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on April 23, 2013
I received my Panasonic TC-P55VT60 mid-April from Amazon. I have had a few days with it and would like to offer my thoughts.

Previously I have owned a Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV,LG INFINIA 47LE8500 47-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Full LED Slim LCD HDTV with Internet Applications, and Samsung LN46A650 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV with Red Touch of Color. They were all very nice LCD/LED TVs but I was always upgrading for one reason or another. The VT60 is my first plasma. Having owned a small assortment of TVs I am happy to report the Panasonic VT60 trumps anything I have owned and frankly, anything I have ever seen up until this point. This TV produces the most amazing picture I have ever seen! My initial thrill has not worn off. This thing continues to impress me. The pq is absolutely phenomenal, even right out of the box!

**Hands-On Review**
TV came well packed and assembly of the stand was straightforward and incredibly simple. I do recommend you have a second person to help you. The VT60 is heavy.

Initial setup is a breeze and pretty standard. Panasonic walks you through and shows you the included features, emphasizing their different home screen options. Fun fact: there is a silly narrator that sounds like a robot. I weirdly enjoyed it, a bit of 80s/90s nostalgia. I setup mine to go straight to the last source (HDMI) as opposed to my home screen. Also, there is a goofy advertisement that pops up at times. You can however turn it off in the settings.

Panasonic includes two remotes. I am not a fan of the smaller remote. I find the touch track pad on it to be cumbersome. Not an issue for me though as I use the included standard size remote. My girlfriend however likes the track pad. To each their own. I'm sure it takes a little getting used to.

The apps work as you would expect. I haven't had a chance to check all of them out, but my time with Youtube and Netflix worked without a hitch.

The TV itself looks wonderful. The stand and full glass panel make the TV a true piece of art. The glass itself does pickup glare and reflects light. I have a 7 foot picture window that lets in a ton of light directly opposite of the VT60 but it is not unbearable. I can see the reflection of the window but it is not any worse than previous TVs I have owned. I would argue it is better than my old LG LE8500 which also had a full piece of glass. All this doesn't matter though as I do most of my watching at night.

As I previously mentioned, the picture quality on the VT60 is absolutely stunning! The hype for this set is true. The VT60 delivers on all cylinders. Inky blacks, clean whites, incredibly rich colors, jaw-dropping detail. I've been watching in the included THX Cinema modes and haven't felt the need to make any adjustments. I am no professional calibrator but I would like to make it clear this is the best picture I have ever seen. You can certainly adjust the picture to your personal preference and their is no shortage of access for professional calibration if you wish to do so.

As my first plasma, I am thoroughly impressed with the off angle viewing as well. Excellent blacks from any angle and the picture never seems to wash out or lose its integrity. There is certainly no clouding, ghosting, spotlighting, etc. to worry about. If I get unrealistically close to the screen, with my eyeball nearly touching, I can see a bit of dithering which is a function of the plasma technology. It is used to prevent color banding and create a smooth gradient. It is not distracting and I only see it when my eye nearly touches the screen. From far away I do not see it at all. It is not an issue but worth mentioning.

I can't comment on 3D quite yet as I haven't had a chance view any 3D content. I've spent most of my time with blu-rays and streaming HD. I will update my review when I get a chance to sit down with a 3D movie

I have added a few photos to the Amazon Customer Images section of Samsara [Blu-ray]on the VT60 . Pictures were taken at 1/13 F20. They closely represented what I was seeing on the screen, but I argue this still doesn't do the TV justice. The picture produced on this TV is even better in person!

Overall, the Panasonic VT60 is absolutely astounding! I highly recommend the TV and am incredibly satisfied with my purchase. The Panasonic TC-P55VT60 is worth every penny :)

**Update 4/26/13**
I wanted to update the review with a few other details after having more time with the TV

The built in speakers do not match the TVs picture quality. They are about .5" wide and are housed on either side of the TV. They run vertically. I believe the total speaker output is 20w (5w for each speaker and 10w for the built in sub). Honestly, out of all of the flat panels I have owned, the VT60 produces the best "built in" sound. That being said, I certainly recommend a better sound system if at all possible. If you are spending this much on a high-end TV, do yourself a favor and pair it with a nice home theater sound system. I realize this is not always an option, and if that is the case, the built-in speakers are adequate and do offer a decently full sound.

