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on March 9, 2013
I'm an occasional TV watcher, retired, like to sit down in the evening in front of the set for an hour or two. For a long time I have begrudged paying that cable fee for so little in return and found commercial programming to be annoyingly short on actual programming. Well, I still had that old huge analog set, so taking the first step to change was daunting.

First, LED or plasma? I really liked the brightness of the LED picture but my kids raved about plasma being more life-like, etc. I went back and forth, settling on the LED as being right for me. My son sat down with me and explained all of the feature options, told me what I should buy to get the very best, and showed me a price tag around $3500. Wow, not going to happen for the little time I spend watching TV. My son held my hand and assured me that I could adjust the plasma picture to my liking. I said "OK, do it" and had him place the order for me. I couldn't do the deed myself, knowing how much was involved in the entire process and that this was only the beginning.

The 60" plasma was delivered, unpacked and powered to blue screen by the delivery crew. Wow, did I really order something that huge? I was shocked and a little scared, but it was here so it was time to get rolling. I purchased a new receiver to accommodate the HDMI devices and my sound system. Added a power conditioner to protect my investment and needed some cables. I ordered a Winegard FV-HD30 antenna and installed it myself near the edge of my patio cover, probably the lowest point of my roof and on the opposite side from the local broadcast towers in the Phoenix area. Did a channel scan and found over 40 channels, including all the major networks and additional ones that I did not receive with cable, like World, Life and classical music broadcast by our local PBS affiliate. I attached the coax cable from the antenna to the existing cable TV lines to bring antenna signal to all rooms formerly served by cable, leaving the internet cable untouched. Amazingly clear, crisp picture with this HD signal direct from the towers. Was I finished spending money now?

I went to my son's house and played with his Roku and Boxee Box to see if I wanted to use one of those streaming devices, also gave Netflix a test drive. The decision... I liked the simplicity of Netflix and the library of movies, documentaries, and TV shows was more than enough to entertain me for a long time. (FYI, the library is much more extensive than the covers that appear on the screen. I use rotten tomatoes to find movies and then search to locate them on Netflix. I use my laptop to build a playlist, much easier than using the remote to search from the TV). The P60GT50 connects directly to Netflix, (with a router connection, of course)so no additional device is needed. For about $8 per month, I am set.

I tired various picture options that were pre-set but found all of them too dark for my liking. I picked a couple that were close and tweaked the settings slightly to get a picture that is bright and vivid. I am totally amazed at how absolutely gorgeous the image is. It is almost like the people are actually in my room. Now when I sit down in the evening to relax, I am almost giddy with excitement to have a couple of hours with this spectacular imaging. p.s. my old set went next door to my 94 year old neighbor who is almost as excited as I am about her new big TV!
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on March 14, 2013
I bought this TV after being "sure" that I was going to buy an LED. I have a moderately bright room during the daytime, and play a lot of video games, so bright room performance, input lag, and IR resistance were important to me.

I didn't really care about 3d or SmartTV features, simply wanted the best picture quality I could afford. Compared to LED's with similar features, I feel this TV was an excellent bargain.

When I got it set up in my living room, I was astonished. The color depth and clarity when watching Blu-rays honestly amazed me. Quite simply, it looked better than any other TV I had ever seen. Sports are fantastic - no motion blur like many LED's that you see. I've played a ton of video games on it - not a hint of IR or Burn In. It even looks great in a bright room (the THX bright room setting helps a lot here). In a dark room, you can turn on a custom setting (check for settings available everywhere) and get lost in a great movie or game.

The TV itself looks fantastic, very classy, and fits in with my home well.

I don't use the TV speakers as I have an seperate AVR for sound, so I can't comment on the SQ, but i'm sure it's pretty bad as ALL TV speakers are now. The SmartTV features work well, although I don't use them very often. I had no trouble connecting it to my WiFi network. I do appreciate getting firmware updates over the network.

