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on July 13, 2013
It got one star because of the inital malfunction..., please read on.

We were so excited to get this highly-rated Plasma TV. Our old Mitsibushi had gone sour w/vertical lines (after only 4 years!), so we did our due diligence and scoured the web reading everything we could on which TV offers the best HD picture overall. After reading 20+ reviews.., (WHEW!) we decided on Plasma. We wanted the best nighttime TV viewing. Even during the day, we can draw the curtains to block out our very bright ocean view.

When the carrier arrived with the TV, we made sure to have him plug in the TV before he took it completely out of the box (it's really difficult to put it all back together-trust us). The delivery guy (just one guy! Needed two as he was struggling) plugged in the TV and LOUD BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING came bursting out from the speakers! No picture at all. Bummer! The delivery guy prompting packed it back up and took it back with him. :-(

Amazon was terrific in replacing the TV with just one call. The same model was delivered a week later. Thankfully, it turned on and the picture quality was great..., for about two weeks.

Then, this 2nd Panasonic 60" Plasma began to 'distort' images while we were watching a couple of TV shows. (I'll leave notes under that particular purchase as well).

We thought our eyes were playing tricks on us. A few TV shows suddenly went to a WIDE format (we didn't change it) and the people and items on the screen began to 'WARP/STRECH/DISTORT'. HD became SD.

This can't be happening!

We paused the TV and went into our Guest Bdrm to turn on our 42" Sylvania. We began watching the very same program(s) and NO DISTORTION! Glad to know it wasn't our eyes deceiving us!

Again, we called Amazon and they are doing one more "Exchange". If there is any more problems with the new Panasonic Plasma, Amazon will get Panasonic involved. (Maybe they made a 'batch' of DEFECTIVE TV's?)

I sure hope that "The Third Times The Charm" with this next Panasonic Plasma. We'll keep you posted!

There's just one thing that still bothers us about the newer TV's. Their AUDIO 'sucks'! It's like they purposely want you to buy "Sound Bars" or "Home Theater Systems". We don't have money to throw around, so we brought in our simple little stereo and hooked it up. Wow, the sound it fantastic!

Panasonic's Plasma TV's sound system is less than satisfactory. Weve hung our TV on a rotating swivel mount & followed Panasonic's instructions for setting up the 'audio'..., but the little speakers are in the back of the TV (near the edges) so the sound 'floats' into the air..., not to our ears. If you stand just beside or a little behind the TV, the sound is really good..., but that makes viewing the TV impossible. LOL!

Oops, one other thing. It took a little bit to get used to the BLACKNESS. We've done some 'custom' adjustments in the PICTURE setup to get it a little brighter. However, movies never looked better (less strain on the eyes).

Since all the 'issues', we haven't tried out the 3D yet. Good Lord, we hope it works!

