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on August 29, 2012
I purchased this surround sound system to go with my new Panasonic Plasma TV. This surround sound system fills my living room with sound very well.

The software inside isn't perfect, but it is pretty self explanatory and gets the job done.

I also recommend purchasing the wireless rear speaker unit. It works VERY well with this unit, and I do NOT have wires to run through walls or wires sitting around the room on my carpet. This optional feature is well worth the extra cost. With the wireless unit, you only need to run wires between the unit & the rear speakers - you do NOT have to run wires from the main unit across the room - that is a huge win!
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on December 13, 2014
I purchased 2 of these, as gifts. Both of the recipients of the gifts, purchased a system for themselves before getting a gift. The surround sound is a good buy. Not the best buy, nor the regretted purchase. Amazon always makes things simple for the shopper to return or modify and order to suit the needs, so returning one was simple. Which is why i chose to keep one and check it out. Connected to a Samsung Smarty 6000 series and ran appropriately for distance and sound positioning. I will tell you what...I turned this up almost full volume 70 percent and was surprised there was not a bad distortion at 70-98 out of 100. Still singing like the speaker on Shawshank Redemption. So I mounted the speakers permanently and the its now my surround.
Cheap Price
Easy Connection (Also A downside, because of the specific plug. )
Great Sound
All functions work as described
arrived quickly
packaged well, and easy to repackage.


System is a little on the plastic and cheap side for speakers. (They mount and look ok though)
LCD display is outdated and only a single line of text. I cannot see the text from my chair in the center of the Room...why not put that info on a remote
Remote batter cove is in a spot where its the "hump" on the remote back. So any friction and the battery cover is off, and before long could be lost easily enough.
Should Be WIRELESS. or the sound of my spouses disdain for the look of wires should be MUTED.
They make a wireless system and its very much the same except speaker towers. Which Dropped the price here.
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on September 4, 2013
Positive: Puts out enough sound to fill decent sized room. Nice having netflix and pandora.
Negatives: Consistent lip synch issues on tv and netflix. Does not turn on to last input so I always need to change it to watch tv. No aux input for playing music from phone. After one year developed annoying buzz sound when playing dvd or watching netflix. Save your money and buy something better than this.

Update: Above review is true for non-Panasonic TV. My tv recently died and I replaced it with Panasonic TC-P60ST60. After setting up the viera link for the home theater and tv I am able to use the tv remote (and my cable remote) for everything. When I turn the tv on the home theater automatically turns on, the tv speakers turn off and the sound defaults to the home theater. When the tv is turned off the home theater is turned off. No buzzing or lip synch issues with new setup. This is a great home theater for folks with a newer Panasonic TV, for those without a Panasonic TV, not so much.
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on December 16, 2015
DO NOT buy this POS system. It is garbage. We had it for 6 mths and both tall boy speakers started shorting out. Over 2 wks the problem became very bad so I contacted Panasonic before my 1 yr manufacturers warranty expired and it has been a nightmare. After 2 weeks they finally told me they have no repair facility other than TX and had to pay $75.00 UPS to ship THEIR faulty system to them. As of today they have had my system over 30 days and I still have no answer as to when I will (if ever) receive it back or get any type of refund! GOOD LUCK if you buy this piece of crap!!
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on March 27, 2014
Okay so buyer beware and all that... I failed to fully read the specs so shame on me. I made it work, but seriously... just one HDMI and one Digital Optical input for a 'theater surround sound system'? Also when I tried to run this through my HDMI switcher it wouldn't show video but did provide audio via the HDMI... I figure it has something to do with the ARC return, but come on now... really? Especially since I have no choice but to use the switcher since it only has ONE input (sorry just can't get over that). Can you patch that with a firmware upgrade or something? Also found that the volume levels between the HDMI and the TOS (fiber optic) were dramatically different even coming from the same source device (tested with an Xbox One, a CableVision (Cisco Systems branded) cable box, a feed from my PC with an external sound 'card' that supports both HDMI and Optical) again... really? From a vendor 'new to the game' most of this is somewhat expected but from Panasonic? Anyway I made it all work, but honestly I'll probably move to this system to the secondary TV setup in the game room and buy something with a little more flexibility for the main TV.
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on March 22, 2014
First the basics: It sounds pretty good for the price, of course you will not want to be using this for audiophile music listening, but the audio remaster/simulated tube amp modes are fun to play around with. The pseudo-surround modes work really well for music and television/movies if you like that sort of thing as opposed to original stereo mixes. There are many options in any given mode (blu-ray, streaming app, etc) to control picture and sound settings and variables. The menus are simple and straightforward, but the remote is a bit awkward, as the button arrangement makes it too easy to accidentally hit the HOME button (throwing you out of what you were doing) instead of the up-arrow button, for example. Navigation is a bit laggy; it usually takes the system 2-4 seconds to respond on screen to a button press. I have not had any issues playing blu-ray discs, startup time and chapter/menu changes are reasonable.

As for streaming and networking: This unit supports what I consider to be the "worthwhile" streaming apps, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon, YouTube, etc etc; you will not get the 1000+ channels that are available on Roku, but in my experience (I owned one once) about 980 of those 1000 channels are useless. I wanted an affordable all-in-one unit that would stream, provide a sound system, and play DVD and Blu-ray so I wouldn't have 4 or 5 remotes to keep up with, and this unit satisfies that objective. Netflix for whatever reason is noticeably slower to load than it is on my PS3 or in the outdated VIERA that was built into my Panasonic TV, although once it does load, it streams smoothly. Everything I have streamed with this unit so far has worked flawlessly. The VIERA Connect marketplace is simple and you can arrange your app screen however you like; you also have lots of other connectivity options such as data discs, USB, SD cards, etc, and you can connect it to your home network.