The camera, when you want to use it, does pop-up automatically and can be activated via the touchpad remote with voice commands. No joke, you can actually talk to your remote and the camera will pop-up. Once the camera is up, it has facial recognition and will switch to personalized home screens if you wish. You can configure different "users" as well. I don't use the feature, but it might be convenient for family members who all watch different content and might use different apps. A few things to keep in mind though. The camera is in a fixed position on top of the TV. If your seating arrangement is lower than the TV, you might not be in the best position to show up on the camera. Also, if you are like me, I keep the lighting in my home theater area to a minimum which is not the greatest lighting for the camera to pickup. The camera does pop-up, turn on, and turn off automatically but it does not retract automatically.

The TV mounts easily on the wall and looks incredible! I bought this Ultra-Slim Adjustable Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for LCD LED Plasma (Max 165L... (get it cheaper from Monoprice's website, item #5916). The cables did not interfere with mounting at all as the inputs are on the side of the TV. The power plug does come out of the back, but it doesn't stick out enough to interfere. Just be sure to plug everything in to the TV first before putting it on the wall.

Vierra Connect (apps) supports Hulu Plus and Amazon Movies. I believe Amazon even lists how to "register" the TV in the item details section of the VT60 product page.

I haven't noticed any "image retention" yet. Panasonic includes "pixel shift" and "screen wipe" features on the VT60 to help clear up Image Retention if it ever occurs. Being that it is a plasma though, I try to be cognizant of not leaving any static image on the screen too long just to be safe.

The screen does reflect light. In my experience, it is not any worse or any better than other flat-panel TVs I have owned. I recommend curtains if you are putting the TV in a window filled room.
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on December 31, 2013
I normally don't write reviews but thought I would to help those out there on the fence as to which tv to buy. I've had a few LCD tv's up to this point and this is my first plasma. After hours and hours of online reading and a couple of store visits I purchased the p65vt60 from amazon. Had planned on getting the ST but when the VT had a price drop I went with it. Thought about going with a 4k tv briefly but 4k will show a noticeable difference only on the ultra large screens. With the 65" screen size and my viewing distance it wouldn't be worth it. I mostly will cover the areas that concerned me the most from reading various reviews.

After unboxing it(very large box) and letting the tv warm up to room temperature, it was delivered on a below zero day, I turned it on and started viewing. I have not done any type of break-in and from the start watched my regular programs and movies which include shows with banners and station ID logos, no burn-in and no image retention whatsoever.

The picture is incredible, deep deep blacks really do make a difference, colors are very rich and gorgeous, quite the change coming from the dark gray blacks of my LCD that this set replaced. Right out of the box I set the tv to THX Cinema picture mode and that's good enough for me. The picture truly is amazing.

I have the tv mounted on a wall and put my ear as close as I could to the back of the set, no fan noise and no buzzing.

As far as the looks of the tv itself, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to me it looks like a tv, I didn't buy it to be displayed as a work of art.

Speakers on it are typical tv speakers not great not terrible, I run the sound through my home theater receiver and speakers so I don't use the speakers on the tv much.

Those of you concerned about the picture being dim, to me it isn't. I have 2 big windows in the room with the cheap white mini blinds on them which let plenty if light in and the tv picture is fine for viewing. Right out of the box the tv is set to Standard picture mode and that setting is dim, just change to one of the THX modes or use a custom setting.

There is a little reflection on the screen if the lights are on and you happen to sit were you can see them. How much reflection? More so than a matte screened LCD but less than a glossy one, I've had both so that's what my reference is and it doesn't bother me.

I haven't played with the apps too much and don't plan to other than Netflix which loads fast and has played flawlessly.

