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on December 17, 2012
I'm not particularly adept at noticing things like colour acuracy or contrast levels, but I have had little to no issue with the picture quality. I have noticed a small amount of motion blur, but I think I can make it go away for the most part by modifying the settings. As far as as the motion processing, it will give you the "soap opera effect" if you have the advance motion processing on while watching film-based content, but it's easy enough to turn off.
I haven't had a chance to try out the smart-tv features because you have to buy an additional part to pick up wifi signals and I don't feel like routing an ethernet cable over my living room floor. I have an xbox for that which great and I didn't buy it for that anyway.
What I did buy it for and where this tv excels is video games. I've tried a few fancy flat screens tvs before I settle on this one and input lag was a huge issue (even when in their game-mode). Panasonic must have paid special attention to the problem of input lag because in game mode the lag is imperceptable. This tv is a breath of fresh air to anyone who has ever been frustrated by input lag on another tv. I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with this tv's gaming preformance. I've noticed that tv reviews rarely spend any time on this critical aspect of television preformance and to find information on this issue, one has to be prepare to sift through fairly muddled forum posts. In addition there is quite a lot of misleading information out there. For instance, I had originally purchased a Sharp Aqous marketed with a .016 ms lag time. I'm not sure where they got that statistic, but it didn't refence the set's lag relevant to gaming. The set was horrible and made gaming frustrating and unenjoyable.
If you are a gamer and want an excellent set the first time without wasting hours sifting through muddled and often misleading information, this is the set for you.
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on July 7, 2012
We were looking for a replacement for our ~16 year old rear projection TV. We are not gamers nor are we interested in 3D display. We chose this Panasonic product after lengthy research into other brands, models and sizes. We almost opted for another, less expensive Vizio model, but by the time we were able to dispose of our old TV, the Vizio model was out of stock. We had seen several Panasonic HDTVs and had never been disappointed with the Panasonic, so it was next on the list.

We received the HDTV about 5 days after ordering through Amazon. After assembling the TV stand, we unpacked the TV. There is a diagram on the side of the box, that the HDTV is shipped in, that has artwork on one side of the box indicating the unpacking procedure. The procedure is very easy for two people. There are 4 plastic latches that allow the top section of the box to be lifted away from the monitor. We chose to mount the monitor on the pedestal, as opposed to a wall mounting. The mounting procedure is clearly indicated with an exploded diagram found in the owner's manual. The assembly screws are found in 2 different plastic packages. There are 2 different screw sizes used for mounting the monitor to the pedestal. One size screw (4 each) attaches the bracket to the base. The other size screw (4 each) attaches the monitor to the bracket. The bracket fits precisely into a slot in the monitor and when the monitor has been seated on the bracket the screws line up perfectly. The assembly procedure is easy to follow and well engineered.

There is a characteristic that the purchaser will want to know about. The base has a raised integral mount that the bracket attaches too. This raised integral mount is apparently designed to yield slightly and pitches slightly with the weight of the monitor. Since the model we purchased has a 55-inch monitor, and is naturally top heavy, this presents a bit of unease with monitor stability. We found the azimuth orientation we preferred for the monitor and haven't moved it. There is no swivel to the base, so azimuth orientation means moving the entire base.

After attaching the cabling, which is also clearly indicated in the owner's manual, we powered on via the remote and followed eHELP, which is essentially a built-in manual that is always available and performed a first time set-up.

One thing that I have noticed about the remote is that I unintentionally keep reformatting the display. The format button is immediately above the number buttons, and I am connected to cable TV, so I have not yet trained myself to tactilely discriminate between these buttons.

We love the picture display, and the audio is acceptable. We will edit this review to provide more set-up information in the near future. We are currently using the HDTV, although we haven't settled on the set-up yet.
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on July 9, 2012
This is a great TV for a great price. I have a 2010 Panasonic G25 with amazing contrast and PQ, far superior to any of my friends' LCD TVs. I didn't want to buy an LCD but I also was not going to spend $1000 for a bedroom TV that I will only watch for 1hr a night before falling to sleep. I took a leap of faith with Panasonic, based on my satisfaction with their plasmas, and was rewarded.

