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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 6, 2014
We have a 2010 Panasonic Plasma TV, model TC-P54VT25. At the time we bought the TV, we also bought 2 sets of the 3D glasses, and paid $150 each for them. Although we will keep the old 3D glasses because the still work, my husband and I both like these glasses better than the old ones. We like these 3D glasses better because:
- They are much lighter weight than the old 3-D glasses and much more comfortable.
- You don't have to install nose pieces to make them fit.
- They can be worn comfortably with or without prescription eyewear.
- They are rechargeable. This could be a plus or a minus depending on your use. If you don't use 3D often as we don't, you have to plan ahead to make sure the battery is charged. Whereas, changing a battery may be more convenient as long as you have a spare.
- They connected immediately to our TV when the 3D movie started and stayed connected. They do seem to click off when you turn your head away from the TV, but click on immediately when you turn back.
- The glasses can be switched to 2D with a switch on the top of the glasses for people that do not feel comfortable with 3D viewing.

At this point in time, other than having to recharge them before using them if the charge runs out, I can think of any cons for these glasses. At the time I bought these 3D glasses, I also bought 2 of the Incredisonic Vue Series VSUI-1600. In comparing the two, the VSUI-1600 work as well, but the more narrow side allow light from the room to be seen that can be distracting. The plus for the VSUI-1600 glasses is that they are much less expensive. The VSUI-1600 glasses use disposable batteries that may be more convenient when you don't what to take time to charge batteries. I will describe the VSUI-1600 3D glasses in my review for them.
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on February 23, 2013
I originally purchased a well regarded pair of less expensive 3D glasses for my 2011 model Panny Plasma. They work well, and numerous reviewers claimed they were as good as, or better than the name brand glasses. It is true that they work well and were a fraction of the cost of the Panasonic brands, but then I found these Panasonic brand name glasses via Amazon Market and purchased them for the same price as the much cheaper knock-off (approximately $28.00). They were listed as "Used-like new.) I have to say that the comfort level of the Panasonic brand is markedly better than the knock-offs. They seem to weigh almost nothing, are comfortable on the nose, with or without prescription glasses, and can be comfortably worn for extended times. Viewing angles and distances seem very good. However, as seems to be true with any 3D system, the glasses definitely darken the picture and I could not imagine watching more than one movie without taking an extended break from the 3D experience. Definitely, watching some, not all, 3D movies is a great experience, but the movie needs to be fairly bright to begin with for a more enjoyable experience. 3D TV still has a way to go. I would like to add that the seller was exceptional, responding within seconds to my e-mails and prepared to remedy any problems. however, the glasses work perfectly. Also, because they are Panasonic brand, if you are using a Panasonic TV you have absolutely no special connections to make. Simply charge 30 minutes before the first use, turn on your movie, and turn them on. They connect immediately. They even allow you to watch a 3D movie that everyone else is watching in 3D in 2D if doing so is more comfortable for you. I would never pay the MSRP for these, but at $28.00 to $30.00 they are reasonable.
PLEASE REMEMBER...These are for the 2011 models and NOT for the 2012 models. The 2012 models use an entirely different means of communication with the glasses and do NOT work with this model.
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on June 19, 2013
We have several pairs of these 3D glasses for our Panasonic Viera 3D TV. After we bought the TV, we tried to be frugal and bought some knockoff glasses that weren't OEM. They worked okay but the picture just didn't seem right - it seemed too dark. We decided to buy a pair of the Panasonic glasses and they were MUCH better. The picture popped off the screen a lot more. Plus they were a LOT lighter in weight than the knockoffs and, therefore, were a lot more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time (like watching a 2-3 hour movie). We have been able to find the medium and large size Panasonic glasses at discounted prices (ranging from $55-$70) on the internet. However, the small size apparently is sold out at most places now and Panasonic is no longer manufacturing these glasses - in any size. Therefore, thanks to supply & demand, the small size is now demanding a premium price and can only be found a few places online. I was happy to see Amazon still had a few in stock but the $99 price was a little hard to swallow. However, we wanted to make sure we had a pair for our daughter (who was just born) to watch some Disney 3D movies when she got older and figured we better act now since Panasonic is no longer making these. We plan on having another child so I guess I will have to suck it up and buy another pair soon - before they sell out - but a near $100 price tag is hard to swallow for an item that a child will be wearing (and possibly breaking).
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on May 27, 2013
The Panasonic system of 3D television works fine. In theory, it alternates full 1080-line images on the screen, and the brightness and duration of the images are managed such that there is no flickering. Used with your matching Panasonic flatscreen, the glasses render a perfect, bright, 3D image.