A few reviewers mentioned the ads which play when certain remote buttons are pushed, yes they are there, from what I had read I was expecting a long full screen ad but they are very short and small, I didn't even notice them for a week but if they bother you they are very easy to turn off.

That's about it, just wanted to cover the areas that seem to be the most discussed, didn't get very detailed since there are some very good detailed reviews out there both amateur and pro. This is just my experience with the vt60 and my only regret is that I didn't get one sooner.

At night I turn the lights off, put in a blu ray and still marvel at the picture.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2014
I upgraded from a Samsung LCD (LN46C650) that I had been mostly happy with, but which was a little too small for our new living room. While looking around at 60 inch TVs, I came across the universally rave reviews for the 2013 line of Panasonic plasma TVs. Praise is warranted, but with some caveats.

The Panasonic Lineup for 2013 is "XX60", where the 60 is for 2013, incremented from last year's line that was "XX50". The "XX" represents the model and starts with the S at the bottom (not really worth looking at unless you're really budget strapped), the ST60, the VT60, and the ZT60. This review mentions a previous experience with the ST60, but is for the VT60.

While 2012's line was lauded as it was, all the 2013 models have really gotten glowing reviews across the board. CNET called the ST60 it's "strongest TV recommendation ever" and that's saying a lot. The VT60 was, at the time it was reviewed, dubbed "the Kuro-Killer", because CNet (and several other sites) marked it as the first TV to surpass the venerable Pioneer Kuro, which has been the reigning champion for "best picture" among home theater geeks for several years since Pioneer left the plasma TV market. The consensus is that Panasonic has been slowly catching up (having picked up a lot of the talent that left Pioneer and 2013 was finally the year they beat the mark.

After initially upgrading to the ST60, thinking it was a better overall deal (and that's probably still true), I ended up running into audio problems. Using the Optical audio output, I found that video and sound were out of sync and even after compensating for this using the audio delay feature on the receiver, the video and sound would get out of sync as we watched content. The gap grew. In trying to do an exchange to see if I had a bad set, the ST60s were out of stock, so I ended up getting a VT60.

HOLY CRAP! The ST60 had an AMAZING picture, but the VT60 blows it out of the water. Noticeably better picture in every way. Colors are more vivid and accurate, blacks are unbelievably black if you've gotten used to an LCD/LED set (they'll remind you of CRT days!). It's a deliciously gorgeous image. The ST60 blew my old LCD HDTV away and left me stunned, while not quite the same jump, the VT60 is better enough that I'd say I wouldn't be able to go back to the ST60. From reading reviews and my own intuition, I'm willing to say the VT60's improvement of the ST60 is much greater than the ZT60's improvement over the VT60 (the ZT60 and VT60 share most of the same components as I understand).

In addition to a more advanced panel, the VT60 also comes with some extra picture preset modes that make a big difference. The THX Cinema preset is pre-calibrated (THX Certified) and is outstanding to my eyes and already has all the image processing crap turned off. This is a really nice feature over the ST60, which does require a bit of tweaking in the settings.

In addition, the VT60 comes with a better main remote control (primarily it lights up, which is a nice feature to have), an additional touch/trackpad remote to improve the smart TV features (nice to have, but not essential), and it has voice recognition (works but it's mostly a gimmick), and a built in camera (nice for using your TV for video conferencing without an additional web cam). To be honest, the smart TV features, while cool and perfectly acceptable, are less well developed than my old Samsung. But, I don't care about that. It has built-in Netflix/etc streaming, but if you want a browser and apps, you're better off just getting a 3rd party box and using that with it (iPad+Apple TV+Air Play work better than any TV's built in browser in my view). Like the ST60 and ZR60, the VT60 comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, and the 3D quality is better than the ST60 (although I can't vouch for that as I don't care about 3D). The ZT60 doesn't have all the other features, so this TV is a "loaded" option. If you like that, great; if you don't, then ignore them.

The cost difference between the ST60 and VT60 was once a factor of 2! At the time of this review it is a mere $300, which to me makes the upgrade well worth the extra money. Extra features aside (they're nice, but they don't really matter in the end), the picture is better enough that I know where my extra cash went and feel confident in my choice. And I tend to dwell on such things!