They give you 3 HDMI hooksups; 4 would be better. Their RCA hookup is not great. But neither were the other TV's were looked at. I guess they don't want you using your old VCR's, etc.!
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on June 14, 2013
I bought this 60-inch Panasonic plasma TV to replace my 52-inch Samsung LCD, and the difference in picture quality is startling! The user reviews on Amazon and expert reviews on CNet were spot-on: this is the best TV picture for the money in its class.
I hesitated to go with a plasma initially because of burn-in fears, but technology has progressed to the point that really is no longer a concern. Most plasmas, my 60-inch ST50 series included, now have built-in screen savers to prevent this and tools to "wipe" any image retention that may occur.
The best thing about this TV is no motion blur, especially for sports programming. I regretted buying my 60hz Samsung LCD the minute I watched my first football game and saw the pixelation that occurred when the ball was in motion, but a 120hz refressh rate would have cost hundreds of dollars more. With plasma, motion blur is simply not even an issue.
Using recommended picture settings I found online, I am very happy with the color rendition and black levels of my Panasonic. Some reviewers complained the screen was a bit "gray" when the TV was off, but who watches a TV when it's off?
The remote is well-designed and has a back light, but can't say much else about it because I use my Harmony One universal remote most of the time.
I watched Avatar in 3D, and I swear it was almost as good as seeing it in the theater in 3D Imax. I didn't really buy this TV for 3D viewing, but I got a 3D BD player so I'd be ready when the studios produce some more decent content.
On the "con" side, there is a bit more glare with the plasma's glass screen, but the trade-off is better angle views. The screen also gets pretty hot, and I'm sure this TV uses more power, but I can just ride my bike more instead of driving if I ever feel the onset of any "carbon guilt."
The built-in speakers are crap, but if you have this much TV, you're gonna have a decent home theater setup for audio anyway, right?
Only three HDMI inputs? I haven't missed the extra one yet. I have plenty of inputs for my Panasonic BDT300 3D Bluray and Apple TV.
The worst thing is the inability to find the dang 3D glasses that go with this TV. They went off the market completely for a while and only recently became available again. No sign of prices coming down, either. Still at least $80/pr. even at B&H and Amazon. Panny didn't even reduce their price in their recent Father's Day sale offering. Luckily, the 3Active models work just fine, come with better accessories (nice case, USB cord and cleaning cloth), and cost only $50 each. Come on, Panasonic, most manufacturers are including at least a couple pairs of glasses with 3DTV purchases these days. Can't you at least put yours on sale sometime?
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on November 24, 2012
The reviews here on Amazon and all over the web have it right--the picture on this set is simply amazing and for the price, cannot be beat. I did follow the calibrating instructions I found on the web (see below) and now the picture quality is even better that the out-of-the-box picture. I made some changes from what they recommended--now the picture is simply stunning. (All sets are a bit different, so your results may vary and you may have to tweak the settings a bit to match your personal preferences and room setting--my room is a bit dark.) Also see comments.

If you were hesitant, as I was, about ordering a 100+ pound TV off the web, don't be concerned--the experience was great with Amazon. The TV was delivered, by appointment, three 3 days after ordering (and that was with free shipping!). The delivery company was great--they brought it into the house and to the room where it was being set up. They unpacked it and attached the base. They would have plugged it in and tested it, but the set was too cold to be turned on. So I waited a couple of hours before trying it.

I'm very pleased with the buying experience, the TV, and the shipping and delivery. (I'm not associated with Amazon, Panasonic, or the delivery company in any way, but I do buy often from Amazon.)

Calibration settings from plasmatvbuyingguide dot com:

Software used for calibration: Spectracal CalMAN Pro V4.6.3
Source Generator: Sencore VP403
Meter: Sencore OTC1000
Reference Metere: i1Pro

Picture Mode Custom
Contrast: +100 (changed to 80)
Brightness: +71 (changed to 60)
Color: +50 (changed to 30--looks much more natural)
Tine: +0
Sharpness: +32
Color Temp.: WARM 2
Color mgmt.: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off

Advanced Picture
Mosquito NR Off
Motion Smoother Medium (changed to off)
1080p ure direct Off
Black level light

Pro Settings (using 2-point White Balance)
Color Space: Wide
W/B high R: +4
W/B high G: +4
W/B high B: +6
W/B low R: -5
W/B low G: -9
W/B low B: -6
Black Extension: default
Gamma Adjustment 2.6
Panel Brightness Default
Contour Emphasis Default
AGC Default
Gamma detail adj. Default
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on January 9, 2013
I bought this TV in Nov, 2012. It broke five weeks after delivery. The TV shuts itself down during a movie and wouldn't turn back on. I went through the steps advised in the manual and those that were outlined over the phone by the Panasonic tech support staff. The TV was dead.

I remain neutral on Panasonic tech support. The person I spoke with seemed to be reading from a script. All the technical questions I asked were not answered. On the other hand, I was given an appointment for in home service, which I did not utilized (see below).

