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on April 22, 2012
As a programmer and a gamer, I have my share of expensive monitors (just ask my wife!). And the regular LCD TV never satisfy my quality standard; colors are either too cartonish, black is not black, and white is tinted blue. So I have only used plasma as TV. It's warm, have rich real color, it's perfect for movie night, there is no argument there.

So for my second TV, which in my study and music room, I want to try something else, since I keep hearing the LED LCD are the bomb nowaday (even most of them still do not look as life like as good plasma to me), the energy usage is low, thin and light. So I try my first LED LCD with this model after researching the latest 2012 models within my "2nd tv" price range.

Sales person kept pushing LG (got magic wand, apps, thin bezel.....), but for me, IPS is the magic word. For people who do not know what it is just google "IPS panel", if no time, just know this, IPS is supposedly the best panel you can get as LCD panel (I believe all big Apple monitors are IPS, no exception), color is more vivid and the view angle should be a perfect 178.

Got the baby home, set it up, hook up to my 15TB home server w/ HDMI, play some 1080p clips. Wow, it's so clear and real looking, this is some great monitor/TV I told myself. Flipped to the movies folder, open Avatar, wow, so this is 120hz, looking real smooth, real clear.

IN FACT, it's so real and clear, I double check my refresh rate (at 60hz from source) all the codecs. The images looks like a pre-rendered animation, totally flawless. But after the first 5 minutes, it feels kind of weird to me as the movie somehow look much smoother, but "cheaper" at the same time. Then I remember the stuff I heard....soap opera effect.

I never consider my eyes to be sensitive in any case (if anything, years of looking at multi 27" monitor should have desensitized me...), so whenever I heard SOE, I'd just brush it off as some people's sensitive eyes. IT'S NOT, it's very much noticeable to anyone, albeit some people just don't care about it when watching movies in the first place. In 300, all the grains are gone! Now it's really looking like animation, watching them fighting the monsters.

By now, 2 hours after I unpacked it, I'm panicking and start looking at all the menu items. After much google, some site suggested to use Game mode, so the TV wouldn't add additional frames by itself to smooth out the frames. BINGO, the movies are looking absolutely stunning, got the good colors, no bleeding, black is pretty black (not as black as the best plasma...but blacker than most mid price monitors out there, which is a tall order for this size and price). So I open up some calibration graphic test for monitor and tune it abit, I'm pretty much set -- happy.

BTW I have not try any apps in there, but I tested the iphone app remote, works great.

So to sum it up, if you just want picture quality with a good price in a LED LCD, not gimmicks like 3D, apps, hair thin bezel, this is it.

Make sure you understand the usage of GAME MODE, tune the brightness/contrast/color to watch movie, and use all the other ones for TV, personal videos, then it's good. OTOH, if the SOE do not bother you, doesn't matter then. The color and contrast will win you over in no time.

Thanks to helpful reply, the setting to turn off the SOE is under Advance Picture->Motion Picture Setting. Good stuff.
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on June 22, 2012
I usually prefer plasma for the quality, but since I needed a TV for a bright room, I took a chance on this LED and glad I did. I also considered the Samsung LN46D630, but can't stand the ugly "touch of color" bronze strip on the TV.

The picture quality of the Panasonic is nice with some tweaking. The blacks aren't super dark, unless you turn on a black level filter, but that makes the picture too dark and blackens any shadow detail. (I wish there were a setting in between high and low for blacks, but you can keep it on low and tweak the other picture settings for decent black with some shadow detail.) I didn't notice the wide viewing angle touted by IPS technology. I guess I'm just used to plasma and not having that problem. I did notice some brightness or light leaking around the bottom left edges of the set. I also noticed 2 blown/dead pixels on the screen, which I can live with since I can't see them from the sofa. I was a little concerned about the "soap opera effect" but that can be eliminated by turning off the motion settings in the advanced menu. The screen is not very reflective. It is a little more reflective than the Samsung LN46D630, when I saw it at Best Buy, but not as bad as the plasma displays. It looks great in a bright room, and the reflections aren't an issue.

4 HDMI inputs is pretty generous for a TV at this price point. It has an optical audio output, but I wish it also had RCA audio outputs so I could use it with an older amp. I couldn't find a way to turn off the red power light at the bottom of the TV frame. I find that distracting, so I might have to put tape over it.

