Customer Reviews: Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac
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on January 8, 2013
Please be aware when you buy this that you can use this on only one computer. You have to buy a separate license for each computer you want to install it on, even if you're only one user and will be using only one computer at a time.

I started using Parallels 4 in 2009 and have been upgrading ever since. I've had it installed on both my iMac and my MacBook Pro laptop, and have never had a problem upgrading or using licensing keys.

I upgraded my iMac to Mountain Lion and discovered that Parallels 7 no longer works on it. I didn't want to upgrade to Parallels 8 on my iMac, because I've ordered a new iMac that should be here in 2 weeks. However, I have a client whose system I can access only through Windows, and tomorrow I will be starting a new project for them. So now I need Parallels on my old iMac as well.

I called today to find out how many computers I could install Parallels 8 on. Their answer: Only one! They now have an online system that checks the license. If you're trying to install Parallels 8 on a second computer, it will not let you do so. And from what I've seen in other reviews, it may also deactivate the license for which you have already paid.

They also sent a link to their knowledge base that explains this: [...]. However, I've never had a problem running Parallels 6 and 7 on 2 computers.

They sent me a link so I could buy another full version at the cost of $34.95. Woo-hoo.

This is a good product, although it consumes an enormous amount of RAM when you use it. If you run it while also running Firefox on the Mac side, your computer will slow almost to a halt. (Learned that the hard way!)

Since Parallels issues at least 1 update a year for its products, and they charge for those, too, it's going to get expensive to run this on two computers. I'm going to explore other options.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2012
Overview: Great way to run Windows on my MacBook Air (mid-2011), as well as my Mac Mini at work. Complete integration means I can move files between platforms, open Windows applications from OS X (Mountain Lion in my case) and vice versa. I can set application preferences for file types across platforms. And you can run Windows in its own Window or integrate it into the Mac workspace. Installation was very easy, no problems at all. Highly recommended. I wrote a detailed review below in case you would like more details on the features.

Update 3: Still going strong! I recently installed a sophisticated chemical engineering process simulator on the Windows partition, and it ran without a hitch. In facts, it was running faster on my 2-yr old MBA via Parallels than it was on some of my colleagues' newer Dells and HPs.

Update 2: The latest 9/6/12 update to P8 seems to have fixed most of the dual monitor bugs. One remains... if you closed down P8 in full screen dual monitor mode, the next time you open P8, the Win 7 screens are still on different desktops. To fix this, I simply exit Full Screen mode, and then re-enable it. Both Win 7 screens now show up in Desktop 2.

I have been using Parallels for over a week now (bought it early as a current user of Parallels 7. First, I have to say that Parallels has worked great for me. I use it at work, where it is a Windows environment. Parallels allows me to have complete access to my company's network and printers. Note, however, that this is all done by Parallels working through the Mac. So in order to see a printer or your network drives in Windows, you must have them set up in your Mac environment first. The Windows network environment mirrors that of the Mac. You can make you network drives show up automatically by dragging the network drive from the side pane in Finder to your Login Items list under Preferences>Users&Groups>Login Items. This is a great way to automatically log in to your drives every time you boot up.

The level of access between your Mac and Windows environment is totally configurable. For example, I can open a Lotus Notes email in the Windows environment, and select to open attachments (such as Word, Excel, etc.) in the Windows or the Mac versions of those programs. I can choose to share all of my Mac user folders windows, or not. And I can move files between Mac and Windows folders. You can also choose to totally isolate your Mac computer from Windows, but you loose network, internet, and printer connectivity.

Parallels has different view modes which are well-designed and seamless. Full screen mode takes advantage of Mac OS X's Desktop feature. In this mode, Windows is one of your desktops. It supports dual displays as well, which is a great feature. You can fully immerse yourself in Windows in this mode. You access the Parallels tool bar by moving the mouse to the top of the screen, and you access the Mac dock by swiping to the Mac window. My other favorite mode is Coherence, where Windows programs at just like Mac. When open, the program's icon is in the dock, and you access the Windows at the top of the screen and can be accessed from the Parallels icon in the dock.

What about performance? I have found that Parallels does not slow down my Mac. Windows performance is very snappy overall, but can tend to get the fan on my MacBook Air (mid 2011) cranking pretty hard sometimes. Parallels allows you to configure how system resources are shared, so you can optimize the Mac or the Windows environment. As for Parallels 8 specifically, they advertise that Windows runs faster than it did on Parallels 7. My experience has been the opposite. Windows for me boots up just a touch slower and programs are a little less responsive. Parallels 8 also adds multi-gesture support, but the gesturing, while responsive and immediate in my Mac environment, is very laggy (to the point of being unusable for me) in the Windows environment. Scrolling in Parallels 8 is also more choppy than it was in Parallels 7. However, overall, P8 feels more integrated with Mac than ever.

