Customer Reviews: Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition
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on October 26, 2012
A big fan of this series (my name even gets a fan credit in #1!), I thought the trailer for PA4 was awful. And the "viral campaign" never took off like it did for #2 and #3. It was as if even those involved simply weren't very committed/interested in the film they were making.

The reviews were ALL tepid--even those that sort of praised it--and word of mouth was dismal. The "actual people watching the film" TV ad was so over-the-top, it became a joke.

And then the film itself was a mess. Why have the wink-wink "in jokes" of the kid riding the bike like THE SHINING? It takes us "out" of the movie we're watching...and ads zero to the film. Same with the first
fake" drag scene of the girl. Again, why remind us that we're watching a movie, why take us out of the experience?

And NOTHING happens for so long into this movie, it's just people talking and talking and talking. The few little scares are already shown in the trailer, which they have done before...but those are the ONLY scares! So we are not surprised.

And it's clear that the writers/directors had no real ideas of what Toby was to do this time. In other words, WHY does he levitate the girl? If the goal is to kill everyone, that just do it. The levitation scene is simply to impress US, the viewers. But we've seen that before, in a dozen films...and in the trailer! So there is no shock or surprise. And why bounce the ball down the stairs? And why is there scene after scene in the dark with the xBox? Toby is "better" than moving some dots around but they feature that xBox feature into the ground.

Finally, the ending (no spoiler, if you've seen PA3) the SAME ending as PA3. We learn nothing. In fact, you can remove PA4 and you've learned NOTHING. When PA5 comes out, hopefully the filmmakers have learned from the dismal box office, word of mouth and reviews for PA4 to PUT THE SCARES BACK IN. And have a REASON for the film.

All the above being said, I WILL buy PA4 and here's why: I wasn't that impressed with PA3 in the theater but the extra footage--not much, just a few scenes of Toby messing with the girls more--made for a MUCH more "sinister" film. Not sure why they were cut from the film, but they really add to PA3. Same with PA2--and maybe these movies are just better seen at home.

So, here's hoping that PA5 will really deliver. They know what a mess PA4 was, so let's hope they have learned their lessons.
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on February 5, 2013
I have to admit, I'm a big fan of the PA franchise. I had never seen this one before buying it, and I have to say it wasn't bad. Actually, it was pretty good.

At first my wife and I were afraid that it was going to be an unbearable teenage romance, but it wasn't. It was actually really well done, and there were some genuinely creepy moments. There are a lot less of the startle scares that the other PAs are known for but that's fine. This one was just creepy.
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on June 1, 2014
So Aunt Katie kills Hunters parents and kidnaps him, than puts him up for adoption, then finds the family that adopts him and kills them just to get Hunter back when all she had to do was keep him in the first place.Also, she uses another kid named Robbie to get Hunter, whos name is now Wyatt, back but who is this kid Robbie and what does he have to do with anything and why does Aunt Katie need him when all she has to do is walk in the house and break peoples necks? Did the writer read this screenplay after he was done writing it? Why didn't the cops take Robbie after his so called mom, who is Aunt Katie, have to be hospitalized instead of leaving him in an empty house and why was he taken in by Wyatt/Hunters mom when nobody asked her to in the first place and where did Robbie go all of a sudden? If you think this review makes no sense,watch the movie. i get a feeling the producers think that the audience are a bunch of morons who wouldn't notice these idiotic discrepancies. Plus,there isn't one likable character in the entire movie which basically makes it a failure.
Bad,bad,bad movie.
These guys must have gotten plotting tips from the dolts that made the evil dead remake.
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on October 20, 2012
Paranormal Activity has become the "Police Academy" of horror films, with a sequel each year targeted at a particular type of audience, with a similar plot and familiar characters each time out. This year, the pickings are very slim, as this is by far the worst film of the four. Scares are few and far between, the acting is terrible, and the film is ALMOST IDENTICAL to Paranormal Activity 2, with the same exact ending as Paranormal 3.

