Customer Reviews: Panasonic KX-TG7875S Link2Cell Bluetooth Enabled Phone, Black/Silver
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on June 10, 2013
Notwithstanding the complaints of others this phone works great out of the box. The handsets are easy to hold, easy to read, and the volume is more than adequate for those whose hearing isn't as good as it used to be (like me). And while this phone system does have a large number of features the paper manual has a well laid out matrix for locating the features you need to set up or access. Now for the two great features I've never had:

1. When you let the answering machine pickup an incoming phone call you don't have to jog to the base station to monitor the message being left by the calling party. You can set up things up so that all remote handsets can monitor the message being left as well.

2. And the most important feature in a world of unwanted, unsolicited and mostly unstoppable robo calls is the BLOCK CALLS feature of this phone system. I've found that the "Do Not Call" list mechanisms provided by the gov't are almost universally ignored by telecall centers. And complaining to the government agencies is even more useless. Before I dropped my Verizon Landline service I could only block 5 telephone numbers and when I switched to my cable provider's phone service I could only block 20. Luckily this phone system allows you to block up to 250 different phone numbers. You can also set the phone to "no ring" when a blocked number is received. My home phone has been blissfully quiet. I only have to add a few new annoying numbers each week. This feature alone is worth the price of the phone.
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on August 1, 2014
I bought this because the Panasonic that I had was 10 years old, and I tried to re-register the phone, but had problems. I looked for a phone with multiple handsets and found that this was the best value for the money.
This phone is sleek and easy to handle. It has many different rings, some even as soft music, so as to wake me up gently. I was able to transfer my contacts from my IPhone to this phone, with very little problem. I found that, after I transferred the numbers, I disconnected the blue tooth and found it easier to use the intercom. Otherwise, you have to go through a series of buttons to get to the intercom feature. The caller id has large print. Also a huge phonebook.
I read where someone had this phone's "CALL BLOCKING" feature but said that it first had to ring to block a call. I found after reading the instructions, that you could program the phone to not sound on the first ring, therefore any callers that are blocked will not go through. You can program the blocked callers or after you get an annoying call, you just set it up to block in the future. This helps cutting down on the annoying calls. It will even disconnect calls that come in as "NAME NOT FOUND".
This is great for anyone trying to keep annoying ROBO CALLS from disturbing you.
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on July 28, 2014
I received and installed the phones less than 2 weeks ago and although I love the capabilities and features, several buttons with low use on several phones have started to discolor. Not sure why, with such minimal use that the buttons would have this issue, aside from an engineering issue (choice of material used for the buttons). The warranty should cover this issue, but requires sending the phones back to Panasonic which is very impractical at this point. The phone is fairly easy to set up, but be prepared to set aside some time for all the programming options for the phones. The programming required using a cryptic code sequences but you can do it from a hand set but will need the manual. All in all the phone works well as described aside from this cosmetic issue that is getting increasingly worse over time.
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on May 18, 2016
NO CALL BLOCK BUTTON!!!!! I bought this set to replace my older Panasonic set because it can store 250 blocked numbers and had a dedicated CALL BLOCK button. It doesn't. Yes, the models numbers are all correct but Panasonic must have changed the product at some point without changing the description. In its place is a NOISE REDUCTION button. I have great digital phone service and no use for NOISE REDUCTION. Yes, I can still block a number using the menu, but I could already do that on my old phone.

