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on February 17, 2012
I still have 6 months left on my contract with ATT, and wouldn't you know it, the screen crapped out on my HTC Aria. I tried to get by with a Palm Pixi, but there are just too many Android applications that I have become dependent on. At this price, the crossover is a fine replacement for an entry level Android device. It's no dual core, spec monster power house, but considering the original Iphone had a 412mhz processor and 128mbs of ram, for $120.00 you get a 600mhz processor and 384mbs of ram. There is only 512mbs of storage, which equates to a little over 400mbs for market apps. With an adequate micro sd, you will be able to load many apps and store lots of basic video, pictures, music, etc.... If you want a device to play games, stream a lot of video, and are expecting high definition, I would consider something else. Since it has lower specs , expect to manage tasks responsibly, or else you will have some periods of screen unresponsiveness.
I may keep this even after my contract is up, it does everything I need a smartphone to do, and I have a nice tablet for fun. Prices on prepaid plans are looking more attractive everyday, and with phones like this for $120.00, who wants to be tied to a carrier for two years.

Battery life (last all day and is awesome in standby(3days))
GPS fix is fast
Nice sporty form factor
Dedicated camera button/nice pics for a 3mp
Bright screen with good pixel density
Qwerty Keyboard

Cons (minor, obviously not deal breakers since I like the phone overall)
Screen is capacitive, but feels like plastic not glass
Must manage running apps to avoid screen becoming unresponsive resulting in battery pull
Development community not interested in this device/ no clockwork or roms...
ATT and Pantech bloatware (can be removed with help from the folks at XDA)

Edit: Installed ADW launcher and a simple pattern unlock screen (ATT unused applications removed). The screen is 100% responsive. This phone is a STEAL!
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on May 10, 2012
I got this phone with the hopes of ditching my ipod touch which I always carried around with me mostly for the wifi capabilities, alongside my existing Gophone. This is a very solidly built Android which could easily be mistaken for a rugged device. The phone's screen is really quite impressive as it is glass rather than plastic, and although it is slightly smaller than some other Androids, (3.1 in.) it retains a 320x480 pixel density which more than makes up for the lost size with clarity and sharpness. The music player is great and sounds just as high quality as my old ipod. The processor can't compete with some of the newer more expensive devices, but for an $80 GoPhone, it works perfectly fine and doesn't hinder my experience at all. It's great having access to the Google Play Store to get some simple time-killing apps. The real highlight of the phone is its ability to combine my email and web browsing needs into one device that doesn't even require a data plan! The camera also takes really nice pictures for just being 3mp. Spectacular option for those looking for a great, solid, well-rounded GoPhone!!! To focus on the negatives, it's a little thick and heavy. Personally I like it more because of it's incredibly sturdy and solid design.
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on March 27, 2012
This phone obviously features the android platform which, in itself, is a 5 star product. The apps you can get for no cost whatsoever are fantastic, and it is worth noting that the phone has no trouble accessing these or anything else on the web, aside from insanely small text presentations at first. You'll have to zoom in on 80% of the content you browse, but all in all, it does seem worthwhile. The only problem with this version of android is it's definitely well beyond outdated at this point, and it will not be changing at any point in time. This means a lot of the newer programs are totally incompatible and you're totally SOL if you want to get firefox on this phone.

The phone itself makes computers of last century look like dirt. Compare it to it's contemporaries and you'll find it's moreso on the average point in the spectrum. The user interface can be intimidating for new smart phone owners, but it does become rather fluid before long. It's at that point you begin to notice the speed shortage. For one thing, the accelerometer (thingy that makes the screen display correctly whether you're holding it sideways or upside down) seems to have a REALLY hard time keeping up. A lot of times the screen will display incorrectly after unlocking the phone for some reason. It's not a huge problem, but it definitely cheapens the experience.