If you can connect the TV to an Ethernet port, the web enabled apps are a bonus. (I don't know why other smart TVs charge a premium for this when they are readily available in cheap blu-ray players.) I did notice a few black frames appearing occasionally while watching Netflix (I think others have reported this problem too). Other apps: Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, etc.

I like that you can insert an SD card to watch photos and videos. (I don't know why other TV makers don't add this.) There's also a Viera remote app for iOS and android that allow you to stream photos and videos from your phone to the TV. Pretty convenient.

Considering some minor complaints, the picture quality is still excellent. For the money, this is a good value.


Very good picture quality (with some tweaking)
bright picture
not very reflective
Great value
Pretty thin
web apps
SD card slot to view photos, video or music
App for iOS (iPhone) and Android to stream media to TV or use as a remote control
4 HDMI inputs
attractive design


black levels are so so
some light leakage
some blown/dead pixels in my case
built in speakers (audio) is a little weak
persistent red lamp on front
no RCA audio outputs
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on June 25, 2013
First impressions -
- Excellent and vivid picture (glad I went with 120Hz and IPS)
- Terrific deal price through Amazon (just six hundred bucks at the time of my purchase)
- Very easy unpacking and set-up (four screws to assemble the base, four more to attach the TV to the base)
- The screen is very thin, the set attractive overall
- The VIERA HDMI connect is smart enough to enable control of my Sony Blu-Ray player using the TV's remote, which is way cool
- Rear connectors are all well-positioned and -labeled
- Digital optical audio output (works great with my non-HDMI AV receiver)
- Well-designed user interface and easy navigation (actually much easier than the Sony Bravia set this one replaced)

- Netflix didn't work properly at first (discussed in detail below)
- I wish the remote had some minimal programmable functions, so I could at least have it turn the satellite receiver on and off and adjust the volume through the non-HDMI AV receiver
- I also wish the connectors were pointed down, for easier routing; as it is, they're pointed to the left of the set as you face it.
- As with nearly all these TVs, the internal speakers are really useless. Every TV manufacturer today is missing a bet by not offering at least a separate sub-woofer to plug directly into the set, rather than having all kinds of 'bass boost' and 'surround sound' audio features which do next to nothing for the sound.

Regarding Netflix: I almost wish I could pull just half a star, and would have pulled a full star if I didn't find a viable workaround to the problem I encountered. This Panasonic VIERA set has the same Netflix problem that I found mentioned repeatedly on the Internet. The default behavior loads Netflix videos just fine and I can watch shows, but they flicker to black for a second every minute or two. The video continues uninterrupted, but the flickering is very distracting. Finally, what I did was to go to the Netflix website and manually dial down my streaming rate from 'automatic' to 'better' (middle setting). Actually, I think I prefer this level of quality anyway, if only to keep my ISP from complaining about my bandwidth consumption. It looks fine, and after watching House of Cards for about 20 minutes, I'd say it probably solves the black flicker problem. At least I hope so.

What I found in my research is this seems to be a buffering problem that is primarily due to Netflix's servers. However, I have a Sony Blu-ray player with Netflix built in, and it always worked fine. Therefore whatever this technical problem is, it's solvable at the hardware/software level, and unfortunately the Panasonic folks haven't managed to nail it. For what it's worth, my Amazon Prime streaming videos looked terrific and didn't flicker or have any problems at all. So there, I'm guessing that Amazon's streaming app does a better job of buffering.

I noticed one negative review here mentioned shoddy shipping packaging. Well, I'm guessing that Amazon must have listened to the feedback, because the packaging used for my shipment was outstanding. It was a large box (with lots of 'fragile', 'screen front' and 'do not lay on side' labeling). Inside was a very strong cardboard spacer in the bottom, the sides completely filled with some newfangled folded triangular cardstock-style packing material (obviously recyclable, but we're saving them to use as kindling for our wood-stove this winter), and more strong spacers on either end and on top. In the middle of all this was the original TV packing box. I don't think they could've made it any safer.

Pro Tips:
- Use advanced picture settings or Game mode to disable that awful 'Motion Flow' feature (it's what makes everything look like Soap Opera video). Even a reduced amount looks better than when it's set to 'Strong'
- Many THX blu-ray movie discs have picture adjustment tools; they're seriously worth using.
- Turn off the C.A.T.S. feature, which adjusts brightness and gradation according to the room's ambient lighting. I actually thought there was something wrong with the set because I couldn't get the brightness to look right, and it kept changing.
- Menu --> Picture --> (scroll to 2nd page) --> Advanced Picture = Is where you can turn off Motion Flow or at least reduce it
- Menu --> Picture --> (scroll to 2nd page) --> Aspect adjustments --> HD size = Is where you can tell the TV not to chop off the outer 5% of the HD signal. If you're running off cable, satellite receiver, or a blu-ray player, there's little to no chance there'll be any noise that needs trimming.
- Note: Picture adjustments are specific to each input jack and will need to be made for each one.