With a budget this big and a devoted audience, it is an insult to the integrity and to the intelligence of the loyal fans to put out a lackluster film such as this. They have obviously run out of ideas and are already rehashing the same scenes over and over again. Unless you are a huge fan of the franchise, don't seethis film. Not only are the first three better, but they are almost identical.
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on September 25, 2015
A lot of people have stated this movie to be "too teen-y". I disagree. I like the female role. It seems the younger generations are a little less hardened by life and do not have a problem believing and even validating the mysterious, which in turn gives us a better story. She's the right amount of protective over her brother and the right amount of concerned about their lives and a solution. A+
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on September 14, 2015
I love all of the "Paranormal Activities" movies, I will give them all 5 stars (well, 4stars for the fifth one). The extra fun in this one is the (field of green dots, whatever it's called) that shows movements of things unseen. The more closely you watch, the more movements you will pick out---- so much fun!! The story is great, as well as the acting. The special effects of the paranormal were good, mostly subtle, which is what makes it scare you. Highly recommended!!
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on July 21, 2014
id give it 3 and a half stars,by this rating system,if i could.
True..the found footage genre does come with a 'Please suspend belief' note on the door,but still..its good.

There's no argument that the first was the best,its true of most films,especially in the horror genre (Halloween,Saw,Scream)...and yes,i understand that Aliens was terrific adventure,s if you want to say 'hey,hold up a minute,i got one.." then thats fine. i prefer the original for being a bit simpler,and claustrophobic. Not to mention i love the last scene of Ash's (no,i wont spoil it)

Back to the P.A seriesL 2 was a good lazy saturday movie,offering a few chills and a creepy last 10 minutes. i especially liked the one jolt in the kitchen. But i didnt find myself as sleepless as i was after watching the first movie. It still plays on me when i re-watch it. And it took so long for PA2 to get moving...i guess i realize it was good,but it had a hard act to follow. Very technically well done,i cant take that away from the filmmakers.

4 stretches the plausibility of how many situations the people would actually keep filming,but the creep factor is still there. Perhaps its even disturbing how normal Katie acts when we know the truth. The film poses new questions and leaves you to put them together-or at least until they answer them for you in a later installment. What i like about this one is,theres alot of stuff that happens in the day...and that leaves you unnerved. Even as i type this review i find myself just looking behind me...

At least this entry is sticking with me...
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on February 6, 2016
I have seen all of the Paranormal Activity movies in the series, and I would say this is probably my least favorite. This one does try to modernize the movie a bit adding a young teenage girl on her computer. I didn't find that this movie was scary at all, but I am not really sure that any of them are in this series. It was cheaper for me to purchase the movie then to try to rent it on demand. The studio might want to stop now, unless they want to add a little more suspense in these movies.
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on February 7, 2014
This movie was not as bad as I was lead to believe. Taken on its own, it had some good scares. For this alone it is worth taking a peak at, just if you enjoy jumping and such, if still at cheap price. (I paid $7.99 and would not recommend more than that, the $5 bin would have been better.) As part of the franchise, I will admit it was weak. It is as if they made a movie and remembered it was suppose to be a sequel. It was confusing as to how it all connected at first and......SPOILER ALERT.....PLEASE DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW PLOT POINTS.... I am still trying to figure out how the baby nephew of Katie that she kidnapped (Hunter) was the kid not living with her and who was the kid living with her? And Katie was "hospitalized" and not about for half of the movie, and when taken to the hospital by trained professionals, I can assume, they left a small child alone to wander about the neighborhood waiting to be taken in. No children's services. Did we go a hundred years back in time? And who was the little apparition that followed the boys when they were also talking to the larger one, who I assume was our "beloved" Toby. When Katie did show up, was she possessed only sometimes and semi-possessed others? What was her deal? The ending was....well where did all the women come from? They really need to pin down how many they consider to be in a witch's coven, because that looked like far too many...or maybe they are just going for an all female demonic cult now. Taking out the very few "Paranormal Activity" threads, it could have been a good spooky movie on its own. Maybe that was what they meant to do then became afraid people would compare it to their other movies so threw in the junk from "Paranormal Activity". That makes more sense than this being an update of what happened to Katie and Hunter, because little was learned there. Despite all my ranting, I did find it okay to spend my time watching, especially since we were basically snowed in at the time. :)
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on November 4, 2015
The Paranormal Activity franchise continues it's downhill spiral with this one. The movie could have been trimmed to have been 30 minutes, the rest of it is staring at blank screens waiting for something to happen. They had some creepy setups but ultimately few paid off. Even worse, after a 2 hour movie, there was almost no plot developed at all. I was hoping it would flesh out more of the stories for Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, but it doesn't at all.
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