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on April 20, 2012
UPDATE - raised it from three to four stars. All we needed to do was buy new batteries and the phones work great now. I had a 5 hour marathon talk with my mom and still had enough to talk to my daughter on the same charge. I do like this set and I would buy again.

I'm leaving it at four stars because it came with terrible batteries and it cost money to fix that. 6 new rechargeable batteries (of good quality) added to the cost of the phone, IMHO.

Other than that, the phones are working great. My husband finds the flashing yellow light alert to new messages and calls horribly annoying. I don't like it either, but it does motivate me to check my messages.

I love the sound and I can hear clearly, even with my headset. My son stayed with us and was really rough on the handsets. Dropping them repeatedly on the tile floors. Kicking them under his desk. They stayed tough! Nothing broke!


I'm having a problem with the phone dropping my calls. The batteries seriously seem to suck. I'm buying new rechargeable batteries to see if this fixes the problem. it just seems like the phones aren't holding a charge.

I'm a little frustrated with all of the features. If you're looking for a basic phone without all the bells and whistles - this is not it.

Sound quality seems good. I'm a little hard of hearing and I can hear just fine with the volume maxed.

The speaker phone is much better than I've had before.

I love the way you can calla specific handset from another. I lost handset #2 and was able to call it, specifically. Easy find. The ringers are great and there are ring tone options that aren't annoying.

If I can fix the dropped call problem with new batteries, I'll give it four stars. If not - I'm dropping it to a one.
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on December 3, 2008

I am a realtor and one of my clients moved into a bigger, multi-floor home, and said she needed to buy a new phone. I told her about this phone and she purchased it about a week ago. We were together when she made the purchase and the phone is probably the newer model, very similar to mine, but a bit different. She loves it and was very happy I recommended the phone.

I purchased this phone system to replace my old Panasonic cordless phone. After using the phone for about 4 years, it kind of died on me and I thought it was a great opportunity to replace it with one that would have multiple handsets, since I moved to a three-story home.

Here is my take on it...


- Incredibly easy to install! Just plug the base phone in the phone jack then plug all three units in electric outlets and you're all set.

- The sound quality is great, I even had people comment on how much clearer my calls are since I switched to the new system.

- Although my home has three floors and I have one handset on each floor, the reception is good and clear, regardless of what floor I am on (the base unit is in the basement level) and what handset I am using.

- If you have a wireless router in your house and used older cordless phones, you probably noticed that there was some interference on your phone when your internet was on. You won't have that problem with this system. :)

- The answering machine is great and you are able to retrieve messages through the handheld pieces, any of them, not just the one connected to the base.

- While I read in other reviews that people had problems with calls getting disconnected, I have had the system for about 1 1/2 year and never once lost a call while using it.

- I also read reviews of people saying their phones didn't last very long, but as I said above, I have had the system for about a year and a half and it's still working as well as it did when I first got it.

- The voice caller ID is great, but scared me the first time it started talking. I didn't realize the phone had this feature...

- Nice design, matches my litte stereo in the living room.

- Really handy intercom feature. Each unit is numbered and you can just call from one unit to another, allowing to communicate with people who are in other rooms by using the phone. This is possibly my favorite feature in this system.

- Compact units, don't take up much surface space.

CONS - I can't think of any! I was actually sort of shocked when I came back now and looked at how so many reviews are negative. I love this system and actually bought one for my mom after she came for a visit earlier this year and fell in love with it. She has been using it for more than 6 months and hasn't had any problems with it either.
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on November 23, 2009
I normally can keep a phone system for AT LEAST a year, especially given that when I do purchase, I research as much as possible to get the greatest 'bang for my buck'. Panasonic used to be a name of reliability and quality and I would have naturally chosen it for those reasons, but not any more. This phone system was purchased earlier this year, expanded by one, and ALL the phones are freaking out. It's as if the rechargeable battery on all the phones (even the one purchased separately) have started going bad at the same time. You pick up the phone to answer a call and all of a sudden the display starts flickering and then goes blank. Then you run to the base to place it on, hoping that the instant recharge does the trick. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. And this is on a phone that has all three bars showing! So you miss a call, and have no idea why. Rechargeable batteries for this phone are not cheap, and I purchased a set already, but to no avail. The phone still flickers and shuts down. Now that I am in the place that I have to buy another set, I am leaning towards an AT&T unit that has gotten good reviews, but in the past it would have been a no-brainer and Panasonic would have been my choice. Also, this crappy phone is making me re-think whether or not I need some of it's features anyway, like the voice caller id: anounces who's calling you from the base. Not too good if you want your privacy. EVERYONE in the house knows who's calling you, and sometimes that is not a good thing. I must say, however, that I like the shared phone book, so if I cue in the number from one phone to my stored phone list, it automatically updates all phones. But I do not like the fact that you can't program the phones to say where they belong, i.e., den, kitchen, etc. They are simply labeled: 1, 2, 3. Also, the answering machine does not give you a count of how many messages you have, and is so sensitive, that it picks up hang ups. Lastly, this may sound like something trivial, but if you have skin problems, the keypad is made where it touches your face when you use it. I am CONSTANTLY disinfecting it because of makeup on the buttons. And now I am faced with spending another hundred or so dollars, because I can't return this set to Amazon, and Panasonic says, 'too bad'! WOULD NEVER BUY THIS PHONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
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on February 9, 2009
I purchased this phone to replace 2 different cordless phones and an answering machine. Previously I had owned (years ago) a Panasonic phone and found it to be feature-poor and overpriced. That is no longer the case.

