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on August 17, 2012
So you have probably read by now some of the reviews on this site pertaining to this particular product. Some people write about how it isn't long enough in the handle to use, others profess it doesn't have the power to clean rugs....others even go as far as stating the front brush system is not what they came to expect in a vacuum....

But please read what I have to say before you purchase this Vacuum Cleaner and then make an honest decision. I am not saying that their opinions are wrong, I would just like to convey my own in a way by which you, as the consumer, can justify your decision without prejudice.

1. I am over 6" tall. I need something which can stretch out in the neck to handle so that I am not bending over to clean. See the metal attachment lower down in the connection to the hose? That's real metal and that pulls out to extend more than enough of a length to fit even my large build.

2. I have rugs, albeit nothing thick like shag...but if you have shag get yourself a steam vac or perhaps a vacuum with a rotating bristle. This Vacuum's suction power is so strong, EVERY rug in my house stays perfectly clean, and is cleaned by only this Vacuum.

3. Some people mentioned how the arm slides off the connected hose because there isn't a button or dimple to ensure the piece holds together when connected. Since we have used this product, there NEVER has been a time that the connection slid off it's true fit, and I doubt with the proper use it ever will.

Again, perhaps I have been blessed with the best version of this product, and others have found problems with the ones sent to them, mainly because of a manufacturing error. But for $95.00 or so dollars, this vacuum has just replaced the one I spent three times as much for in the past, and is doing even a better job than expected. I particularly love the filter system, the attachments and the swivel ability of the hose.

Once again Panasonic makes a quality item and I don't have to work for the competition or even Panasonic to know true representation when I see it.
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on December 27, 2014
This is a pretty good canister vacuum and I've had several. It doesn't work very well on carpet w/o a lot of effort, but It states that it's not for carpet (not a big surprise there). Whoever designed it seems to have put a lot of thought into the looks of it bcuz it's a nice looking vacuum, but not as much thought into the functionality of it. The attachment that comes with it is slightly useful, but in a bad location. It would have been nice if the on button and cord rewind button weren't exactly the same, hence the looks vs function. Nothing that can't be dealt with easily. I do have to clean it out with each use, but that's my choice. It works better when it's emptied/cleaned out each time for me that is. I also use my husband air compressor to blow the filters off, which is convenient. I have my doubts about how long it will last, but considering the cost I can't complain. I hope with gentle use it will be well worth the cost. If you don't want to deal with cleaning it out often, then I would recommend another vacuum. I have 2 dogs, so maybe that's why I have to clean it so often to maintain the suction? It's not difficult to do, but highly recommended it's done outside. The edge cleaner works pretty good as a bonus. The cord is long enough, but there's always ext. cords if needed. One big issue I just found out, most vac accessories are interchangeable, this one will not allow you to use your old ones. For me that's important bcuz the only accessory that comes with it isn't very good. 4/9/15 After using this vacuum for a while my rating has gone down, I find myself having to clean it out every time I use it. It would be nice to just grab it occasionally and use it w/o having to clean it out, but if I want full suction power I can't :( Works great when it's clean tho. Handle also slips off easily which isn't a big deal, but aggravating. Probably wouldn't buy again with all I know now? :(
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on June 12, 2011
I bought this vacuum because the neavy duty one is too heavy and whenever there is a need to vacuum, I hesitated because of the weight.

Now, with this new vacuum, I am excited about cleaning because first, it does the job wonderfully and secondly, light enough to lift on your one hand and third it works both on the floors and carpets, and forth, this vacuum can reach and clean under the bed, shelf, any corners with no problem.

My carpets are Persian and not deep carpet.

This is more than what I had expected of. I am thankful for the two reviews above I trusted before purchasing it. They are also correct!!

Anyone who is considering to buy a heavy-duty one, no need.

This is the only one you need in one household.
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on July 6, 2017
I have the connection problem between the grip and aluminum tube, it gets loose ALL THE TIME. The aluminum tube falls off so often and hits my toes, and it hits on my furnitures leaving marks on them. I constantly have to pick up the aluminum tube and re-hook it with the grip, which is a total drawback since I have a bad back.

Also, since this vacuum is made by Panasonic, it is designed based on the height of Japanese people, so the handle part is way too short so it's harder to maneuver. The plastic tube is also too short, the canister sways back and forth as I vacuum, and sometimes it even gets in the way.

The only thing I like about this vacuum is it is very light weight, and it is bagless so it saved me some $ in the long run.
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on March 14, 2016
I purchased this vacuum in September 2015 — last week, the hinges on the canister snapped in half, disconnecting the main body from the two filter attachments. This happened while cleaning the canister in the kitchen sink—while brushing the grime away with the provided comb, I let go of the filters, which went slapping on the canister body then snapped off. Clean break. I had concerns when I first received the vacuum at how flimsy some of the pieces (such as those hinges) looked and felt, but since the rest of the unit seemed well designed I decided to give it a go. I also purchased the extended warranty that Amazon offers.

Since the canister hinges snapped, the suction the vacuum generates has greatly decreased, making the vacuum kind of pointless at its job. I tried contacting Amazon about this, though they asked me to instead contact Canopy, the extended warranty provider. Canopy tells me the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect, so Panasonic should be responsible to fix the vacuum. Then I tried calling Panasonic, though they do not have agents taking repair calls for home appliances—instead, you are provided with a list of repair centers, the same that is available on their website. Major customer service fail. The nearest repair center is over 25 miles from my home in Manhattan, New York.