Update: I unpacked and charged all of the handsets before noticing the handset power bases are hardwired! This means you can no longer feed the power wire through a grommet or hole in a desk or wall. See photo.
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on August 6, 2014
I bought this item less than 6 months ago and it already has issues. One of the handsets doesn't respond when dialing. On another one, part of the display has disappeared. I would have expected Panasonic to make a better product.
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on October 22, 2014
I've owed other Panasonic cordless phones for my home & office and they work well. This set does not! Range is and earpiece sound is poor, especially compared to other Panasonic devices. Also, individual handsets are poorly designed and top heavy. They often fall over when placed in the upright position. Not fun when you are talking on speaker phone. ALSO, seller charges a 20% "restocking" fee when trying to return. I assume that fee, plus shipping cost back is to discourage one from returning the phone system. I'm sorry I bought this set!
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on June 14, 2013
Nice unit, but one handset had a dead display. After hours of setting up the base unit, I discovered one hand set was bad. I did not want to go through the process of creating my address book, speed dial numbers, and call block numbers again so I called Panasonic support. I was told the unit was bad and could not be fixed. I must mail it back (I would need to pay the postage and insurance). I told the rep that it was dead on arrival and I would rather have them mail me a replacement. He said they would not do that. I ask for a supervisor and after a long hold was told I would get a call back in 24 hours. That was a week ago and no one called. I sent the whole system back and now I am in the market for a non-Panasonic phone.

If Panasonic reads this review, please note the following CASE #30557944.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 10, 2014
First, I need to start this review by saying that when it comes to cordless phones, nobody beats Panasonic. I don't work nor am I affiliated with Panasonic. This comes from someone that has been using a multitude of different cordless phones over the past few decades.

For the past two years I have owned Panasonic's TG-5566 5.8 Dect phone with multiple handsets. This was a powerhouse of a cordless phone system complete with a nice color screen and flashing antenna when calls and voicemail arrived.

I wanted to upgrade because the 5.8 phone just wouldn't cover my large property. If I wanted to walk the dog and talk outside, I couldn't because of the lack of range. I couldn't even talk on my deck, located on the opposite end of the house from the base unit.

I was eyeing the TG7875S for a long time, but hesitated to upgrade. First, it had no color screen that I could upload a picture to (my old phone was able to accomplish that). Next, it had no flashing light antenna to indicate new voice messages. Thirdly, reading the Amazon reviews from actual owners, I got the idea that this would be sort of a downgrade to all the "bells and whistles" that Panasonic had put into their older phones.

I am so happy that I took a leap of faith and ordered the KX-TG7875S

Been using it for a week now, and I must say, I love it more than my previous phone system.

First of all, before you even buy the phone it's a good idea to do a Google search for the manual to get an idea of all the things you can do with this phone. That being said, I was a bit fearful of all the menu codes mentioned in the manual that gave a person quick access to primary functions. How in the hell would I remember all these codes? Well, rest assured, everything is easily accessible through the phone's handset navigation screen. Play around with it a little, and you'll find that you can easily access any function of the phone within seconds from the navigation screen.

The best thing about the Dect 6.0 is its range. I get far more range across my property with this phone than I did with the older. However, I still can't get a signal to the far end of the property. That problem was remedied when I purchased the TGA405B range extender. What a remarkable little unit that thing is. It almost doubled the signal and allows me to walk to the edges of my property without any signal loss. I'll talk more about this device again in a moment.

I read complaints about Speakerphone and handset volume. I had none of these issues. Both work well, and there are controls to raise the volume on both. The base unit has a built-in answering machine, but I turned it off since I subscribe to voice mail service. For those subscribers like myself, you will obviously by dismayed by the fact there are no flashing lights to indicate a new voice message is awaiting you, however, a message is clearly displayed across the base and handset that a new voice mail message is waiting.

Link2Cell works wonderfully -- much better than what I was using previously. When I had the older Panasonic phone I bought a xLINK device that would plug into the phone line and pair a cell phone. It was bluetooth based, like the new Link2Cell, but it had very limited range. I was amazed at how much better range the bluetooth coverage is on this phone. It easily linked with my iPhone 6 Plus. The base station is located on a top floor, at the opposite end of a large home. However, upon entering the front door, my iPhone automatically links with the base station. It's incredible, because with the previous device I was using, it would only link up if I was in the adjoining room. So bravo to this unit for its bluetooth range.

So, yes, once you have your cell phone linked up, when that phone rings, so does your Panasonic phone system. Even caller ID from the cell phone is forwarded to the Panasonic display screen. Call quality is very good, but of course, dependent upon how strong your cell phone signal is. I have dead spots in my home so the quality of the calls from my cell phone vary.

