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on October 14, 2012
The TC-L55ET5 55-inch set is mounted on the wall and up high, above the audio equipment rack. It replaces an older (7 year old Panasonic 55-inch) HD set after that set was starting to show.

Short answer: I could not me more pleased with this TV.

Key items for me were (a) great picture quality, (b) wide viewing angles, (c) low power usage, and (d) Amazon Instant Video HD support. The nice-to-have were (e) wall mountable and (e) thin.

This set really delivered on all of this. In fact, I would say that the picture and viewing angles are the best I have seen on this size of TV (be it LCD or Plasma). The picture really is amazingly sharp and the black levels are great (yes, a Plasma will have better black levels but the off-angle viewing is just unacceptable)

The only real downside I have found is that you really always want to get audio via your home theater setup as the speakers in the TV are, by necessity of its thin size, rather anemic. They are actually rather good given the size and placement, but that is not saying much. I can see using them for TV news casts and talk shows but even that gets a bit grating after a while due to the frequency response.

However, don't let the speakers stop you from getting this set. A TV sound bar could be added at low cost but you would be hard pressed to find a better picture or better viewing angles. (I know that my search has left me thinking that this is the best)

With its built in internet connectivity and Amazon Instant Video (with support for HD content) this TV is wonderful. The navigation in the Amazon library is a bit painful due to the amount of content available, but once you get the hang of it, it is not that bad. It helps if you have an iPhone or iPad since there is an app that connects to the TV over WiFi and lets you use a touch keyboard. I have the optical out from the TV into my Onkyo amp. This setup is great for watching Glee episodes that are available.

I have no wish or need for the 3D support, but it is nice that this is passive 3D. Yes, that means you get half-resolution when you use the 3D glasses but it also means less stress (no flashing/flickering shutters) and if you are sitting over 12 feet away, even that resolution loss is hard to notice. (I had to try it out, but I am still not a fan of 3D - plus there are now reports that it is not good for children)

I could not be more pleased with the performance of the TV other than potentially better speakers. And at the current price is even more amazing.
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on November 28, 2012
First of all, I am very happy this TV, and thank you Amazon for a safely packed package.

I have seen Samsung, Sony TV, and this pany is comparable to these brands.

This display is beautiful, I have not experience any back-light problem. View angles works, 3D feature is pleasant.
I have seen the Samsung Active 3D, this passive 3D is comparable to Samsung, and more easy to view. You don't need to change your 3D eye-wears, lighter weight...

Smart feature easily manage, the interface is not slow some reviewed. Netflix works great, wifi work perfectly, I am 2 bedroom away and wifi connected w/o a problem.

I have 160 GB HD load to the TV, Pany takes a while to load ( Panasonic please look into this feature) but it works.

Only thing I do wish that Pany should add the analoge audio out. Only digital audio out available.
Pany does not support Divx yet, I wish they will update the firmware in the future.

Over all, I would give this TV 8 out of 10 for value, features and design.

Update (Dec 17, 2012)
So, I have been using for two weeks or so, I find out a little bit more about this tv.
For best picture, you need to google and find out how to access the Secret Service Menu, and change your White Balance from there. One of the user in here has posted a calibrated setting.
This TV does not decode DTS, all my movies in DTS - sound is not available. There is not analog output, but pure Dolby Digital output by optical connection. There is no option on the TV to change Dolby, DTS or PCM. So basically, the TV output sound in pure format. Your receiver need to be able to receive 5.1 Dolby Digital. The Over-the-air also output 5.1 Dolby.
3D and glasses:
The panansonic glasses are very cheap(really cheap), I broke one easily in a week. I think theater's glasses has better quality, come one Panasonic! :(
I love passive 3D, so this is better option than active 3D, even though we lost a bit in quality of the picture. I can work on my computer will watching.

