Customer Reviews: Panasonic VIERA TC-L47ET5 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz 3D Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV with 4 Pairs of Polarized 3D Glasses (2012 Model)
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on July 1, 2012
I bought this TV for a very bright room with lots of sunlight, as this IPS LED seemed brighter than any plasma display, and without the energy draw or heat of a plasma. I'm exceptionally happy with this great TV on many levels.

Highlights of why I like this television:

I have seen the future and it's clearly LED. The picture quality of this LED TV is top-notch. The brightness and the colors are fantastic, showing a truly stunning picture with an extremely wide viewing angle from the sides that really is a hair away from 180°. It's also very bright, noticeably brighter than a plasma TV. While it's not quite as good at displaying pure black and picture uniformity in comparison to high-end videophile plasmas that costs thousands more, it's really not far off. It's the best I've seen from an LCD/LED set and as good or better than mainstream plasmas.

From reading Internet forums, I appear to be the one person on the planet who prefers motion interpolation, which Panasonic calls "Motion Picture Setting" and this TV allows four settings: Off/Weak/Medium/Strong. Basically, I prefer life-like video, with natural motion that feels like I am watching in-person on a stage or set rather than film or video, and "Strong" pretty much delivers that. 1080p HD sources look like I'm watching a play with the action unfolding live in front of me. For sports, the experience is unrivaled and truly pulls you into the action. Or, if you hate this so-called "Soap Opera Effect" and prefer traditional film/video movement, then you can turn this feature off. And if you need very fast response, there's also a Game mode.

I was completely unprepared for being blown away by this TV's 3D picture. I've played with 3D TV before, but somehow other TVs with bulky electro-mechanical active shutter 3D glasses always let me down due to the flicker, which distracted me from enjoying the 3D effect. I tried an LG passive 3D TV last year, and the effect was "dulled" compared to active 3D TV so I wrote off the whole 3D-at-home thing as immature technology. Not any more. The state-of-the-art has apparently changed in one year. This TV is the best of both worlds (active-like effect/passive-like ease and no flicker) and comes with four pairs of lightweight passive polarized 3D theater glasses (TY-EP3D10), and frankly, the effect is amazing with none of the flicker of active glasses. I watched several Blu-ray 3D movies along with my cable company's 3D channels and 3D VOD. All I can say is... wow. It's not only very watchable, it's incredible. Movies are flat-out fun. Sports on ESPN 3D are amazing. Interestingly, the TV has a 2D-3D conversion function which is really quite good; although it lacks the deep depth of native 3D content, whatever magic it uses to turn 2D into 3D is remarkably effective. I had no idea passive 3D TV could be this good.

The TV has a good array of inputs: 4 HDMI 1.4 ports with ARC, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 set of component (Y/Pb/Pr) or composite video & analog stereo audio RCA connectors (via included proprietary adapter), 1 PC VGA connector, 1 coax RF port, 1 SDXC card slot, and 1 Fast Ethernet jack. WiFi is built-in, with no dongle required, and therefore does not take up a USB port. The TV's black stand and black/clear frame are attractive, making it look stylish in my living room. And the glossy black remote is very nice, with illuminated buttons.

Internet TV is via Panasonic's smart TV system called VIERA Connect. It's simple, and has applications included for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV and others. I stream videos from Amazon Prime and it works great with high quality HD. Another standout is the Skype app, which requires the optional TY-CC20W camera with inbound calls integrated into the watching experience. Audio and video Skype calls can be received or dismissed while watching something else, and the overall Skype experience is simple and straightforward with very high quality video calls. Outbound calls require going into VIERA Connect, and then launching Skype. Perhaps initiating an outbound call while watching other content could also be similarly better integrated in the future with fewer button presses?

Sound is very good for a flat screen TV, and is certainly more than I was expecting. Don't expect miracles, the integrated speakers are small and on the bottom of the frame facing down, and compared with an external sound bar or home theater system they're missing bass and some midrange. But, for a panel TV, the sound is really very good.