My work requires that I also be something of a "computer geek" and I have about a dozen computer systems, multiple (incompatible) wired and wireless networks, and a good deal of other electronic equipment at my home (home office & lab). Unlike one of my other cordless phones, these work well and there is no interference between them and the other electronic resident equipment here.

To me a big convenience is shared phone directories which are common to ALL of the phones - two cordless phones which were replaced worked together well but did not share their directories - and that was always a problem.

While it would be nice to have an indicator of the number of messages on the answering system, that is the ONLY feature which this phone lacks to my taste.

Since I am sometimes on long conference calls, I also purchased the Panasonic KX-TCA92 Comfort Fit Hands-Free Headset with Fold Design to use with the phone (all of the handsets have an external headset jack) and using it I have no problems with ambient room noise even when it gets pretty loud in the lab. I am VERY happy with that combination. (And when wandering around the house, the lab or outside, when wearing the headset the belt clip is a very useful accessory, too.)

The use of standard AAA batteries (I already use the same type here in other equipment) is a plus for me as they are readily available and cheap as compared to the proprietary batteries common in many cordless phones. If a set goes dead I can pop them out, put them in an external charger, put in a fresh pair, and keep going with no problems.

Unlike some reviewers, I find the talking caller ID feature to be quite useful and very clear - I guess that might be a matter of regional accent and personal taste (or possibly hearing health), but to my ear it is quite clear - and very useful.

My only regret is that I bought the phone just before the price dropped (sigh). Had I waited I would have bought the model with 4 handsets instead (and retired another phone here as well).

I have already recommended this phone to both friends and family, so I would have to say that I am VERY satisfied with it.
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on October 15, 2008
Bought these phones to replace an older-generation Panasonic base station/cordless set (a la 2002 generation). We did NOT like our older Panasonics but kept them because ... well, we spent money on them. Main driver in buying new phones was ability to block individual callers--telemarketers and other nuisance callers driving me CRAZY. Panasonic was the only phone I could find that would allow me to block individual calls using the actual phone versus calling the phone company. VERY leery about buying another Panasonic but I really wanted the call blocking. Read the reviews, reassured, took the plunge. NOT disappointed. These new DECT phones are much, more intuitive than the older ones we had ... we can actually save numbers to a phone book without needing a PhD in Product Manual Science. Easy to "train" the phone to recognize our local area code, you program a number/change into any of the units and the other units automatically pick it up. But best of all, the Call Blocking works exactly as promised--you save the nuisance number to the call block menu (or add it manually), the phone rings once, recognizes the blocked number, it stops ringing at your end, the caller gets a rapid busy signal for a second or two and then it hangs up on them. This feature along was well worth the cost of the phones but I'm impressed with many of the other bells and whistles too. Panasonic redeemed itself in our house. Great phone!
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UPDATE 2: After a couple years of VERY light use, my opinion of this phone has dramatically gone down hill. At first there were little glitches, like how every call that comes in, even ones that are answered, show as missed calls on the phone. That, I could live with. But, they also developed a habit of losing thier link to the base, for no apparent reason. One of the handsets has completely gone bad. Another will only ring and cuts out if you try to answer it, even when at the base, so it's not out of range, and despite having a full charge on the battery. I'm down to my last functioning handset, which also cuts out, but usually only when I talk for 20 to 30 minutes. I don't use the phones that much, so I'm still debating whether to replace them or cancel my basic phone service. Should I replace them, it definitely won't be with another Panasonic. I know from past experience with their dvd players that Panasonic doesn't believe in standing behind their products. Their warranties are some of the worst in the industry at 1 year parts, but only 90 days labor, which the labor is often 2/3 of the bill.

