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I spent so much time searching for cordless phones because I have been stuck with so many lemons in the past. I was interested after reading about Dect 6.0 and knew that it WOULD NOT interfere with any of the wireless devices I had in my home like my other cordless phones had done using the other bands. I dealt with many disconnections while using other phones on the 5.7 band, but no problems with these.

These handsets are durable and small. I have had these phones for about a year now and they have not failed us. I love the reception on these phones as I can be sitting by my pool outside and receive and make calls. The distance is great!

I enjoy the voice feature that speaks the caller's name as well. I thought this was very innovative and was a plus along with the Dect 6.0 in choosing these. I have used Panasonic products in the past and these have been very good for the name.

I love the phones and would recommend them to friends. We have not had one, single problem with any of them since I installed them and we started making and receiving calls. I cannot speak for the voice mail system as we use our cable company to receive voice messages. If we were to use it thought, I would not anticipate any problems. Set up for the phones was also easy to follow and very logical. The directions were well documented and set-up did not take long at all.

5 stars.

Update August 2010: Our phones are still working fantastic and I've never experienced any of the issues like others with dropped calls or base problems. Panasonic does have a newer version of this phone for $20 more but I decided since my Mom needed an upgrade I was going to order her the exact model we have been using since December 2008 without any problems. All the handsets hold charges great, I can take a handset out to my pool or mailbox and have great reception with no problems. We had given Mom and Dad our older Motorola cordless but they interfere with wireless devices -- Mom is now experiencing that. I think once I get these up and running for her, she will enjoy them having 4 handsets throughout a very large house. Really a nice phone.
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on February 12, 2010
We bought these as a Christmas gift to the entire family. I know so thoughtful, right? Well yeah. We had a tower of babel going in our house with three different analog cordless phones all from different brands operating at different frequencies and each using proprietary batteries. Every member of the family complained about the quality of the phones or the batery life on a daily basis.

In one swell foop we jumped forward about a decade in technology. These phones operate outside the frequency bands of wireless routers. They transmit digital signals which make better use of power and are less susceptible to interference. DECT seems to work as advertised. And they use plain old AA NiMH rechargeable batteries you can get at Walmart. They are also small and inconspicuous. They look good and they are easy to hold. The screen and most buttons are backlit so they are easy to use. Panasonic gets an A for ergonomics. They will hold a charge for at least a day out of the charging cradle. The microphone and ear speaker both transmit nice clear voice at decent levels.

The phone has more features than most people will ever want or need. Call blocking, night quiet mode, distinct ringtones for multiple purposes, etc. One thing we find useful is the intercom feature now that we have 4 handsets from one manufacturer operating on a single band. No more screaming down to the basement for the kids at mealtime.

