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on May 11, 2011
I had been on the fence for an HDTV for months. LCD...Plasma...LED...what to do? I am glad I went for Plasma and couldn't be happier with the purchase.
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on February 19, 2011
Overall, a decent plasma HDTV, but the WiFi adapter should be built-in and ability to use a Cable Card should also be available. I hope they get the glasses-free 3D feature someday (as Toshiba has just launched). With these 3 suggestions, Panasonic would then get 5 star ratings.
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on July 2, 2014
Really liking this tv except the system that detects light and changes the brightness was causing it to turn off at random, but after I turned off that feature it's been working fine.
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on April 27, 2011
Let me first say that I am not sure if the unit was damaged during shipment. There were no signs of damage to the box or contents I could see. After powering the TV for the first time, I was presented with the setup menu and immediately noticed the flickering of the picture. My family did NOT see the flickering at first. After setting up the TV, I connected a DirecTV receiver and took a look at some HD channels. Overall the color was great but much darker than the Samsung LCDs we have in other rooms. I compared two late model Samsung 46 and 53 inch LCDs - there was no comparison in the quality of the picture - the Samsung were clearly better - and NO flickering whatsoever. Even the DirecTV menus were much sharper on the Samsungs but appeared blurry and out of focus on the Panasonic.

The reason I bought this Plasma over an LCD - 3D performance. I changed to 3net on DirecTV and put on some glasses and allowed them to SYNC. 3D was good - but again the flickering was overwhelming. My son put on a pair - he also noticed the flickering and even have to stop watching due to discomfort. My daughters and wife all took a look with the 3D glass and all complained of flashing or flickering picture. 3D effect was very good however.

I work with displays in my business daily and decided to create a iPhone video of the flickering. A video camera (out of fairness) will enhance any flickering given most record at 60hz. When filming the Panasonic - the flickering was very easy to see. However, when filming the Samsungs and an iMac 27, flickering was very subtle and hard to see. This seem to indicate to me that the Panasonic was not operating at a full 60hz but rather something a bit slower. Most people cannot see this while others (including myself) find looking at the picture for more than 5 minutes to be very uncomfortable.

I went to BestBuy and looked at the 50 inch ST (not GT) version of this TV - I saw no flickering. I pulled out my iPhone and filmed - again no flickering or very little. They did not have the controller handy so I could not see the setup and it was connected to a 3D bluray player. I have to assume the TV I received was damage or defective somehow. I also called Panasonic support and they had me reset the TV to factory settings. No change in flickering. Technician told me he felt the TV was not operating correctly and recommended a service visit. I have since returned it to Amazon.
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on February 26, 2011
I bought this tv primarily for 3D gaming. It was a cheap way to try out the whole 3D fad. I tried everything from PS3 3D games, 3D movies and 3D PC games using Nvidia 3DTV Play software. I was completely unsatisfied with the results. Wearing the glasses makes the display way too dark. Pumping up the brightness and contrast did not help, and really just made the picture quality worse. Cross-talk, double images or ghosting was present everywhere.
Aside from my failed 3D experience, the tv had a small defect on the display. It looked like a small light bulb was shinning through the display, a small bright spot behind the panel. I also noted a large amount of grain or noise in the picture. I guess you get what you pay for, but this plasma tv is not worth it no matter how low the price.
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on May 13, 2011
I am VERY disappointed in this TV. The 3D does not work. The system for delivering 3D to the viewer is flawed and needs to be re-designed so that it works.

The glasses do NOT stay in sync with the TV so the 3D does not work.
You must be RIGHT (3 feet max) in front of the TV for the glasses to synchronize with the TV.
Other furniture in the room seems to interfere with the synchronization signal from the TV. You can't view from an angle or there is no signal and the glasses don't work.
If you move your head - even just a little bit - the synchronization is broken between the TV and the 3D active Glasses. Then the glasses have to 'search' for signal which can take at least 5 seconds or MUCH longer. You may have to 'reboot the glasses'.
The Glasses 'flutter' in and out and get 'stuck' when they loose signal. Then you have to 're-boot' the glasses.
The VIERA Web interface is easy to use but has very few 'channels'.
The picture quality is good, but my LG TV cost hundreds of dollars less and has better features and a more brilliant display.
The picture is not very bright, and looks fake when the glasses do work.
I rate this TV as a poor value for the money.
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on July 3, 2011
You'll never get a full fitted image in the screen. For PC via HDMI, you'll have 1-1.5 inch margin each side and tv don't recommend ot use HDMI for PC. The VGA port can't support up to 1920*1080 resolution or more than 60Hz(even LCD can up to 85Hz or 100Hz and with cheap price). I don't know why I need buy this so called 600Hz plasma TV. For other adjustable HDMI output(Blueray, XBOX360...), the signal will alway be cutted and scale to display area and no way to see entire image. I can't even see the rank score of Miss American show. So basically it is just like a 39 inch TV. Youtube in Viera tools can't full screen display, Skype requires specific netcam to start. Why don't you just publish the firmware to opensource to let us do it ourselves. The balance of remote controller is crazy, I always use it in the wrong direction and at most of time you should use both hand to touch ok/direction key and digital key buttons which resides different area of controller.
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on November 11, 2010
There is just so much to love about this TV.