This is our second Panasonic plasma. We have a 65" VT30 bought in 2011. The VT30 has not had any problem.
Otherwise, the TV has faithful and neutral colors. The design is more modern compared to the VT30. It has deep black levels, although not as black as the VT series. It is much lighter than the older models, making wall mounting easier.

Since the TV was bought near the holiday season, it has a 60-day exchange/return policy. Amazon quickly sent a replacement right away and the broken TV picked up the same day the replacement was delivered. For this, I rate Amazon 5 stars.

For the TV itself, I rate it 3 stars. I remain neutral for now. I hope the replacement unit will last much longer.
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on December 12, 2012
***Important to read last paragraph if first time plasma user. ***

We bought a 50 inch Panasonic plasma THX model for $2200 4 years ago. That tv is running great with 16 hours a day running time and has a stunning picture. Couldn't imagine anything better.

When a 60 inch came up for this price with a cnet best buy editors choice I couldn't pass up. Off went the 50 inch to my sons bedroom. Yeah, he's spoiled! The 60ST50 came quickly with box in perfect condition and great professional delivery personnel. Holy crap! The picture takes my breath away. Clean and crisp! I hear not a bit of buzzing even up close.

I use custom picture setting with contrast at 80, brightness at 54 although some use 45, color at 56 and sharpness at 35 even though many recommendations I see are at 0. Warm 2, CATS and Video NR at 0. Pro sttings +1, 0, +2, +12, 0, +4. The blacks are amazing and with picture brightness set lower brings the black out more. Dark rooms are best, but the picture is so great you learn to tune out any glare. Only my bright flourescent light in the kitchen is noticable. The filter does pretty well.

Often people pass up plasmas because the LCD's and LED's next to them in the store are set to Vivid which gives the appearance of a muted picture on the plasma. Plasma's pictures are superior as you are looking at true to life colors versus glaring animated looking pictures you get from LCD's. I look around my room while watching TV or a Blu-ray, and the colors on the Panasonic Plasma's are true to the colors of the room. Watching feels like an extension of the room, not a screen. I see every detail in a face. Eye colors pop, and and the motion is really clear. Watching sports, I see the football not a skipping stone thrown across the field with a tail attached to it. You won't find that in an LCD for the money if at all.

The 3D is very enjoyable with well fitting glasses if you choose to purchase them. The interface is easy to use, setting up the 3D and wifi is a snap. I bought mine for $1499 on a great sale, but easy pay full price for this TV. Aesthetically beautiful TV. All I see is the screen. Inputs may be lacking for some, but with a TV this great I highly recommend you use the savings for a receiver and surround sound system with HDMI passthrough. Denon DHT-1513BA Total 650 Watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Boston Acoustics Premium Speaker System Only need one HDMI to the TV this way and sound quality will match the picture for a true theater experience.

I without reservation and extreme encouragement recommend the ST50 line of Panasonic TV's. Best Buy employees tell me it's the best TV they have and praise me for being a Plasma user. I got a better price with Amazon. Reasons... Bang for your buck. Superb picture quality that surpasses my top of the line 4 year old Panasonic THX and Panasonic durability. One example... I owned a Samsung LCD before the old Panny(sonic). My son broke it with a tinker toy. Shattered the pixels on the LCD screen. What a heart breaker! I nearly got sick! We got the old Panny plasma for a replacement and immediately noticed the difference in picture. Imagine this new ST50 picture that blows it away! The Old Panny took a forceful flying Wii remote to the face from 3 feet and not a scratch. Priceless! Panny's are known for their burn in protection technology over any other Plasma. Get one before they are gone.

Edited. 12/22/2012 Important... use slides or a 200 hour break in on 50% contrast/picture and brightness levels. Do not leave any static images ie USA, Discovery or TNT logos on. Use the zoom aspect ratio for the first 200 hour break in period to hide the logos. Especially for marathons or if you might fall asleep. If on a channel for a long time use the scroll bar located in menu- settings- anti-image scrolbar. Do some research into taking care of your plasma during it's infancy. Places to start... highdefjunkies and AVS
Advice on slides...pixel jogger and preventing image retention.

