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on August 7, 2017
It works, what else can I say. Well, I wanted to give some more life in my Mac that Apple has abandoned the operating system. Many programs can no longer be loaded on to it as a lot of software is now being produced for the newer O.S. computers. I have Lion O.S. and this allows me to at least load Windows 8 and run some Windows programs as well as some of my old Mac programs.
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on January 24, 2014
I have one program that is only for windows that I need all the time. This kept me buying Sony laptops for 20 years. I have to say, Sony has gone so far down hill it's become a travesty. Really bad quality machine, but worse is trying to get support and things fixed if you have to send it back.
When i heard about Parallels, i made the leapt to a MacAir. I bought this software to install, instead of using the way you can designate part of your hard drive to windows that comes with the laptop. For that, you have to turn one off in order to use the other.
But with Parallels you can keep both Mac and Windows open at the same time, and move fluidly from one to the other -(you just opt to "enter coherence" after turning on the machine). Not being familiar with Mac, it was tricky for me to instal it, but calling Parallels 1-800 number will give you all the support you need until its running perfectly. They are great, and they stay with you. PS - You do have to put your own Windows program on- along with the Parallels - but you can buy it, or just download it for free
Goodbye Sony. You don't get to have me anymore!
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on December 28, 2012
What a pleasant surprise!, that is a couple of years ago. My olde WindowsXP OS was back again after an absence of a year on my one year old iMac desktop. Nice to hear that welcome melody again. My purpose in going the Parallels8 route was because of Mac Lion's lack of support on a number of Windows based programs that I had been using for years on my now-retired Dells. Such programs would either not work at all or would not do all of the operations with Lion that they would do with Windows. (I never would have gone the Mac route if I had known this when I purchased a new computer a year ago).

However, that was in 2012 and now it is 2014. It has been kind of quirky these past two years but is has allowed me to jump back and forth between the Mac OS and Windows XP while working on the same file, just by a click of the mouse. I couldn't have been happier with this arrangement. But suddenly, on March 12th, 2014, I got a nasty message that Parallels "virtualization support was disabled on my Mac" and it wouldn't let me start up Windows. Instructions to fix this told me to remove Parallels 8 from the system and to reinstall the software. After uninstalling the software I inserted the installation disk and got a nasty message from Apple stating that this App was no longer supported. So I ended up going to our very friendly Apple Authorized tech support folks, who did an excellent job (for $100) getting me back in business again. After getting back home, all was well. Everything was working better than it originally had but then, suddenly, again, after about two house, same nasty messages, same nasty problem.

This would be a five star item, in that it allows one to jump back and forth seamlessly between the two operating system while working on the same file. However, it turned out to be very unstable and Apple doesn't even support this version any more.

Back to my Tech Support Folks. More Later
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on April 23, 2017
Hubby purchased before Apple rolled this out as part of the IOS and it worked like a charm! He was over the moon at the ease of installation and use. It was a little less expensive than in the stores and much less expensive than through Apple. Great purchase.
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on November 30, 2012
I got this along with Windows 8 Professional System Builder DVD 64-Bit, for a class that I will be taking next term. It was easy to install, and at the end of installing it, it gave me the choice of installing Windows or waiting. There are instruction if you choose to wait on installing Windows. You can stand an earlier OS, but Windows 8 was the one I got at. It is fairly easy to go between the Mac and Windows. The only difficulty so far is getting use to dealing with Windows again, it has been a while for me plus getting use to Windows 8 which is different than Vista.

There is a couple of ways you can have it set up, but they are all easily switch able between Windows and Mac. I have it set up so everything stayed together. You can for the most part keep Windows in a window of it's own or you can have it in something called "Coherence", which has the windows version of the dock on the bottom. But it is easy to go between the windows and mac.

If you have a Mac, but need something that runs Windows, but don't want to buy a new computer or don't need a whole new computer, this is a nice substitute.
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on May 10, 2013
I've been in IT now for 14 years supporting Windows and some Linux boxes. I recently took the plunge and got a MacBook Pro 17" (2011 factory reconditioned model). I've had a great deal of experience virtualizing in Windows and Linux, using VMware Workstation and Server, and Sun's VirtualBox. Parallels had a version for Linux a couple years ago but it wasn't good in my opinion. Even when I ran Linux boxes I'd have to virtualize a copy of Windows for certain apps.