Would I recommend this TV to others? Yes. Would I buy it again? If it holds up, probably. It was certainly a lot of value without the investment it would've taken to get a comparably sized and featured Sony or Samsung TV.
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on July 21, 2012
Item: Panasonic VIERA TC-L42E50 42-Inch 1080p Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV

I rely heavily on the user comments posted on Amazon for various products. And, before I bought this TV 12 days ago, I read every comment. I will try not repeat what has already been written before. The picture quality is amazing for a TV priced at $600.00. Ok, it does not match the picture of my 52" Sony, which cost over $3,000.00. Sufficient it to say that the picture quality of this Panasonic is 95% as good as my Sony.

I have a digital archive of more than 10,000 photos, some taken yesterday and some taken 100 years ago. All of them have been digitalized in the highest resolution possible. I have downloaded some of my photo folders onto a SanDisk 32 GB flash memory drive ($20) for use in my Asus tablet "computer".

I took the flash drive and inserted into my Panasonic. I set up the search for folders and began to review my images on this 42" screen. You will be blown away. If you like what you saw on your computer screen or paper photo printouts, you will realize immediately how much you have been missing. Viewing your images in the "cinema" mode will brighten the picture considerably.

There are comments about bad packaging quality. My box arrived undefiled - not a mar on the package. The guts of the box were well reinforced and protected. Ok, if someone jams a crowbar into the box, you will receive a broken tv. I refused to pay an extra $30 for expedited delivery. My box floated around the "nether" (warehouses and carriers of UPS) for at least 7 days. Why pay 5% more to get it in 2 days.

In summary, I received an outstanding tv. This is not a computer - not an interface to the internet - not an editing machine - this is just a great tv - a viewing machine. If that is what you want, then I recommend this Panasonic highly.
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on July 23, 2013
Here are some personal Pros and Cons I've found

-IPS is exactly what you'd expect. Crisp images from every viewing angle. Greatly impressed.
-Sometimes I game (XBox 360) on this TV, and there is a noticeable, though very slight, lag due to the IPS technology (5ms is the quoted time). Most of the time it's not apparent, and changing the TV to Game Mode really helps reduce delay and remove artificial enhancements (i.e. "soap opera effect"). In fact, I use Game Mode for every input on the TV because I generally dislike the enhancements modern TVs make.
-Panasonic has some really good apps for the Viera internet suite. I am quite happy with Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, and the like on this TV. The TV can also connect via DLNA to play music/videos from my computer over the network.

-This TV does not have any other audio output except for Optical (TOSLINK) out. This means you will need to purchase an audio signal converter if you want to use computer speakers or a sound system with RCA audio. I recommend this little guy (though be warned, it cannot convert every signal from the TV. Digital broadcast channels in my area do not work, but analog channels, HDMI, and Xbox all work):
FiiO D3 (D03K) Digital to Analog Audio Converter - 192kHz/24bit Optical and Coaxial DAC
-The HDMI ports stick out sideways from very close to the edge of the TV, so you will see cables running out the side. Small issue, though.
-Note for Android Users, the free Viera remote app is pretty flawed since it relies on auto detection rather than an option to input IP addresses manually. Since I live in a university apartment with no wireless router, detection becomes impossible. Fortunately my Windows Phone third-party app works just fine.
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on March 1, 2013
I ordered this in 55-inch right before the Super Bowl and I wanted to reserve judgment for a few weeks to view the TV in many different ways. I really wanted a 60" and considered brands like Samsung and Vizio instead. Ultimately the deal i received on this tv was too good to pass up ($850 plus $50 for the WiFi adapter). Plus the problem Vizio has had with audio and their panels made me look elsewhere. Even with the peace of mind of a Square Trade Protection Plan, who wants to deal with an expensive 60" paper weight hanging on your wall?