Happily, I'm no longer having audio sync problems. I don't know if the issue was a bad set or if it was a symptom of the ST60's input lag issues, but I'm glad to be rid of it and happy that the frustration landed me with a better set!

A few things I must address:
- The VT60 is not nearly as bad as the ST60 when it comes to input lag, but Google around and get some stats if you're a big gamer and are concerned. If you're going to watch movies, then forget all about this controversy.
- This TV is plenty bright, even in a well lit room. Unless you're watching the TV in Best Buy, or have a real light problem, you'll be fine.
- Can't attest to image retention/burn in, but don't bash plasma. I avoided a plasma last time I went TV shopping due to all the misinformation about them, but having done more research it's clear that the reputation plasmas have is based on popular misconception rather than fact. CNET has a great article dispelling plasma myths that keep people (like me) from buying them. I'm very happy I did more research this time around.
- No, Panasonic isn't making any more plasmas after this year, but they are still in the TV business and are still a solid company. Should be supported for plenty of time to come. Actually, this is a great time to buy a Panasonic. Like Pioneer, Panasonic went out of the plasma market with a big bang!
- Fan noise. Yes, the fan is loud enough to hear in a very quiet room. Most of the time, I don't notice it, even in quiet scenes, primarily because I sit far enough back and because I'm wrapped up in the movie. It's a valid criticism, and if you're easily annoyed it might annoy you. I don't think it's a huge problem, but I do wish they would have put in a quieter fan.

In Summary:
Unless you're buying the ZT60 or an OLED TV, you can't get a better picture, and the price is a steal. Thrilled with my purchase!
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on December 11, 2013
This is a preliminary review as I've only had the set for a couple days. I'm using this with a Panasonic 3D player model BDT220. I was concerned about it being too big for my party room, but Panasonic's recommended viewing distance for this TV is 6.89 feet or more. (My closest seat is 8' with my 'special' seat at 10'.) Set up was really easy as far as the TV goes. It is heavy so I had a friend help me with it. The base is solid and went together surprisingly easy. The hook ups are on the back at the left side (facing screen) of the screen and easy enough to get to.
The set comes with 2 sets of 3D glasses. There is no case for them so I would recommend getting something to put them in. I bought the "3Active Twin Storage case", but if you have children you may want something sturdier.
I also bought two extra pair of glasses, Panasonic TY-ER3D4(M/S)U, which I like better if only for the reason that they actually have a switch above the bridge of the nose to turn them on/off. The glasses that come with the TV just have an on/off button. A red light comes on when you turn them on, but then goes off so you don't really know if they are on or off without looking at a 3D image.
There are two remotes that come with the TV. One is a normal remote and is decent for a remote. The other I haven't tried yet. It allows you to use voice commands and gestures to control the TV.
There is a built in camera at the top of the TV. I haven't used this at all yet.
Since my blueray player connects with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube I don't see myself using the TVs internet services that much. (I run my blueray player through my Denon AVR-1912 receiver with Energy Take 5.1 speakers.) I will see what it has to offer as I'm sure they've updated things since my blueray player. There is an HDMI out that I could run to my receiver or even just the optical audio out. (Sorry, thinking as I write!)

To calibrate the picture I used the Consumer Reports recommendations:
Picture Mode: CUSTOM
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 7
Color: 49
Tint: 2
Sharpness: 0
Color Temp: Warm2
Aspect Ratio: Full (H size 1, Overscan-Off) - I didn't find this one.
Motion Smotther: Weak
Panel Brightness: Mid
Color Gamut: Native
Gamma: 2.4
3:2 Pull down: On
Black Level: Light
All others either Off or 0

Some of the settings take a couple steps to get to, but other than the aspect ratio I found them all.

