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Price:$114.27 - $139.90

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on March 24, 2014
I go through headphones frequently. Mainly because I have a big amp I hook them up to and I usually blow them out. To say these are high quality would still not articulate how impressed I am with these headphones. Great sound, great bass, and the amplifier doesn't even make the speakers become distorted (which is golden in the speaker world). They also come with a very big and soft pleather bag to put them in. I find this to be a quality add on that adds a certain luxuriousness to the headphones. And to round it all out it has a built on microphone/volume control that works with apple devices. How cool is that? With the sale price going on right now of only $35 bucks or so (depending) I am planning on buying another pair to save as a gift or to resell to a friend at a higher price. Haha.. You can't blame me for being business savvy. ;D
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on March 12, 2014
These perform very well, the sound is great and they sufficiently block other noise without making me deaf to the world around. I bought them to listen to music or books when doing yard work, shoveling snow / snow blowing, running the vacuum. They do a great job letting me hear what I want and blocking the noise of the equipment that I am using while still letting me hear if it is not running correctly. The earpieces are comfortable on my ears for a few hours of work. The headphones are a bit heavy and keeping the head piece from falling forward or back is a bit of a hassle for the amount of moving and bending that I am doing.
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on June 19, 2015
I listen to these at a stereo shop here at home and they sounded great ,The bass is deep but it is not over the top that you here nothing but bass .The midrange and highs are great ,I heard sounds that I have never heard before out of my cheap headphones I have, The sound is crystal clear .The bass is at 7hz but maybe a whale can hear that ,the highs go up to 27 KHz maybe my dogs can hear that ,but the 50mm driver does produce good clean bass.It has apple controls on it where you can change tracks and pause it plus it has a hidden inline mic. The cord could have been longer because 4 foot is short if you have a big case. The cord is all on one side ,they are build good with a metal insert at the top. They are very easy on the ears ,the cushions are soft ,They are pretty large so some may say they are bulky ,but I thought they were real comfortable.I started to get them at $89,95 then I thought I better look at amazon and they were just $33 even tho the list prize was $149.99 ,so I got them at amazon for a great prize. Always remember when you get a new pair of head phone play music though them over night to break the in.When you first get them they may not sound as good as you thought ,but after breaking them in ,they sound amazing .they will be hard to beat at $33 .so just get them if they still have them in stock. Amazon is the best place to shop with ther low prices.
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Update 12/2014: These have been fantastic. I have now purchased a 2nd pair for another family member who likes mine. In the meantime, I've listened to more expensive headphones and they all have issues- too muffled base, or tinny treble.

I have high quality music systems in my home. I primarily enjoy instrumental versions of 60s and 70s rock; country; movie and TV themes; Caribbean steel drums; dulcimer and music box. Full symphony orchestras hit the high and the low notes. So I wanted quality headphones for listening without disturbing others.

The Panasonic HT480 allows my ears to be inside the cups so there is no pressure. Others cannot hear what I am listening to and I can barely hear them. The highs and the lows are clean and clear. Individual instruments are easy to pick out. Its almost as good as listening to my high end music system.

One factor that influenced me to buy this set (even though I had not listened to them) was my experience with the Panasonic brand. I have purchased a variety of consumer products made by them over 3 decades and the quality has always been superb. Panasonic always seems to add a few features that others charge more for or do not include.
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on July 4, 2015
All I can say about these Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones after 2 Weeks is one word: "WOW!!!, People were NOT kidding when they said that Panasonic Headphones sound better after they are broken in, and after you have listened to them for a good while, and a good length of time!! I could not believe it, it is now approximately 2 weeks since I have been using the Headphones, and today when I put them on I notice the Huge Difference in the increased Amazing Sound Quality! Every Piece of Music that I listen to NOW sounds incredibly way BETTER after 2 weeks of using the Headphones! When you first buy the Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones do NOT underestimate them. It is like the Speakers came Alive in the Headphones after 2 weeks. It is like the Speakers are Warmed Up after 2 weeks and The Sound Quality after 2 weeks of using the Panasonic Headphone is Breathtaking. It sound so GOOD, that I do not even want to take the Headphones Off now when listening to any Music! They sound SO Good, SO Terrific now after 2 weeks that I can NOT really compare them to any other Headphones. The Music sound from Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones sound so good now that you can really feel Music and feel all of the Instruments in your Heart after 2 weeks of using headphones for good long while.

The Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones provides real Nice clean sound with plenty of volume to crank it up. They are soft, with leather-covered ear pads and headband for exceptional comfort and durability. I love them, I forget that they are on my head and the sound is pretty great. I'm incredibly pleased with everything about these headphones. They're really comfortable and lightweight, sound quality is superb. The custom-designed titanium coated drivers offer detailed sound and extended frequency response. The Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones are an affordable headphone that's well-built, attractively designed, relatively comfortable, and optimized for use with any uses or devices. The headphones deliver high-fidelity sound and come with a nice carrying case as well. The headphone is an impressive headphone -- both in terms of build and sound quality. It is a well-crafted, very comfortable audiophile-grade headphone that features well-balanced, articulate sound. The Full-size headphones offer very accurate, clean sound. When the Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones are Warmed up after about 10 Days of Using them, they really Sound really Great!

I believe RPHT480CK Headphones have an appealing design, strong features, and a good sound. I think headphones deliver excellent sound tuned to satisfy most audiophile tastes. They offer excellent, accurate sound that's aimed at audiophiles on a budget. I think the headphones feature an attractive, retro design, decent build quality, and a relatively comfortable fit, and they sound good for their modest price. I have about 4-5 different Panasonic Headphones on hand, from Panasonic Ear buds, to Panasonic Wireless Headphones. I think most Panasonic Headphones & Speakers delivers Accurate Sound with clarity and balance for a true presentation of music as it was meant to be heard. I think these headphones work perfectly and sound much crisper than other headphones. The Panasonics have excellent noise reduction also, very good sound quality and are pretty comfortable to wear. Their sound is really clear with a good dynamic range. The Panasonic Headphones have Clear and Balanced Sound across the board, with Excellent Detail, Tight, Musical Bass, with a Firm Bass response. Headphones have a Vast, Good dimensional Soundstage, with a real Crystal clear Treble as well. I would say the Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones Soundstage emulates a Real Good Studio sound. I really Recommend Panasonic RPHT480CK Headphones!
Anybody will LOVE them after 2 weeks of using them. You won't be disappointed
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on March 2, 2015
I am not an audiophile, I am not pretending to be. I listen to Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, Electric, Jazz, Classical and a ton of podcasts. I think these sound way better then what I paid for them. These headphones are incredibly comfortable. The built in mic is a must for any set of headphones in today's era of smartphones. It is also really nice to have a non-tangling wire that only comes out of one side. The pivoting ear pieces make them more portable.

As far as design, they get an A+. I would give them an B on the sound, but once I factor in the cost... It's 5 stars all around.

I am still not done breaking in the drivers, but the sound is improving. These felt a little weak at first. I wanted more punch, but after some break in, they sound great.

The noise cancellation is passive. You basically benefit from the fact that the headphones cup the ear and reduce outside noise. This is surprisingly effective. I have a larger head and I was worried about the look and feel. These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned and I have wasted hundreds of dollars trying various brands. I think they look sharp. My wife got pretty jealous of them, so I got her a pair of the white ones for her.

I would recommend trying these. The price fluctuates on this model on Amazon. I strongly suggest to shop around there to find the best price. I got mine for under thirty. he white ones were a few bucks more. Great deal in my opinion.
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on January 27, 2014
Was looking for a quality pair of headphones to use with my iPhone and iPod. I'm impressed with the sound quality considering the affordable cost. The sound continues to improve as the 50mm drivers break-in. Very glad the tone is NOT artificially bass heavy but much more neutral. Very comfortable ear pads that completely cover my ears versus many other over-the-ear styles. Not audiophile grade but closer than I expected! I definitely recommend the Panasonic RP-HT480C-K headphones for people looking for great sounding headphones that have Apple remote controls built-in.
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on October 14, 2014
My initial impression of these was not all that good. The bass was severely lacking...but after 10 hours of overnight burn-in they sound amazing. The separation and clarity of instruments is astonishing. Well with the $40 I spent.

