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on March 19, 2015
Cecily Peterson was sixteen when her mother married her step-father, a year before she died. Her mother was a widow for six-years and lonely after Cecily's father died. Her step-father is a drunkard loafer. He spent the small savings her mother inherited, and nearly ruined her father’s business. Everyone in Corryville, SD, knew that Cecily did most of the work at the feed store that had been her late father’s. Cecily tried to tell her mother about her step-father who couldn’t keep his hands off her, but to no avail. Her mother didn’t want to hear.

Tate Winthrop is a Native American, a full-blooded Lakota Sioux. His mother Leta lives on the Wapiti Ridge Sioux Reservation in one of the few houses with all the modern conveniences. Tate is a wealthy man who ensures his mother lacks for nothing. Tate lives part-time on a ranch outside the reservation, but mostly lives in Washington, DC, working for the government. Tate doesn’t like most people, and stays clear of white women to keep his family's pure Lakota blood line. If he must marry, it would be within a Sioux tribe for the family blood line, but he is in no rush. Cecily is a soft spot in his heart, and when her mother died, Cecily went to him rather than anyone else, but her bond with him didn’t become a reality until after her mother passed away. Cecily was always interested in his ancestry. Leta and Tate would spend hours teaching her about the Lakota Sioux. Cecily is bright and has the instinct for Indian Culture.

Tate was waiting for an order he placed at the Feed Company when he saw a truck stop near the barn where he kept his filly. Cecily got out of the truck and approached Tate with an invoice for him to sign. Tate helped Cecily unload the truck when he saw her bruised throat. She had tried to cover her throat, but the button opened while she was unloading the truck. Tate knew her step-father was a drunk and was concerned. Tate unbutton her blouse and couldn’t believe what he saw. He wanted to know if it was her step-father who bruised her breast. He took her to his house and told her that they needed to talk. Embarrassed, she told Tate that her step-father was drunk and tried to rape her, but she got away and spent the night hiding in the woods. This wasn’t the first time that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Finally, Tate told her that she is not going back home, but would stay with his mother. Tate took the responsibility of being her guardian. He made all the arrangements for her to attend George Washington University and have an apartment of her own where she would be safe.

Cecily received her degree in Archaeology, and worked for two-years in her Master‘s in Forensic Archaeology. It all came to an end when she learned that Tate was paying for all her expenses, and she was not on a scholarship. Cecily was angry when she heard from Tate’s female socialite friend the night of South Dakota senior Senator Holden's fundraiser. Tate was sitting with his blonde socialite friend when Cecily walked up to Tate’s table and poured a bowl of crab bisque on him. She dropped out of the Master’s program in Forensic Archaeology and moved into a new apartment. Cecily accepted the position of Assistant Curator in the new Native American Museum in Washington, DC, that Senator Holden had offered her. Cecily severed all her ties with Tate. She’d developed a friendship with Tate’s friend Colby Lane, a CIA agent who lived in her old apartment. Tate is extremely jealous of Colby.

Paper Rose is one of the best books by Diana Palmer with enjoyable characters and another story line going on with Leta and Senator Holden. A heart warming story.
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on March 12, 2015
It's your typical Palmer hero in love with the younger heroine. At least this time, there's only a 10 year age difference. Tate, a pure blooded Lakota (former fed/mercenary now head of security for an international company) denies his love for Cecily, a young Anglo woman. He knows that she's loved him since she was 17 when he saved her from her abusive stepfather. Since she's under his protection, he feels that he'd be taking advantage of her so he tells her that he'd only marry a pure blooded Lakota. He moves her to DC where she can study archeology & he can watch over her. Eight years later, she's still nursing her unrequited love while he keeps her at a distance with a succession of beautiful women. Cecily discovers that Tate has been footing her bills thanks to his current GF so Cecily throws a tureen of crab bisque at him during a black tie event attracting press coverage. Cecily's had it with Tate & his protection & is determined to be independent. She's good friends with Colby Lane, another Native American (a mercenary friend of Tate's) who's grieving for his wife, who left him for another man. Colby's presence in Cecily's life provides the tension that gets Tate's blood boiling. Like all of her books, the guy & girl spend too much time guessing what the other one is thinking & not actually having an honest conversation. I read DP's books when I need light entertainment with a guaranteed HEA (kinda like a Hallmark movie with some good old tension, sexual & other). But that's what makes most of her books enjoyable for me when I need a relaxing read cuz I know that HEA is coming after the end.
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on April 24, 2017
Loved it!!
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on May 27, 2017
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on May 26, 2015
Diana Palmer is excellent at her craft and always provides a great read. However - this has to stand as, if not my favorite, my next
best read out of all her work. The characters are well developed and become almost 'known' to the reader. These are really 'people' you
want to meet.
Thanks to the author -please continue! jh
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on April 26, 2014
I have to say, I consider this book the second in a series. Starting with Once in Paris, this book, then Lord of the Desert. The book Desperado could also be in this series as a woman named Maggie, who we 'met' in Lord of the Desert, is the lead woman in Desperado, along with a man named Cord Romero. But these books are books that I re-read and enjoy. Pleasant reading!
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PaPer Roses. This is such A wonderful book. Diana Palmer puts her heart into it. And it has so many lessons you can learn from the book
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on March 10, 2015
This is one of my all time favorites by Diana Palmer. Would love it if she would consider putting this in audio format. Also have it in paperback and have read it several times.
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on April 30, 2014
Enjoyed very much. Love is hard. for the two characters one feels he can not marry out side of his tribe, but she has loved him forever. She realize he is her protector only he thinks. The story is good
You will like this book.
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on August 27, 2013
I loved the characters, the side story and the way we get to see them work through their fears and doubts to find each other. I especially like when Diana Palmer lets us see a glimpse of their life together a little further down the road. Buy the book, you won't be disappointed.
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