The screen is really clear and looks awesome! In 3D mode with the glasses, the screen dims a bit. I have black out curtains in the room, but yesterday the sun was out (yeah!) and light that seeped around the curtains caused reflection of the room when the screen was dark. During normal viewing it wasn't noticable. At night with the light on (an overhead light) it wasn't bad, but I prefer the viewing with the lights out.
First we tried to watch "Bait" in 3D. I thought it would be more 'in your face' type 3D, but you could see there where building up to it. I just didn't have the patience to wait. We watched "Avatar" and it was incredible! It really felt like you were there. This isn't my childhood fantasy of a holographic movie room, but it's pretty cool.
I watched "Mirror, Mirror" in 2D and could see how it would be really good in 3D. I turned on the conversion, 2D to 3D, and it was good, but wearing the glasses and the dimmer screen was a bit more than I was willing to put up with.

I was shopping for this or one of Samsung's plasma F5500 series TV's. The 60" Samsung has the best 3D of any TV according to Consumer Reports and both were less expensive, but this one was the only one that came down in price. That was my sole reason for choosing the Panasonic. That said, so far I'm thrilled with my choice!
As I watch this TV and learn more about it or if I have any problems I will update this review.
I hope this is helpful and will update as I learn more. I will try to answer specific questions anyone might have as well.
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on January 5, 2014
This review is for the 65 inch VT model- I notice in the reviews that all the different screen sizes are lumped together, and I am not so sure that is a good idea. There have been so many well-written reviews that it is difficult to compose a "new" one, so I hope that I don't borrow too much from what others have already said so well. I really, really love this TV, but I had a good idea of what I was getting before I purchased it from my previous Plasma experiences. So there weren't really any surprises. But the different display technologies exist for a reason, and some viewers might be better off with LED instead. To determine if you fit that mold, you should carefully consider all of your TV viewing habits.

The TV was delivered by Pilot carriers. I was extremely anxious about purchasing something this big and expensive through Amazon. I am happy to report all went well. The carrier called several times to confirm delivery, and arrived when scheduled. Two guys, so I did not have to help them. They asked me what else they could do, but I just wanted to be alone with my Plasma...... Some regrets there, as it took 3 of us weaklings to get it high up on the wall the next day.

"What's in the Box?".. Besides the huge and heavy TV, you get 2 remotes and 2 pairs of 3D glasses. There is a stand that is massive and it is wasted since we mounted on the wall. I am not too excited with the remotes- I really believe the big one should be a universal, to help with the clutter. It's your average remote, very similar layout to the Samsung we have. The second one is a stubby little limited function remote to be used to navigate the smart features. It has a track pad like a laptop. Both work OK. The camera is mounted at the very top of the display, and based on where I have the TV mounted, probably will not see much use since there is a limited range of adjustment angle. Likewise most of the "built-in" "Smart" features; mostly this is a vehicle to watch films as they were intended to be watched.

"The Experience"... This is a big, beautiful display. But it may underwhelm you at first; A few adjustments to the picture, getting the viewing angle the way you want it, changing a few things around in the room to reduce reflections or incoming light, getting the right program material, maybe even breaking it in for a few hundred hours, but eventually it will hit you like a bolt of plasma lightning. Visitors to our living room gawk and move around the room without taking their eyes off of it. All of the Plasmas I have owned exhibit what I would describe as a subtle brilliance, and it might take some watching before you can appreciate just how good the picture is. I can also see how the transition from LED/LCD to Plasma might be difficult for some; they are different animals and it could take some getting used to- especially regarding contrast and brightness.

My biggest complaint is the fan noise others have mentioned. On my set, the one on the left side of the screen makes a sound similar to a distant, howling wind while it is spinning up at power-on. My solution is to turn up the surround sound. It doesn't really bother me because I know what is making the noise, but I can see how this might be annoying in certain settings.

"Calibration"......Before I purchased, I wondered why in the world anyone would pay to have their TV adjusted. Now I realize that there is an overwhelming myriad of adjustments to make, and getting one or more incorrect will cascade into a bunch of mis-adjustments. However, having said that, I am not going to pay to have a professional calibration; for now I have duplicated some of the readily available published settings, and I will experiment from there, and eventually I think it would be an interesting project to learn to do the calibration myself. But overall, the picture is so good that I think most folks will be pleased with it right out of the box, and with a few conservative adjustments it will get even better. The real reason I don't consider a calibration to be a priority is because of the variations in the quality of programming material; you have different resolutions, formats, lighting techniques, etc, all of which make for a different look. The person who watches a lot of sports may well end up with different adjustments than someone who likes movies. And this preference might stray from a perfectly linear calibration, but hey, it's your TV.