My last TV was a 32 inch Magnavox LCD. Picture was exceptionally bright, but HD channels looked great connected via component cable. For some reason, HDMI would not work with my cable box and that TV. While picture was bright, darker colors left much to be desired.

I ordered this TV and got it in 2 days. I must say, I was pleasantly suprised by the freight carrier, Pilot. They actually arrived earlier than my stated time, ehich worked out well because I was home. The box had not a mark on it. When I get packages from UPS or FedEx, it looks like they've played soccer with the packages. The box was in excellent condition. The delivery guy carried it by himeself on his shoulder up to my apartment.

It took maybe about 1/2 hour to unpackage and set up, and connect my cables. Though it's suggested to do this with a helper, I was able to put together and lift myself. It was a bit on the heavy side, but it was not too difficult to do alone.

I was thrilled when I turned on the set. The picture is crystal clear, and dark colors look excellent on this screen. HD looks awesome.

Since I bought the package, I got the 2 pair of glasses, the 2 BluRay 3D discs and the 3D blu ray player. 3D on this set looks positively breathtaking. I have a number of 3D blu ray titles, and have been watching them on this screen. My cable company aslo has about 18 3D movies on demand, most free, in over-under format. They play fine on this TV through both component and HDMI.

There are lot of settings, and advanced settings. If video setup is not familiar to you, I suggest you do as I did and sit down in front of the TV with the book and read through and adjust your settings as you see fit - it will be worth it.

Another great thing about this TV is the amount of inputs. There are 3 HDMI A/V inputs, 2 Component inputs with l/r audio inputs, 2 regular video inputs with l/r audio inputs, 2 USB ports and an SD/SDHC/SDHX slot. Including the coax antenna input, there are a total of 9 inputs on this set PLUS the 2 USB and SD slot - that's pretty impressive.

All of the input terminals can be labeled, using preset device names. They can even be disabled using the NOT USED label. Doing this will skip those choices from the input selector menu.

Picture quality? The color range really makes a difference in this set. Theres a black setting which can be set to ligher or darker. Setting it to darker makes a world of difference in HD content. You truly see black and black gradients clearly on this set. There is excellent color spectrum, without the banding I was used to with my LCD panel. The great thing about changing the color settings is that the settings are retained individually for each input. The THX setting for 2D mode, and Cinema setting for 3D mode really enhances the color and clarity of the displayed content.

I really wanted this set for the 3D capabilities. I have tons of my own 3D content (photos and videos) which I was viewing on my 3D computer monitor. Everything is just so much bigger viewing it on this set. I was quite startled at the size difference of the 42 inch (OK, 41.6 inch) screen compared to my old 32 inch screen.

Since my main purpose was 3D with this set, I'll mention it again, full HD 3D is truly amazing viewed with this setup. People have complained about the glasses being uncomfortable, but I have no cpmplaints with the glasses. The Full HD 3D exhibits almost no ghosting, and the little bit of ghosting I have seen is not at all distracting to me. By comparison, the 3D content offered by the cable company does exhibit a bit more ghosting which at times does subtract from the enjoyment.

My only complaint about this set is the sound from the built in speakers. It's true that built in sound is never really good, even on the most expensive of sets, which is a shame. In this day and age, they could do better with sound delivery. There are bass and treble setting, and a bass boost function, but the bass boost really just distorts the lower frequencies. At higher volumes, bass is practically non-existant. There is a digital audio output to connect to a home theater receiver, but I no longer have one.

The Vieracast features might be nice, but I don't plan on using them, at least not yet. But it's nice to know they are there. There are also the Viera tools, that allow quick 3D settings, photo viewing, video viewing and other tools which I haven't really played with yet. Both the Vieracast and Viera tools can be accessed by dedicated buttons on the remote.

Internet setup was a breeze. I do have a gripe however, about having to pay an extra $70.00 for the wireless LAN adapter. For the price of this set, it should include wireless access out of the box.

