Customer Reviews: Panasonic VIERA TY-CC20W Skype Communication Camera
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on May 31, 2012
Because I couldn't confirm it anywhere on the web I wasn't sure that this webcam would work with the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player we had recently purchased but I thought I'd give it a shot. The webcam arrived quickly. I opened the box, placed the webcam on the top back of our Panasonic Plasma HDTV (no mounting, it just sticks there via a magnetic base), plugged the webcam USB cable into the back of Blu-ray player, powered up the HDTV & Blu-ray player, entered my Skype account username & password in the Blu-ray player's internet software area, and Skyped with a family member 1,500 miles away as big as life on our 50" plasma TV in the living room.
What could be easier than 5 minutes total set-up? And the Skype video chat was so much clearer and crisper than the webcam on my laptop computer. The audio was also good because it was coming through our home theater system. I am so excited that we will be able to be in the living room as a family and Skype with other extended family members during the holidays! (Extra info: our Panasonic VIERA TC-P50X3 Plasma HDTV is a 2011 model and the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray player is a 2012 model. The box for the Panasonic TY-CC20W webcam says that it is for "2012 VIERA TVs and Blu-ray Products". Make sure that your TV and Blu-ray player have the latest Panasonic firmware updates.)
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on May 24, 2012
We got a Panasonic tc-p60gt50 plasma tv Panasonic VIERA TC-P60GT50 60-Inch 1080p Full HD 3D Plasma TV. We purchased this little webcam that is supposed to work specifically with this tv. WOW! It is perfect. It is thin and pretty to look at -- does not detract from the look of the plasma that is hanging on the wall. It connects with magnets to the BACK of the top of the tv and just looks like it belongs there. We plugged it in to the tv's usb, turned on the tv, signed in to Skype, connected with our daughter who lives in Japan, and just like that, she filled the 60-inch screen. It was great--worked seamlessly with a good image. I would highly recommend this webcam if you have the same tv. (I read that it will not work with earlier versions of the tv.)
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on November 13, 2012
I use a 2011 Panasonic 42 inch LED TV with SmartViera (TH-L42E5W, not a US production unit). Although listed in the manual, this webcam is not sold in Taiwan which I am currently residing. I was deciding between this and the Logitech TV Cam for Skype (V-U0022). In the end, I got this for the following reasons:

1. Aesthetics: The unit fits perfectly and is flush with the TV bezel, as it is long but low in height, giving it a slim profile, unlike the Logitech which is not as wide but stands taller. From Logitech's photo in Amazon, the V-U0022 appears to jut out slightly from the TV.

2. Four unidirectional microphones, compared with 2 for Logitech. The microphones appears to be positioned further apart than Logitech's, which (theoretically?) gives superior noise cancellation.

3. The unit firmly latches onto the back of the TV with a magnetic strip, tugging on the cable gently did not rock the camera.

The logitech TV cam has the following theoretical advantage which I did not get to test or compare:
1. Carl-Zeiss optics
2. "Wide-angle" lens of 78 degrees
3. "Long-distance" microphone for speaking as far as 10 feet away

After updating the firmware on the TV, the camera works perfectly without any special adjustment required from the user. From what I can tell, the angle appears slightly wider than a conventional webcam which I tried on the camera but I estimate it is still less than 90 degrees.

Other things that I can control include: zoom, camera position, gamma/brightness/contrast/color. Video quality and optics was more than adequate for Skype. Overall for its advertised purpose I am very happy with the product and this comes highly recommended.

2 month update: Overall very satisfied with this camera, some additional findings:

a) The camera comes with a long 1.5 meter (5 feet) USB cord , very useful when you need to manually hold the camera.

b) The camera has a wide enough angle, and can easily fit four persons sitting on a couch from across the TV at about 3.5 meters (12 feet)

c) When mounting on large screen TVs, I find it best to stand at a distance, otherwise you'll appear to look down instead of straight at the other party

d) Provided you have a good connection, the quality is excellent, with good clarity, good auto-white balance and low-light compensation. For best result I connect via ethernet.