The IPS LED backlit display on this TV is good, it's amazing when you consider that it only cost $600. The display was not like this out of the box though. When this TV arrived I was actally pretty upset with the picture, the contrast was off and there was serious motion blur (soap opera effect). I connected my blu-ray player Panasonic DMP-BD85K WiFi Enabled Blu-Ray Disc Player (Black) and loaded the AVCHD calibration disk from to adjust contrast, brightness, and sharpness. I then disabled CATS, AI picture, Color Mgmt, and overscan. After that I have to say that the picture is pretty amazing, close to that of my plasma.

This TV also has all of the "smart" TV options of my more expensive plasma (Hulu Plus, Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube) plus the ability to use your iPhone as a remote and game controller. I was initally shopping for the E5 Panasonic TC-L42E5 42-Inches 1080p LED-LCD TV but went to look at my dad's and found that it only had a limited number of apps, not the full Viera Connect store. That and the fact that the lesser E5 is currently priced $80 more than the E50.
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on August 13, 2013
We were looking for a basement television in the $500 price range. Had purchased a different Panasonic 47" (the ET5 smart tv), a more expensive model, about 6 months ago for $750. Loved it. We didn't need the bells and whistles for the basement, and decided to purchase this model. We were on a strict $500 budget (had a $500 gift card) so when the Amazon Warehouse price for the "good condition- USED" model dipped to $495, we jumped on it.

The box arrived in excellent condition. I searched high and low for scuffs, scratches or other flaws which accompany the description of this "used" product. We didn't see anything...not even a light scratch. The set started flawlessly and displays a bright, vivid, sharp picture. It's a terrific set and a great value.

There's nothing "used" about this set. I'm pretty sure this is Amazon discounting some of the dented cardboard boxes that invariably occur during handling in the warehouse.

I see where the used price jumped about $60 in the last couple of days. Wait it will settle back under $500 in a week or two...then go get yourself one. You won't find a superior 47" LED-LCD for less.
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on November 7, 2012
We had the Panasonic VIERA "TC-L47E50 47-inch HDTV delivered via UPS from Amazon within (2) days of ordering it off there web-site. Right from the well packaged box this Panasonic HDTV appeared to be quality. Packaged very well, protective coverings on all surfaces, neat and orderly - it just gives you and indication of a well planed out product that is concerned about today's shipping force. Without actually reading the manual, plugging it in and (1) HDMI cable, we were watching cable TV! No mess, no fuss, no confusing cables - what a great manufacturing process to develop such and easy to setup HDYV and, did I mention the quality of picture - Holy Cow, it is wonderful, absolutely wonderful, crisp, clear - spot on. I am glad the days of a three-inch grouping of monster cables are finished - HDMI is the shit now. We also bought the Panasonic "TY-WL20U" wireless adapter and "APTMM2B" Cheetah HDTV mount, everything worked flawlessly. Amazon is amazing honestly; you are treated like a real customer and your concerns are listened to and resolved with in an hour. It sure beats the heck out of the driving the parking the walking the "I'll get someone who knows" answers or the mini scientist trying to talk you into the 3D world of HDTV - to funny. Most box store people just care about when there next break is. All in all, you would be silly to shop anywhere else, it's all here and Panasonic is a quality product.
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on March 1, 2013
I ordered this in 55-inch right before the Super Bowl and I wanted to reserve judgment for a few weeks to view the TV in many different ways. I really wanted a 60" and considered brands like Samsung and Vizio instead. Ultimately the deal i received on this tv was too good to pass up ($850 plus $50 for the WiFi adapter). Plus the problem Vizio has had with audio and their panels made me look elsewhere. Even with the peace of mind of a Square Trade Protection Plan, who wants to deal with an expensive 60" paper weight hanging on your wall?

Which ironically brings me to my first point.... the first delivery i received had a defective panel. Pixels about the size of a nickel in the middle of the screen were dim. Amazon was fantastic about the exchange and delivered the new one inside of a week via CEVA and the delivery men assisted in the removal of the old tv off the wall and installation of the new tv.