---I will keep this page updated as I find out, about DTS, I didn't not research, so I get what I pay for. For the value of the money, It's still recommended OMO.
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on May 27, 2013
Update 7/4/15:
I still like this TV and am leaving it at 4 stars because it is a great as is TV especially if you are hooking it up to cable boxes or the such. However after time of using it if you only use it for streaming TV like we do (very little over air and also some DVD use) I recommend adding a Roku or other device to it. The apps never really got added to, the store is still very minimal. This is okay if you only want Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HuluPlus...however I have found using my Roku I like to use some of the network apps like Lifetime to watch TV shows and those are not available. Also sometimes the apps stop functioning for awhile and take a long time for them to update and fix. Like our Netflix is not currently working very well for weeks now and we are thinking of buying another Roku to hook up to this TV as well. (I have one on the older TV in the bedroom and love it!) The TV does work well when connected to DVD players,. cable boxes, etc. It also works good when streaming media to it so that family can watch home videos and pictures. I've even used an SD card to play MP3s through it. I do still recommend it, but if you are a hard core streamer like we are you might want an additional streaming device. It is a good starter TV for those whoa re not tech savvy and just getting into the smart/internet connected/streaming TVs.

Previous Review:
I'm going to start this review by saying I have never had a newer flat screen/HD TV so I can't really compare it to other newer TVs. We are still using the old style TVs in my house that are 10+ years old. The 42in Panasonic VIERA TC-L42ET5 was purchased by my household to replace a 25 year old TV.

So we started shopping around to see what our options were. I had been looking at other cheaper TVs but since our TV technology is all old school we would need to buy some kind of device to connect it to stream with something like a Wii or Roku. So thinking about the added cost of upgrading our TV tech it just made sense to go with this TV that had that built in for us.

I purchased the TV when it dropped to $695.99 and what the heck lets throw in the free month of Amazon Prime to get the free two day shipping. I did actually end up paying $8.99 more to have it delivered on Saturday when I knew hubby would be home to receive it. It was coming from a warehouse in the mideast and I'm in CA so I wasn't sure it would make it since I ordered it late Thursday night. Not only did it, but it came early on Saturday morning!

Now my hubby and kids are not very techy, but they were so excited to get it they wanted to try setting it up while I was at work. It was sooo user friendly that they were able to get it hooked up to our wifi and antenna. The had used it and learned a lot about it before I even got home from work. I'd say this is a definite PRO for the TV. Easy to set up, easy to use.

So far we have been using it for a month and really like it. It comes with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime already loaded as usable apps so you can log into your accounts and start using them without having to create a log in to the Panasonic shop like you need to for other apps. I haven't tried the Hulu app, but the others were easy to use. My favorite is the YouTube app and how you can either log directly into a YouTube account or if you are like us with multiple iPods you can link your device to the TV and use your devices app to control YouTube. This is awesome because all four of us watch distinctly different types of videos and this means none of us will have to get weird stuff showing up in our recommendations or playlists. It also meant easy control since we could use the iPods keyboard to type things in and touch screen rather than the TV remote control. With how much people steam now a days I would consider this another PRO for the TV as it can start streaming right out of the box.

The TV has so many settings for color, lighting, viewing, etc I have been playing with all of them and like having all the options. The color and picture quality is excellent. Changing the settings was very easy to do, and I have had to do it. When I was watching Castle the TV show it was very dark most of the time so I did have to change the color/light settings to better view it. There is also an Eco feature that will dim or brighten the TV as it see's fit due to lighting in the room. We've had this active and have noticed it make the change but it never made the viewing experience worse so we let it to do its thing. Some people may not like this, but there are so many things you can customize you cane set it just the way you like it!

The one major thing I dislike is that it displays ads. One is under the internet apps and that is easy enough to push to the a very last and unused page so that you never have to see it. The other is when you are changing the volume sometimes a small sponsored ad pops up underneath it. Another ad pops up when I access something, but frankly I ignore it and can't even remember at this point when that is. I read in some reviews that all but the internet apps one can be turned off. I have dug all through settings and have yet to figure out how. It is a CON...however I don't feel it is a big enough deal to do anything more than knock off a star. I really think they should have made mention of it in the product description. I knew about it before buying the TV because of reading user reviews.