If you are considering this set for purchase, download the manual from the Panasonic website and read through it. I did, and that swayed my decison.

I don't know what else to say. This is an excellent set with stunning picture quality, excellent 3D capabilities, lots of inputs, and extra features for those that want them. If you are even thinking about purchasing this set (or the 50 inch version), you must get the complete package with the glassess / movies / 3d Blu ray player. You're not paying for them anyway. When you first check out, you are being charged for the glasses kit and the blu ray player, but completing the purchase will deduct a small amount from the glasses kit and blu ray player, and the balance of each will be deducted from the price of the TV. In the end, your total payment will equal the price of the TV (not including tax, of course). GO FOR IT!
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on April 3, 2011
I was promised 24 months to pay and was given 6! I was not given the lowest price before my shipment arrived! I was given various information AND promises that were conficting or not kept. I have been very satisfied in past dealings with Amazon BUT this time I was not! I would not buy another "Warehouse Deal" !!
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on December 23, 2010
My Experience

I have a THX, non-3D Panasonic plasma(2 years old); a Sony XBR non-LED LCD(4 years old); a low to mid-level Sony LCD (1 year old); Samsung's top of the line 3D plasma (current model), and several smaller Samsung LCDs (1-2 years old); and a couple of smaller Sharp LCDs (4-5 years old).

Comparing plasma to LCD, at least the older or non-LED/non-dimming, LCDs is like comparing apples to oranges. All of my LCDs have matte screens; they don't reflect much ambient light and work well in moderate to brightly lit rooms. The drawback is that the blacks just aren't very black. But to be honest, 95% of the time, I don't even notice. The non-3D plasma performs well in dark rooms; fantastic blacks and contrast but suffers from ambient light glare. If the scene is dark, the screen turns into a mirror. I use settings found on various sites for specific models (CNET, AVS Forums, etc.). The only deal breakers I've experienced are light bleeding/flash lighting; where I exchanged my low-mid level Sony for another and I wasn't too happy about the reflections on my previous Panasonic plasma screen.

VIERA TC-P42GT25 Performance

I'm happy to report that the Panasonic GT's new anti-reflective coating is outstanding! It's still not as good as a matte LCD screen but it's definitely acceptable if you watch TV in a moderately bright room. The reflections are less than what I experience with my Sony notebook screens. The glare from the frame/bezel on the other hand is worse than average because of the rounded contours. While on the bezel, note that it is bronze, not black. I like it but some may not.
The 2D picture is excellent. The darks are dark and the contrast is amazing. I've been using the GT's built-in speakers for the time being and they're not bad at all. I don't have any complaints but I'm realistic about the laws of physics. Still, I will use an external receiver and speakers when I have time to set it up.

3D Content

3D Blu-rays are expensive and the selection is small. I have DirecTV but haven't tried their 3D content. Fortunately, already expensive video games don't appear to cost more if they come in 3D. I read Sony has 50 titles coming out in 2011 - so if you like games, you'll be in for a treat.

Wireless Adaptor

You don't need but may want a wi-fi dongle. There was a firmware update available when I connected my TV. Obviously, you'll need one for the internet apps. At $80 a piece, I'd actually recommend a wireless bridge instead. I use the $80 (as of this review), D-Link DAP-1522 with four Ethernet connections. It's handy because my Blu-ray player, DVR, receiver, etc. also have Ethernet connections. Don't get upset with me if you have trouble setting up the D-Link; I had to call their technical support myself. It's been a while so there may be better bridges available now.

Ambient Lights and Glasses

You don't want any uncontrolled lights, including windows, in the visible range of this TV. When I am wearing the glasses, bright lights create a flickering effect which is distracting. Lights from the ceiling will also affect viewing: they create reflections on the lenses of the glasses, which is annoying. When watching 3D, it's best to have a dark room. Even the bright blue lights from my DirecTV receiver are distracting so I turn all unnecessary lights off.


The newer glasses are rechargeable through a USB connection; they're lighter and there are no adjustments that I'm aware of. The lenses are smaller so the top half of my vision is through the glasses and the bottom half is not. This is annoying but it could be just be the shape of my face. As it is, the TV should sit at eye level or higher, otherwise I have to tilt my head down to see through the lenses. I did notice the glasses come in 3 sizes now - although the bundle includes only the medium size.

The older glasses require a battery (which is cheap on Amazon so don't let that be a factor). They cover more of my field of view and although heavier than the new, offer adjustments in the nose pads (comes with 2 and can be placed in 3 different positions). These are my preferred glasses for now because I've gotten used to them. I'm sure I'll get used to the new ones quickly because the lighter weight does make a difference.