The speed while browsing through menus is relatively good. I've found programs load slower than web content, which seems a bit odd, considering the difference between local and VERY distant files, but it is what it is. This includes, and isn't limited to, the most basic of functions, including the phone function itself. It may take several seconds to open up the dialing interface or make an actual call. That said the calls aren't pitch perfect by any means, but it does get the job done well enough. I've never experienced static or any kind of echo effects like I have in other phones. The speaker phone is a bit quiet and difficult to use in a room with any noise at all. Both speaker, and earpiece have a very trebly tone that can be a bit abrasive, so you may want to dial it down a little before using the earpiece.

The camera is pretty mediocre and it has no flash. But for all intents and purposes it is functional in most situations. The most endearing feature of this phone for me is the slide out keyboard. I hate onscreen keyboards. They don't work with my fingers. So the real keyboard is very satisfying, considering my use, or overuse, of texting. The buttons are large enough and well labeled and the function keys are simple and easy to get used to. It does light up as well, so in a dark room it's just as easy to use. The touch screen itself is just OK. It's better than I thought it would be, but smaller icons are extremely annoying to actually activate for me. Seems like touch screens just hate big fingers.

Despite what you may perceive the above to mean, I do think this is an excellent device. You'd have to be pretty ungrateful for the leaps technology has taken to be able to ignore the fact that you have the internet in your pocket with speeds that make aol and even some forms of dsl look like turtles in quicksand. For the true yuppies out there, you're probably not going to be satisfied with a phone that doesn't have a bat signal or an on call helicopter, but for the regular folk looking for an awesome gadget, or the smart phone newbie looking to sample the market without signing a forever long contract, this will absolutely get the job done.

*for the record, a 5 star phone would have both a bat signal AND an on call helicopter service*
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on July 20, 2012
For those of you having trouble getting the $25 credit the number to call is 866-499-7888. I admit this process is somewhat difficult but obtainable if you follow these steps. Call the number above tell them you recently bought a pantech crossover. Tell them you have not received your credit and its been longer than the stated 1 hour wait time for the credit to be applied. I waited two days before calling. Tell them you purchased it off of amazon.com

If the number stated above is incorrect call the At&t customer care number 1-800-331-0500. Choose the option different number I believe option 2. Hit 0 wait until you hear voice, the automated voice will prompt you to type in your number, keep hitting zero until you get a rep. If you typed in your go phone number you will be directed elsewhere. This takes you to the go phone self-service number and i could not find the speak with a representative option. Once you have a rep on the phone ask right away to be transferred to the go phone department. This department will get you the credit.

Access to apps on Google Play (Android Market)
Plays Music
Uses Wifi
Slide out Keyboard
Comes with 2 GB memory card
Comes with Car Charger

If you have too much widgets and apps on your homepage it will freeze. It froze so bad i couldn't remove any apps. To resolve the freezing issue I had to hard reset the phone using the function key to make a shortcut to the settings.

You have to have the $25 or $50 plan to purchase a data package. This is a con but i can see why they enacted this rule. If you get the data plan and free texting app they lose profits from people not buying messaging packages.

When powering up it is somewhat of a slow startup. Doesn't bother me though.

Had problems receiving picture messages but the customer rep walked me through the steps to fix this. She told me to go to settings-wireless and network settings- turn off wifi -go to network settings, then make sure data services is turned on.

All in all this is a great phone if you know what you are getting yourself into. Very good phone for consumers on a budget like myself. Just remember to not put too many widgets or apps on your homepage or you will more than likely freeze your phone.
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on May 31, 2012
I just got my phone the other day, and I will say, it is a little bit heavier than my other phone. It may only have a MHz processor, but my tablet has a 720, and is SLOWER than this phone!
People say the battery life sucks. I had the AllSport GPS running for an hour and a half, my battery went from 100% to 84%, i would say thats not half bad.
Touch screen is fine, people complain about it. I found it very easy to navigate, and hadn't had the device not detect my touch.
Vibrate is a bit soft, and putting the phone on silent is a bit complicated....
Keyboard is GREAT it feels sturdy, and the keys give a little when pressed.
The operating system is upgradable to ANDROID 2.3.6 which is very nice, you just need to go onto the Pantech website and follow instructions from there. I would do it before you do anything else to the phone, as it will delete everything!
The phone has a sturdy feel to it, like it can handle a drop or two.
I dont use the 3G on it, but the wireless signal is up to par with my old phone. The wifi seems to shutdown at times, but I think thats the phone and its battery saving stuff.
Overall, the phone is very good, I am very pleased with it, and it works nicely!
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on September 14, 2012
I bought this phone after receiving my new AT&T Fusion and hating the Fusion immediately -- see my review over there for more details. What I liked was that everyone on Amazon was complaining about not getting their $25, but no one seemed to have anything bad to say about the phone itself! After having used it a little bit I see why, and I like it too. I too have had problems getting my $25 credit though. (!!!!) I should add that this is my first smart phone and I am getting acclimated to this one just fine, whereas the other one was a giant nightmare. I really would recommend this phone for anyone else trying to make the leap.