(CAUTION: Be absolutely certain you get the glasses which match your specific model of flatscreen! Panasonic has at least two different, incompatible sytems! One uses an IR link, and one uses a Bluetooth link, and only the matching glasses will work!)

The glasses themselves could be better designed. I realize they must be wearable both by viewers who wear corrective glasses as well as those who do not, and these seem to be intended as a compromise, for both. The result is, they are a little too big and loose if you don't wear glasses, and a little awkward and even precarious if you do.

Most often, the 3D TV will be in a home with one to four viewers, and if this is you, it's best to get specific sizes of glasses for each person. I have both the large and medium sizes, and the difference between them is slight. The large size perches over my regular eyewear, but it's clunky and I have to sit very still.

The glasses charge quickly, as claimed, and operate for long periods without recharging.
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on August 23, 2014
I've owned a 3d television for a while and I actually owned a pair of 3d glasses when they first came out but, they always felt so stiff and heavy.

I waited a few years and decided to buy another pair and saw these on sale for $57 (I noticed they've gone up to $67 now). Not only are these glasses incredibly lightweight but, they're also incredibly comfortable and flexible.

I can tell an instant difference when watching Netflix or Hulu - some of which have 3d shows and movies which really make the screen look crisp and provides a great deal of depth to each scene, especially when playing video games (cell shaded games look the best IMO!)

I would give these glasses a perfect score but because of the price hike I am a little discontent with the cost. I'm going to buy another pair for guests but $57 was a very reasonable price and $67 is a bit too much.
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on April 27, 2014
Nice glasses for your Panny projector...lightweight, quick to charge, and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Soapbox: Why does everybody complain about having to wear glasses? If you go to the Imax, you wear glasses. If you are over 40, you wear reading glasses. If you go outside and spend the day at the beach, you wear sunglasses for hours at a time. And if you simply need glasses, like 64% of the people in this country, you wear glasses all the time.

By the time you have had them on for five minutes, you forget about them and are simply lost in the amazing visuals. And if you have a Panasonic projector, might as well get the real thing. These are great.
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on July 13, 2012
These 3D glasses provide full HD 3D viewing which is pretty cool. They are fairly lightweight and comfortable. They operate immediately upon receiving the 3D sensor from TV. They maintain their connection well even when moving a distance from TV. They also cease 3D function when away from TV...What I mean is, they will automatically stop the active shutter (3D capabilities) when away from the TV. This is nice so you can get your popcorn without having to remove the glasses because of possible vision disruption. When you return to the TV, they will automatically sync again.

Overall, these are very nice 3D glasses giving a true, clear and cool 3D viewing experience. Okay, so why not 5 stars? Although 3D is pretty cool, I, personally, don't like having to wear glasses at all and 3D is obviously not fully matured.
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on October 19, 2012
The Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU 3D Active Shutter Eyewear seem to do exactly what they are intended to do. I wasn't sure if the M (Medium) size would fit, but they were fine. The 3-D imagery was good with my Panasonic plasma TV, better than what I had seen in the theater. The glasses fit over my corrective glasses well. Of course, the room was darkened and with the glasses on it was difficult to see around, which I actually found helpful as stray light was dimmed, too. I didn't feel that the image on the screen was too dark at all, and after only a few seconds I didn't even notice that it was dimmer than without. The glasses are lightweight and barely noticeable. Worst thing about them was that they would feel insecure if I bent my head down for any reason--but you normally wouldn't want to do that when watching the TV, and with the glasses on things you drop are too hard to see anyway.
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on August 7, 2014
I got these 3d glasses to use with my Panasonic ST30 Plasma television. They work as advertised. 3D content is clear and stunning. The only problem is that they can get glares on the corners due to the curved shape. The batteries last a long time, but it sucks when I want to use them and find out the battery died. They have a good range and can be worn about 40 feet from the television before they lose the signal.

I wish I would have gotten a passive 3D television due to the glasses being cheaper and less bulky on my face, but beggers can't be choosers and these glasses will have to do until I get a new television
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on September 2, 2011
I currently have last generation Panasonic 3D glasses, as well as Xpand X103's and this blow both of them out of the water. Extremely light weight, the lenses seem to be a little brighter, and they have the ability to convert 3D images back to 2D if you are watching with a group of people and decide you want to watch it in 2D instead. Will definitely be replacing my other glasses with these over the next few weeks. The only downside to these that I have found, is they do not come with a storage case, and they don't fit in the last generation storage case. I haven't found anything that they fit in just right to keep from the lenses getting scratched.
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