"Break-in and Burn-in" ..... I don't really know how to interpret much of what I read prior to the purchase of this set (It almost stopped me from purchasing this TV). As far as breaking it in, I did the same with this one as I did with my previous Samsungs (both still in use today); I just back off on the intensities and go with a slightly dim and soft picture for a period of time, usually about 2 weeks, and then I go back and adjust to my preferences. It is unfortunate that the manufacturers do not provide more information about how best to optimize performance, so sadly we are all left with the various internet recommendations, many of which (including mine) might be nothing more than Voodoo ritual. My own opinion is that with Plasmas the picture does improve with time. I have absolutely no objective information to back that up; I just watch it and it gets better and better. Since I believe that it improves with time, then it follows logically that there is a break-in interval, which for me involves some common sense and a little TLC (not the channel!!). Regarding Image Retention, Burn-in, etc, I have not experienced such, but I do believe those reviewers who say it happened. What has me wondering is that it seems like in most cases that it happens right away; this leads me back to the "Break-In" theory. If driving the phosphors hard produces sufficient heat to cause the phosphors to "burn" permanently, then could it be that the new screen phosphors in a brand new TV tend to run on the hot side for a while before settling in to a more even operation? The common threads seem to be gaming, stationary images for extended periods, and (I think) Brightness/Contrast/Luminance adjustments. So my theory is to avoid non-moving images, keep away from certain channel logos when possible, always use a full screen image (no black bars), and don't run all of your intensity adjustments right to the rails. Being an old CRT guy, I am very familiar with burned-in images, and this problem has been around in one form or another since the inception of television. But since I am not an expert in Plasma Technology, I am not qualified to judge what others may have done to cause or prevent this. The experts make a clear distinction between "Image Retention" and "Burn-In", yet to me they are inseparable, and I do not understand how you could end up with a permanent image without starting with a temporary one. Unfortunately, since the technology is going away (just like the Cathode Ray Tube), we may never have answers to these questions.
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on January 7, 2014
I replaced my 42" 2007 Panasonic plasma with the 55" VT60 about a month ago. I had been holding out on getting a new TV - my 42" was still running fine - but as a big fan of both plasma displays, and Panasonic, when it was announced that 2013 would be their last year in the plasma market, I jumped on this when it showed up on the Cyber Monday sales. I'm really glad I did.

The price - $1499 - was almost exactly what I paid six years ago for my 42", and is about as much as I am willing to spend on a TV. I know I could have gotten bigger TVs, or higher resolution TVs, for the same price or less, but I was not looking to sacrifice build quality, nor picture quality. The build quality on the VT series is superb; a full metal back, solid stand and nice, without being gaudy, design. The picture quality is as good as everyone says and, while it was certainly a step up from my 42", I can't say that it was twice as good - just better; deeper blacks and more natural color reproduction were evident pretty much as soon as I watched my first hour on it.

When I bought it, all I really wanted was a good display. I didn't plan to use any of the built in apps, nor 3D, nor the camera. Frankly, I would have, at the time, preferred it if Panasonic offered a identical display, for 20% less cost, that stripped all of the "extra" features out. As it turns out, I use both the Netflix app and the DLNA client all the time, preferring them to the ones on my Roku. I've used the 3D features a few times with 3D netflix movies and was impressed...don't know if I will watch much in 3D, but was pleased to have it in the end. And the built in camera/Skype app are actually really pretty good, though if I had the TV wall mounted, it is unlikely if I could get the viewing angle right for the built in camera (it doesn't have much in the way of up/down pivot).