The fit is decent, a little loose on my head, but it seems most headphones are. the ear cups are very comfortable, and completely cover my ears with enough depth to not touch the speaker cloth.

I had been using Skullcandy Hesh 2.0, but in typical Skullcandy fashion one if the wires inside the thing shorted out. By comparison in sound quality the Panasonic is definitely better, but at triple the MSRP I'm not entirely surprised, even if I did spend roughly the same on these.

One caution is that I've found these seem to need a headphone amp to reach their volume potential. I already owned the Fiio Andes E07K portable headphone amp/DAC, so this isn't an issue for me, but if you plan on plugging these into your phone directly you may be disappointed.

I haven't had a chance to test on an airplane or busy train station, but they do block out snoring quite nicely. I would expect them to do just fine at insulating you from most noise. I also don't know about noise bleed for use in the library, but as loud as these get would expect just about any of the Transformers Movies, or heavy metal, to be an annoyance to someone close by.

I haven't tested the mic or phone functionality as my old Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX never really had a functioning headphone jack, and the controls are designed for the iPhone(which i heard had the opposite problem of the phone's internal mic/speaker failing)
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on January 18, 2014
Just got new headphones for better quality sound when listening to my favorite symphonies and these are wonderful! Highly recommended! It also has a great low for people who like heavier bass music.
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on November 24, 2014
More of 3.5 stars, but Amazon doesn't allow for 1/2 stars, so I rounded up to 4 stars. I've been using these headphones for several weeks and have listened to them quite often with various devices and here are my impressions:

I got these on a lightning deal for $30 some dollars, and at this price, I would recommend them but not at the normal price for several reasons. However, here are the things that I like about these headphone first:

The design is what drew me first to these headphones including the color combination, which I've not really seen previously. I like the comfortable fit of the head band and earcups. The headphones seem well built for under $50 and reliability of the Panasonic name is known, but I'll see what the actual reliability is down the road. Also, the single, flat cable is nice and helps with keeping it untangled for the most part.

The sound to me is fairly good for the mids and highs, but does lack bass, so I would not recommend these for bass heads. It has 50mm drivers, so the lack of lows is disappointing, but it just depends on what type of music you listen to and how and where you use them. I use these indoors primarily for music(I think they are good enough for any type of music except for bass heavy music) , watching video/movies on a tablet, and study music. Tweaking the equalizer does help some, but overall these are better for mids and highs.

These headphones are very similar to my old Sennheiser HD 202's, which died out, in terms of sound quality. But these are a little better in other ways like fit, style, and construction.

Here are a few of the things that could be improved:

Even though these fit well overall, the headphones are heavy in the headband region, which cause them to slide forward or back as you move your head, respectively. The weight combined with the slippery material on the headband contribute to this, so I use these headphones primarily when I'm sitting motionless. Definitely not recommended for using while doing any heavy activity.

The earcups do cover my entire ears, but don't actually provide much noise-isolation, which is a bit surprising. So not recommended for commuting on the bus/train/airplane. My various earbuds provide more isolation. Also, they do tend to heat up after a while, but still are probably more comfortable for the long haul than earbuds.

The music controls work on my windows phone and android tablet, but only the play/pause and skip to next track. This isn't too much of a big deal as I knew going into this purchase that full controls including volume were compatible with Apple products only. It just seems harder and harder to find headphones that have controls that work for all devices besides Apple, which still dominates today in the headphone compatibility market.

In the end, I will still stick it out with these headphones as it does have a number of positives and hopefully reliability, despite a few negatives for me. With my experience with sub $50 headphones and earbuds, you usually get what you pay for, with a few exceptions like the Panasonic Ergofit earbuds which are dirt cheap for the quality of sound and reliability so far. This unfortunately is not one of those exceptional headphones for the price. For that, I think you would need to move up the price range to at least over $50.
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