At first i regretted my purchase. Having a 50" Samsung plasma prior to this, i was used to much deeper blacks and an overall sharper picture. It just so happened that my grandmother just bought a 55" Samsung (non Smart) for $900 and my parents bought a 46" Samsung Smart in the same month as me. I had the luxury of viewing both of their tv's last week and I'm happy to report that even after tweaking their pictures, I like this Panasonic the best. Samsungs UI for the Smart features is much better than Panny's but that's a small trade-off.

Ultimately i chose an LED over Plasma for a few reasons. Glare in a bright room, overall weight of the unit and power consumption. I would definitely recommend purchasing this model if you get a solid deal.
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on August 4, 2012
I did quite a bit of research on this tv before purchasing. My concern was picture quality, price and screen glare.

Even being a tech person, I had to contact my son before buying. His words to me were "Dad, you don't need 3D - you won't watch it - and you probably won't use wi-fi." He was right!

1. Sturdy stand, great picture, Panasonic quality and reliability. I had a tube Panasonic for 20 years and finally gave it to Goodwill. The tv and the remote were still working! My 32 inch Panasonic LCD is a great tv and still going strong. It does have the annoying habit of occasionally needing to be powered off and on when it gets the blinking red light.

2. No motion problems, backlight bleeding or uniformity problems observed (I'm not too picky about these!)

1. A slightly larger bezel than needed, but still reasonably trim. Looks better than I thought it would. (My tv is not wall mounted.)

2. There is some screen glare, but it is not a deal breaker. It is more an occasional annoyance, but an annoyance just the same. I would rather have a matte finish as I don't need the colors to "pop". I just want them to be accurate. I considered a plasma, but I like the LED brightness and color a little bit more. Plasma would have been a truer picture in terms of overall color and would have avoided any motion issues, but I noticed a bit more glare with the plasmas than the LED I purchased. Please be aware that there are reflection/glare issues from room lights such as lamps with this LED TV for darker scenes but it could be a real issue to you if there are bright windows that are directly in line with the tv (behind the viewer or at the appropriate angle when viewing from the side) so that it reflects in the panel. I set up the room to have the tv on the same side as the windows and I either use a lamp behind the tv or off to the side.

Other comments:
1. The remote is the standard Panasonic remote. Nothing spectacular but it works for me. Only controls the tv.

2. Picture is very good. My wife commented on how good the colors are, especially the natural color of faces.

3. Like others have said, I believe that this is a LG panel. It has a very good viewing angle in my opinion at least on the horizontal(side to side) viewing. I have not looked at the tv from a chair to higher on the wall since the tv is not wall mounted. However from the floor to the tv at about 30 inches, it looks fine.

4. I connect to my network via powerline adapters. Works great! If I want wi-fi, I can get a WD Live TV Streaming Media box or a Roku.

5. Speakers are adequate, but not great. This is on par for thin tv's, we just need to learn to live with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I played music from my LG NAS via DLNA and it sounded really good through the tv speakers! Much better than I would have expected given the sound that comes out for normal tv viewing.

6. I really miss analog audio outputs! It is a waste of a great receiver and IMO a waste of money to have to purchase another receiver just to hook the tv to the receiver with the digital only outputs.

7. If you are thinking of whether to get a 42 inch or a 47 inch tv, my advice is to measure what kind of stand you are going to put it on. I have some vintage (30 year old) Kenwood speakers that are a little too big to put beside most stands and most tv stands are a little too short lengthwise to hold the tv and my JBL bookshelf speakers. TV is about 43 inches wide and the speakers take up about 9 inches each, so they don't quite fit on a standard 56 to 60 inch entertainment center. (I see a pair of floorstanding Polk speakers in my future!) I don't regret getting a 47 inch tv (love seeing more details in movies, sports etc). However, I could have easily lived with a 42 inch tv. If you are wall-mounting the tv, bigger is probably better.

8. I bought the tv a while back when they were still being shipped in the single layer carton. It survived the trip with no damage, but the remote was falling out of the bottom of the box, the styrofoam had been popped on one side and the box looked like it had been through a war zone. It may be worth it to spend a few bucks to get one-day shipping if you already have a Prime account!