Delivery of the set was easy and considerate. Two men showed up within the two-hour window I was assigned. They brought the set in, unpacked it and set it up on my stand, and stayed while I tested all the inputs to confirm everything was working. Really pleased with the delivery service - so much easier than purchasing at a retail location, trying to squeeze it into my car, then lug it into the house myself.

Overall, great TV, great price and a happy customer. Glad I got one of Panasonic's last plasmas!
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on July 17, 2014
TV heaven. I only had it for two days yet love it. How could I breathe before encountering you, my precious ? (:

Coming from an older and cheaper Panasonic plasma - TC-P50U50 - I was used to the quality workmanship, realistic colors and all that Panasonic had to offer, despite a bit of dimness inherent in that model. The VT, no dimness here, is like the bigger, better, so-close-to-perfection brother, to look up to.

Even with the hope of affordable OLED excellence in the future, I find it sad that the extraordinary plasma technology is being run into the ground mostly by the lack of discrimination among viewers who confuse a TV with an over-bright lamppost/foghorn. I admit, my cheaper and older Panasonic, while very good (and still strong), was a little on the dim side unless cranking the contrast up.

This one.... I see no reason to go over 65 out of 100 in contrast... alright, perhaps 80 for 3D. Brightness ain't everything but the VT is plenty bright for my needs and then some. I find the colors, the detail, the motion smoothness, the Picture Quality *as a whole* beyond reference, beyond criticism. Very happy here.

Not so much an object for those striving to be thrilled with the brightness of a reality show in a sunny room. The applications and gadgets and everything are there and useful and well-done but not essential to me.

More, perhaps, a screen for people who want to watch Gone with the Wind or Ben Hur or Cleopatra or Lawrence of Arabia or even (much weaker as a story as it may be) Avatar... and not miss the cinema theater experience.
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on June 19, 2013
The Panasonic P55VT60 is without a doubt the best 55 inch television one can purchase. Very low minimum light level means deep blacks and great contrast. Colors pop without being unnatural, and motion handling is the best I've ever seen on a TV. If you're in the market for a 60 or 65 inch TV, the ZT60 is slightly better with bright room viewing, at around 500 dollars more.

As a gamer, this is a fantastic TV since Panasonic has really upped their game regarding image retention from last year's sets. Leaving a static head's up display, score counter, or life bar for a few hours will leave mild image retention at the worst, and will be gone within a few minutes of pixel sweeper/mixed content. Input lag also measures between 38-42 ms which means that all but the hardest of the hardcore, pro-level twitch gamers will not notice lag, but they aren't going to consider large screens anyway. I play a lot of twitch games and can't notice or feel any sluggish response.

All types of signals look the best they possibly can on the VT60. Standard def never looks good on a 55 inch HDTV, but it's passable on the VT60. 720p signals look absolutely stunning, which is a step up from last years 50 series in which anything other than a 1080 signal was soft and had an "oil painting" effect to it. That's not the case with the 60's. Blu-rays and 1080p TV shows and games are absolutely jaw dropping. You cannot get a picture quality this good on any other TV currently on the market, and this TV even matches or beats (VERY SLIGHTLY) the Pioneer Kuro.

So why the 4 star review?

This is the best TV I've ever seen, but it's not perfect and I can't in good conscience give it a perfect, 5 star review. Here are the cons.

-I previously purchased one of these from another retailer and immediately after receiving it, I noticed a dark line running down the right side of the screen. After aging the panel for a couple hundred hours, the line got progressively worse. I called up the retailer and set up an exchange. When the new set came, the problem still existed but even worse. I'm not sure if this was an issue with Panasonic, the retailer, the shipping company, etc., but I ended up getting a refund, purchasing ANOTHER one through Amazon and having ZERO issues with my current set. Which brings me to the next con:

-I had contacted Panasonic customer service about the issue I was having and in so many words, they said there was no problem with the TV and that any of the manufacturing defects I was describing were within spec. This is not okay, considering the price of the TV. Nothing is perfect, but a dark, half inch wide line running down the set is simply unacceptable for a reference level TV. I've dealt with Panasonic before regarding other products and they are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. Probably the worst customer service of any electronics manufacturer. Strange considering they make such great products, you would think they could spend just a little money to ensure that the people they hire to deal with technical issues can converse with customers and figure things out. Instead the customer service reps try their absolute hardest to ignore you. Such a weird concept to me. Buy a 3rd party warranty or hope nothing goes wrong, because you do not want to have to deal with these people over the phone or via e-mail.