Quibbles, as overall it's still an outstanding TV:

The digital audio out (TOSLINK optical) doesn't pass through everything, as surround sound (DD/DTS) does not get passed from HDMI connections (silence or static instead) and audio from Skype is not passed at all (probably for echo-cancellation reasons). In both cases the TV speakers still work if enabled.

The VIERA Remote App on iOS slow and clunky, although I suppose it's nice to have it as an option. It makes the iPhone vibrate with every remote button press. I found it not a particularly useful gadget compared to the normal infrared remote.

By default, the TV shows sponsored banner ads upon startup (VIERA Connect Banner) and in the VIERA Connect app selection screen. I suppose this pervasive advertising is the future of digital media, but it seems unnecessarily intrusive on your own TV as it's turning on. You can disable the startup advertisement, and move the VIERA Connect ad app to another app page with seldom-used applications. However, if you disable the startup banner ad, and you try to use IPTV in the first 15 seconds or so after turning the TV on, you get an error message saying the TV needs an Internet connection.

The DLNA Media Player isn't quite full-featured enough to be the primary home network media player for me, even though its user interface is fast and simple. The first major flaw is that while it plays many media formats, such as MKV/H.264, it doesn't support some exceptionally common media formats like AVI files ("Cannot read file"). What is perplexing is the FAQ on the Panasonic web site says certain AVI files are supported. It may not be that AVI is the actual problem, but any media in any container encoded with MPEG-4 Visual such as DivX/Xvid/Nero Direct/3ivx/QuickTime 6 video codecs ("Cannot read file") and that just happens to be the most common format for AVI video. Also, media encoded with a DTS audio codec plays without any audio ("Audio format not supported"); it would have been nice if digital audio would at least be passed unmodified through to the digital audio out port. Other formats trip it up as well. I tried a media file that contained two audio tracks (one in German, the second in English) and while the menu appeared like one could choose which track plays, it only displayed and played the first track. The second major flaw is that it immediately begins playing the highlighted video in a preview window as you move up and down your list of media, including its audio, which is not only annoying but also places a burden on the media server if the media needs transcoding. This might be the case, for example, if you configure your DLNA Media Server to transcode AVI/MPEG-4/DTS files in order to even have them play at all with this TV's media player.

The only complete miss on this TV: I found the web browser pure misery to use with the included infrared remote. While I could fumble through navigation using the VIERA Remote App from my iPhone, I couldn't get any site with video to work. It's one of the worst overall web browsing experiences I've ever encountered. In my opinion, the web browser is essentially unusable unless used as an instrument of torture. In such cases, I suspect it would be effective in extracting information from the most hardened target. ("I'll talk, just make it stop!")

But, the issues are minor compared to the positives: the best-in-class plasma-beating picture, 3D quality and great IPTV functionality. Overall, this is a great TV.
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2012
I picked this TV to replace an older Samsung LCD; my primary uses are games, sports, and the occasional movie. I used it for 2 weeks steadily.

This TV was easy to set up - it found my Wi-Fi network quickly and offered a firmware update which installed without hassle. The remote is easy to use and the menus are responsive. The settings are, unfortunately, few, as it seems to lack advanced picture controls (white balance and the like). However, working with what I had, I used the Disney WOW Blu-Ray to calibrate. The end results turned out to be very similar to "custom mode."

The picture quality was good. Colors are great and I found motion handling to be very good. I didn't notice any "soap opera effect" - motion looked good to me. The one issue is that the default black setting ("Dark") crushed like crazy - no details could be found in dark scenes, and it was impossible to calibrate games (you know - "move the cursor until you barely see the logo"). Changing it to "light" resolved the issue, though.

I don't have much to say on sound quality - it seemed loud and clear, but lacking "punch." I use a cheap Sony sound bar, and the sound on the TV definitely wasn't even close to that. Thankfully, the TV has an optical out so setup was not a hassle. I plugged in my cable box, PS3, and 360 to the TV through HDMI and routed the optical cord to the sound bar.