I'm not sure I have too much in the way of cons. The HDMI inputs could be in a better location as they are almost to the edge of the TV and you have to either bend your HDMI cables or purchase 90 deg. elbow attachments to keep the cables from showing from behind the TV. Also the power on light can be a bit bright when the room is dark. This is niggling though, it's a terrific TV with astounding Picture Quality.
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on June 24, 2015
Excellent price, unmatched picture quality no mater what I play on this thing. In my opinion the best TV money can buy in terms of price, picture quality and build quality. The smart tv features are limited but I don't care about smart tv so this was not an issue, 3D works very well. I really hope Panasonic does not stop making these screens. I heard they have or will stop making them for the cheaper to build LED technology. Do not be fooled LED cannot match the cost to picture quality and amazing motion processing of these screens. If you do have one of these screens they should be worth a lot more now as they have become rare.
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on December 15, 2014
This TV was highly recommended on CNET and lives up to it's review! Wide viewing angles, deep blacks and high contrast make this "last of its breed" plasma an excellent choice. Being a plasma, power use is high, but that feature comes in handy for warming hands on chilly winter evenings 😄. "Smart" aspects allow web search, Netflix and other sources (when connected to BB, natch) and the many aux inputs (like SD) make it easy to view photos. Still working on Bluetooth to iPad. Folks are often critical of sound quality on flat screens, but why watch TV without a proper audio system? Highly recommended!
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on January 6, 2013
I was a bit on the fence when deciding to buy a plasma TV. I'd heard some bad stuff: flickering, image retention, and all manner of problems. However, after purchasing this TV and using it for almost 3 weeks, I'm nothing but enthralled! I'll go over some of the finer points:

- Amazing black levels! I had no idea what I was missing from inferior TVs until I saw this picture in action. I literally cannot see a difference between a black screen and the bezel, even in the dark!
- Incredible color reproduction! Subtle things that may go unnoticed when watching another TV are out in vivid, accurate color. Even watching highly compressed video (like Amazon streaming or Netflix) looks amazing. On other TVs, certain shades of skin color or grey may be slightly tinted green or magenta, but not on this TV!
- Doesn't flicker in any noticeable or annoying way! Because of the nature of plasma screens, flicker is inevitable (similar to old CRT computer monitors), but it's practically unnoticeable. At first, I noticed some flicker (because I was used to the several LCD TVs I have), but that went away after a couple days and I honestly didn't see it at all anymore. It is definitely better than a 60Hz refresh rate on a CRT monitor, and feels about the same as an 85Hz refresh rate. I am VERY sensitive to flicker (get headaches under fluorescent lights, etc), but this display is solid!
- Great reflection reduction! I hate, hate, HATE glossy screens because they reflect so much light and really cause strain watching content for long periods, but even under semi-bright room conditions, there is virtually no glare! I actually have a table light directly parallel to the screen, but even when it's on full-blast, I don't see it except in very dark scenes. Direct sunlight is somewhat problematic, but that's easy to control in my home, so if you have a bright room flooded by sunlight, you may not be happy with this screen.
- ZERO image retention!!! I was sooooo nervous that this would be a problem, as I've heard so many horror stories. I was very cautious at first, making sure I didn't watch too much letterboxed/sideboxed content or play video games without spending 2x longer watching full-screen content. But after a week or so (without experiencing even the HINT of image retention), I started to get brave, and now I'll play video games for several hours or watch 2-3 letterboxed movies in a row without seeing any sort of retention or burn in. Believe me, I'm sooooo relieved! (That's not to suggest you shouldn't be cautious, at first, though.)

- The 3D is decent, but if you're a huge fan of 3D content, get the VT50. The default 60Hz refresh rate does cause a little bit of ghosting (which is mostly unnoticeable unless you're looking for it), and while the 48Hz refresh rate completely eliminates that, it is a little more flickery than I prefer. (It actually looks identical to the same kind of flicker you'd see at a movie theater that still uses film projection, rather than digital, so if you can tolerate that, then you can tolerate this.) The VT50 has an option for a much higher refresh rate that reduces ghosting and also doesn't introduce flickering, so if 3D content is really important to you, that may be your better bet.
- The built-in apps are... meh. The only ones that interested me are the Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube apps, so I haven't tried any others, but their performance is inferior to dedicated devices, like the Roku. They're slow, their interfaces are sub-par, and they just don't feel "solid". If streaming video is important to you, throw down $60 for a Roku or some other dedicated device. The experience is better, faster, and more comfortable.
- Rainbows. While I don't really notice flickering, I do notice some of the "rainbow effect" that you get with other display technologies like DLP. When there are large blocks of white around large areas of darkness, if I move my eyes across the screen really fast, I see a yellow & blue rainbow effect. It's barely noticeable (and I've found it's just ignored at this point), but if this is the kind of thing you are particularly sensitive to, you may want to check one of these in person, first. (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you've probably never seen it elsewhere before, so don't worry about it. It's only 1% of the population that is sensitive to this sort of thing.)