e) The camera has a full 180 degree swivel - the magnetic clasp can be folded and tucked under the camera as a stand, good for placing on the floor or table for children

f) BEWARE: in the settings menu for the camera within the TV's Skype app, there is an option to "reset" the camera - DO NOT click on that. Clicking it resulted in resetting of all the camera's settings, including disabling the option for low-light compensation. This option cannot be re-enabled via the TV's Skype app, I had to connect the device to my PC, then re-enable this option in the setttings menu accessed from skype.
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on June 21, 2012
I recently ordered this for my Panasonic TV I purchased several months ago. It is a 2011 model - P60ST30 and the camera installed easily in the USB port and everything went very smoothly. I tried Skype last night for my first time - simply awesome. The video works well and the sound is ok and comes through the TV. So far no issues and I'm very happy with this purchase. The unit is smaller that I imagined and you barely notice it on the TV.
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on July 4, 2012
I have owned this camera now for almost 24 hours.

It was easy to connect to the BDT220 through the back port. It doesn't come with adhesive strips so if you don't have something the magnets can stick to you will have to tape it to your TV somehow.

Setup was easy. Just plug it in, press the skype button on the blu-ray remote, and sign into skype.

However, when we tried our first Skype call we could not successfully have a video chat. This caused us much consternation.

But, after trying damn near everything, I went to sleep, frustrated and alone, determined not to give up.

As I fell into a deep slumber, I was visited by Alexander Graham Bell in my dream and he told me to make sure the other party had the most recent version of skype.

So, this morning I called my Mom (the other party) on the phone and lo and behold she hadn't updated her skype in years. Once she updated it, we enjoyed a nice video call through the TV and she reported excellent picture quality and pretty good sound quality.

After all was said and done I think its a quality product. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because, with shipping, this camera cost the same as the Blu Ray player it hooks up to. In this day and age of $5 webcams at Wal-Mart, I am a bit dismayed at the price of this little booger. But, I am willing to pay the price because my toddler daughter can now talk to Grandma without me chasing her around with the laptop, and that has to be worth something.
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on July 28, 2012
Bought item to use with Panasonic B-ray player with Skype function as the player would not accept/work with other brands of web camera.
Had to use sticky pads to attach to our Samsung TV as the camera has attachments specific/unique to a Panasonic TV.
Gives good picture (for whom we are Skyping). Getting sound right is hard as we sit far back to get the whole family in the picture, then the TV volume interferes with the camera microphone.
An expensive purchase for what was going to be a bit of fun. The camera cost nearly as much as the player.
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on October 1, 2012
This is a plug n play device with DMP-BDT220 Bly-Ray player. It is so tiny, compact and nice looking device. I was expecting a bigger camera, but when I opened the package I realized how small and it is. The magnetic pad will make sure that the camera stick firmly to the back to the TV.

- Great picture quality
- Low light correction
- High quality microphones
- Slim n sleek design (hard to notice on the tv top)

- Really none compared to other standalone devices
- 1 star out because mine goes black while in a conversation, need to hit any button on the remote to get the camera back on. It could be an isolated issue. Going to get replacement and will update the review later.

All over I am very happy with the combination of DMP-BDT220 and TY-CC20W. It works great and the combined price is way better than the stand alone products such as teleHD and the new logitech skype cam. Though, I have not tested logitech one, I would suggest stay away from teleHD.

UPDATE: On 10/15 Amazon sent me a replacement camera. New camera works very well, no more blackout. I have updated 4Stars to 5Stars. Amazon has the best customer service as usual :)
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on July 8, 2012
It turns out that it is very hard to get Skype video calling in your living room for a reasonable price. I was just about to invest in a TelyHD for upwards of $250 when I found this!

This camera pairs easily with a few different Panasonic Bluray players out there. I bought it to go with the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player. The camera worked with no effort at all. A truly plug and play experience.

Sound and video quality are very good and the camera is surprisingly small. It has a magnetic base that will mount to some TVs. I ended up having to get a small piece of Velcro to mount it.

While the price of this camera with a compatible bluray player might not be much cheaper than getting a TelyHD, you also get all the other functionality of having a bluray player with various video on demand services and more. Great deal!
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on December 25, 2012
Just bought this camera for my wife @ christmas to talk to the in-laws in Romania using the TV instead of the computer web cam.