This is my first 3D TV so I was eager to try out the 3D. Panasonic thankfully includes four glasses, which were a good side and fit comfortably even over my regular glasses. I am not well-versed on the difference between passive and active sets but this looked good. Some games looked great (Killzone 3, Super Stardust), some looked muddy and undetailed (Gears 3, Resistance 3). The TV even has a weird 2D-to-3D mode which can turn regular content into 3D. I tried it with a basketball game and it wasn't bad, though I wouldn't use it that much.

Game support was just fine. With game mode turned off, games were pretty choppy and tore a lot, but with game mode on, it was smooth and responsive. I don't have a way to accurately measure lag but it seemed very good to me - 1-2 frames at most. The games I played looked good and Street Fighter was responsive - no complaints at all there.

So. Good gaming, good picture, good 3D. Everything's great, right? Unfortunately not. The big problem with my set was banding, which is basically issues with uniformity in the backlight. The light is not distributed evenly which causes vertical bands to show up. Make no mistake - this is noticeable in certain content, and it detracts from the experience. Soccer matches and games with bright vistas (think Crysis or something like that) look dingy. It's gross, and unfortunately a dealbreaker. The set was returned.

I'm not happy about it, but this is an inevitability when margins are so tight and competition is so fierce. I mean, most people probably won't notice it, but I do. It's quite possibly that I just got a bad panel, but it's possible I didn't. In my research, this appears to be a common issue with all LEDs, from all manufacturers. So just be careful when you consider this or any other TV.
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on October 16, 2012
After finding out about this TV and making my research, I was hooked. I bought this TV and loved the color, although a bit saturated I called geek squad and got it ISF calibrated. The settings are as followed:

Picture Mode: Custom
Picture Temperature: Warm
Contrast (Picture): 88
Brightness: 62
Color (Saturation): 65
Hue (Tint) +3
Sharpness 50
Backlight: 35
Red Drive (Gain, High) 78
Green Drive ( Gain, High) 59
Blue Drive (Gain, High) 41
Red Cutoff (bias, offset) 88
Green Cutoff (Bias offset) 80
Blue Cutoff (bias, offset) 89

After the settings were implemented the TV looked true to life, even though there is minor brightness adjusting to be made to the TV when in 3D .. the color is fairly excellent for the price.

3D: 4/5

Movies: 5/5


Sports 5/5

Definitely a TV to get..

PS: You will need to get into the service menu to access the settings from Red Drive and forward.

Not sure how to access the service menu, a quick google search will help.

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on May 28, 2012
Just purchased,found it on sale for $999. It is the ET5 series from Panasonic. This series features passive 3D (not of great interest to me) and some of the best Smart TV functional (of great interest to me) functionality of all TVs in the price range.

Let's start with the screen: Perfect size for our living space of roughly 10-15' from screen. It has great color and life like tones. I popped it into passive mode, just to check out some 3D action and I think it flowed very nice. I have yet to see any ghosting or issues with movement. I chose LED over Plasma, as Plasma tends to have more glare and our living space is bright.

I was most interested in the Smart functions. I was looking for a TV that would allow for a QWERTY keyboard to make searching for movies and browsing the net quick. However, with the exception of a few Panasonics from 2011, there were few TVs that have a QWERTY keyboard. With the exception of a few high end models, there was nothing that fit the bill. Until I found the ET5 series.

It not only has a free app from Panasonic (this TV is compatible), but it also allows you to use the keyboard on your iphone/ipad/android to type in things. ADDITIONALLY, (Panasonic does not advertise it very well and Best Buy sales guys are clueless), but you can use some USB wireless keyboard devices as an input device.

What makes it stand out:
1. Panasonic Viera remote compatible with Iphone/Ipad/Android control
2. Can use 3rd party mini wireless keyboards
3. Easy wifi or ethernet connectivity
4. Bright, vivid screen
5. Excellent value for the price

What could be better:
1. It only has 2 USB ports (could be expanded?)
2. The basic remote it comes with really is generic. I need a remote that can learn functions (so as to replace existing remotes) and has a keyboard for easy entry.