6/24/2013 Happy to note after making the "noob" mistake of allowing USA's static logo image on my Panny Plasma in it's first week, the slight IR of the logo is all gone. Just by watching TV and different channels. (Note I could only see it on a blank white screen so really not that concerned about it, just principle.)
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on June 13, 2012
My first ST60 arrived with obvious damage to the outer carton. Long story short, Amazon took care of the return and replacement quickly and efficiently. All credits and charges received without additional follow up. Also, I took advantage of the price guarantee and was able to save $150 vs my initial purchase price by checking the price daily on this unit. Again, no hassles or endless phone calls to obtain this. Needless to say, very impressed by the entire Amazon shopping experience!
The TV is great so far! Great black levels, excellent motion/no blur, good off angle, and the plasma 'buzz' that is part of the technology is very faint and only heard when completely quiet(no volume) and within a couple of feet of the unit...and who sits literally 24inches from a 60in screen! I was concerned about bright light and reflections and overall this unit handles ambient light very well. Have some skylights in the room and no more issue with this TV than the old 27in analog TV that it replaced.
I have no doubt this uses more energy than a comparable LED tv....and I was going to have this on 8 hours a day I would rate that as a higher priority. It gets warm, but no alarming so and again, part of the technology.
Sound is ok for a TV but again, why have such a high fidelity picture and settle on TV speaker sound??
Remote is fine. A bit dated but functional.
Connections on side of TV near edge so you can use the SD card reader and USB ports without any trouble. 3 HDMI connections enough for me.
Bezel and style of tv frame good. Might be some better, but many, many more are worse!
As others have mentioned, use the CNET settings for the picture settings. Tweaked the brightness and sharpness a bit, otherwise, totally agree with all other recommendations when it comes to turning off most all of the "enhancement" features.
Overall, for the quality of the picture, size of the screen, and price paid, very happy with this purchase.
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on November 13, 2012
I've had this set for 5 months now and couldn't be happier. First, let me point out that this set is in my family room downstairs which can be darkened considerably by pulling the blinds. I do normally watch it in the daytime with almost all the blinds shut because that is my personal preference. At night, there is no difference than watching my LED located in another bright room.

If you are looking for a set that has blinding brightness, then this set isn't for you. But if you are looking for the absolute best picture for the money, then this is it. Once you have watched this set for more than 48 hours, you won't notice that this isn't as bright as LED. And once you have this set and then go into a store and look at the latest model LED picture, you really appreciate the clarity and color quality of the ST50 plasma.

My son has the 65VT50 and there isn't any difference in the quality of his picture over mine. He says that if he had to do it over again, he would save the $800 (he got his on great sale), and buy the ST50. Yes, the remote on the VT50 is different, but he doesn't go on line enough to pay $800 more for a higher quality remote.

I purchased the Panasonic dmp-bdt220 3d Blu-ray player at the same time I purchased the tv and am glad I did. For instance, if I put a dvd into the Panasonic player, my television automatically switches to the dvd input. The player really complements the tv with its quality picture and features.

I waited to buy my set until it was priced at $2040, and then a week later Paul's TV had it on sale for $1999, and Amazon did refund the difference when I called them. Unless you have a very bright room which can't be darkened, you will love this set. You can't beat the value.