Anout the only thing that I would change is the fact that the main base station doesn't have its own display so you can't tell how many messages are on it, only that you have messages waiting. Not too big a deal for me.
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on February 27, 2009
Good product, it's very easy to use, however some of the options on this phone, like the alarm, require you to punch in a code to get to this option on the menu. If you lose you manual, you will not be able to access these options. Other than that we like the phone especially the talking caller ID which is a very nice feature. The names are sometimes pronounce incorrectly, but it's alway close, only a few come out and you cannot understand what it is saying. We love the intercom, because we have a 10 year old daughter there is no more yelling up the stairs to tell her to come down stairs, and she can call us. We really love having all these phones, it make life a lot more comfortable!!! The clarity on the phone is good; my family is certainly happy I finally replaced my circa 1994 uniden model, which was starting to fade in and out!! All in all a good product, worth the money.
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on June 1, 2009
I have owned the KX-TG9344 phones for 6 months now and I am very disappointed. I purchased these phones to replace two Panasonic's KX-TG5632, 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless. My wife dropped hers and busted the speaker and I cannot find a replacement speaker. So I purchased the TG-9344 in December 2008. With 4 phones we have 2 spares now, and believe me we need them. First I noticed the batteries, only 2 AAA rechargeable 630Mah each. A cheap battery for an expensive phone. We both use the speaker phone. It is very convenient and we have become reliant in using the speaker phone. I get about one hour talk time while using the speaker phone. Compared to 4 hours with the old 5.8Ghz phones. Which has a 3 battery pack that last longer. For about $30.00 I purchased 8 Duracel AAA rechargeable batteries that are 1000Mah. The phones will last about twice as long between charges.
I have arthritis in my shoulders so I purchased both phones for the use of the speaker phone.
Positive side, there are 4 phones. Charge 3 while using one.
Negative side is the absences of the Voice Enhancer that was on the 5.8GHz phone. It improved the clarity of the phone quite eminently. The TG9344 phones do not have it.
The TG9344 phone does have some extra features like talking caller ID, which is hard to understand at times. To improve this feature, program all the people who calls you regularly into the phone book, you can change the spelling of the names so they sound better when the phone announce who's calling..
The TG9344 phone does look cheaper than the TG5632 and is a little lighter, but by only 40g, about the weight of a AAA battery. The one they left out.
A big feature is the display it's bigger and brighter, and that makes it easier to read.
The TG9344 is a Digital Enhance Cordless Telecommunication Phone. Operating on 1.9GHz and its range is great. I tried the phone at about 100 feet from the base and the sound was as clear as if I was standing next to the base. No static and no broken words while walking around at 100 feet.
Another positive feature is the ability to block calls. Especially the callers who ignore the do not call list. Negative side you can only block 20 different numbers.
Sometimes not all the phones will ring. The batteries will be charged, the night mode will not be set and the phone will be close to the base. Three phones will ring and one will not. You can answer the call on the phone and it may ring next time, but sometimes not all the phones will ring and this happens independently to all 4 phones.
I couldn't care less about the wall brackets. Me, I wanted to purchase a good phone not a good wall bracket.
I guess you can't have everything in a phone but I thank Panasonic could do better. Maybe they can combine the features of both phones and build a better one.
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on June 3, 2013
RAG Authority is not a legitimate dealer for selling telephones. They are a clothing outlet in a basement organized by a couple. The phone they sent me through my request by AMAZON was shipped USPS 30 days later. When It arrived, the original box of the phone came with very lite, light brown paper (tissue) and after removing paper the box had a hole on one side & badly scraped on the other. The opening was not professionally sealed or taped. All handsets were not secured & wrapped tightly in box. When handling the box, items made a knocking sound against the box with the sound of them moving around. This entire order has been a night mare for me. Next time I order from AMAZON I will google seller to see if they are recoginized. I waited until I had the problem before checking & found the above clothing outlet under RAG Authority (no phone # & no address listed). I checked various sources, yellow pgs, whte pgs etc. on line.. There was no information about this seller. They gave me one mailing day to return it. However, it went out the 2nd mailing day because of the short notice. I'm still hurting from this mess, I will until I get a new replacement which will have to be from another seller or directly through AMAZON
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on June 11, 2014
I bought this set nearly 5 years ago, and we are still using it. I added two more of these additional handsets along the way. I have yet to even replace any of the rechargeable batteries. And it has been through copper landlines and now VOIP with no issues. Definitely getting the most bang out of every buck!
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on February 23, 2009
If you've had a phone system with an answering machine and multiple handsets before, you'll probably find the Panasonic Dect 6.0 Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System 4 Handset System KX-TG9344T very easy and quick to set up after you complete the initial 7 hour charge (first thing out of the box: insert the batteries into the handsets, plug in the base unit and the other recharger bases, put the handset in the rechargers. The phone display tells you when the phone's fully charged). After the phones are charged, it's almost intuitive to do the rest of the set up. The instruction booklet is very comprehensive and fairly easy to follow. After I had charged up all the handsets I was able to set up the phone, record my message on the answering machine, and enter name and phone numbers for about 10 names/number on 1 handset -- it has a shared phonebook and automatically transfers your phone book and most settings to all the other handsets!! -- in about 30-45 minutes.

You can pretty much just select the menu button and then scroll through the selections to set things up without reading the instruction manual if you're a savvy user and in a hurry to get up and running but I recommend reading the instruction book to find out about all the features -- it's an easy read.

The reception has been excellent and it also works well with headsets which you have to purchase separately. I live in a high rise surrounded by buildings and walked all over my apartment while on the phone and not had any drop-offs in the reception; works fine around electronic equipment etc. (I did extensive research here on on phones and read a lot of reviews before selecting this model and it looks like it's paid off.)

The handsets are lightweight, and easy to hold even for someone with small hands like me. The display tells you how long you've been on your call (hours, minutes, seconds) when connected, and when not connected to a call will give you the current time and the status of the battery.

The battery life is phenomenal for a fully recharged handset. So far I've used it non-stop without recharging for 5 hours and 45 minutes without changing handsets!! The battery indicator still was one dot and had some juice left (they advertise this phone will last up to 5 hours before a recharge). Of course you can switch handsets in the middle of a call since you can do conference calling.

Features include a light keypad which lights up whenever you touch a button (this is a great feature missing from many other Panasonic phones and makes it easy to use the phone in a dark room). As mentioned, it has a shared phonebook so that when you enter names and phone numbers it automatically puts them on the other handsets. A lot of settings like date and time also automatically are transferred to the other handsets. It has a voice caller ID which you can set on or off and also adjust the volume individually for each handset; I find it helpful to use in rooms where I may not be near a handset when the phone rings (note: will have trouble with pronouncing some names -- some results are funny -- but gets easy names) -- this feature obviously only works if you subscribe to Caller ID. Each handset has a speaker phone button which you toggle to turn on or off. You can set the phone to block calls. You can even select a "night mode" and enter the times on a handset you want the ringer to be turned off and that handset will automatically not ring during that time. You can put a call on hold with a hold button which also toggles to turn on or off.

The base set comes with the answering machine, has a keypad so you can dial directly from the base (you'd have to use the speakerphone to talk if you didn't want to use the handset) and also has a mute button. Tip: the handsets use the top button to the left of the menu button to toggle the mute feature when you're on a call (I had to look this up in the instructions but it will appear on the handset screen when the phone is in use). And the phone book allows you to search for an entry by pressing the keypad to start entering the name, or scroll up or down through names using the center round button.