Which ironically brings me to my first point.... the first delivery i received had a defective panel. Pixels about the size of a nickel in the middle of the screen were dim. Amazon was fantastic about the exchange and delivered the new one inside of a week via CEVA and the delivery men assisted in the removal of the old tv off the wall and installation of the new tv.

At first i regretted my purchase. Having a 50" Samsung plasma prior to this, i was used to much deeper blacks and an overall sharper picture. It just so happened that my grandmother just bought a 55" Samsung (non Smart) for $900 and my parents bought a 46" Samsung Smart in the same month as me. I had the luxury of viewing both of their tv's last week and I'm happy to report that even after tweaking their pictures, I like this Panasonic the best. Samsungs UI for the Smart features is much better than Panny's but that's a small trade-off.

Ultimately i chose an LED over Plasma for a few reasons. Glare in a bright room, overall weight of the unit and power consumption. I would definitely recommend purchasing this model if you get a solid deal.
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on December 12, 2012
Conclusions first:
I would rate this as a 4.x star, but it is a darn good unit with a huge array of features for the money.

One can nitpick almost any of the features for this unit, but I feel it would be just that. It is a huge screen for not much cash, and would be hard to beat

I'd recommend this unit as a spectacular value for those wanting lots of features, a very nice picture and sound, and internet options.

Some background:
Finally LED-backlit LCD panels dropped to a price level I felt was acceptable. As implied by my nickname, I'm of the generation that doesn't pay for tv and I will admit that, as my eyesight weakens, the detail available in today's fine sets is somewhat wasted. Nonetheless after reading many reviews and watching over the last year or two, it was time for me to make the leap, and I selected this unit from among quite a few.

I wanted to cut my electric bill.. I admit that, though I don't pay much attention to it most of the time, my tv is on much of the day and night.. so I thought I'd do a bit of my part for the environment and get rid of my huge, old analog crt tv that probably consumes on the order of 300 watts and additionally has a digital tuner that I bought when tv switched to digital a few years ago. This one uses a max of about 52 watts! Also, I thought a "real digital tuner" rather than the "add-on" for my old analog tv might give better reception.

The purchase and setup experience:
The purchase experience was wonderful as I have come to expect from Amazon. The set arrived in about three days. The box was a bit banged up, but the tv was in fine condition. I fumbled my way through the assembly and setup in about an hour (recall my eyesight is marginal).

I had a bit of a problem finding a few of the parts.. be sure to CAREFULLY examine all the Styrofoam pieces and packing.. the parts are scattered throughout the packing material, not in a central bag or pack... Some was even taped to the inside of the box.. only a minor problem, just be aware.

I hooked my antennae (remember, FREE TV!) and plugged in the set.. scanned channels and had it working. It was frankly beautiful..

Next I hooked up my Ethernet (I did not buy a wireless connection for it) and briefly checked out the internet offerings. The tv updated it's software automatically as soon as it recognized the connection.

I signed up for the "Amazon" network .. this was easy .. took maybe three minutes. Their free offerings are pretty lame, but I was doing it only to check out the internet experience. It was quite a nice result even if the navigation is a bit clunky .. not bad though. Once the movie or whatever is "online", all is well.

Detail Overview:
-Excellent 42inch picture at a very reasonable price.
-Allows direct internet access. For the "standard services" it seems fine. It is preconfigured for a large list of services for video, tv, games, etc
-The internet (DLNA) connection also allows the tv to be a member of your home network, and therefore to act as a streaming object for music, video, pictures, or recorded tv programs (ie. from a TiVo-type device)
-allows excellent connectivity with 4 HDMI inputs, a composite (vcr, etc), a direct pc input (DVI or use one of the HDMI) and of course an antennae/cable connection (coaxial cable)
-2 USB connects and a card reader (microSDHC, etc) for reading from your camera videos or pictures or from files loaded onto a USB device. Some of the interfaces require alphanumeric inputs. A USB keyboard can be connected for these or the remote works with the "multi-punch" inputs like many non-qwerty cellphones use. A mouse isn't recognized.
-I find that the I/O is reasonably placed with appropriate I/O on back or side to meet most needs
-Offers a range of picture "modes" for movie, game-play (low lag) and custom setups for those picky about color setup
-The remote is well laid-out with most buttons logically placed. (I have some minor complaints .. see later)
-Has various timer modes including on/off at times and channels as you select and a feature I like that turns the tv off if for some reason it has no input for 10 minutes or if no one uses an interface for three hours (for example if you fall asleep watching it) And it has the normal "sleep" after x minutes.
-Has nice options for those who need/want closed caption.. for example CC if you mute, control of text size, contrast, etc for the captions, language options, and of course various SAP options
-The sound.. very competent for a tv.. I typically watch from my dining room while the set is in the living room and it is plenty loud with good sound... anyone wanting more would buy add-on units anyways. Connection is optical.
-Viewing angles are quite acceptable.
-A feature I very much appreciate (weak eyesight) is being able to get manuals and quick start documents online from the Panasonic website in pdf form which allows me to magnify the text and illustrations for much better visibility.
-I think the set is quite attractive. Off, it is a large black rectangle framed in a thin Lucite-like rim. On, it has a thin, black frame around the picture with the Lucite-like edge and a single, red LED showing power on at the bottom. The only other things on the front are the remote and C.A.T.S. sensors (not really visible). The power on light is clearly visible, but doesn't distract from the picture (to me)
-The screen seems to be very low reflectance which is nice as that would distract from the picture