It has DLNA support, although DLNA itself is not very useful and the Windows Media Server is fairly limited; I was able to play files via network share that I could not play through the Windows Media Server. You can also connect directly to a network share and play various video files from your PC. I have successfully played MP4 and MKV files (encoded with Handbrake using the AppleTV 3 defaults), but if you like subtitles (anime), this unit will fail you in that respect-- I have spent several hours trying to make videos that will display subtitles on this unit but so far the only solution is to "burn in" the subtitles by remuxing the video, which gives you ugly, jagged, blurry subtitles that are legible but very unpleasant to read. It also does not support chapter stops within MKV or MP4 files. It also will not play .ISO files, it looks like the Western Digital Live is the only unit that will, but it has had very troubling reviews in regards to stability and operation.

Before I bought this unit, I was using a laptop hooked up to my TV via HDMI for all of my streaming, but this was very awkward; almost all of my streaming is Netflix and Crunchyroll, and neither performed well through their websites versus through the apps on my wife's PS3. The website streams would freeze, stutter, time out, and in the case of Netflix, it was almost impossible to maintain a HD stream. By using the apps in the BTT190, I am no longer having to tolerate any of these issues, and I am able to do everything with a single remote (well, two if you count the DirecTV remote) versus having to fumble with a laptop, mouse, dragging browser windows from screen to screen, etc... so I am keeping the laptop only for mounting ISOs and playing them through Media Player Classic (since there is no better solution to playing ISOs at this time), and I am able to do everything else with the BTT190. Victory!
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on February 4, 2014
I was pretty excited to "upgrade" to these from the $50 RCA setup I had previously, but am sad to say I was disappointed. The RCA speakers put out more sound on everything, except playing a blu-ray. Blu-ray has really good surround, but nothing else plays nearly loud enough

NOTE: I did update the settings as some of the reviews suggest, but am still disappointed in this. The Blu-ray player itself is also not that good. I have a Sony which plays much clearer picture (I have a 55" Panasonic LED TV). Also note, smart sync does not work, and you constantly have to turn it on, change it over to D IN every time you leave the room.

I would say honestly if you have RCA connectors on your tv, get the RCA setup for $50, or save and get something better.
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on May 9, 2013
This is my first venture into external speaker, and being in a small apartment I don't want to be one of those people with some crazy setup that would give people the desire to murder me every night I watch the tube.

I have a Panasonic tv and a Panasonic blu-ray, so that's a major reason why I bought this. I could care less usually if I have mixed and match parts, but the fact that everything works and easily so made it a no brainer. Needed 2 HDMIs; optical audio was not needed.I don't know enough about audio video components to know if this is due to my tv being arc compatible (i'm thinking so) or because it's all from the same manufacturer (i doubt that). The manual does seem to suggest an optical audio would be used in conjunction with the hdmi but I did not need that. Since it is from the same manufacturer and I've set things on my TV to external speaker and set some viera link settings to look for the device, it set up in 10 minutes after some initial confusion. Just had to find the right options.

Sound is good. Doesn't make my tv show watching THAT much better and mostly because I think aren't so concerned with sound engineering just like they usually aren't as concerned (or can't afford) as good of visual effects. And plenty of stuff is live or just plain speech. But the clear mode dialogue is great for this type of thing, and does make me hear the tv shows better, and that is adjustable. The unit really shines during playback of movies I thought. Between my tv, my bluray, and these speakers I really felt like I had a mancave and that I didn't brake the bank doing it.

I was more than satisfied with it. Some woofers these days are wireless and I suppose that would be advantageous but wasn't an issue for me.
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on July 19, 2014
i've had this since christmas. it might just be my ears (i have a hard time hearing in surround) but its very hard for me to hear the surround sound when watching a movie or tv. music i can distinguish it, but just barley.

i have it hooked up to my computer via optical cable and it does get annoying to keep switching the wire, but meh. what i really don't like is the fact if my computer and sound system off and i turn them back on, it doesn't remember the input, i have to change it.

but enough about that, what really PISSES me off about this system is the fact that i can't play blu-ray movies. i have different blu ray systems in the house, but this one i use in my room and i can't play a movie. the system is up to date. this is an inconvenience for me since i have to watch it in the living room. i live with my family. if i want to watch a movie, i have to wait till either they go to bed, or beg them for me to watch something (they dont like most of the movies i like to watch)

live chat was semi helpful, told me steps that i already went through, but didn't sound frustrated or anything. idk if you still have to, but last time i looked for their support number, i was going to be charged 10 dollars for tech help. i've had tech help for other numerous things, but not once have i ever had to pay, so i decided to not call them
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on December 2, 2012
I bought this system for my 12' x 12' movie room. I needed something that had enough sound to fill the room without overwhelming the small space. This system sound incredible for what what seems like cheap plastic speakers. The surround is very immersive and the HDMI inputs work as well as the built in 3D Blu-ray player. It even has pass through when its on stand-by. I have an Xbox 360 and a Verizon FIOS cablebox taking up the 2 HDMI inputs. I have also had ZERO issues with the network connection, but I mostly use the Xbox for netflix and Amazon Prime movies. I have updated the firmware twice since I purchased it, so im happy to see Panny still updating the software.

My main issue with this system is the software interface. Every adjustment and option pretty much needs to go to a full on screen menu. I cannot adjust the Bass without going to the menu. I cannot even change the input without going to the menu. Instead of going from input to input, I have to go from input, to menu, to input. If you can get past that, it is a great solution to a home theater/blu-ray combo.

Pros: Sounds Great
Has pass through HDMI with 3D for the 2 extra inputs
frequent software updates

Cons: Cheap looking glossy speakers
Menu interface is terrible
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