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on July 26, 2014
After 4 years it still works, but man it throws off a lot of heat and uses lots of electricity...
But it does work flawlessly... Yes, about 500 watts of electric... Nice for Winter and not Summer in Florida.
Oh, if you are a Ham Radio operator, it practically destroys the ham bands with noise and birdies....
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on February 13, 2010
Out of the box the picture is great - had no need for adjustment. Just a small sound adjustment (+10 Bass & Bass Boost, +1 Treble), I did notice a lot of other users dissatisfied with the sound and at the moment my sound level is around 6 to 7 and really see no need to go above 13-14 but if you are having to go above 20-25 you might want to consider either A) a hearing aid or B) a home theater system, and besides with certain grade speakers if you push them past a certain level your going to blow them, if you do feel the need to crank up the sound you should invest in a sound system.

Now the meat and potatoes:
- Viera Link works great with my PS3 (turns it on and off, and handles all controls within the menu!)
- Picture is awesome, deep blacks and vivid colors.
- FIOS HD never looked better
- Watched some Nascar did not see any ghosting
- Looks better then my LG
- Picture and sound fine in a 250 sq ft room.
- Did I mention Viera Link works with your PS3?!

- Sound could use a little more bass

Overall myself and family are completely happy with the purchase, got a great Gold Box deal on a four diamond product.
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on November 5, 2009
I have had the TV for a month now and I am very happy with my selection. The picture quality is excellent and the viewing angle allows good picture quality for at least 45 degrees on each side. The sound quality is not the best but adequate. I have added a seperate Sony speaker system which has improved this area. The unit was shipped quickly and was very easy to set up. Overall weight makes it easy to move the TV for adjustments or additions of other components. Three HDMI hookups seems to be adequate. Currently I have added a blueray DVD unit and it works very well with the TV. I would purchase this unit again over many others I have seen.
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on June 1, 2010
I will admit to not being a pro but I did do my research when buying this product. After seeing positive reviews in Consumer Reports and Amazon I decided to take the plunge. Two big fears in buying a flat screen have not been an issue with this product. Volume and audio quality has not been an issue. Again I am not a crazy audiophile but I notice no tinniness or other signs of crappy sound. The viewing angle was also important us as we have the TV in a room with a wraparound couch. No problems here either, you can see the screen clearly as along as you can see the screen.
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on November 13, 2009
This TV is the first big purchase I have made in many years. I am very happy with the TV, the colors look amazing, the controls are easy, and it's easy to set up. Does everything I wanted it to do, with a good name brand to back it. One of my favorite features of the TV is that there are volume controls, channel controls, Menu, and Input all on the side of the TV. That means when you loose your remote, and all you want to do is play some playstation with your friends, instead of wasting your life looking for it you can just walk up to the tv and hit the input button. This was glorious to me because I loose my remote allot and all of the previous TV's I have had you need a remote to use the input button.

Sometimes things look a little green when the TV tries to go in cinema mode. I think its supposed to make things look darker or something. I dont know I dont like it, I usually turn the colors on cool and turn the contrast up so I dont even notice it. If your going to be watching some hockey on this baby, put the color temperature on Cool, the ice looks way way better.
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on October 21, 2009
The Panasonic S1 series is a pretty good overall tv. the only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the anti-glare screen. the anti-glare is definatly noticably less reflective then your standard gloss plasma screen but the standard high gloss screen gives a little better picture. I have this tv in a basement and it would have been better with the gloss screen. If you have a moderatley lit room but want a plasma then this would be perfect for you. I cant coment on the sound as i've never herd the tv's speakers I have evything run straight to a hometheater system. I would recomend this tv to a friend looking for a 40+'' tv under $1000.
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on April 16, 2009
Bought this TV based on my great experience with my Pany 58" plasma. Not many reviews on the S1 as of yet, however, older model Pany LCD's had good reviews. This was the 4th tv that I purchased for the family room, which included a Toshiba 40" lcd (not Regza), a Vizio 32 lcd and a Vizio 32 plasma. The first 3 were returned and this one is a keeper.