The other thing I'm not a big fan of is you can download a mobile app to your smartphone. I downloaded it to my iPod and it is good for controlling the TV and an easier way to use the keyboard functions. That is about it. I can't seem to get the stream pictures or video from your device feature to work. It is also very clunky and not easy to use. You have to go back and forth between different sections of the app to use the keyboard. It's not very intuitive or user friendly.

Now about the 3D, I didn't buy the TV for that. So currently I have no 3D players or discs to get the full effect of it. The TV came with four pairs of glasses which is generous. It does have a 2D to 3D feature which you can use on any thing you watch. The kids like playing with it, and it does change how you see the picture. I myself am not super impressed, but I think my eyes just don't work with 3D of any kind. I'm not impressed by the IMAX or Movie Theater versions of 3D either. I really don't want to rate it either way as I think it's me that makes it not work right, and my kids like it.

I would recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for a starter Smart TV or an easy upgrade. We are very happy with our purchase and my husband would like to buy a second one for our bedroom. As that TV is still working we are not rushing to replace it. However when the time comes we will be looking at VIERA TVs as a definite option!

Update 8/17/2013: We got a hand me down Wii from a family member last month. Though we were excited to get it and hooked it up quickly we realized that this TV can only connect to one composite OR component cable at a time. We still have an older DVD player, a PS2 and an old Xbox, all three connected to a switchbox so we didn't realize there would be a problem until we went to hook up the Wii. It works on the other kind of cable so each time we wanted to switch between them I have to stretch behind the TV and disconnect and reconnect. It was beginning to become annoying so I got online and did some research and found that I could get a device and connect the Wii via the HDMI ports which we have four of completely unused since all of our devices are old. The device I used was Wii to HDMI 720P / 1080P HD Output Upscaling Converter - Supports All Wii Display Modes, HDMI Upscale to 720p or 1080p Output along with this cable AmazonBasics 2-Pack, High-Speed HDMI Cables 6.5 feet -- Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [Newest Standard] and now everything is working fabulous together and mom is not getting annoyed having to switch cables all the time. If you have older devices you will want to take this into consideration that you will need to find fixes or upgrade your devices.

Other than this we still really like the TV and stand by the original review.
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on January 16, 2013
First I want to say amazon is awesome they provide great customer service fast shipping and great products!

The tv is a great tv, it took a few calls to Netflix, panasonic customer service and amazon to love it but love it either way.

I want to tell people the things I learned first if you want to use the browser to watch things online know that this tv won't do flash player.

The apps provided with Viera market are not that great but after researching for a while I found that I can get a google tv box and key board for 100 bucks that gives me flash player and all the other cool apps found in other smart TVs.

Netflix, we use it a lot we love it a lot but if you set it up on this tv and you notice a flashing ( I think of it as a quick blink) and you also notice a change in picture quality, go to your Netflix account look under picture quality and select one of the 3 setting HD being at the top and requiring the highest bandwidth, when I lowered my setting one option down from HD the blinking went away after knowing it wasn't my tv having issues I set it back to HD and have learned to live it, better than paying another 25 a month for better Internet.

Another thing as your adjusting your picture setting remember to keep your backlight at 50 or under or your picture will look gray and like my wife would say "like a cheap tv".
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on October 16, 2012
When looking to buy a TV, I was not specific to any brand or model.

My preferences were :
2. 1080p
3. Screen Size 32"-42"
4. Screen refresh rate - 60Hz (as per many articles online and discussion with many sales representatives in various stores : a normal eye in most cases cannot make out differences with higher screen refresh rates)

But I was also open to go for 3D/Smart TV in case that comes as a value addition to the offer. And This product was my catch :)

Pros :
1. Met all of my specs of TV type, resolution and Screen size.
2. It is also Smart TV and with 3D capabilities
3. Sound is also good. I cannot even play the sound at 50% as even that might disturbs my neighbors. Further this also helped me change my mind to drop the idea of buying a home theater (i know i still do not get that surround sound effect that home theater system can provide)
4. I played various DVDs and other 1080p resolution videos from youtube and was quite satisfied with its clarity.
5. It was an easy setup and also product registration
6. I also connected TV to my home wi-fi network and used some apps and it was OK.
7. The wifi keyboard could be used by plugging its USB to the TV
8. Connected the TV to laptop with HDMI cable and its great to browse in such large screen :)
9. Able to viw pics in USB and play mp3 songs from USB
10. Best deal in the price

Cons :
Yet to find any ... As I am not able to check the 3D capability of the TV yet - giving 4-stars in the review.