Most settings are easily found and used via the Menu button at the top center of the phone and scrolling through the selections. It is easy to listen to phone messages, too, this way if you don't want to use the base set although the base has more features via buttons on the base. I've used the answering system and it works very well and it is easy to hear messages during playback (you can adjust the volume). Another nice feature is handsets are interchangeable with the rechargers and base set. There is an intercom feature on the handsets which lets you contact the base set -- nice for two people to use to communicate with one another from different rooms (never used this so don't know the range).

The phone keeps tracks of calls you're received and if you subscribe to Caller ID, allows you to easily add them to your phone book or erase either one by one or all at once. Press the left top button under View CID on the handset's screen, and you have the option to "All Erase" and with a single push of a button and delete the entire caller ID list, a feature missing from many phones. Or you can go through the list one by one by pressing the down arrow key from the center circular button and chose to erase or select it to edit or save. You can easily further edit names and numbers once they're in the phone book. Tip: when entering names and numbers you push the right arrow key on the center round button to move the cursor right before adding the next letter or number.

Additional Tips: To get out of any menu, press the "Off" button. To light up the display, press the large round button with the arrow keys.

In short this is a light weight, feature rich, long life battery, easy to use phone set which, after the initial battery charging, I had up and running in under an hour. Love it! My favorite phone system yet -- and I've had a few over the years.
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on October 13, 2010
This product was half of the solution to two problems I had in my home:

1. I had corroded twisted pair coming into the house which made the phone unbearable to use when the ground water rose above a certain level. (After much testing by the phone company they eventually told me my service guarenteed no quality of service so I just had to live with it.)
2. I had a (now EX) wife who had the phone company add over ten phone extensions to the house one time when she was hopped up on medication. Later she dropped some of these down the walls in rooms which had three extensions and the house became a humidity nightmare.

I had a Panasonic phone with one extension, which I loved, for years....except for the above, but decided I needed a four phone solution. I decided to go WIFI and VOIP on the phones and run the main phone unit out of the VOIP box.
I could always add a spliter if I needed more phones and still bypass the interior wiring. Additional phones ran about 70 bucks for two and I saw this product which had all four phones for under 100 bucks.

My experience is like going from Caveman to Buck Rogers: The phone quality is great! The conversation and even the ring tones are great. I replaced my old bedroom phone/alarm clock with one of the remotes and I now wake to quality Baroque Music instead of FM Radio.

The ClearWire 4G WIFI solution I used to solve the other 50% of the problem runs in the 2.5 GHZ range. They recommend 3.5 GHZ phones which are more expensive, have shorter battery life, and shorter range. The Panasonic operates in the 1.9 GHZ range and these shortcomings all go in the opposite direction with no compatability issues.
The only risk is that the large phone companies are coming out with their own 4G WIFI in the next couple years, and I believe their networks run close to the 1.9 range.

Anywho.... Even if you don't have lingering problems with Crazy EX-Wives and Ma Bell, this product is both Great and a Great Bargain!
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on January 6, 2016
I had an old set of Panasonic Phones and wanted to get more handsets so that my children could each have their own phone. It come with 4 handsets and the base is also a full phone, so I retired my other set. That set had 3 phones so I was able to take two phones and chargers from that set and make a set where now I have 6 handsets and a base. There are instructions in the book to sync all the phones together on one System. It just requires you to push a button and dial in a code on each handset.
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2008
I've had a hard time finding cordless phones that have all the features that I am looking for. Foremost among these is talking caller ID. Panasonic is the only mainstream manufacturer that has phones with this feature. Although the KX-TG9344 is not perfect, it is the best of the phones I've looked at so far.

It utilizes DECT 6.0, which is the latest technology for cordless phones and is supposed to have greater clarity and privacy without having interference issues like the older 2.4 GHz phones. Not sure if this is primarily a marketing gimmick or not, but the Panasonic sounds clear and has good range. The screen is nice, and the handsets are smaller than previous generations of cordless phones (which is a pro or a con, depending on your personal preference).

Regarding the talking caller ID, it's a godsend not to have to get up to pick up the phone only to find out you have a telemarketer on the line. You have to subscribe to caller ID with your phone company, and not all the caller labels are always understandable, but the nice thing is that you have the option of putting in your own labels for folks in your address book. It usually takes a couple of rings for the talking caller ID to kick in, which is a bit of a drag.

The only things I wish the Panasonic had are a speed dial feature and larger "talk" and "end" buttons. I'm so used to hitting one key to call frequently-dialed numbers in my cell phone, that not having this feature seems strange on a cordless phone. Regarding the buttons, the two most frequently used buttons are "talk" and "end". Is there a reason why these aren't any bigger than the other buttons on the keypad? May be a case of form over function.

Minor gripes aside, the Panasonic stands out among the current generation of cordless phones. Having three extra handsets is also a major plus - means a lot less running between rooms to pick up the phone.
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