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on April 26, 2017
This bored me. The whole "boyfriend is an idiot" theme got old so fast--he never learned a thing (why was she ever sleeping next to the door? That's basic security). "Who's there?" over and over, challenging the alleged demon.


I had high hopes, but this was the worst paranormal/suspense movie I've seen in a long time.
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on July 10, 2015
Paranormal Activity is a found footage horror flick that follows the story about a couple who move into their new house but are suddenly terrorized by a dreadful supernatural force. Paranormal Activity is one of those movies that you'll either love or hate. The movie was a cult phenomenon and terrified audiences back in 2009. As for reviewers, like myself, and critics alike, the opinions towards this movie is very divided. Because it's a found footage movie, mixed reactions will definitely be the end result. Paranormal Activity, for me anyway, I thought it was good. On one hand, the movie is well-made, I like how there is no background music and that it's all very quiet. To me, that gave me a very relentless and realistic feel and some of the scares and the atmosphere are effective because if it. The movie does have some irritating jump scares but not a lot to make me annoyed. The big flaw the movie suffers from that did bug me about the movie is that the characters are not that well developed and as a result, I don't really feel anything for the characters. Overall, Paranormal Activity is a good movie to watch if you are in the mood for an entertaining and relatively creepy experience!
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on April 2, 2016
This movie was a bit of a yawn for me. Most of the spookiest stuff had way too many indicators leading up to it, so hardly anything that happened really caught the viewer by surprise. There were countless opportunities to truly startle and scare the viewer and they blew almost every single one. Definitely not interested in watching the rest of the series.
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on January 31, 2017
Though the "found footage" gimmick is usually not my thing, here it works rather nicely. It helps to box in the action occurring at this (unrealistically) posh home. A mounting sense of unease leads the characters to their ultimate respective ends. They seem cut off from the rest of the world although they both recognize something needs to be done. Their collective failure to take action - they don't understand each other - looks to me like a distortion of reality. If only they left the damn house... Having the camera on almost constantly helps keep the actors on their toes even if it adds to the audience's claustrophobia. Overall, well done though the plot could have been richer.
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on November 28, 2016
The older I get, and the longer I live alone, the more I can appreciate Paranormal Activity. When it came out, I was really unimpressed. I'm a horror junkie, and I didn't fully appreciate the subtle spook of the home video scenario. Now, however, after living alone for 10 years and often hearing weird noises about the house... I can really appreciate what they were going for and why some people did find it terrifying. It's not about the jump scares, it's about the atmosphere. It's not about scaring you in the moment, but later when you're home alone in the dark and you hear a door creak... and you have that little moment of panic. I get it now, and I appreciate what they did to achieve that.
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on April 12, 2012
If I was just reviewing the film, I'd have given this a 5 out of 5. This is an outstanding horror film.

The film follows our two protagonists, Katie and Micah, a young couple. Micah, Katie's somewhat skeptical and foolish boyfriend, has recently bought a camera and plans on documenting the so-called presence that seems to be following Katie, and manifesting itself as some sort of haunting.

The film is great, and follows a good "less is more" philosophy, relying more on creeps and subtle scares (loud noises or doors opening and closing by themselves, etc) then on gore or monsters. It was good in the theater, but is even better when viewed at home, in the dark with friends or family or even by yourself.

The DVD and Blu-Ray release, though, is fairly weak. There are no real special features to speak of (save for one alternate ending), which is a shame. We know for fact that there is a second alternate ending floating around online, in addition to unused footage and a commentary track the director recorded for the UK release (from what I've heard), so it's kind of annoying that the American R1 release got passed up on for special features.

In addition, although more of a nit-pick, I have to complain about something else with the Blu-Ray. The two sequels both included not only the Blu-Ray disc, but also a DVD AND Digital Copy, whereas this film only includes the Blu-Ray and digital copy... No DVD, which is annoying, as although I have a Blu-Ray player, I don't have one in every room with a TV, so some rooms still only have regular DVD players, so it's limiting for now until I upgrade the rest of my stuff.

But all in all, good film, sub-par release for the R1 territories, but still worth buying for the great thrills and chills it provides.
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on May 22, 2016
Not the original ending!!
I vaguely remember the original and wanted to show it to some family, the scariest part was at the ending when i jump off the couch and shout a large profanity, panicking a disappointed group who was just starting to relax after the cheezy climax of the alternate ending paramount tacked onto the end, so they can then proceed to run the franchise into the ground with successively worse flixs with cheap budgets and high profit margins.
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on March 30, 2017
got this for someone else ...
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on July 18, 2017
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on July 1, 2017
Good quality
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