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on January 11, 2013
Paradise is an "afterthought" on Born to Die. It has less overbearing production with more synth and electric guitar sounds and a more understated orchestra. The vocal style is also less dynamic than BTD so the pace seems slower. However, LDR's sense of melody and vocal drama is still very strong. I would give it five stars on the basis of quality, but I ended up giving four stars for quantity. Only two or three more songs would make a full release, and of the many awesome leaked/unreleased songs revealed during 2012, there were some that fit the mood of the EP. Further, two songs on Paradise are technically beforethoughts. One is "Blue Velvet", a faithful cover of a famous old song, which showcases her voice in a smooth/controlled mode. Another is "Yayo" from "Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant", a pre-debut (?) album commercially unavailable for reasons I've never understood. Paradise's Yayo is faithful to its original but more stripped-down and echoey. It has a jazzier and more emotional singing style than the rest of Paradise and makes for a really great song; however, does re-visiting Yayo mean a re-release of "... aka Lizzy Grant" is coming (a 5-star release), or is it some kind of salvage operation?

The new songs on Paradise, written after BTD, seem movie inspired in their feel. They are strangely similar to each other, and are impressively distinct in style from BTD. Fans and reviewers have different opinions of what's strong and weak, which I take to be a sign of interesting work. "Ride" is like a laid-back but amply orchestrated country/folk song. Check out the Ride video on youtube, one of the more controversial videos of 2012; also google "indexmagazine lizzy grant" for an interview that might suggest she had projects like the Ride video and the Paradise musical style in mind back in 2008. "American" might be a make-up song to the United States with whom she's had less media exposure and more nasty reviews than in Europe. However, her US relationship seems less about fans that love her and anti-fans that hate her but more a strong fan-base vs. some US musical establishments/pundits trying to dismiss her. To me, this is the most interesting kind of polarization an artist can have. So, imo, "American" is best considered just a love song to Americans, United States included, but also the entire continent (she's big in Mexico and Brazil). "Cola" has that wonderful line we were warned about 2 months prior to the release of Paradise (youtube Paradise Edition preview). Along with that lyric, which will never be heard in a mall, the song has some excellent relaxed skatting (wish it had more). "Body Electric" was first heard on youtube as a raw and over-the-top live performance from her 2012 tour. While many fans prefer it that way, the studio version still grips the listener with her vocals, ominous strings, dramatic (symphonic-style) drumming, and understated Hawaiian metal guitars. It differs from the live the way a studio version should, imo. "Gods and Monsters" is a (seemingly) angry, disillusioned song about "innocence lost" (aka debauchery). Some media reviews suggest the song refers to her recent life, but I think the situations probably just interest her artistically (she has "Nabokov Whitman" tattooed on her arm, afterall). Finally, "Bel Air" closes with a pretty direct acoustic-style tune elaborated by a memorable piano background. It's mellow and theatrical at the same time and was co-written with a movie-score composer that she knows (Daniel Heath). The whole EP is on Spotify (and some on youtube), so you can make up your own mind. My overall opinion is that Lana is well worth casting a commercial vote for, if you want to see pop music go more her way.
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on December 1, 2012
I love Lana Del Rey's music, so I love this EP. I'm curious why she didn't do a whole album because she has enough good songs on Youtube that either haven't been released, were on her first album that was shelved, or on the Lizzy Grant album she bought back to fill it out nicely. There are probably 30 Lana Del Rey/Lizzy Grant/May Jailer/Sparkle Jump Rope Queen/etc. songs on youtube that either weren't on "Born To Die" or "Paradise". (They are all listed under Lana Del Rey, regardless of what she was going by when she recorded them.)

"Yayo" is listed in the urban dictionary as being cocaine, so I'm guessing that is the underlying theme to what is going on in the song. "Yayo" was characterized in a previous review as a re-release, but it actually has been re-done with added music, as was "The Lucky Ones" on the "Born To Die" extended edition. When she sings, "You have to take me right now from this dark trailer park", it isn't just a fantasy lyric - she did actually live in a trailer park at one time.

I like her cover of "Blue Velvet", I just wish she would have added a refrain in her lovely higher pitch. I'm guessing the commercial tie-in may have hampered her flexibility, although she did say she was going to sing low more often so people (critics?) would take her more seriously. Lana, if you are out there, don't change a thing - think Roy Orbison. He sang high when he wanted to and didn't sound like anyone else either, and he had a pretty good career.

"Cola" and "Gods and Monsters" are both good songs that have explicit lyrics. Lana talks dirty but doesn't sound dirty, if you know what I mean. OK, maybe a little. In "American" she not only shows off a little distinctive vocal flexibility I haven't heard in her songs before, but she mentions Bruce Springsteen like she does in one of her other songs. I don't think it is a coincidence that his breakout album was "Born To Run" and hers is "Born To Die".

The title of "Body Electric" comes straight from a Walt Whitman poem "I Sing The Body Electric", which was written in 1855 before the word "electric" had entered common usage. Like much poetry and many song lyrics, I guess it means whatever you want it to mean. Love the song, and whatever the "body electric" is, I'm singing it as I write this.