I've had the TV for 3 weeks and viewed it for about 300 hours. (I work from home and the TV is on pretty much all day every day.) I'd consider it fully broken in, and the color and levels have settled over the last week. I did NOT use any break-in slides or anything of the sort, just normal viewing material. Since it has settled, I've professionally calibrated it and then adjusted it for attractiveness and optimal viewing in multiple scenarios (daytime, nighttime, etc). (In case you're wondering, a perfectly calibrated TV is amazing, but also a little... flat. I adjusted to make it "pop" a little more, while still looking completely natural; i.e. no blown out colors or brights/darks.) Your results may vary, but here are my settings:

Contrast: 76
Brightness: 56
Color: 45
Tint: 1
Sharpness: 71 (except when watching perfectly clear video, like BluRays, at which point it's set to 50)
Color Temp: Warm2
Video NR: Auto (again, except when watching perfectly clear video)

Under Pro Settings:
Color space: Normal
W/B high R: 8
W/B high G: 2
W/B high B: 1
W/B low R: 2
W/B low G: -3
W/B low B: 2
Black extension: 15
Gamma: 2.0
Panel Brightness: Mid
Contour Emphasis: On
AGC: 0

Under Advanced Picture:
Mosquito NR: Off
Motion Smoother: Off
Black Level: Light

It should be noted that several people have posted other settings that result in a "technically" perfect and calibrated image, but for regular viewing, you should adjust to your preferences. (Which the above is, to my preferences.) Try the settings out after you've run the TV for a couple hundred hours and see what you think of it.

All in all, I strongly recommend this TV. It is without question the best quality picture I've ever seen on a television, and I'm so pleased I purchased it! You cannot go wrong with this (unless you want to drop an additional $1,000 to upgrade to their premium VT50 model). I strongly recommend this and you will NOT be disappointed!!!
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on October 2, 2014
and ignorance is BLISS when it comes to nicer things than you can afford. I don't want to drive your Mercedes, or ride in your Audi, and I sure as hell don't want to watch a movie on a TV that looks better than mine.

I shed a singly solitary tear, like that Indian on the side of the highway in that "Don't Litter" awareness campaign from the 70's, when Panasonic announced they were exiting the Plasma game.

Because it meant VT and ZT series plasma's would skyrocket in price, and never do that "next years model is coming, better slash prices on these" thing that's allowed me to buy two very nice TV's over the last 5 years.

Now I have to wait for OLED to get cheaper, because I'll be damned if I'm going from pure black levels to that off-black grey crap you LCD hounds like to pass off for an actual black level.

Some of us have standards, and don't get me started on that MotionPlus crap you all use, either. I have left nicer houses than the one I live in because the host of a party expected me to watch a sports event with motion smoothing on a non-calibrated LCD TV.

It's the principle of the thing.
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on June 18, 2012
TV's these days come with so many features that they tend to forget about the the one thing worthy of a Television..its the PICTURE.The picture is what immerses you whether that is Planet earth on discovery or Playoffs in NBA.And to get that awesome picture quality, Panasonic has made the consumer in the driving seat with THX Cinema and THX Bright Room.No more adjusting Brightness,contrast, Gamma ,black level etc..Just out of the box GT50 gives you great viewing with these 2 settings.
For Blu-ray Movies set to THX Cinema,for all cable TV watching set to THX Bright room..DONE!! I have owned a Panasonic 720P(TH-50PHD8UK) for the last 4 years and spent countless hours "tweaking" with calibrations and suggestions from pro's.No more doing that with GT50.This and the elegant design made me decide on the GT50 vs the ST50.As added "features" you also get built in wifi and smart apps.
Buying from Amazon was a breeze and the "Pilot Freight" team set it up and tested with my cable connection.They were even kind enough to take my daily calls inquiring whether I could get the earlier than the allotted 2 weeks:)
My wife is very happy with the Netflix movie ,the processor in the GT50 played,FFwded and rewound without any buffering or reloading delays..It was super fast.
Another commendable advancement is the Audio..the speakers are hidden and the dialogues and sound effects are really good at 8-10FT away.
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on January 15, 2013
**UPDATE 1/23/2013**
- Amazon exchange was painless as always. CEVA delivered and packed up old TV. Make sure TV is removed from wall mount prior. This also needs to happen if you call for service via Panasonic
- Actually calibrated TV and went through a 16 hour burn in period. No image retention seen so far. Will continue to work towards my 100 hours of burn in.
- Made sure that I did not choose THX settings - chose custom settings with calibration. THX settings disable anti-image retention option by default.
- TV still produces exceptional HD picture quality.
- Panasonic 3D glasses paired painlessly with TV (i think via bluetooth)
- Paired Creative Headphones to TV painlessly via bluetooth
- Panasonic 3D performance is awesome
- Viera link works well with my panasonic blu ray bdt220 and htb550 hometheater system - easy to setup
- Still experience slight buzzing on bright images. Not loud enough for a service call though. "As designed" according to Panasonic. Sound does not get in the way of normal TV operation. Need to put your ear close to the TV to hear it.