Hope this helps!
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on May 4, 2012
This television is easily one of the best values per dollar currently available. After years of research to the point where I was exhausted by the whole thing, this is what I selected. It isn't purrfect (weight of remote is wrong in your hand and position of buttons makes it a two-hander, FB/Twitter overlay needs adjustments, and I am seriously annoyed that ALL panel tvs now require an adapter to convert digital sound back to analog for use with our OLD stereo equipment). I was surprised to discover that the rca-input jacks for component/composite are one-in-the-same, (shared: meaning you get one or the other but not both, and they connect to an (included)ADAPTER plug, verses direct connect to the set) but other than that this set is TOP SHELF. I highly recommend it.

There is some cornfusion regarding some of it's specifications. It's a 360 refresh rate, not a 120. This is accomplished through a mixture of backlight led scanning and refresh rate scanning. The 3D on it is passive, BUT: it has a full menu system for allowing conversion of 2D INTO 3D for your enjoyment. The 3D depth has varying adjustment in it's aspect depending upon the source material. (if it is MADE for 3D obviously it's going to have a more complete and pronounced effect). I like the color, size shape, fit and finish of the set. The ability to get to where I want to go within the menus is a little challenging at times, because it's set up for sequential access instead of random access. Sometimes (for me personally) this can be a deal breaker, but given the incredible amount they have squeezed into this set in terms of features and performance, I'll let it slide. What this means is, in order to get to some functions I must go through a series of menus to get to them, rather than going directly to where I want to go.

All in all, Panasonic has outdone themselves with this set/price point. I am VERY pleased, and have opted to use it's companion blu-ray player as well. Excellent product, performance, and a no-brainer for value. If you don't know what to get, and you want something good, with enough flexibility to deal with most of what anyone might encounter in system component matching: This is the set you want.

Update: After tinkering and exploring I have discovered that you can run your panasonic blu-ray player as permanent audio for the set. You just use the remote for the blu-ray player and connect the old style audio jacks from the blu-ray player to the old audio receiver and you have no need for a digital to analog conversion chipset. I very much would have liked to see panasonic add a chip in there to have made both remotes fully redundant to this end with some sort of indicator letting the driver know that they are accessing viera functions on board the blu-ray verses the SAME functions that are available on board of the television, but they didn't. If they' been SMART, they'd have allowed you to stack the user designable menu options from both the companion panasonic blu-ray player AND the television, but to my knowledge it is either/or. Overall I have been very pleased with my new set, and you know that you are well pleased when it comes to being anywhere else and not even bothering to be looking at other peoples tech. (because you already know that your's is just slightly ahead of our time. :D

Final Update: After 1.5 years of service, this unit has failed. Amazon has indicated to me that they do not wish to offer any assistance and referred me to panasonic service. The unit is out of it's 1 year warranty leaving me with an $1100.00 paperweight. Disregard this premature review of this product....obviously I was completely mistaken. I have stopped doing business with and panasonic both. I'm going to replace this pos with a sony.
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on September 2, 2012
I've been a fan of Samsung for years and this is the first time I've strayed from my usual brand. When comparing the features on this TV to a similar Samsung you will pay $300-$400 more. I wasn't sure what to expect with this TV and honestly I was ready to dislike it from the start. Now that I've been using mine for about a month I feel I can give a solid review. Sure, this TV is not top of the line, but it has some features you will find on much higher priced sets.

- This TV is thin! You can hang it on the wall and it looks like a picture frame on the wall. All the connections are strategically placed that make doing just this possible!
- Built in WiFi! I've always hated the idea of having to run a network cable to where I have my TV. It just isn't practical. My PS3 and Xbox are wireless so that's how I've compensated over the past few years. Having the ability to stream without an external source directly from Netfilx or Amazon has made this TV really handy.
- The passive 3D has been amazing! I thought I really wanted a TV with active 3D, but the wider viewing angle of the passive 3D and not having to worry about battery powered glasses was a big selling point for me to go passive. Sure the TV snobs will tell you that you are not seeing each frame in Full 1080P with the passive, but we've gotten to the point where the human eye can't even tell so I'm not paying more for something I wouldn't even notice! The 2D to 3D feature is pretty cool too, but the way I'd describe that is that instead of the picture coming out at you, the TV seems to be like a window that you are looking into. The true 3D does come right out of the set at you and I can't believe there isn't more 3D content for how amazing it is to have in your home. The nice thing about the passive 3D is that you just take home your glasses from the latest 3D movie in the theater and they work with your set!
- The sound has been impressive. Sure it's not amazing, but I have heard much worse from stock TV speakers. I did hook mine up to surround sound but still use the TV speakers 80% of the time and they have done just fine.