"Bel Air" is just kind of there, but in all fairness, rather than give it a chance I always start the CD over when it comes on to get back to "Ride", the first single and arguably the best song on the EP. Much like "Video Games", I always have the urge to play this song over as soon as it ends. Keep in mind that the actual song is only part of the "Ride" experience. There is an official ten minute video on Youtube in which she provides the prologue and epilogue to the song with music-backed narration. It really is brilliant.

To sum it up, buy this CD if you like Lana Del Rey, or are a fan of contraltos in general, like I am. If you don't already have "Born To Die", get "Born To Die - Paradise Edition" which contains both the extended edition of "Born To Die" and this EP.
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on May 26, 2015
To me this is LANA DEL REY'S best record hands down . Yes BORN TO DIE is excellent & the hype on ULTRAVIOLENCE with Black Keys Dan Auerbach producing (and overshadowing) was huge but overblown . These tracks are SO good I absolutely LOVE IT , every song shows LANA'S waycool vibe unobstructed by anything . Everytime I hear it I like it better & notice something new . I like to put it on "repeat" or "shuffle" mode since one listen is never enough ! Standout tracks to me are RIDE , BODY ELECTRIC , AMERICAN but I am crazy about ALL of them !!! Granted it is an 8 song EP but WELL worth the $$$ in my opinion . She is the new Queen of American Pop-Rock & this record is her finest hour so far . Just buy it & you'll see it has ethereal appeal that is primal , exotic & downright sexy :-))) HARDIE MCGEHEE - singer/songwriter Birmingham AL
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on May 12, 2016
It's Lana Del Rey, with her folky almost whispy sound you immediately are transported to Old Hollywood among the glitz and glitter of bustling young movie talent in the height of its​ golden age. This vinyl record is absolute Paradise, no pun intended.
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on January 12, 2017
Vinyl came with a chip on the edge, but it doesn't have any effect on any of the songs. there's also places where the paper is coming off in the center of the vinyl. don't really want to put much effort into sending it back since it plays well, just a little upset with the look of it.
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on July 13, 2014
As a 63 year old guy, I'm confident that I am not in Lana Del Rey's "target audience". However, I really have enjoyed listening to her music. The music, the rhythms, the lyrics, all combine to make an old Beatles fan like me listen to her work on a regular basis. I, personally, don't believe the explicit lyrics she sometimes uses is needed for her music to be as powerful as it is, but that's my only criticism. Her music is, indeed, powerful.

I hope that her sometimes dark lyrics and the occasional news stories I've heard about her wishing she were dead does NOT mean she is on a self destructive course in her life. As much talent as she has and all of the good things that have come her way and will come her way, it would be a crying shame if she were ultimately unhappy to the point that she can't take it anymore. If she is on that downward road, hopefully, she will have some one close to her that will get her the help she needs.

As a fan of her music, I want to hear much more of it.
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on March 23, 2016
I love this album it is really good and the songs are great at first i didn't like it that much but i now i love every second of this album my favorites are body electric gods & monsters and blue velvet and all the other songs although there is one problem born to die cost around $7-8 paradise costs $9 thats $16 if you want to buy both paradise and born to die and you DONT get the bonus tracks (lucky ones,Lolita,and without you) but there is a solution buy born to dir the paradise edition it cost $14 and you get the bonus tracks but the album its self is pure perfection it cant be better than what it already is.
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on May 13, 2013
I simply cannot understand why certain reviewers dislike Lana Del Rey. I believe she is a 21st century Patti Smith.
The EP PARADISE is dark, haunting and exquisite. Lana's music pushes boundaries and often pays homage
to past cultural icons much in the tradition of Patti Smith's work. Lana's voice is rich and powerful. Her lyrics are honest
and authentic. The songs on PARADISE are more stripped down than her previous "Born to Die" CD and her voice
is front and center. And Lana Del Rey has one of the most gorgeous and haunting voices I have heard in years.
I read today in The Huffington Post that her detractors make her want to drink. Lana, just keep on doing what you are
doing and ignore The Haters....they are simply jealous of your many talents. I look forward to watching you continue to
develop as an artist and encourage you to keep on your path and stay true to who you are as a songwriter and singer.
Your version of Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel better be on your next CD!!
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on January 11, 2017
I love this entire album- so I was extremely excited to find it on vinyl. It has a couple of her "hits" but I don't know that any of her popular radio plays are from this album if that's what you're looking for.. I'm just a huge fan of her music. The record itself has no frills (no pretty designed sticker, detailed label, ect) and the box looks exactly as pictured. The record arrived on time and was packed well as to not incur any damage while shipping. Would purchase from this vendor again!
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on January 4, 2015
*This is a review for the item not the music*
Over all I have no complains with the actual disc itself, it doesn't skip tracks nor was it warped. The problem for me was the packaging and the sleeve. The package was send in a car board box/frame made to hit the item but it was badly damaged. I opened it hoping no damage had come to the inside but the sleeve itself was badly creased and folded. I'm a bit upset over it because a big part of vinyl for some people is the look, and when you have a big crease and fold tuning through the sleeve it kinda kills the vibe. Othet than than nothing else was wrong, good thing was that no damage came to the disx itself, which in the end is what really matters. Over all I think I made a good purchase and just got a bit unlucky with the sleeve I got.
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