What I really love is when someone sends a text message to my iPhone and I get a notification on my Panasonic phone. It's really cool to hear the Panasonic phone ring and a voice say "Text Message."

So, essentially, the Panasonic TG7875S allows you leave your cell phone in its charger and completely forget about it when you are home. Your cell phone calls will be forwarded to the base and handsets. If you get a text message, you will be notified of it.

I knew I didn't need 5 handsets (I actually needed only 4), but I put a spare away just in case one ever fails. The handsets can be customized with individual names such as "Ron Office" or "Living Room." Intercom functionality allows you to call from one handset at one end of the house to another. I also believe (though I have not tested this) that someone can pick up a handset and join someone on another handset in a single call.

Panasonic has introduced two great add-ons to this phone that I think is well worth considering. The first is something I previously mentioned in this review: the TGA405B range extender. It will literally almost double the signal strength of your cordless phone system. So, if you have a large yard and wish to have the ability to walk it and talk it, then this is a must purchase accessory. It costs just under $30. Next, is the TGA20B Key Detector. Clip it on your keychain and use your Panasonic handset to locate your keys if you have misplaced them. The device is nice and small, but my only complaint is that the "chirp" from it could be louder. Thankfully, the Panasonic handset gives you increased/decreased signal strength as you approach (or walk away from) the keys. So even if you can't initially hear the "chirp" of the device the Panasonic phone should be able to guide you there.

I think I have covered everything. Just want to again say that this is a remarkable phone system. With the addition of the range extender and the keychain finder, it becomes an INCREDIBLE phone system. So happy I didn't take the less than stellar reviews to heart and bought this phone system.
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on January 31, 2014
Some features on the phone never worked. Called Panasonic 5 times. They admitted it was defective and said they would replaced with "new" one. In the email we exchanged I capitalized "NEW" one since that was what I was told. I received a refirb with a 90 day warranty. Original had 11 months left on the warranty. I was also told I had 30 days to return the original one before Panasonic would charge me. The package that came with it says I have only 10 days. Talking to them is like talking to a robot. Even the 3 supervisor I spoke to don't listen to you, they just apologize and repeat the same story over and over again.

In addition the first supervisor who I spoke to on a Friday told me he personally would call me back the following Monday, never called. Someone else called 9 days later.
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on October 5, 2013
I've owned many phones. Some can block up to 30 calls. But this summer was real bad. All I ever got was calls asking me to install solar panels on my home. So buying a phone that can silently block 250 callers is the best thing right now. I'm with Vonage and they don't have anything like that. Its really irritating!

This is an example of a Green Energy Representative: "Hello! We are a green energy company, your home is located on a grid and your qualified for energy savings. Our computers show your paying over $100.00 to $150.00 on electricity bills. We would like to send a contractor to your home and have Solar Panels installed so you can lower your bills. I'm sorry sir I can't tell you my real name or the company I represent. But the Edison Company knows us." If I say no, the caller will say, "Sir, I'm trying to help you lower your energy bills. Is there a problem in your family? Is your parents dying? Do you have a sex life? I don't understand why you don't want to lower your electricity bills? I'm sorry sir but our company will not remove your contact information and your phone number. You can complain to the FCC, FTC, The Do Not Call Registry and the can't stop us. Sir, you can take us to court but we will win as our company isn't breaking the law. Our company is trying to sell you something you can use and not crap. If your not interested today, we will call you tomorrow. Good day sir!"

I get these calls everyday. I will ask them kindly to stop calling but when they refuse, I curse, swear and use profanity. Then I hang up and block them. They will try to break through the call block but my Panasonic phone always win. My phone currently has 33 blocked calls. I just wish in the future Panasonic will create phones that will not light up when a call is blocked or not show up in the caller id.

I'm very satisfied with my phone. Five phones to put in the house. You can connect your cellphone to the base and make calls from there. Excellent sound quality. But the ability to block 250 callers is wonderful. Thank You Panasonic!
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