Most important things I like:

-- The slide-out keypad is easier to use than on touch screen only phones. I know it makes the phone bigger, heavier and bulkier but to me it's worth it. It's also nice to be able to really hang onto it (not like the light little touch-onlies) and not feel like you're going to break or drop it. This phone has a solid feel.

-- Unlike the Fusion, this phone has a "face sensor" so when you're on a call and you put the phone up to your ear, the screen turns off and you don't hang up on whoever you're talking to. With other phones you have to get around this by pushing the on/off button, but who wants to have to remember to push extra buttons for something so simple? Same with hanging up the call (on purpose): With the Crossover you pull it away from your face and push the touch button. With the Fusion you'd have to turn the screen back on via the on/off button, and THEN hang up "a second time" via the touch screen.

Other benefits:

-- You don't have to turn Swype exclusively on and off from the settings menu to use it (with the Fusion you have to pick between Swype vs. tapping without by changing the actual settings in a whole different menu).
-- The Voice Dial has worked better on this phone than the last.
-- Dialing itself is easier because you can dial from the messaging screen and a few other fairly intuitive places.

The two things I really dislike so far is that the speakerphone volume is so low it's virtually unusable -- but this seems to be ubiquitous between many smart phones. And hooking up a Bluetooth headset takes an inordinate number of buttons, clicks, etc. But overall this seems like a good, well-designed phone and I am once again excited about trying a smart phone.

Hope this review helps; good luck on your search!
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on August 10, 2012
Ok, let my just start off to say this is a 5 for the price. I do not think you can get anything near this for the price.

Was a little hesitant paying $80 for this phone, but when I saw it for $60, I jumped right on it. It does have an upgrade to 2.3 and can be rooted. It is much faster than I suspected with a 600 mhz processor. It really isn't bad, especially after the 2.3 upgrade. It seems a lot smoother. On the down side, I noticed several programs will not run on this, even if side loaded (they load, but run quirky). It does have full access to play store, but again, some programs are not designed to run on this and do not appear.

I have used nicer phones than this, but at a much higher price. The keyboard is much, much better than I expected from reading (the keys are almost flush with the pad, but they have a much better tactile feel than you would think by looking at it). The overall build is not bad either (I'd say average). The weight and feel of it in my hands really just feels right. It is a little heavy, but the size is nice. I didn't like the shape of it when i saw it, but now I like it. No problems connecting with wifi or 3g. I'd even say a little above average as I can get a signal on it where other (better) phones would not. Call quality is good. The external speaker volume is a little low. Has gps which works pretty well. Also came with charger and charger for the car.

I cannot say long term battery, as I have only had this for a day, but I was on it with wifi for several hours and seems about average from other phones I have used (not bad, not good). The screen is responsive, but not the best I have used. I like the extra "app" button. The camera sucks, but all phone cameras do, in my opinion (average 3 megapixel cam). Wish it had a front camera. It only has 500mb total internal drive, and comes with a 2gb card which isn't labeled, but I'd rate it at class 4 or 6 from copying files to it.

