling me it's not a common problem, offer me the privilege of replacing it by paying $80, PLUS shipping and tax, OR buy a new system, for $130. How is that better??? WHY can;'t a company like Panasonic just say "it should work, this is unusual, we will replace it."??? Instead I get a bug F-U. Well, never again for Panasonic in my book. I bought my Mom a system by AT&T at Best Buy for $99 and it works flawlessly. Try that instead, or risk the joy of Panasonic customer support.

Don't reward lousy customer support! Buy a different company's phone!
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One by one, our Panasonic KX-TG9344T Dect 6.0 Expandable Digital Cordless Phone with Answering System, Metallic Black, 4 Handsets that we purchased in 2008 were finally giving out and getting beat up. When I saw this newer version with DECT 6.0 Plus on a Lightening Deal with Amazon, I hopped on it and bought them with 5 handsets. This certainly is an upgrade (even the plugs / wall adapters are smaller and lighter) and the display is easy to read and large. Using this phone involved very little learning curve because of my familiarity with Panasonic phones.

This is a programmable phone that uses audible caller ID, has an intercom capability, number blocking, handset paging and so much more.

Very flexible and more than just an average telephone. Very feature-rich and a lot more for the money than even phones offered 10 years ago.

Comfortable, attractive and relatively light handsets. Mine came with 5 handsets altogether ... plenty of them to place around the house.

I've been pleased with the old set and know that we beat the heck out of them. These seem to be constructed just as well and I am extremely satisfied with the sound and volume of phone calls. Crisp and clear.

5 stars.
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on April 27, 2011
I work in a warehouse and am constantly on the move. I bend and lean a lot and having a phone in my pocket isn't always ideal but I get calls often enough I am constantly running back to my desk to grab the phone or try and figure out where I laid it down. I love this phone set! It looks nice in person. The different ringers are great!

The answering machine is easy to program and you can leave it so that it doesn't pick up until the 7th ring, which is great for me.

The voice announcing of callers with ID is entertaining as it gets. The pronunciations are sometimes down right hysterical...and some days I just really need a silly and stupid thing to laugh at like that to keep from losing it.

I strategically placed the extensions in the places I am most likely to be at or near when the phone always choses to ring and they all have beautiful clearity and are small enough not to take up much space (like the size of a standard 8oz cup).

You can put a belt clip on each handset. AND the best can charge this front or backwards! This is the first cordless I've had that you didn't have to put in exactly "as pictured". Awesome feature!

You can adjust the ringer tone and volume for each handset which is nice since I placed one of the extensions in someone elses office (yes it makes sense to be there but didn't want it to be annoying). You can even mute one or all handsets...there are a lot of volume features!

I could go on and on about how much I like this phone versus my old cordless but I won't. I'll just leave it at HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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on July 9, 2013
We live in a rural community in the northern mountains of New Mexico, and have frequent power outages and severe weather conditions. During the last forest fire that we had, there were some real anomalies with power surges and outages. We lost all of our phones in the process. (There is no cell phone service available to us up here.) I was, however, able to communicate through e-mail/internet. That was when we purchased the Panasonic system. One of the most appealing assets of the system was that it could still work even if the electricity was off. Another option that drew us to this purchase was the Range Extender. Two of the five phones are placed in a separate building away from the house. We've only had the phones for a couple of months, but so far they have met all of our expectations and even exceeded some. I don't know if we truly needed the Range Extender because after we got everything set up, they worked really well even without the Extender. Their ease of operation and easy setup was a real plus!
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on September 17, 2011
I ordered this phone system to replace an 8 year old Panasonic that finally needed to be replaced. I am so glad I did. First of all, it is very convenient to have five handsets. We have a couple in bedrooms, a couple on the main floor and one in the basement. Being able to set the ringer "off" during the overnight hours is great for the phone in my daughter's room. The clarity of sound on the handsets is wonderful, I have no problems or complaints with it at all. We did not get the range extender and I don't think we need it. The features on this phone are excellent, but there is one that makes it worth buying this system at double the price you'll pay here-being able to BLOCK numbers that call you. We have had a problem with certain charities calling us repeatedly even though we have asked them not to. They use several different numbers, and hang up before leaving a message. We also have been getting calls from businesses who don't follow the Do Not Call rules and could care less about threats to report them- they just change their numbers. Now, all of those numbers are entered in my system so we don't even hear them ring. It is awesome. It is had cut our useless phone traffic to almost nothing, and gives us the quiet that the DNC list should have if companies would follow the rules. We also enjoy having the intercom ability to call each other from room to room, and my daughter uses the speaker phone for most of her calls so she can multitask while she talks.

I haven't found out how to have one-touch calling for our most used numbers yet, but I do have them entered in a stored "phone book" that makes them easy to find. I also wish I could set the ringer for different incoming calls. Another phone set I had did that, and it was really nice to be able to tell from the ring if it was family calling versus school or work. I guess they figure that's what talking ID is for, but I wish it did have that feature. If I had that and one touch calling, I think this phone would be close to perfect for my family.
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