There are a couple of new/improved features I do like, but there is not a whole lot of them. One is being able to re-launch a web page from within Safari using Internet Explorer. Parallels puts an IE button in the Safari menu bar for easy access to IE. This is helpful when a web site renders best in IE. I can also now have IE in my Mac doc in order to launch it more easily. Windows notifications are now included in the Mac Notification Center. This is an okay feature, but Windows has been notorious about polluting my clean Mac notifications with an overabundance of Windows notices.

In summary, Parallels is a great program for those who want to be able to easily and seamlessly use Windows on their Mac. With more and more people bringing their own Macs to work and need access to Windows programs, Parallels is an absolutely proven solution. I use it every day at work with a dual monitor setup, and I am easily swiping between windows and Mac apps, sharing folders, and printing form both all day. Overall, I think P7 runs faster and more smoothly, but P8 is proving to be very capable as well. Plus, P8 is necessary of you plan to be an early adopter of Windows 8.
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on November 8, 2012
I'm new to Apple/Mac, I finally bought a MacBook Pro after years of flirting with the idea.
I also grabbed a copy of Parallels 8 from the Apple Store and installed Windows 8. I'm not a big fan of Windows 8 but I need it for work.
I'm seriously impressed by this virtualization. I've done virtualization in the past (virtual linux and such) but let me tell you this is something else, especially in Coherence mode.
If I had known Mac + Parallels + Windows could work like this, I would have made the switch years ago.
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on October 31, 2012
Does everything it claims. Sometimes you need to take a fantastic product (iMac) and make it even better with Parallels. Parallels puts Boot Camp to shame. I run Windows7 because Kodak doesn't make MAC software for my Kodak High Speed Scanner. Parallels solves the problem by letting me run Windows7 Professional inside Apple while not having to reboot or shut down. Excellent product
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on September 4, 2012
I run Parallels on a MacBook Pro with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux virtual machines. Parallels 8 performs very well with all of these, and I really appreciate the ability to drag and drop files between the Windows virtual machines, as well as the drag and drop for Linux virtual machines.

Also, the installation process was an absolute snap!
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on January 28, 2013
We use Parallels at work to run the *only* piece of Windows software essential to our operation. Everything else is mac only. Unfortunately our studio-management software is not. So - just as an example, here's some cool stuff it does.

In one screen, I can be running mac. But if I press control-arrow right, it swipes to a full screen windows 7 desktop. If I'm not using that one piece of software, I can pause it, and it stops eating up all my memory. If I am, I just unpause it, and instantly Win7 is ready for use.

The windows software we're using links to a couple programs -- notably Photoshop and Lightroom, both programs that in my opinion run better on Mac. You might think, well you'd have to install PS and LR on windows in Parallels, right? Nope - Parallels sees my Mac applications, and gives them .exe "links" in Windows so I can hook into the MAC VERSIONS with windows software. That's pretty incredible! If I want to open a photo (that's in Windows) with the Mac install of Photoshop, I just hit Open With->Photoshop (Mac), and it knows to switch back to mac, open Photoshop, and opens the file windows was referencing! And when I save, in Mac, Windows knows to update that file. That's pretty slick.

One issue I ran into was PL was eating up my memory. I had 4GB on an iMac, and running Parallels, Photoshop, Lightroom, and my windows software made everything just lag horribly. Wasn't parallels fault - you should expect this, you're running two operating systems at the same time here. We upgraded to 32GB and.. problem solved. Everything runs like butter. Buy this if you need it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 5, 2013
Parallels works well for the first year you have it, but then after a little while the company will upgrade their product. If you want to stay updated it will cost another $50 (almost anualy). If you choose to upgrade your mac and not Parallels, you will no longer be able to run the software which may leave you wondering if you should spend an additional $50 for a $20 upgrade. I would strongly advise the consumer to consider an alternative.
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on October 27, 2012
After 25 years of using Windows based PCs, I decided to buy a Mac. But the usual complaint of switching is how to use software you loved on a PC but which is not compatible with Macs. This product is the best thing in my opinion. It allows me to transition slowly over to Mac programs (if I desire) or to just continue to use my Windows programs. My only issue --- and it is minor--- is the interface is just *slightly* slower when working in the virtual Windows than on the native Mac interface.
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on November 19, 2012
I have used Parallels since #6. Although it was OK, it still had some issues. #7 was better but the new Parallels 8 is really top. For the new Mac's (I have both Air and iMac i7, it is a breeze to use it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 7, 2013
You will have to pay $50 more every time mac upgrades! The try to get about $50 a year out of you! Don't let them fool you! They cut support of for this program last month! Oct 31, 2013!!!! It is not worth a dollar! We have spent hundreds with them in the last 2 years and they want $300 more just because Mac upgraded! Not good.
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