- I'm not sure but I believe this TV only has a single core processor. It's most obvious when searching through the smart TV menus. It just seems like the TV needs more processing power to truly be used as a smart TV that could replace your computer for surfing the web. I've added a wireless logitech keyboard and it has made the smart TV functions so much easier to use! Trying to key in a basic internet search with the stock remote is just down right painful!
- Soap Opera Effect (SOE). I've heard many people talk about SOE and Panasonic TVs and didn't understand until I've seen it regularly. It's hard to explain, but some TV shows like Dramas actually look more realistic then they are probably meant to, so they look a lot like the camera movements you would see watching a soap opera. While I've listed this as a Con, it's actually started to grow on me.
- No built in camera. The TV has Skype as one of the apps, but without an external camera you can't even use it to make calls. The camera is required to use the app which I don't fully understand. I can make skype calls on my computer without turning the camera on, why can't I do the same on my TV?
- The power indicator light is in a horrible location. It is a bright red LED right in the center on the bottom. In a dark room it is so obvious, I don't know why they placed this where they did, but I have noticed I've started blocking it out. At first it was a major annoyance and I almost covered it up with a small piece of tape!

I don't think you can find a TV with more features for this price and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I would consider a Panasonic in the future if I am ever looking to upgrade again.

Update 11/24/12

It truly is a 120 HZ refresh rate set and they get to 360 HZ by playing with the backlighting from what I understand. In comparing to other sets I would compare this to other 120 HZ sets. I am not aware how many bits the panel is and I have tried to ind this info without any luck. I personally have had zero issue with any edge light bleeding. The edge of my set is perfectly uniform and with the room dark and a dark scene there is no bleed through. I honestly didn't want to like this set as my fiancée picked it as an engagement gift for me and I was looking at samsungs that cost much more. 5 months later we still both love the set and the only thing I wish is that we would have gone bigger than the 42". We were even considering upgrading to the 55" when it was in the Black Friday deal a couple nights ago but I didn't pull the trigger. Hope this helps!
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on August 28, 2012
I am somewhat picky with TVs and took months to buy a new TV to replace my old Samsung 46" LCD of about 4 years. I had brought the LG55LM6700 but sent it back due to lackluster picture resolution and inability to adjust the anti-judder or "smoothing effect". I know Panasonic has a great reputation for plasmas so I wasn't sure about their LEDs, but after seeing this in a showroom and reading reviews I decided to give it a try. I must say that I've been more than pleased with the TV.

The picture is excellent on network HDTV and picks up sports pretty good. It's still not as good as a plasma for sports but most LEDs aren't except the 240hz. It is stunning with Blu-ray movies! Excellent picture quality that does not need much calibration at all. NOTE: The anti-judder effect is very prominent on this set but has 4 settings: strong, medium, weak, and off. I toggle between medium and weak and it suits me very well.

The wireless set-up is quick and easy and the internet applications are enough for me. I have only used netflix so far but it streams almost HD quality as long as you have the proper bandwidth. The four free 3d glasses are a welcome bonus included with the TV.

All in all I am very satisfied with the TV and would recommend to anyone.
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on July 7, 2012
UPDATE 11-22-2014:

This is what is happening with my TV:

Talked with Panasonic Customer Affairs guy (Bill).

He told me that they would credit a purchase of a new Panasonic TV by 35% of the cost paid for this defective tv. I would have to get it back from the repair shop and they would send me a box to send it in to Panasonic.