Anyone who wants a good tv at a reasonable price will probably be very happy with this tv. No bells or whistles, just reasonable quality and value. I paid $849 for the tv and got a $100 credit as an Amazon promotion. There have been promotions that included a Blu-ray player also. The price will go a bit lower as the sale season gets here. I considered the LG 47LM7600, Samsung UN46ES6XXX models and also the Panasonic TC-47ET5. I decided that in a couple of years, I might want to upgrade, so for now, this model made a lot of sense. I may be wrong, but I think 3D TV is a just a trend for right now and really isn't much more than a novelty. It's a nice perk if it comes with the set you want. Usually it is included on the higher end models as part of the added features and premium panel which you may or may not need. Thanks to all the reviewers here and in the other tv reviews who helped me to make a good decision in purchasing my tv!

23 Sep 2012 Update:

You may want to consider the Samsung UN46EH6000 for a very basic LED TV with a matte screen. It also has an analog audio out. However, you do not get an ethernet port. The tv gets good reviews from consumers, but the professional reviews are critical of it for picture quality and only having 2 hdmi ports. Consumers seem to really like it. It may work for you if reflections from windows or lamps are an issue.

I bought a Sunny Designs real wood (birch) 42 inch tv stand for $169 dollars (about $180 with tax) at a local brick and mortar store. It is all wood except for the bottom of the stand which is a high quality engineered wood and not visible. The top, sides, and shelves are all real wood. The finish is the weakest point, but at this price, it was well worth it. It is light, sturdy, and reasonably easy to assemble. I recommend you consider it if you want a wood stand. It comes in a variety of finishes and in sizes 42", 52" and 60".
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on July 31, 2017
Four years and half has passed since I bought Panasonic Viera, there was no problem so far. I like Japanese brand rather than Korean or other country origin, because credibility, consitency and network of after service in case of the trouble of this brand would be evidently better than others. 5-star!!
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on November 21, 2012
I ordered this LED TV from Amazon's warehouse deals in "like new" condition. I was a little apprehensive by not getting it new. It came repackage in a very heavy duty box with custom formed foam. The box did have a 3" puncture on the side but it was the side with back of the TV ( thanks UPS). The TV was brand new, all the original factory protection still applied and all the supplies, except the batteries. I'm glad Amazon chose to repackage the TV as most of the factory boxes are very thin.

The TV itself is really great! The picture is amazing and very clear ( Direct TV HD singnal) The picture's color and contrast are very good and look almost 3D. I did read about the lighter black levels on this TV but in real life viewing, it's not really noticeable. The back light bleed is very minimal and not noticeable unless you're looking for it. The online content is very good and work very well and fast i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime videos etc.. I paid almost half of retail thanks to Amazon's warehouse deals and would buy again
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on April 6, 2013
I am breaking this review into sections.

Amazon service: The order for this TV got lost in the shuffle somewhere between Amazon and UPS. This is the first time ever that I have had a shipping error in over 10 years as an Amazon customer. When I observed that the order had not moved after two days I called Amazon, explained the situation and they apologized profusely, cancelled the original order, wrote a new order and sent it next day air free of charge. Not only that they also monitored the whole shipping process, sent me emails confirming its location for every step on the way to ensure that everything went as it should and it arrived when it should have, too. Fantastic effort and fantastic customer service!

The TV:

First of all I will mention that I am using this TV to watch video, not gaming or anything else of that nature. I dumped my cable TV service a month after I bought a Roku box a couple years ago so I cannot speak on how well it works with cable/satellite TV systems. You are on your own there. My computers all run Windows 7 so if you are using Apple products you are on your own there, too.

It was a breeze to set up and connect. Took me all of 20 minutes from opening the box to having it fully functional. I did have all my componets ready to be hitched up to it though.-if you do not have those prepared beforehand it will take you a bit longer.

1. Picture quality: I have a very bright living room-one wall is all windows. The picture is bright and crisp in full daylight with my blinds/curtains at their normal positions-I did not close them. Yes, there is some reflection but it is not as bad as some make it out to be. I did not have to make any adjustments whatsoever from the factory defaults to enhance the picture quality. Very little to no pixilation-the only noticeable pixilation I observed was in running "The Hobbit' off of Amazon Prime and it was for a few seconds on the scene where they were zoomed in on the map and that was VERY minor. Considering the manner which the movie was shot I had expected this and expected more pixilation but there was none after that. I am well pleased.