I've used this 3-phone set for a year or two and have been very happy with the design and performance. They replaced a previous set of Panasonic phones, as I needed a third base and found it more affordable to buy this set of 3 new than to purchase a new unit from Panasonic for my previous set. I'm glad I did, as not only did these phones cost less than the 2-phone Panasonic set I previously bought, despite an open box discount at Circuit City (amazon is definately the first place I'll check for prices from now on), but this set improves on the previous generation in features, range and, most important to me, sound quality. This is the clearest sounding phone I think I've had since switching from tethered to cordless. I haven't owned too many different models, but of the GE's, Unidens, V-Techs, and even previous generation Panasonics that I have used, none were as clear as even the speaker phone function on this phone, which is what I primarily use and when I ask, people I'm talking to never even realize they're on speaker, so the transmitting receiver must be pretty good too.

The phones range is phenomenal. I've carried it outside, talking at least 50 yards from the house and even further from the base, without even a hint of static or signal loss. It has a large feature set, but I'm not really a phone person, so I haven't used most of what it can do, other than the basic phone and answering machine functions. That you can automatically transfer your contacts to the other phones is much more convenient than having to program them into each phone separately, but I was used to that from the previous Panasonic I used. I like that it has an intercom function and the included belt clip is nice too. I rarely am around a phone enough to use it, but I leave it attached just in case, as it doesn't seem to hinder sound clarity, despite it partially covering the speaker phone speaker.

My sole criticism of these phones, which I find significant but not a deal-breaker, is that, on occasion, an incoming call doesn't register on one or both of the satellite bases, causing me to miss the call because the satellite base fails to ring (still goes to the main base where the caller can leave a message though). Both bases are less than 30 feet away from the main unit, in opposite directions, but are usually behind closed doors. It's not common, but in the year or two that I've had these phones, it's happened at least a half dozen times that I know of. Usually I'm within earshot of the primary receiver, so I don't know exactly how often it may occur. It's probably relevant to note that my previous Panasonic phone set was the same way and thus it could also be related to where one of the bases is kept (on the floor in a dedicated HT with insulated walls for sound control). All the other phones I've used have only had a single base, so I can't offer any conjecture as to whether it may be normal for multiple base units or a problem unique to Panasonic. But since it's not too consistent, and I'm not much of a phone talker, it's been a fairly minor inconvenience. So far, none of the missed calls qualified as emergencies or were very important.

For its sound quality and range, I'd definately buy these phones again. Infact, I purchased a set for my sisters family at Christmas. Her husband is a minister, so between the two of them, they spend a lot of time with calls and seem very happy with these too.

UPDATE: Having used these phones for quite awhile now, I would still repurchase them, or the newest incarnation of them. However, I find the sound quality so clean and clear I usually use the speaker phone feature when calling. It sounds clear and nobody I talk to can tell I have them on speaker when asked. Each handset has a speaker phone option on the handset itself. That said, when using speaker phone, the sound tends to go in an out on all three phones as you move around, depending on how they're held. If you hold them still, or set the phone on a desk, the sound stays constant, but sometimes if you tilt your hand a little while holding one of the phones the sound fades to a nearly inaudible whisper. The mic seems to still receive fine; this only appears to affect the speakers output. It's not a deal breaker. You just have to be more conscious of how you're holding the handset at times, but it's still a bit annoying and, I suspect, something that Panasonic should be able to easily fix in production. Hopefully they have with newer models.
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on July 29, 2009
If only I'd taken the time to heed the reviews on Amazon. But it's not too late for you, a savvy consumer. Unlike myself, you CAN still avoid being swindled. In fact, the only way I'm going to feel better about having purchased this utter piece of garbage is if I can prevent even one consumer from doing the same.

It may be obvious to you after reading the over 40 negative reviews here that there is a serious design flaw in this phone system. Like many other gullible consumers, I purchased this "telephone" and then experienced the incredibly annoying call-dropping & connection loss from the base. There I am, working away, when the phone rings. According to caller I.D., it's my most important client. Let's call him Mr. Toad. "Can't miss Mr. Toad!" I exclaim, pressing "talk" firmly and saying "hello" ... BLIP! The screen is dead and the phone reads "LOST CONNECTION TO BASE". So I run, like an olympic sprinter, up the stairs to phone base number two. Panting, I try to greet to Mr. Toad again. BLIP! Same thing. Breaking a sweat now I sprint to base number 3 -- on the third floor. And... ahhh... 3 times is the charm. I click on "Talk". BLIP! Sorry, loser! You've just missed the most important call of the day. Every day. For months. This has been my life from March 2009 until now. I can call out, though. That counts for something, right? The only problem is that even after over-night charging, the phone won't last more than 1 hour without losing power.

