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on August 16, 2013
I have never liked this type of games. In this you control a dynasty and just try to survive to the end... or what the hell! Take over the known world!

Interface is decent and involves a lot of clicking and patience, multiplayer works and is a ton of fun! Well worth the money.
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on March 4, 2013
This review is geared towards people considering a Paradox Interactive game. Those of you considering getting the game who already have played a Paradox game probably know what you're doing, so what I'm about to say is really only for people who have never played anything by them before.

First of all, Paradox games are what I would call rather demanding as far as a learning curve. They make one instruction manual generally and don't bother to update it. Similarly for the tutorials, in the two games I have played, they create one and then as they expand upon the original content. The tutorial, which already was insufficient, becomes broken, and new players will be completely lost with what is going on when the game doesn't respond to their attempts to follow the instructions as presented. Their games tend to generally have very poor documentation in general, and a player's best help is the relatively active game forums Paradox runs themselves. There are guides and wikis scattered about, but because of the vast depth of the games, they are regularly obsolete and what was a meaningful strategy in the past has become invalidated. There are many tricks and actions going on behind the scenes that are undetectable outside of digging through the code directly, or communicating with others who have.

All that said, I have found these games unmatched in their quality and how engaging they are as far as grand, armchair strategy goes. Admittedly, it did take me over 300 hours to get a firm grasp beyond that of a beginning player. The frustration of having dozens of hours of planning and intrigue backfire on you is difficult to express, but if you keep at it, you will find it more than enjoyable, but again, this is only if you can stomach the distance being asked of you. You will definitely need help to win at this game if you haven't played other Paradox titles before. There is no other way around it.

While I rate my purchase at 5 stars, I will confess that I will no longer pay full price for these games. In fact, I only purchase when they are at 75% off or better. I already had most of the titles included in this pack, but this Amazon deal was so superior that even buying most of it a second time, I was still able to save more than 80% getting the little that I didn't have. Fortunately, the game is deep enough to where when an expansion pack or dlc comes out, you probably won't be hurting so bad you'll feel you'll have to buy it right away. The sales on STEAM are frequent, and by the time you see a 75% off sale, you'll probably still be trudging through what you already have. I am now at 400 hours and haven't used ANY of the extra content besides the face packs and music, which act passively in the background. All the other content such as republics, Muslims, Rome, Ruler Creator etc. I haven't even bothered using yet because of how much there was simply in the initial game. I should also point out that if you don't want any of the major dlc like those listed above, the AI still has access to everything - you only can't use it. In other words, if you decide ahead of time that you won't be playing Muslims, you are missing out on absolutely no mechanics by passing on the Sword of Islam dlc.

At 75% off, I would say the titles I have played, namely being Europa Universalis III and Crusader Kings II are unrivaled and purchases that can't be passed on, even if the developers have the mindset that it is okay to rip off your arm and beat you with it were you to boldly even dare to consider trying out their rather brutal strategy games.

It is also a good idea to seriously consider a solitary life, because you won't have time for children, work, or a spouse once you've mastered the mechanics.

Hope this has helped.
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on January 30, 2013
These games are epic, 1000+ hours of play time. The bundle is a serious savings on a collection of Paradox's best games. The games themselves are some of the cleanest releases of Paradox's ever. While they have a steeper learning curve than many other games on the market today, mastering it leads to nothing but satisfaction.
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on March 4, 2013
Having played Europa Universalis III, I know what Grand strategy games by Paradox Interactive can be like.

You won't be able interact in the middle of a battle and win through tactics, you won't be able to start wars willy nilly, upon death you will likely see most of your conquests undone... but this adds to the intrigue of the game.

You will be confused at the array of things when you start, so the best decision would be to start small. Create your own ruler, you can start with a historically accurate one, but this is about you. I made mine a lustful 50 year old man eager to spread his seed, an independent count in Ireland.

For an example of some stories this game can lead to, I call this one that happened to me the "Reverse Oedipus"

>"Playing as the King of Ireland and married to the Duchess of Flanders. Have lots of kids, but they all want to stay at her court so I don't get much of an opportunity to interact with them.