2. Audio quality: I have a 14x17 foot living room and the sound quality is excellent. Mind you, if you are expecting the same audio quality and loudness as a $1,000/1,000 watt home theatre system out of the TV's built in speakers you will be a bit disappointed but you are a fool if you expected that in the first place. My brother in law was here and we had to jack up the audio so he could hear it (he is deaf in one ear) and at 50% he could hear everything along with scaring the bejabbers out of the pets and making my sister and I deaf. I set the TV to 20% and my sister and I could hear everything just fine. I did not have to change any of the settings from the factory defaults.

3. VIERA Connect and Internet: Had absolutely NO problems connecting. My modem/router sits right under the TV on the TV stand so instead of buying the Wi-Fi dongle I hooked it up using an Ethernet cable. Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime streaming works as it should. YouTube app via VIERA connect works smoothly and the picture quality is excellent even on videos that I know are 360p maximum quality. The 1080p YouTube videos are crisp, sharp and as they should be. BTW The YouTube sync app works with Kindle Fire HD. Pandora and all the other apps work as they should. The only complaint I have with VIERA connect is that they do not have the selection that Roku has but that is to be expected and am sure it will get better with time.

3. Roku Box: I already owned a Roku LT box before buying this TV-it is the low end one that only cranks out 720p. I had an old Sony Wega so needed no more than that. I hitched it up using an HDMI cable and my only complaint with it is that the video level seems to be a bit low but not unwatchable-audio is fine. Considering that everything else looks fine I figure that it is a problem with the Roku box and not the TV. I intend to upgrade to Roku 3 because I am giving my old TV/Roku box to a friend. I am sure once I upgrade that problem will be solved. BBC world service does look a bit funky but am guessing that it is because it is being converted from PAL to NTSC-it is watchable, though.

4. USB/SD: I have many videos on my computer that I wanted to watch on my TV which is part of the reason why I bought this particular TV. Most of these videos are in .flv (flash) or MP4. Some of the programs I have are segmented because I edited out the commercials and before I got this TV I used to watch them on my computer using RealPlayer. These videos were already organized into individual folders on my computer and I highly suggest you do the same if you intend watching video on this TV from a USB device otherwise you will be wading through alot of 'stuff' to find your pony ifyouknowwhatimean. I loaded all of them up on a 32 gig USB stick and plugged the stick into the TV. Worked flawlessly but I did have to rename some of the programs in order to make them easier to sort. The segmented programs already existed in their individual folders and will play in sequence if you turn off the autorepeat feature in the menu.

I also loaded up a bunch of pictures/music (in their own folders) and tried out the slideshow function. Worked as it should but for some reason it will not show some of the pictures even though they are all .jpeg. I think this might be because of the way some of them are named so I am going to try renaming some of them. Will edit this review to let you know if that worked. Another point is that even though the slideshow function will randomize the pictures it will not randomize the music-it plays the music in the order it was loaded onto the stick. If you want to have the music to be 'random' instead of playing entire albums create your own 'random' order when loading the music into its folder.

5. DVD player: Works as it should. The Sony 5 DVD carousel player is hitched up with an HDMI cable, the Magnavox DVD burner is hitched up with composite video/audio cables using the adapter provided by Panasonic. Most of the DVD's I have are of old movies/TV programs that were not produced in anything that resembles HD thus there really is no reason to buy them on Blue Ray even if I could get them on Blue Ray. I really do not intend to buy a Blue Ray player because I will just buy the digital downloads of the movies I want and either watch them off of the cloud or load them up onto stick drives or SD cards. BTW the 3:2 pulldown works as intended.

6. Computer: I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that I am using with this TV. it is connected using an HDMI cable though I can throw video/pictures etc. to the TV via my home network. I am not using that function because I loaded all that stuff on the USB stick plugged into the TV and using the TV's software to run them. The main function the computer is being used for is to watch BBC and ITV programs from their websites using either BBC iPlayer or ITV Player. Video and audio is broadcast standard. I am thinking of getting a wireless keyboard and using it to browse the internet but (at the moment) I do not really think I would use that much. If I am doing gaming or heavy internet usage I will just use my computer set up in my computer room.

Overall impression: I would buy this TV again in a heartbeat. it does everything I want it to and more.
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