I bought the TV for $999.99 and now the defective panel is deteriorating. Totally unwatchable!

He told me that I should have purchased an extended warranty.

The TV is only 2 years old!

Bill became rather arrogant and snippy with me and told me that this was an isolated incident!

Forget about getting a fair and equitable solution with Panasonic! They should replace the TV as it is a known manufacturing DEFECT!

UPDATE 9/21/2014: I downgraded the stars to 1 star as I had to send it in for repairs after 2 years and 2 months. The screen developed vertical white lines and started freezing every few seconds. As well as the white lines, the whole screen became dim, then brightened, then dim, etc. This breaks down to $500 a year for the use of this TV! UNACCEPTABLE! The repair shop is going to start working on it on Monday, so I do not know yet how much it will cost to fix.

Original review:
This is the first time that I have ordered a TV online. I was a little concerned, but everything turned out great.

This TV is on my wireless network, uses DLNA perfectly with my iPad and the 3D is great. Panasonic has an app that lets me control everything from my iPad.

The screen resolution is almost like being there.

I also ordered the Johnny Depp 3D Blu-ray Alice in Wonderland. Ther were quite a few times that I flinched or ducked because I thought that something was coming right at me! The blue butterfly at the end was the best. It actually looked like it came out of the screen and was in my living room!

So far excellent!

Update 08/06/2012: I watched the Olympic opening ceremony in 3D! Words cannot describe how beautiful it was on this TV!

The ONLY complaint that I have is where the speakers are. They are in the back. The volume has to be turned way up because of this. I've moved it further away from the wall, but it is still muffled at times. I am planning on getting a surround system but am waiting for Panasonic to come out with a system without a blu-ray player as I already have their DMPBTT-220. Maybe the sound is better if it is mounted on the wall which is something that I do not want to do.
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on November 8, 2012
Okay, so first off, I originally saw this T.V. at Best Buy and was impressed by the clarity of the picture quality and the features. I was looking to upgrade from a four year old 47" non-3D, non-LED Vizio LCD which has served me well. Technology has changed and I was looking for something bigger. Went to the Amazon showroom at Best Buy and the price at Best Buy was $1399 + tax. Looked on Amazon and the price was $1299.00 with free shipping. $100 bucks + tax is a big deal to me. Downside was that it would take a week to get it delivered from Amazon, so I bought the unit at BB and figured I'd sacrifice the price difference to get the unit earlier (instant gratification demon bites again). Got the unit home, set everything up, and noticed some significant light bleed from the bottom left and bottom right corners of the unit. I remembered a reviewer posting pics on Amazon of the light bleed on his unit so decided to go back and compare his with mine. Well, when I looked this unit up on Amazon again, the price had dropped to $1098 w/free shipping. $300 difference + tax is a big deal so decided I would order on Amazon, and take the one I bought at BB back. Also figured maybe the unit from Amazon wouldn't have such pronounced bleeding from the corners. Now, I see this unit is up to $1335 on Amazon - so, if you are considering this unit, the price fluctuates so you may want to keep an eye on that.

Set up delivery via online delivery option on Amazon. Selected a Friday delivery between 3-5 p.m. Well, the day before scheduled delivery, I get an email from the shipping company informing me that I had to reschedule delivery. I call the company and they inform me that 1) they do not deliver "that late in the day" and 2) they work delivery within 4 hour windows, not 2. Needless to say, I was not pleased as I had made arrangements to get off work early for the 3-5 p.m delivery. So I had to choose another delivery the same day between 9-1. I contacted Amazon customer service, relayed my displeasure, and they profusely apologized and wanted to make things right. They offered to deduct what the cost of shipping would have cost me, which was $67. So, for a bit of inconvenience, ended up getting the unit for a bit over $1K. Couldn't be more pleased with Amazon customer service.