Overall very satisfied with the product. Though my wife was finding this cost high but even she is very satisfied with it and enjoys the value of the price we paid.
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on April 6, 2013
I purchased the TV in early Dec. 2012 as a first-time flat screen - a major upgrade from our big ol' 19" tube TV, which has served us very well for the last 12 years. So far we are loving the picture quality and size, although we only use it for watching DVDs and Blu-rays. I can't speak to the Internet features as we haven't really bothered to try and set them up, even though we do have a router we could use. Apparently our DSL connection isn't very fast so it would probably only lead to lots of buffering and drop outs so we're happy just to have this amazing home-theater (to us, anyway) big screen. The sound quality of the TV's speakers is laughable - our next purchase will be a speaker system to max out the surround sound. If you keep the TV's speakers turned on and add outside sound you can get an interesting echo effect by turning up the TV's volume past 10 or so! We're getting by with a pair of Philips 15w computer speakers (with a bass booster).
We've tried out our one (!) 3D Blu-ray, "Finding Nemo", which is a lot of fun to watch with the glasses provided. It's a gorgeous, colorful movie anyway, so the 3D just adds another level of "wow". Try it with the subtitles on, they really pop!

The menus are very easy to navigate, and once we adjusted the picture to eliminate the "soap opera effect" we really haven't found it necessary to make any further adjustments. It's set to automatically adjust resolution for the DVD played, and it does just that. As I mentioned, we aren't taking full advantage of all the VIERA's features, but maybe in time we will. Four months down the road from our initial setup, we are still in the honeymoon phase of our beautiful big screen TV.

Update: May 24, 2013
We finally set up the Viera Connect to take advantage of some of its Internet features, so I just want to mention that. The setup wasn't too aggravating - we did need to enter the MAC address and then reset the IP address on our router to match all the router-driven devices in the house, which took about 15 minutes. Then we discovered the fun of Amazon Instant Videos, which is kind of like pay-per-view. This is a much better way to go for us, rather than a subscription service like Netflix, but also tons more convenient than driving to our "nearest" Redbox DVD rental kiosk, which is 20 miles away. It takes a while for movies to download, but then again, we're only on a DSL connection. Just enough time to get the popcorn made! The one and only gripe I have with the ET5 is that there is no headphone jack. We've upgraded to a better pair of Cerwin-Vega computer speakers, so we had to invest about $40 in an audio converter (ViewHD Optical SPDIF/Coaxial Digital to RCA L/R Analog Audio Converter with 3.5mm Jack Support Simultaneous Headphone with Speaker Outputs) and an optical SPDIF cable (Mediabridge Toslink Cable - (6 Feet) - Optical Digital Audio Cable). Had there been a 3.5mm audio output, it would saved that expense. All in all we're still very happy with our choice, the resolution is amazing and features easy to use.
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on March 27, 2013
We decided to replace our 24" Toshiba standard definition set with this television for our living room. (Our initial plan was to bring the Samsung 58" Plasma up from the basement but we decided it would be too big for the space).

Setup was a breeze in large part because I paid someone to mount the television, but it quickly found our wi-fi network, accepted our security password and was able to connect to the internet. The television settings were already set to "custom" so I don't know if that was done at the factory or if done by a prior owner. I hope the former!

My wife is constantly saying that it looks like we are right there with the people. I am going to try to soften the motion picture setting and see if that is a more pleasing experience, but so far I don't see anything wrong with sharing my living room with the actors, though it is weird sometimes to notice the camera shake. I don't know if that is just because of the size of the television or because of the motion picture setting, because I haven't yet fooled around with the settings.

We've not tried the 3D yet -- we never use that feature on the basement television though I already prefer the passive system to the active shutter display and would be happy to give up some picture quality to save on worrying about batteries for the glasses, or my guests breaking the more expensive active shutter glasses. With the passive glasses it is just the cheap plastic glasses you use in the movie theaters.