Now. Here's where it gets ridiculous. Over the last three weeks I have spent no less than 4.5 hours dealing with Panasonic's uber-polite-but-trained-to-give-you-nothing customer service, based in India. Can I tell you a secret? They DON'T CARE about Panasonic's crappy phones. The don't want to help you. Obviously Panasonic knows these phones are total plastic excrement and yet they are still trying to unload them on Amazon to unsuspecting buyers.

After about 13 calls to customer service, I pieced the following conclusions together: Panasonic has clearly instructed their customer service to deter you as long as possible. They'll tell you it's an isolated incident, that you must be doing something wrong not to be able to fix this problem yourself... Unplug the phone. Replace the battery. Reconfigure the thingumdaddy. Eventually they will agree to send you a refurbished version of THE SAME DEFECTIVE PHONE that some other poor, beaten consumer has sent back. Most recently I asked them to send me an upgrade instead, offering to pay the difference. I was informed that Panasonic's policy is not to send an upgrade until you have endured 3 failed refurbished phones.

Find a better phone. Tie two tin cans together with string. Find a pretty seashell and listen to the ocean. Just please don't waste a dime on this particular communication breakdown machine.
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on January 16, 2009
I've been using these phones for about a month now and everything is going well. Here are some of the things that I like:

One charger is 150 feet from the base and works as though it were in the house. I keep it at the window of a metal building, and it starts to fade if I get on the far side of the building, but it still works.

I've had no interference or other problems.

You can call from one phone to another (such as from the house to the aforementioned metal building)

You can check messages from a receiver without having to go to the base

The audio announcement of the caller ID is fun to play with and we always laugh when it comes up with something goofy.

It uses standard sized batteries, meaning that we are sure to be able to find cheap replacements when necessary.

The save to phonebook feature allows you to change the number if the caller ID and the dialing requirements are different (with regard to 10-digit dialing or adding a 1)

As for cons, I can't really think of any. I'm quite pleased and would recommend them for sure.
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on November 28, 2009
I bought this phone in May 2009, largely based on nearly universal glowing reviews about the phone. It was either 5 or 4.5 stars on Amazon. And when I first set it up, I found it to be just as good as the reviews said. Great range, voice clarity, ease of use and battery life. After 3+ months or so, we found that the phone said it had no charge (gave the "please charge for 7 hrs" message), even though we were sure it was properly charged. At first I assumed I didn't have it set in the cradle properly. But then it started happening more and more frequently, even when we were taking great care to ensure that the phone was charging. I thought maybe we had dropped a phone on the floor, or just had a single defective unit. Finally, I decided to check the warranty so I came back to to print my order form. Then I looked at the product reviews, and was shocked that 6 months later, the rating had dropped all the way to 3 stars. As I look at the reviews, I see a huge number of people having the same issue I am having over the last few months, and giving it a 1 star rating. I don't blame them. But based on the dramatic change, I think it had to do with a manufacturing change or particular lot that was sold over the last 6 months. If you look at the older reviews, they were all great. But the recent ones are almost all bad. I am planning to see what Panasonic will do to remedy this. Another reviewer suggested that replacing the battery fixes the situation. Even if that is the case, Panasonic should pay for that.

Overall, the performance of the phone I found to be excellent when working (which it does most of the time). If this issue can be resolved with a new battery, I would highly recommend the phone, as it is better than any I have previously owned. But make no mistake, you are likely to encounter this issue if you buy this unit, so be prepared.
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Initially the phone worked great....for the first 2 weeks, that is. Sound quality awesome on both ends of the conversation, great range in our 1,600 foot home, lots of nice features, good quality speaker phone, no dropped calls, good answering machine.

Then the problems, the phone would lose connection with the base, the battery life dropped to less than 24 hours even if we talked for less than 30 minutes during that 24-hr period. Advertised life is supposed to be 11 days stand-by and 5 hours talk. It's probably a battery issue, but heck they are 2 weeks old! And I initially charged them 20+hours before doing anything with them. So back it's going to Amazon for a full refund and free return shipping. The only sad thing is some poor sucker is going to buy a "refurbished" phone and no doubt have the same issue :( If you still choose to buy this model (KX-TG9333T) test it out. Leave one phone off the charger and don't use it, except to let it ring....Insure you get more then a couple days of stand-by out of it.

I had a Panasonic 2.4 GHz that lasted over 10 years before it finally died, where did their quality go?
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