I love the coherence mode of Parallels, yes there is a Seamless Mode in Virtual Box but it's not as nice as coherence mode. I like being able to add my most common Windows apps to the dock so I can launch them (and start the windows vm) easily. Go to the Parallels site and you'll still spend $80, save $20 and buy here on Amazon. It's definitely worth the price if you still have apps that run in Windows. I play around with WINE but there are still too many Windows apps it can't run and even CrossOver doesn't do much better.

Parallels works great and makes you forget you are running Windows in the background. Don't forget to still install AV protection in the Windows virtual machine.
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on September 11, 2012
Pretty happy with the software so far! i just installed it and was able to play a couple PC games in a virtual window.
Installation was smooth - Follow the on-screen prompts and be sure to verify your e-mail address.

My happiness stems from having the right expectation I think. I understand I am running a virtual machine and not going to get the same performance I would get running a Windows application in Boot Camp. (e.g. games)

I'm using a late 2011 iMac 27"
i7 Processor
Using a Turtle Beach USB Sound Device as well.
Running Windows 7 64 Bit from a Boot Camp Partition

Here was the sweet spot for me:

Set up parallels to use 512 Video Ram (Note, this really has little to do with your card) - More than this caused games to hang...768, 1024...
Allocated 4096 RAM for use in the virtual space. (I may experiment using more)

I was able to run Guild Wars 2 and the Secret World without issues...
Quicken 2010 ran fine as well (Although it takes a long time to load...Does in Windows too for that matter)

I played around with opening Windows documents within the MAc space.. It worked seamlessly.

All in All pretty happy.. I've been a "Mac Guy" for about 18 months after being a lifelong PC Geek
Will I never boot into Boot Camp again? Nope.. I see myself doing that for a dedicated gaming session but Parallels has more than met my expectation.
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on January 10, 2014
I was hesitant to purchase a mac until I read about this software. I did quite a bit of research before buying Parallels and decided to give it a try, fully expecting to be disappointed. I was expecting that I would have to purchase another windows license and re-install all of my software from the old windows machine. I couldn't have been more wrong. This software is truly amazing. I installed the program on the mac and then on the windows machine. In less than an hour I had a virtual machine on my mac running my old Windows machine. I was floored with how quickly it worked, and the first time. Parallels took everything from the windows machine (Windows OS, programs, files, settings, even the desktop background) and made a virtual machine on my mac HD. Now I can simply switch over to the windows PC by swiping to the right and use all my old Windows programs. The Coherence feature is great. You can run any of your Windows programs right on your mac without having to "switch" over to your Windows virtual machine. It works seamlessly. You can also tell your mac how much of its resources to dedicate to the Windows machine, including RAM and hard drive space. If the Windows Virtual Machine is not using the space you initially set aside for it, you can have the mac reclaim it. I'd recommend this to anyone with a Mac who still wants to be able to run Windows programs. You don't have to be an expert to install or run the program. Instructions are easy to follow.
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on February 9, 2013
I forward unfinished work at home and I don't like the fact that I have to use two different computers. I love apple systems and use windows for work. I needed something that can bridge the two without having to buy another system. Parallels Desktop 8 did just that. I have outlook, excel, etc... all in another window while OSX is active in another. Two for the price of one. I haven't had any problems with it. Ease of use, not very complicated to set up and install programs related to windows. Most of the problems I read is the speed of Windows. I did not experience any since I upgraded my laptop to a 512 SSD drive. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this system. Upgrade your computer, you'll be amaze of the speed and the seamless transition between the two systems.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 17, 2013
I installed PD8 and got it working with "My BootCamp." PD9 came out 31 days later and I was offered a chance to "upgrade" for only $50. I did and Parallel's hasn't worked since. I called their support and a man from India worked remotely for 3+ hours and gave up. He said that "2nd level support" would be contacting me soon. They never did! A week later I re-contacted Parallel's and got a man from Russia, who spoke English better that I do, and he worked for 3+ hours. We came to the conclusion that I needed to re-install Windows, Office 2010 Pro, Adobe Master Suite CS3, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, and the rest of the software that I use. A total of 30+ hours at the computer.
I checked that I could see the "Shared Devices" at each step. Parallel's stopped being able to install their tools about after about 25 hours and lost all shared devices at that time.

In the mean time Parallels had closed my original call, because I was out of the 30 day phone support window. I called them again. After an hour on the phone, they said "2nd level support" would call me. Again the never did! After 5 days I called again and asked for a supervisor. He said "2nd level support" would call me. Now I don't believe them. Without shared devices Parallels is USELESS, since you can't save your data.

As a result of my experience so far I rate the company and product as ONE STAR. When it was working I would rate it as 4 stars. Their support administration I would rate as ZERO STARS
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