The good:
- TV is wonderful. Picture quality is great with very little tweaking out of the box. Used AVS HD calibration blu ray.
- Good selection of apps
- Connectivity options are great
- Size/style is sleek
- Sound is good for a bedroom only but even better with a soundbar - bought htb550 which is fantastic

- Quick on image retention/burning - did not leave menu on for very long and i see some of the letters when i'm not in the menu
- experienced buzzing on displaying bright images - dlna screen/media player screen

I will be exchanging for a new one. Amazon is great with returns/exchanges. hoping these issues will be fixed on my new set this Thursday. will update on the new tv later. hoping this was just a manufacturing defect.
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on January 21, 2014
I have an LG 60" plasma, and it has had an issue where the computer board in it went (something about a power controllers, which apparently happens frequently with that model).

When I wanted a second TV, I decided to look for something better - the reviews on this one seemed good.

It has been absolutely fantastic and I love everything about it.

My only two negative comments about it are:
1) all of the settings and inputs on it default to having motion smoothing turned on - so you have to change it all over the place - not a big deal as you do it once and are done (for each thing), but during the initial period it is annoying

2) the TV has a red power light on it when it is on, in case the picture on the screen wasn't enough of a hint for you - there is no way in the software to disable it - so I just put a small piece of black electrical tape over it - my LG at least inverted it (showed you the red light when the TV was off, to show that the TV had power and was good to go when you wanted it on, but then turned it off while the picture was there so as not to distract - I prefer this method, or having something in the software settings to disable it entirely).

I'd definitely get another one of these if I need another TV.
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on March 31, 2014
This TV has a major flaw.

I was using the 4 HDMI ports on the TV to switch between various inputs one of which was a Windows 7 based computer. I had hooked up an external surround sound system. The problem was that Windows 7 wouldn't recognize it. It would only see a 2 channel system. I thought it was a Windows issue and went through a very lengthy process to try and resolve it including installing new drivers, installing a different video card with HDMI support, switching the computer motherboard and even upgrading the Samsung sound system to a Yamaha YSP-2200 sound bar. Nothing worked.

As a last resort I emailed Panasonic thinking that it might be a firmware issue on the TV. To their credit, I got a quick response. They said;

"When audio from other equipment connected to this unit via HDMI is output using ?Digital Audio Out? of this unit, the system switches to 2CH audio."

The English wasn't good and I wasn't sure if they were asking for clarification or were saying that the TV works that way by design so I asked for clarification. They responded;

"As mentioned in our previous response, this is how the TV will operate. We apologize for any inconvenience."

So, this is the way the TV is designed. If connect the TV to an external device via optical out, it forces 2 channel sound.

Panasonic didn't clarify why it behaves this way. If the TV can't determine what type of sound system is connected to the optical out, then it would make sense. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I've connected surround sound devices to my computer's optical out and it detected the speaker configuration. The TV should just relay that information through. If it can't, detect the speakers then there should be an option to tell it what speakers are hooked up.

Since these flat screen TV's have such bad speakers it's very common to hook up a set of external surround sound speakers. The Panasonic is crippled as a surround sound system. At least if you want to use the TV as a switching device. This is making me sorry that I purchased an Panasonic TV. If you're shopping for one, I'd recommend looking at something else. This flaw wasted a huge amount of my time.
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