The $25 credit can be applied to existing gophone sims which I didn't know until i got it. It says here only new phones, but on and in the box, it just says $25 credit. They surely do not give you the credit right away. I needed to dial the 800-901-9878 and kept hitting 0 until I got a rep. They said they need to add this phone to your account and the $25 credit was on the IMEI and it would be credited, but takes a day. I will see. If not, I will try to get the $25 credit from Amazon as others have done. I am even happy for this phone for $60, but for $35 + $25 credit, you really can't go wrong with this phone (even regular price of $80 is not bad if you get the $25 credit). If I have issues getting this, I will update my review.

If you missed out on this for $60, its worth $80 in my opinion.
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on April 28, 2012
First let me say, free shipping was great from amazon, came in just 2 days, well packaged and fast, so thats a plus. It is great to see a nice mid range device for the prepaid crowd, since we mostly get downgraded phones or ones that are "dumb phones" Most are over priced or the cheap smart phones have really low specs, really low. Plus they are mostly touch screen, I prefer a keyboard I hate pecking away at screens, dealing with auto correct and smudges all over the place, blame that on my OCD as well personal prefrence. This phone the Pantech Crossover from att, hits the spot, it gives me a sturdy slide out keyboard and the keys are big enough to register my fingers. Perfect for big or small hands. Its also pretty lightweight and thin for a qwerty packing device, so kudos on that. With just a 600 mhz processor, I have to say despite many reviews saying it lags or is slow, mine ran like a charm, fast and with tons of memory to spare ( keep in mind I installed an 8gb SD card, supports up to 32 ) You can move most apps over to that to create space, place your pictures and music on the SD card as well instead of phone memory. ALSO I LOVE A DEDICATED SIDE CAMERA BUTTON, yup it has it!

The phone seems to works flawless in many areas such as calls, crystal clear, regardless of some saying that speaker is weak I am here to tell you coming from an HTC inspire ( WITH A WEAK TINY SPEAKER ) this thing is LOUD on full levels, alerts and calls come in clear and great YAY I can actually hear my phone again even over music, loud people, and the tv. I use wifi to spare the data, and downloads are generally fast. The phone CHARGES FAST which is awesome, and it seems to last most of all day with heavy to moderate use, this is due to a 1500 battery which is AWESOME to have in a smart phone of this size, since the phone has a little screen compared to others on the market, and just a 600 mhz instead of single or dual core processor speed, this helps to keep the battery full and everlasting, so that is a generous battery amount for a mid range android device. The screen colors seem bright to me its no amoled or HVGA super screen, but it gets the job done just fine. Works well on heavy to moderate use where I am not having to run around with my charger all the time. To me whats the sense in having a smart phone if its so big you cant fit in your pocket, the battery goes so quick and drains, and you cant hear it ring, etc, thankfully this one feels in that void nicely.

Its not so much sleek and sexy, but more manly and rugged, finally a Mans phone not saying a lady could not use it, just saying its durable, rugged, and has a cool futurisitic design to it. I prefer something unique that will last if it falls or slips out of your hand, which I have that happen before. I got a nice screen protector for it on amazon, you might need that to protect your screen from scratches and smudges. The box comes with wall charger and a bonus car adapter which is very nice.

The only complaint I had is when I took it out of the box, there was one dead pixel out on the screen, most probably would not see this or care, but me being somewhat young and a tech "geek" I noticed right away, this was handled very fast by amazon customer service and they are sending a replacement right away and paying for a prepaid label to send my current one back, so good job Amazon customer service!

For the price 119.00 and free shipping that came in just 2 days, I really cant complain this once contracted only phone is awesome to finally become a go phone, in my opinion one of the nicest ones on the market IF you NEED A KEYBOARD, such as myself, Loving it so far, and the function key at the top is a great feature to have to get to apps quickly so you dont have to go searching on your phone for them. One more note the camera yes is only 3 mega pixels, but let me tell you for what it is, very nice pictures in my opinion since it does have auto focus, something most att prepaid phones do NOT have. Took great pictures outdoors and decent ones inside doors. The camcorder isnt to bad either. For what it is, a mid range device, I think it will live up to my expectations so I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a new smartphone with go phone. I am thankful for this device "crossing over" to the att market, so far im happy with this phone and you should be to !
review image review image review image review image
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on November 11, 2012
My daughter has been happy with this phone so far. She's had it for a few weeks.