I am out a vacuum and an extended warranty. It goes without saying that I cannot recommend this product. Although the vacuum itself seems well built (I particularly love the vacuum head), the flimsy canister design is a critical flaw that can seriously reduce the life of this product. Beware before buying.
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on April 19, 2013
Purchased MC-CL310 from Amazon and used twice. Second time vacuum died instantly and did not operate again. Contacted Panasonic and all they said was make sure filters are clean - filters were clean. Checked Amazon and found that they do not provide a return policy past 1 month and does not provide a contact phone number. Poor customer service taking in view numerous orders placed with Amazon. Lack of customer service and inadequate return policy leads one to believe that there is still a place for "brick and morter" stores where you can still contact the store for resolution.
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on February 6, 2016
My mom CONSTANTLY breaks vacuums. I cannot begin to express just HOW many vacuums she's broken in the past. She broke her last one a few days before Christmas, so we picked her up this vacuum as an additional present.

She's had her hands on it for about two months now, and it's still working! It has really good suction power, and the cord is nice and long. She's complained in the past that her other vacuum didn't have a long enough cord, but this one does. The cord zips back into the vacuum cleaner with the push of a button. It's very handy for people that don't want to stoop down or kneel to manually wrap a cord.

She says it also works really well on carpets and on wooden floors! The vacuum cleaner is being used on a household that has a LOT of cat fur. This vacuum cleaner does a really good job of sucking up all of the cat fur on both the hardwood and the carpet. It has a strong enough motor that it's able to pick up all of the fur off of the carpet. We've had vacuums before where you have to go over a spot a couple times to get all of the crumbs, and that sucks!

Overall, we would definitely recommend this vacuum for anybody that needs a canister vacuum for use on hardwood or carpeting!
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on July 27, 2017
Excellent vacuum cleaner. Nice in shape, great in function, light and easy to use and clean. I bought it a year ago and waited I am sure it is of high quality and then leave a feedback. Very nice with enough power for home usage. Very user friendly, very light and maneuverable.
I definitely recommend it.
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on November 29, 2012
This is a great small vacuum and serves the purpose I bought it for. I needed something with a hepa filter that could get stairs, tile and wood floors well. I have carpet in the house and use a different vacuum for that. But, we will be getting rid of the rest of our carpet soon and will only have a few rugs.

The edge feature on the main attachment is awesome! It really does suck up all that dust, food, etc. that gets stuck in edges and can't be vacuumed by a regular vacuum.

It is light and easy to carry wherever I need to take is, especially stairs.

It is easily maneuvered in small spaces, especially with the smaller attachment. The hose and extender make it really easy to get hard to reach places.

I love that I can turn it on and off with my foot. I've never owned a canister vacuum before, so it's a really handy feature.

The suction is strong.

It doesn't do carpet that well. It's ok for a quick vacuum, but this should not be your main vacuum for carpets and rugs. But, I haven't tested it out that much for that yet. There is no rotating brush to really dig into carpet though. I did not want to spend $400 on a canister that would do it all, so I have a separate small dirt devil that does carpet well. Both vacuums together were probably less than $150 so I don't mind having separate ones.

The cord seems kind of short, so I have to keep re-plugging it in.

Overall I like it and would recommend it depending on your needs. If you don't have carpet (or have minimal carpet), this is a great vacuum.
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on January 15, 2014
I've always liked Panasonic products, whether it be their video equipment or vacuum cleaners. Our first Panasonic vacuum was a MC-6255 bagged upright which is still going strong after 20 years. I purchased this MC-CL310 bagless to supplant our Miele S6270 Quartz bagged canister. Obviously, you can't compare the Panasonic MC-CL310 to the Miele S6270 due to the respective price points ($80 vs. $425 to $500 respectively).

I like the look, feel, and build-quality of the Panasonic (especially at its price point), but operationally, it's a let down. Why? Yes, it is bagless, and includes a generous collection bin, but it has four filters within the vacuum. Two of them need constant cleaning, otherwise you lose suction very, very quickly. A polyester mesh filter and a pleated paper filter are located on the back side of the removable collection bin. The mesh filter gets covered with dust and dirt very quickly, and the paper filter's front side does as well, but to a bit lesser extent. I find myself constantly removing the collection bin, and vacuuming off the mesh filter and the front side of the pleated paper filter with another canister vacuum. In addition to these two filters, it has a fibre motor protection filter, and a HEPA exhaust filter - both of which do their respective jobs very well. Operationally, the problem is the constant cleaning of the mesh filter, and to a lesser extent the front side of the pleated paper filter within the removable collection bin. All of this constant cleaning of these two filters almost defeats the purpose of a bagless canister vacuum!

The telescoping metal wand is a Big Plus at this price point. I'm not a fan of the two included multipurpose tools, especially the crevice tool with the small upholstery brush attached to its swivel end. It's more like a toy than a real upholstery brush! I would much rather have a dedicated upholstery brush as I find I use this attachment most often when using a canister vacuum.

This is a decent, and reasonably quiet, but schizophrenic canister vacuum. In retrospect, I would look for an equally-priced or slightly more expensive bagged vacuum instead, as the bagless feature of this vacuum is severely compromised by the constant cleaning of the two filters on the back side of the collection bin.
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