-The brightness does seem to be a challenge for me.. I would love to use the "C.A.T.S." which is supposed to auto-adjust brightness and contrast as your room light changes, but it is just inadequate.. especially as it doesn't balance for light behind the tv (ie a window or whatever). It might be fine if you wall-mount it, but I didn't try that. Instead I have to adjust the contrast, brightness, or backlight now and then.. not difficult, but does require navigation through several buttons each time.
-The remote requires detailed entry for channel navigation.. this is annoying. My old remote acted like your browser which would fill in options as you type and you could hit enter anytime saving a LOT of button pushing. As an example you have only one channel starting with a "2".. enter the 2 and that was all needed as it auto-completed the only entry.. or if you had 4 channels that started with a "3".. when you put the "3" in an onscreen menu would appear and you could "arrow" up or down to the one you wanted. This remote has little on-screen help and you must laboriously type every digit.

edit: If you have selected a list of "favorites", the favorites button will call up a list of those and you may arrow up/down or punch the number of the item on the list (3 pages, 0-9 up to 30 channels) This does help.

-The "info" given for my old tv adapter would show program info for current and next program across all channels.. this is only for current and only the one being watched.. this forces me to consult a tv listing a lot more than I had to before.. an inconvenience
-The remote "cursor control" is surrounded with other buttons and in the dark by feel it is easy to hit wrong buttons.. seems this could have been more ergonomically done
-Remote is not lighted in any way
-The set on the back, right side has manual "input, channel up/down, volume up/down and power on/off buttons. If your remote isn't working or you're standing by the set, I suppose you could use these.. They are "blind".. i.e. you can't see them from the front, but have to go by feel. They also are a good hand's reach in from the edge. When you touch one, it puts a menu un the screen, near the buttons (they don't line up however!.. lol) Would be usable in a pinch, though; and I expect that's just what they're for.
-It would be nice if some kind of elementary browser were built in.. given that even cell-phones do this now, it doesn't seem to ask much

Finally, with respect to my objectives, I'll be saving over 4kw-hrs PER DAY on electric (about $12 a month) and have a very flexible, enjoyable tv as well. The government "Energy Guide" says $11 annually. Oh, the tuner is rather better than the old add-on unit too.
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on December 21, 2012
Been using my set for a few days now and can suffice to say that you're getting a quality product here, unlike much of the no-name junk brands being sold today. No high pitched whining noises, artifacting, bleeding, or any weird things that start to happen with the off-brands. I primary wanted my 55" set to serve as a PC monitor from my couch lounging so I could primarily surf the web and use my PC as the media server (the best type of media server, hands down). As anyone knows, text quality on tv sets are not quite the same as text quality on a true PC monitor. That is, until I found this set. The quality is right there up with the top standards. Easy to read, no strange colors or excessive blinding brightness that hurts your eyes after reading the screen for a few minutes.

Off-angle viewing is wildly awesome - I am honestly sitting at about 150 degrees out and there's no color shifts or anything like that - a true test of the real world strength of an IPS panel. You're paying for that here folks and it throws back the results to you.

There are really no cons with this set - it does have Internet connectivity with an ethernet cord. The options are a little sparse compared to other set-top devices but as I use my PC, none of this matters, and one can get a really cheap Roku box very inexpensively these days if you do not have a PC hookup but want far expanded Internet streaming options. As for sound - true, it's not loud and pretty basic but that only means they spent less money on speakers and instead threw it into the visuals. Tons of external soundbars out there, and this unit supports HDMI audio out with the VierraLink speakers so a big plus there too for simplified setup.