Speaking of being pleased, I couldn't be more pleased with this unit. I'm not a videophile by any means, but do enjoy a clear and vibrant picture. Overall, it was a terrific purchase. The unit I recieved from Amazon has none of the light bleeding the unit from Best Buy had. The picture clarity out of the box is pretty spot-on, once I made some adjustments it was absolutely outstanding. Avatar on 3D will blow you away. Passive 3D glasses are nice and light. The screen is not matte like my previous 47" vizio, but isn't quite as obnoxious as plasma. I'll trade the minimal amount of glare on this unit for the picture quality it provides. I have the unit connected via ethernet cable for internet content. No issues - the interface for internet apps is smooth and responsive and more often than not I max out on the HD signal while streaming. I did test out the wi-fi and had a strong connection with minimal to no lag while streaming Netflix, HULU, and Amazon VOD.

I was bouncing back and forth at first between this and a similiar vizio unit, as well as the LG 6200. The visio had a more advanced blutooth remote, but looked a bit thicker from the front (larger bezel) and was a bit more expensive than what I paid for this. Also, I have heard from several sources that Vizio's customer service leaves much to be desired (although fortunatley I have owned 3 vizios and have never had to deal with customer service issues). My friend has the LG, but cannot turn off the true motion feature, so all of his content has the "soap opera effect." With this unit, you have your choice of four motion settings: Off, Weak, Normal, Strong. I leave mine on the weak setting.

I do wish it had a qwerty remote like some of the vizios, but there is a smartphone app that takes some of the pain away, although the keyboard function on the app does not work with Netflix, HULU, Amazon VOD, so inputting characters for searching is still a bit clunky. The stand this unit comes with is barely adequate and not very stable - I opted out of the stand and mounted on the wall. Can't comment on the speaker quality, I have it connected to a 7.1 set-up and all is good.

For the current price of this unit on Amazon, this unit is a competitive front-runner. If you can get it for close to what I paid, it is a no-brainer.
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on July 24, 2012
Picture is nice. Sound is a lacking. I will end up buying a sound bar to go along with this.

We use Netflix 80% of the time and one thing that is VERY annoying is black flashing while watching any content. It may occur a few times a minute or once every 30 minutes. It varies. From research I've done this happens when the video streaming mode changes.

I've done a lot of research on the issue and it seems to occur with other Samsung Smart TV's also and a number of different blu-ray players. Some people say it is due to Netflix's poor servers in the area. All I know is I stream Netflix fine on 6 other devices without the issue. I believe it be both Panasonics problem and possibly Netflix's but Panasonic is at least in part responsible due to it being fine on other devices. Other content providers such as VUDU work fine. I have streamed 1080p HDX with VUDU and it's fine so it's not my internet or the TV itself.

This may possibly be a deal breaker. If I wanted a TV that I needed to attach a ROKU or some other device to I would have bought something cheaper and not SMART. I have read that not all people have the Netflix issue so it may not occur if using different Netflix servers I'm not sure. But if you are buying this for Netflix and it's important to you, you should be aware. Go ahead and google "netflix flashing black" and you will see the threads out there.

Besides that. Like I said the picture is good although I do see a cloudy flashlight areas in various places when on a solid dark screen. I can notice those areas lighter on regular pictures if I look hard enough. I've read with most LED TVs the uniformity isn't great. Coming from a plasma this is very annoying. I've had one TV that came damaged that I recently replaced and the uniformity on this one is actually much worse. I'll be having Panasonic come out and look at it to see what the options are.

The 2d-3d is also lacking as someone else mentioned. I have tried that and I have tried actual 3d demos on VUDU. THe difference is night and day. I can tell the difference between 2d and 2d -> 3d content but it's not worth watching it that way IMHO.

I got a great deal on this TV and I'm undecided what to do from here regarding the Netflix issue. It is definitely a shame as I think if the flashing didn't occur I would be pretty happy with it.

++++ UPDATE ++++
Panasonic got back to me and admitted they are aware of the Netflix issue and said they are actively working on a fix. Not ETA though. I have a Panasonic plasma also and they have always provided good support.

One other thing now that I think about it the viewing angles aren't nearly as good as a plasma (expected) but are better than my last LCD it replaced.
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