-The price of the TV is very high compared to the almost-as-good-but-not-quite ST60. The 55ST60 runs for about 1000 dollars less, which is insane. The ST60 has very high input lag however, so it's a no-go for all but the most casual of gamers. If you do not need a reference level set and do not play games, go for the ST60 instead. It's a much better value and has amazing picture quality. If you're not entirely sure what "reference level" means, you likely wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the ST60 and the VT60 unless they were side by side. The VT60 is really a TV for videophiles and industry professionals. I hope this doesn't sound snotty, as I'm honestly trying to save you 1000 dollars! =)

-The bezel and overall design of the TV is very bizarre to me. It's got a great (non-swivel) stand, and the bottom part of the design is beautiful with a clear plastic trim that holds the on/off LEDS. The one sheet of glass design is very sexy too. What's odd is the built in speakers, which hurt the cosmetic appeal of the set greatly and add thickness to what could be a slim profile design. Most people who are looking to buy a VT60 are not going to be using the built in speakers to begin with, which is why I question Panasonic's decision with this. If this were a feature of the value models (the S60 and the ST60), it would definitely make sense, but it doesn't make sense on the reference level set. Yes, this is a nitpick.

This is it for my review. Overall, for videophiles and industry pros (I use this for post production color correction), you cannot get a better 55 inch TV at the moment. Accurate colors, the deepest blacks ever, and superb motion handling make this an amazing purchase. Please take my criticisms with a grain of salt as I am one of the most critical people ever when it comes to technology. Though I find faults with this TV (and every other TV I've ever owned), it's still the most amazing picture I've seen on a consumer set and blows me away every time I turn it on.
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Superb picture quality, ultimate blacks and a huge screen size. This TV is absolutely wonderful to watch movies on. It gives a cinema like experience. I had it in a very bright room earlier and was not enjoying it as much as the screen does have the window pane effect, especially for darker scenes.

Now that I moved it to a lower level theater room with very little outdoor light it is another TV altogether! I am so glad I purchased it before Panasonic discontinued it as there is nothing else that compares yet. Maybe OLED in the future, but it's unaffordable right now.

I had to visit some forums and calibrate to get it to the perfect color setting, before the custom settings I was a little disappointed as picture seemed worse than my much older 42 inch Panasonic plasma due to it's much bigger size. Once I had the settings figured out, it was another TV altogether. After viewing this TV my LG 42 inch LED TV seems so small, and the picture seems so contrasty and unnatural!

I've also moved since I purchased this TV and since it was a local move the movers just wrapped it in a blanket, and there was no problem in the move. I moved 3 times with my last Panasonic Plasma and it never had a problem, so hoping this one gives me many years of pleasure.
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on December 12, 2013
First class TV!
Just a few minor adjustments out of the box and WOW! This TV blows away every other model I have looked at!
Very happy with this purchase.Too bad Panasonic is not going to make any more Plasma sets!
I am a loyal Sony owner over the last 20 years but they have nothing out to beat the Panasonic's picture.
I have researched and read many reviews before purchasing the Panasonic VT-60 and so glad I did.
LED can not touch this set!

Amazon was a few bucks higher than some other online sellers but the free shipping and inside delivery was a plus.
The delivery guys wanted to just drop it off and go but I insisted it be removed from the box and inspected before signing for it.
They were in a huge hurry and Amazon should address this issue!
They would not even wait for me to power it up to verify it worked.

5 stars for the TV and Amazon but 3 stars for the delivery.
They get 3 stars because they showed up on time only!

I used to do home delivery of very high quality furniture and home theater systems and would never leave the box and packaging thrown all over the living room floor like these guys....
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