This is the 3rd television I have purchased from Amazon and I don't think I'd buy one anywhere else. Their price, delivery, and customer service is hard to beat, and I am fussy.
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on December 2, 2012
After many trips to the store and the purchase/return of a different TV (Sony HX750), I decided on the Panasonic P60ST50. I am extremely happy with my decision. I had read other glowing reviews for this TV from both Amazon and Cnet, so naturally I focused my TV search around this TV. I must say that looking at this TV in the store next to some of the other LED LCD TV's is a bit misleading, hence the purchase/return of the Sony HX750. What I mean by this is that in my store visits, I kept drawing my focus towards the extremely bright LED LCD TV's, as the plasma looked too dark. The reason I ended up going to the Panasonic instead of the brighter LED LCD is that upon further review the LED LCD did not look natural to me. Everything looked enhanced and the colors were off even after many attempts at adjusting. The ST50 has extremely deep black levels and the colors are very natural. The detail levels on this TV are also better than any TV I have ever seen. I also like the Smart Viera features and the built in WiFi is a breeze to get going. For the money, I don't believe there is a better TV on the market. On a different note, the included power cable is only about 6 feet long. I needed to but a new cable as my outlet was 15' away. I looked on Amazon but wasn't able to find one. I eventually found a compatible cable through The TV uses a standard computer power cable and you will want to make sure to get the one that is a right angle. If you are running it to a far away outlet like I did, I would recommend going with one of the heavier gauge cables.
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on October 10, 2012
Just for reference - I had a 60 inch Pioneer KURO plasma which I thought no other TV would ever compare with, especially in the black department. It died a couple of months ago and I sent it off for repair - seems Pioneer got out of the plasma TV business and so the part I needed was not available. After swallowing hard, and reading that Panasonic bought the KURO mega-black technology from Pioneer, I bought this Panasonic product.

It has a slightly bigger screen (65 inch) and is much thinner and lighter. The picture is absolutely AWESOME. At least as good as the previous Pioneer KURO - faster refresh rate, and 3-D too! Haven't used the latter feature since I'm not much of a 3-D fan, but I'm telling you the picture on this baby is smoking. I would NOT recommend anything higher on the Panasonic product line - trust me, this TV is the bomb, particularly at this price point with Amazon.
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on September 14, 2012
I did a ton of research before buying my TV. I am kind of OCD like that. Anyway I finally decided on the Panasonic P65ST50 for multiple reasons.

#1 It got great reviews from just about everyplace I looked.
#2 I got the ST50 instead of the GT or VT models due to the picture quality being the same. There were some very cool features in the higher end models but really I was looking for size and picture quality as my main objectives and this was at the top of my budget.
#3 I decided on the 65 inch model since most of the articles I read stated that the #1 complaint was they wish they had gone bigger. This was the largest plasma TV within my price range. -- Really I could have gotten the 60" and would have been just fine but finally decided to pony up the extra $600 for the added 5". Probably not the best financial advice but I am personally happy with my decision. For the most bang for your buck it seems that 40" or 60" are your sweet spots since it is only about $200 for each 5 inches from 40" on.
#4 How often do people really buy a TV???? I figure it will likely be 5-10 years before buying a new one. Since it will likely be closer to the 10 year side I wanted the absolute best TV that I could afford.
#5 The ST50 is supposed to have less of a glare then UT50 and lower end models.

Things I could have done without:
- Smart TV -- I have the same thing on my Blue Ray player. I use it only because it is just easier then using the blue ray remote but despite working in the tech industry I am not the greatest at setting up universal remotes.

Wish list
- I wish the stand swiveled. The higher end models do swivel but I would rather have a 65" that does not swivel instead of a 60" that does. -- I have it on a stand and not on the wall. I rent so it makes sense for me.
- Blockbuster streaming. -- I have both a netflix and blockbuster account. I wish the TV had blockbuster streaming. Since it doesn't I will be buying a Samsung blue ray or a Roku to get the blockbuster streaming. -- WTH?? I used to just have blockbuster DVD mail server (same as netflix) but my wife kept returning my movies to get chick flicks. Because of this I let her take the blockbuster DVD service and I got Netflix for myself.

Surprise bonus
- 3D TV. I really didn't want it and would rather have saved a couple hundred bucks if possible to get the TV without it. But since it was not possible I have 3D capability. I don;t use it much but it is pretty cool and use it for action flix.

All in all this is a fantastic TV. I love it. :)
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