What really blew me away was how easy it is to stream movies/television to the set from Amazon or Netflix. There are hundreds of childrens' videos available and I have to say it is very nice to be able to see different episodes of Dora/Diego/Barney or whatever because there are so many to choose from (instead of being stuck recording whatever is airing). And now we can watch television series's that we never watched before all without commercials.

I did manage to get the iPad app to work with the television though it was a pain in the neck to do so. I wound up creating a static ip address and turning off (temporarily) my firewall. I don't know which it was, but after doing both, the app recognized my television set where it previously only ran in demo mode. It now works flawlessly but I don't really think it is that great of an App so I would not be overly disappointed if I lost this "feature".

The picture is stunning. At least to our eye. I am sure you can agonize over plasma, led, lcd or whatever all week long but in the end I don't see how anybody would be disappointed with this television. We've only had it for under a week and have not played games on it, and have not watched sports. I don't know that we ever will though, so I can't really say the television has been put through the paces.
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on November 8, 2012
Okay, so first off, I originally saw this T.V. at Best Buy and was impressed by the clarity of the picture quality and the features. I was looking to upgrade from a four year old 47" non-3D, non-LED Vizio LCD which has served me well. Technology has changed and I was looking for something bigger. Went to the Amazon showroom at Best Buy and the price at Best Buy was $1399 + tax. Looked on Amazon and the price was $1299.00 with free shipping. $100 bucks + tax is a big deal to me. Downside was that it would take a week to get it delivered from Amazon, so I bought the unit at BB and figured I'd sacrifice the price difference to get the unit earlier (instant gratification demon bites again). Got the unit home, set everything up, and noticed some significant light bleed from the bottom left and bottom right corners of the unit. I remembered a reviewer posting pics on Amazon of the light bleed on his unit so decided to go back and compare his with mine. Well, when I looked this unit up on Amazon again, the price had dropped to $1098 w/free shipping. $300 difference + tax is a big deal so decided I would order on Amazon, and take the one I bought at BB back. Also figured maybe the unit from Amazon wouldn't have such pronounced bleeding from the corners. Now, I see this unit is up to $1335 on Amazon - so, if you are considering this unit, the price fluctuates so you may want to keep an eye on that.

Set up delivery via online delivery option on Amazon. Selected a Friday delivery between 3-5 p.m. Well, the day before scheduled delivery, I get an email from the shipping company informing me that I had to reschedule delivery. I call the company and they inform me that 1) they do not deliver "that late in the day" and 2) they work delivery within 4 hour windows, not 2. Needless to say, I was not pleased as I had made arrangements to get off work early for the 3-5 p.m delivery. So I had to choose another delivery the same day between 9-1. I contacted Amazon customer service, relayed my displeasure, and they profusely apologized and wanted to make things right. They offered to deduct what the cost of shipping would have cost me, which was $67. So, for a bit of inconvenience, ended up getting the unit for a bit over $1K. Couldn't be more pleased with Amazon customer service.

Speaking of being pleased, I couldn't be more pleased with this unit. I'm not a videophile by any means, but do enjoy a clear and vibrant picture. Overall, it was a terrific purchase. The unit I recieved from Amazon has none of the light bleeding the unit from Best Buy had. The picture clarity out of the box is pretty spot-on, once I made some adjustments it was absolutely outstanding. Avatar on 3D will blow you away. Passive 3D glasses are nice and light. The screen is not matte like my previous 47" vizio, but isn't quite as obnoxious as plasma. I'll trade the minimal amount of glare on this unit for the picture quality it provides. I have the unit connected via ethernet cable for internet content. No issues - the interface for internet apps is smooth and responsive and more often than not I max out on the HD signal while streaming. I did test out the wi-fi and had a strong connection with minimal to no lag while streaming Netflix, HULU, and Amazon VOD.