Both types leave a lot of room for improvement. They both allow too much ambient light in; don't cover my field of view enough (especially the newer style), and suffer from ambient light reflections on the lenses. Both are more comfortable when I'm wearing my prescription glasses underneath (because I can feel the nose pads from my prescription glasses are on the correct part of my nose; that is the bony part). I have the Samsung glasses (non-rechargeable style for another TV), and they have much better field of view coverage - they feel like sunglasses. (Of course, they don't work with the Panasonic TV - but better fitting/performing glasses should be coming for all brands in the future).

I find my neck a little stiff after watching one movie in 3D; not unlike going to a theater. I didn't realize how often I look away from the screen during normal TV viewing. When you wear the glasses, they kind of force you to look straight ahead. There's no multi-tasking with 3D glasses on. I'm not so sure I'm looking forward to 3D channels anymore... I almost forget I'm wearing the glasses if I'm totally immersed in a movie (or perhaps a video game) but for casual TV viewing; I think I'd rather go without 3D.

2D to 3D

I was really looking forward to this function. The effect really depends on the material. It's generally pretty mild even on the highest of the three settings. And it doesn't work well with fast action scenes. I find it to be more of a gimmick at this point but it's nice to have. I've tried a number of movies and television programs; it's fun to use but after a few scenes, I find myself taking the glasses off and watching just in 2D. If it isn't 3D content to begin with, it's just not worth the discomfort of wearing the glasses. It's also annoying to have to press several buttons on the remote to switch the feature on or off. A one button activation would have been nice. Oddly enough, James Cameron's "Aliens" on Blu-ray is one of the better looking movies when I use the 3D conversion.


I really like the TV remote; it's backlit; it controls the Panasonic Blu-ray player; it has a nice feel and good sized buttons. My only complaint is again; it requires several pushes to activate the 2D to 3D feature (on or off).

Size matters

Within a couple of days with the Panasonic GT 42 inch, I found myself wanting more (and sitting closer). The smallish field of view make it feel like I'm looking through a tunnel at the TV. Go as big as your room (or finances), allows... The 2D to 3D conversion isn't that great in my opinion, so I'd have no reservations about getting a Panasonic VT series either.

Buy Now or Wait? The Avatar Factor

I was going to wait until the 2nd generation 3D sets came out but then I read about the Avatar exclusive. I chose Panasonic's smallest and least expensive 3D TV to get my foot in the door. But I was so impressed with the technology, mostly the 2D picture quality but also the 3D when I used it, that I ordered a larger set; a Samsung 3D plasma (for another room). I've watched Avatar in 2D numerous times but it's not the same experience as when I watched the 3D version one year ago in the theater. Now I have the 3D disc and let me say; I'm back on Pandora! The biggest difference is anything that floats in the air; like bugs, debris or seeds of Eywa; really catches your eye and brings you into the movie. And the plants in the jungle protrude out of the screen... Also, Ice Age, Coraline, Open Season, etc. aren't too shabby either. And if you check the 2011 movie schedule, you'll find many 3D titles; albeit, the effects will be added in post so don't expect much beyond Clash of the Titans-like effects... I've also ordered several IMAX films but haven't received any yet.

As cool as 3D is, I wouldn't bother to get a new 3D set just for Avatar or the other handful of movies out there. I just don't use it that much. But if you were thinking of upgrading your TV anyway, the 3D technology is very cool. And according to the articles I've read, plasma still has an edge over LED LCDs when it comes to picture quality and perhaps even more when it comes to 3D.

If you're waiting for glasses-less 3D, don't hold your breath. Toshiba just launched a couple of models in Japan; and as I suspected, you can't separate what the left eye and right eye sees without compromises. (Check Cnet for the article). So until they come out with Minority Report-like holograms, this is probably it for the time being. But then again, who knows? A year ago I wouldn't have predicted that I'd be watching Avatar in 3D in my home!

Why is it a no brainer?

I got the TV with a 3D Blu-ray player; three 3D discs including Avatar; two pairs of glasses; all for $400 less than I got my previous 42" Panasonic plasma (which was discounted). And this one outperforms the previous even without the 3D... Don't forget an HDMI cable because neither the TV or Blu-ray player includes one. The Amazon one is cheap and all you'll need.

Update: Get an IMAX 3D disc. It will blow your friends away when you demo your TV. I like Deep Sea and the triple feature Samsung exclusive - you can find it on Ebay.

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