King dies and I realize that I've received someone with pretty much useless stats. Time for some damage control.

I am now playing as a 47 year old king with a 47 year old wife, with 3 daughters and 1 son. My daughters are all married, but my 15 year old son lacks a betrothal so I tackle that first.

He gets a nice strong woman with stats in the teens. He comes of age and I grant him a county. Things are going good.

His county promptly gets smallpox the next month.

Perhaps he'll live through it? Nope.

Crap. I could work some assassinations and get a daughter a matrilneal marriage, but that'll take time.

Time for a divorce. I apparently am not pious so I need to buy an indulgence for my sins, which nearly bankrupts me.
Yay! Divorce goes through and I can go wife hunting!

Hmm... looking through the list for a nice young woman with high fertility. Find one with Midas Touched, Strong, and stats in the teens.

Huh... she's pregnant. Is she someones lover? don't see anything indicating. She also seems to live in Ireland. Oh well, I'm pleased with what I'm seeing.

Marry her and notice she has a former husband... My son.

Welp I guess there were plenty of signs, I was just blind. The woman worthy of my son, was most definitely worthy of me.
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on May 16, 2013
Purchased this pack today (5/16/13) and spent a few minutes exploring some of the DLC. After my jihad against King Guy of Jerusalem ended in a failure, I decided that this was indeed a good purchase. The Islamic music and unit packs brought a load of flavor into my game, and I'm certain that the other DLC packs will do the same. Legacy of Rome, featuring a spotlight on the Byzantine Empire, is another good DLC.

The only mild complaint I have is with Steam as the DRM of choice. I have no issue with Steam at all, but their method of adding games to your library is overly time consuming, as you much enter each individual key code and then repeat the process for each unit in the package. Maybe they could streamline this a bit more in the future. That, however, is my only complaint. It's on sale right now, what are you waiting for?
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on May 28, 2013
Great game for strategy lovers. Difficulty is high to medium depending on your expertise. Came with all the DLC except the latest expansion. Who cares if you're just getting into the game play what you got, and decide if you need another expo as you go.

Some great history lessons can be learned too about this particular era.
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on June 4, 2013
This is a game with great detail and variety. You can build and Empire, but the key is managing you dynasty. Doesn't matter if you are king or emperor, you need qualified heirs from your dynasty or you are looking at possible game over. This is a game about people . . .er . . . fake people and relationships. I have spent hours managing relations with my nobles and plotting and planning the marriages of the children of my dynasty. This is a game that will punish you harshly if you don't pay close attention to these parts of the game. The game will not spoon feed you anything from the mountain of data.

I won't go into detail about the game mechanics, but if you are a paradox fan, you know just how long it would take to describe what can happen in these games. Unfortunately, the game is a little lacking for in game references/charts/tables to help sort through the thousands upon thousands of characters that you can interact with. The interface could be a little more helpful in that regard.

If you like paradox titles, this is among their very best. If you are new to paradox titles, I actually recommend you try Europa Universalis 3 or Hearts of Iron 2 first. They should be very cheap and might be a little easier for a first timer to pick up in many respects. This game was harder for me to learn and I HAVE played several paradox titles.

I bought this CK2 collection when it was $15.00. That was a steal. I already have 40= hours played in lass than 2 weeks. Be warned: once you get past the learning curve, extremely addicting.
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on March 5, 2013
I'd heard about the Crusader Kings series, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money and buy it piecemeal. This pack gave me the game and all the DLC. Super deal for a great game.
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on June 17, 2013
Apparently, my lunatic ruler has mistaken his maid for a giant gopher, appointed his horse as chancellor, rammed Cthulhu in a longboat, declared the wearing of pants illegal (and later made turnips the kingdom currency). Oh, and I sacked Rome repeatedly and carried back tons of loot and prisoners for human sacrifice. What more do you need in a game?

Protip: Use the ruler designer to start with a lunatic/possessed character for the best gameplay experience!
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on June 4, 2013
Guess what... all the key is steam and I have attached it all in my steam library easily.

No need to download it from "Amazon", just copy the "Product Code" and paste it into the "Steam Library".

Warning: For strategy gamer only.
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