I was able to get the $25 airtime with a call to AT&T's customer service. Have your phone number and IMEI # handy (it's located either on the box or under the battery)and they should be able to give you the airtime quickly. They even called back (within minutes) to let me know when it was ready.

Activation was very easy and can be done on their website or over the phone. I used their website and had no issues getting assigned a local phone number, etc.

I didn't want to pay for a data plan, and you don't have to with this phone, as long as you only use the data features when you are in the range of a wifi network. (If you want to use data using the cellular network, you will have to purchase a data plan). You can easily change the settings on the phone to use wifi only, to avoid any data charges. My daughter checks her email and surfs the internet, downloaded Android apps from Google Play....all without incurring any data charges since we have a router at home. She did say that having too many apps on it seems to slow down the response time, though.

Perfect first phone for a student. For $4.99 a month, you can buy a package of 200 texts, which rollover month to month as long as you continue buying the package each month. I don't plan to put more than $25 on the phone every 90 days, and that will cover the cost of 200 texts per month, plus several phone calls with money to spare. The ability to surf the web using wifi and play some downloaded games is a bonus.
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on March 20, 2012
This phone replaced my Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Fuze (aka HTC Touch Pro for other carriers), and I could not be more pleased. Let me begin by stating that the phone does NOT include a $25 airtime credit as advertised. This was a promotion ran by AT&T that has ended awhile back, so keep in mind this phone does not include any airtime money. As other reviewers have stated, I e-mailed Amazon about this and within 24 hours they responded and are crediting $25 + tax back to my credit card that I used to pay for the order (this is even better imo, giving me $25 off the price of the phone!). Now on to my review of the phone itself. The phone specs a processor @ 600 Mhz, which is similar to the 566 Mhz of my previous phone, and I was expecting similar performance. However, this phone blows my HTC Fuze away. Not sure if it is hardware or the Android OS, but the Pantech Crossover outperforms my Fuze in every way. Exceeds my expectations in every way. Easy to use, and intuitive OS. Very responsive touch screen allows me to easily swipe between 5 home screens, pinch to zoom, etc. No noticeable lag even when running processor-intensive apps such as GPS and Audio Player at the same time. The slide-out keyboard has a great sturdy and spacious feel, and is very easy to use for all text input applications. The keyboard slides back into the phone very securely, unlike my Fuze that was constantly jiggling around. The on-screen keyboard, although not really needed, works very well and is easy to use; I especially like the swype function that accurately determines the words you want to spell. The hardware buttons are useful and well located, and there are free apps available to custom program their function if desired. The WiFi functions very fast, with easy web browsing, audio/video streaming, etc. all with very little lag. I thought I would attempt to max out the processor by running GPS, Web Browser, SNES Emulator, and Media Player simultaneously; and even with all of that the only lag I experienced was switching between the running apps. The only cons I can say about this phone are that the accelerometer that detects portrait/landscape mode will sometimes lag for a few seconds before figuring out you have turned the phone (if keyboard isn't out, in which case it immediately switches to landscape mode, which is good), and the battery life could be a little longer. However, I am so impressed with the phone that I have been using it extensively throughout the day, with wi-fi on, running various high-end apps, and one charge gets me about 3/4 through the day (7am to about 6pm) before needing to plug in. If I were using it normally, which is for calls/texts here and there and occasionally using an app here and there, (as opposed to tinkering and experimenting with the phone all day) I am certain the battery would easily last through a full day. Other than that, I have been so impressed with this little Android phone I truly hope to see more smartphones from Pantech in the future. Even though the display is HVGA, the colors are vivid and graphics appear better than my Fuze, even though it was full VGA with a screen of the same size. I would definitely recommend this to any tech geek such as myself who is on a budget, you won't be disappointed.
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