It is hooked upto a Panasonic P50st50 (see my other review on this set). As well as a soon to added review on a pair of Samsung SG4100 3D glasses I am using w/ it.

Anyway, the TV is the first smart TV i have owned and am VERY pleased with it as I learn more and more what it can do. After adding this camera I was put off a little by the Amazon reviews saying the sound was a little weak and minor niggles about picture quality, however I will tell you that I have not had any issues, bar a minor annoyance which I will get into below.

The sound quality is astouding. We were sittingf about 15 feet away from the TV and the in-laws had to tell us not shout and once we learned that normal talking volume was sufficient it was great (for them). They also said how clear and crisp the picture was since it was broadcasting in 720p HD. I don't know what kind of camera they use but it is most definately not HD, so I'm not dinging anything for that since it has nothing to do with this camera's performance.

The little niggle that I had with the camera was that during the camera, it was starting to bog down and get jumpy, plus a black bar appeared about 1/8 to 1/5 the of the right vertical side of the picture. It was cleared out twice by shutting off the video feed and turning it back on. So I don't know if it was a TV buffering issue, a connection speed issue or a camera issue, so I won't ding it on this issue either.

The other thing that I ran into was that I played with the contrast, brightness, screen position and so on buttons. In doing so I hit the reset button. This yielded a very dark and unfixable video feed through the Viera skype controls. After looking up dark picture results on the skype community I came across this post:

Occasional Visitor [...]: 1 Registered: ý16-07-2012 Re: Hit reset button on video settings and now video is too dark
Hi, I got the same problem when I pressed reset button in Skype. However I got back my factory setting on TY-CC20W, here is what you need to do:
1. Unplug the TY-CC20W from your TV.
2. Attach it to any Laptop or [...] (running windows 7 would be best as it will install the drivers for TY-CC20W automatically).
3. Now open any Web camera [...] (if you don't have then install one - Google it).
4. Search for camera control settings in Options or tools menu or settings button etc (this settings will be in Advanced settings of your software that you would be using, basically this will be camera specific settings, not of the software).
5. Search for "Exposure" setting and set it to auto or press Default button if you see it.
6. Hit [...] and remove your TY-CC20W from PC or Laptop and connect back to your TV.
7. That's it, you will get the original settings back.
Skype need to put "Exposure" settings as well in the TV's application camera settings or at least fix the reset button to reset the Exposure value as well.

Thank you for the post "MirAli" Now after being unsuccessful in trying this by using a camera application, I hooked it up to the computer and used skype and it has much more video adjustment options than what the Panasonic Viera app gives you. The auto exposure works when you correct it on the computer and it worked fine when the camera was plugged back into the TV and skype app restarted. So an Amazon return was averted.

As for the physical aspects of the camera, it is a very slim profile and very unobtrusive. I was going to diconnect this and place it behind the TV at first but since it is hardly noticable I will be leaving it alone. (Eventhogh the government and aliens might secretly activate it and spy on me. lol :P~)

Good job PAnasonic in making a great TV web camera, but please work on the Viera app. options so you don't have to use an alternate method to adjust settings on the thing . . .

Great sound pickup and clear picture

Poor Viera app camera controls

The Bottom Line:
Don't hit the reset/default buttons on the Viera app and its great
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on March 10, 2013
Panasonic VIERA TY-CC20W Skype Communication Camera

As others have noted, the 2012 Panasonic TY-CC20W webcam will go nearly BLACK if you fiddle with the RESET button. Usually the device works flawlessly right out of the box, but the Panasonic/Skype software has a known bug that doesn't allow adjustment of "exposure" no matter how you try. The camera has to be unpluggged from the TV and adjusted on a PC equipped with the Skype app. I was able to get things corrected on a XP Pro laptop by logging onto Skype, selecting "Tools," Options, then Video Settings. Once there, 2 adjustment tabs allow for multiple setting tweaks. Look for "Exposure" and increase it to -3 and click on "Automatic." Select "Apply" and save your work. Unplug your camera and plug it into the TV. It should function like new.
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