I was bouncing back and forth at first between this and a similiar vizio unit, as well as the LG 6200. The visio had a more advanced blutooth remote, but looked a bit thicker from the front (larger bezel) and was a bit more expensive than what I paid for this. Also, I have heard from several sources that Vizio's customer service leaves much to be desired (although fortunatley I have owned 3 vizios and have never had to deal with customer service issues). My friend has the LG, but cannot turn off the true motion feature, so all of his content has the "soap opera effect." With this unit, you have your choice of four motion settings: Off, Weak, Normal, Strong. I leave mine on the weak setting.

I do wish it had a qwerty remote like some of the vizios, but there is a smartphone app that takes some of the pain away, although the keyboard function on the app does not work with Netflix, HULU, Amazon VOD, so inputting characters for searching is still a bit clunky. The stand this unit comes with is barely adequate and not very stable - I opted out of the stand and mounted on the wall. Can't comment on the speaker quality, I have it connected to a 7.1 set-up and all is good.

For the current price of this unit on Amazon, this unit is a competitive front-runner. If you can get it for close to what I paid, it is a no-brainer.
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on December 26, 2012
Have this TV now for about a month now. Here is what I have to say about it,

* When playing 3D video (such as Bluray 3D), the 3D effect is very good
* Passive 3D means no need for battery and/or recharging on 3D glasses
* Has SD card slot and supports up to SDXC
* Rich color and smooth video
* IPS panel means very wide viewing angle
* Has built in Wireless with Ethernet port
* Supports HDMI ARC
* Supports smartphone control (smartphone acts as a remote)
* Excellent value for its features

* Panasonic cheapens out on owner's manual, very thin manual
* Only has one component input and that is shared with composite and VGA
* Needs Panasonic in-house webcam for Skype (not included)
* Very hard to use SmartTV feature with included remote (you'll need a mouse and/or keyboard for easier control)
* TV shows advertisements each time you turn on the TV (can be turned off in "Advanced Setup")

Two fatal cons
* Not capable of passing surround sound from external HDMI input to receiver via ARC
This is the biggest con I have with this TV. I understand that most TV aren't capable of passing surround sound via HDMI either. However for people who are willing to spend $700+ they are very likely to have a home theater system as well. This con means I have to run separate optical cable for each attached HDMI device if I want to have surround sound effect. The use of optical cable also means that I miss out on HD audio (multi-channel LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA). I could buy a brand new receiver that is capable of HDMI audio processing via extra HDMI inputs. But receiver is not something you replace frequently; a good receiver lasts a very long time. This feature is very easy to implement (as TV simply re-routes sound stream to ARC) yet Panasonic elected not to.

* Built-in SD/USB player is garbage.
It is slow and excludes some "must have" supports, including MP4 Audio, subtitles like .ssa or .subt (tested with subtitle inside .mkv, not sure about separate subtitle). Panasonic also lied about its support on Vorbis audio (when playing video with Vorbis audio codec TV says it is not supported). One thing I cannot ignore is when a manufacturer promises something but later turns out to be a lie. Ironically, Panasonic home theater system has a far superior SD/USB player (with only downside being incomplete support on .srt and .ssa/.ass). I'd say Panasonic needs to cut and paste that player into this TV.

Overall score: 4/5

Those fatal cons are what made it a 4/5 (to be honest it is more like 3.5/5).
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on February 19, 2013
Good LED TV with easy tweeking with every input. Very good at up to 170 degree 2d. 3D is awsome and passive for us is the way to go. It's just easy to please everyone with little expense and although the viewing angle is less for maximum depth we have had 8 people this past weekend all very happy with the depth and quality of their 3d experience. For a home 3d 55" LED that has proven the difference from a 4 up to a 5. I can't be happier with the television now that it's tweeked out for multiple input characteristics.

The sdram capability is terrific and digital audio signal from smart tv and sdram etc right on. It does however require for me the necesity to change optic audio from source input device directly to receiver. I think all tv's currently downgrade to stereo. ie from BR to TV to surround receiver. So I have to mess with optic cable going to and from 3d br and Led tv.

I gave it 5 because it was given 5 by 8 happy kids watching 3d movies who gave it 9.5/10 and they are 3d fanatics spread out over a fairly wide angle.
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