Overall, like the old saying of You get what you pay for - this holds true here in the positive light.
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on January 2, 2013
I purchased this Panasonic 42-inch LED TV after a trip to my local big box store, where I viewed an array of options. Frankly, I didn't find that exercise too helpful except to educate me about pricing; the images themselves seemed very similar, after accounting for the different specifications and angles of view and settings, which can be changed at home.

I also read reviews on Amazon and elsewhere for many of the TVs I was considering. After reading one of the top reviews for this TV that described in extraordinary detail, continuing for dozens of comments, the unfortunate owner's nightmarish experience trying to fix the one he purchased, I was hesitant to buy it. But there being so many positive reviews, and the price being one of the lowest for any name-brand TV with these specs, and Amazon offering free shipping to my location of this particular item (unlike most third-party venders selling some contenders), and Amazon (at least at the time) throwing in a hundred dollar credit, I decided to take the plunge. So far, I'm glad I did.

Delivery was on the day promised, only a few days after ordering. I upgraded from an old CRT TV hooked up to a DVD player and a home theater using an analog cable signal. It took me a couple of hours to unpack the screen, attach the base, and connect all of the wiring to allow use with a digital/HD cable box and DVD player. The instructions were clear and straightforward. I discovered that to play audio through my receiver for the home theater I needed an optical audio cable (because my receiver has no HDMI input), but those are available for a few dollars through Amazon, or for literally five times as much from Radio Shack. Consolidating most--not all--functions into one universal remote took another few minutes, and then I was enjoying my new set-up.

I tweaked the image settings somewhat, as much for the fun of it as for any real need. I've noticed something another reviewer pointed out: the "soap opera effect" with some movies. Hard to describe what this looks like, but you'll probably know it when you see it, and I don't really like it--it looks like the program was created on cheap videotape instead of film. This is common to many HDTVs, but one can get rid of it on this one by switching the image setting to "game." Otherwise, I find the picture great--crisp, clear, bright, colors balanced, no strange lines or lag or whatnot. How does it look side by side with a Samsung? I don't know, and I don't care. It looks great and I'm happy with it.

Next I ran a long ethernet cable from the TV to my router so I can stream Netflix, etc.; otherwise you'll need to buy a dongle so the TV will receive wi-fi signals, and depend on the strength of your wi-fi, which I don't care to. The TV comes with apps for Netflix, Huluplus, Youtube, and others, and you can access them as soon as you make the hardwired or wi-fi connection. However, entering a search one letter at a time using the on-screen interface and the remote is very slow and inconvenient (and I had no luck at all trying to use the Android apps that supposedly turn your smartphone into a remote). I see now why people say that if you want to stream, don't bother with a "smart" TV or Blu-Ray player, get a Roku or Apple TV box for the interface.
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on June 29, 2012
This is great TV! I was looking for something similar to a 46" Samsung LED LCD TV several of my friends owned. Here's what I found out now that I've got this 47" Panasonic unpacked and working.

Pros: Highly adjustable picture. Some complained of the Soap Opera Effect (SOE) which essentially makes everything look too lifelike (loses its cinematic appeal). With the latest software update this TV allows you to adjust (in the advanced picture setting) the SOE from none/weak/medium/strong. I found the weak setting to work well without being noticeable enough to annoy. You can also use this TV as a media hub where all your HDMI devices can be connected and shutoff based on selected preferences. There are a strong set of options to allow a good deal of customization for your home theatre setup. The IPS technology should be familiar to most smartphone users. It essentially allows someone from the kitchen to watch the same show (at an angle) and get exactly the same picture colors as someone on the coach. It's great for sports or watching the news if you don't really want to be right on front of the TV to get the best view. The stand that comes with the TV is great! It is heavy duty where it needs to be and looks good once assembled. It can also be taken apart for moving purposes. I highly recommend using the internet features (via a WiFi USB stick or an ethernet cable). It can be updated via the internet and does have some useful features I still need to explore more.

Cons: The 'power on' light is a red square LED. It does not really bother me (the worst would be a blue LED), although some might find it distracting. A Sharpie should tone it down nicely if it does bother. This TV does not really get a regular TV signal. Get a good antenna if you want to pick some channels up the old fashioned way.

Recommendation: It's awesome, a great value, buy it!
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