As expected, set up was a breeze and it mounted to my articulating wall mount without a hitch. Picture settings had to be tweaked to get the proper flesh tones, but in a few minutes it looked great. Of course, I like to tinker with all of the setting in order to get familiar with the tv. Overall, picture looks great. Sound on this tv is very good. Need to adjust the settings to increase treble and base, and also to turn on the surround. Definitely fills the room with full clear sound.

The tv is in a bright room and there can be minor glare depending on the time of day and viewing angle. Putting the picture in vivid mode takes care of any glare issues. Actually, it really is not a problem (as compared with the Vizio plasma that I returned) Not that I bash Vizio because I have 3 of them and am basically very pleased with their performance.

The only disappointment was the remote. I was hoping that it would be the same as with my plasma, however, it does not have the same solid feel. For some reason, they took a nicely fitted convex backed remote and gave it two concave sections that just don't feel right. Also, they switched the volume and channel buttons which ia pain after you get used to it being the "correct way" on the plasma remote. I must add, however, that the remote is far superior to the junk that you get with many brands of TV. Vizio used to put out a great remote, however, the later models sure dumbed it down. Can't say much good about the Toshiba remotes either.

All in all, the Pany S1 is a keeper. My search for the right tv is finally over. Turned out that I got a great price and fantastic delivery with Amazon affiliate 6th Ave Electronics. Delivery in two days and price of $707 w/free shipping. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a 37" lcd.
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on December 14, 2009
Had this unit for about 4 weeks now and love it. Its my 4th Flat Panel TV, still have the other 3 as well, just upgraded to the 65". Panasonic cant be beat, I have had really good experience with their products, from TVs to wireless phones, just good stuff. Be careful the price fluctuates wildly, its been had for $2100-$2400 with free Blueray DVD player so wait for a deal, prices should go down, not up (supply and demand I guess). If you can get one, pull the trigger you wont regret it. Only thing I wish is that it had more than 3 HDMI inputs.
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on April 29, 2009
I received my Panasonic VIERA S1 p50I plasma 3 days ago. I now have it hooked up. I was VERY nervous about making this purchase. Very expensive and on-line ordering. ALL my fears were for nothing. This is a FANTASTIC set and it arrived from 6ave in great condition & on the FIRST day promised. I was impressed.
The picture quality is amazing. I did a LOT of research before purchasing this set. I read reviews, I talked to others that had a Panasonic, I even went to "Best Buy" (terrible experience) and compared this set to many others, and a few other electronic stores. It did look better that most other sets but I wasn't sure if it was worth that much more. I have to say now it was worth it. Especially since buying it online I got a better price than the less expensive models. I think the need for more adjustments to the picture is a bit overrated. The settings that are available do just fine.
The sound quality is also very good. I had heard a few 'knocks' about the sound but for my I like it fine. I even turn my Sony Home theater OFF and just listen to the set.
Lastly the looks of the set are great. It is very sleek with the piano finish black trim and no gaudy trim to distract you from your viewing.
AND as a final "seal of approval" even my 92 year old mother when she saw the new set said it looked great and she was amazed by the picture.
And getting her approval for anything that costs money is going some.
If your are considering getting a new Plasma set look closely at this Panasonic 1080p Plasma 50". You won't be disappointed I assure you.Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-P50S1 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV
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on March 11, 2010
This is my first LCD TV, and I'm very satisfied. I did a lot of research even though I wasn't looking for a top line TV, and all in all I don't think I could've done better. Initially I used the RCA cables provided by my cable company to hook it up, and the results were good as far as picture quality, but the color needed quite a bit of tweaking, and I couldn't get it just right. When I got an HDMI cable for $3 from Amazon, the results were dramatic. I put the color controls back to about where they came from the factory and now colors are vivid and accurate. This Panasonic is perfect for the amount of space I have for it. I have read much about poor sound quality from TVs this size, but I have no complaints. Utilizing the volume controls on the cable box OR TV to set a baseline, using the one remaining remote control (whichever you choose) results in a very satisfactory range of available volume. It's not home theater quality, and I will still plan on eventually getting a sound bar for movie viewing, but it can be quiet enough for normal viewing, and also be made quite loud to make up for occasional background noise made by appliances. I am very pleased with this choice.
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