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Size: Large|Color: Classic Black Lacquer with Gold Trim|Change
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I'd never thought I'd see the day where I'd be spending $100+ for a single pen, but that day is here.

This was a gift to myself. I figured, "I don't have a *nice* pen," so I thought I should treat myself, and also because I wanted to look fancy at select professional events with a fancy pen that stood out.

I'm a guy, and I got the white/pink gold pen. I have enough black pens. The white and pink gold stood out the most for me, and would juxtapose with intended stereotypes of who should be holding it. It's a very nice and well-crafted pen. The main selling point for me was the etching on the tip that evoked flowing ink and a subtle arrow shaft design. I had wanted the Parker Premier Monochrome Special Edition Fountain Pen because it had an even prettier tip design, but $300 is my limit for a pen, at least for the moment.

The pen comes in a nice box, which you can reuse to gift someone else a pen. There is one ink cartridge provided, and it's easy to install; it works like all the other Parker pens: unscrew the pen opening, put ink cartridge inside, screw back on. Done.

This is not a roller ball, this is not a ballpoint, this is not a fountain pen. This is the equivalent of a medium point Sharpie. It writes immediately in a consistent medium thickness. The ink dries instantly, and overall writes very well. I don't see myself writing stories or sketching designs with this, but I'll definitely want to be seen signing checks (why is this still a thing?), and signing contracts with this.

This is a beautiful pen that is well-constructed, that also writes well. It would make a great gift to anyone that appreciates having nice things (but not for someone that loses pens!). Recommended.
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on June 2, 2013
Yes, this pen is slippery. Maybe not necessarily slipper, but it's certainly smooth to the point of sliding out of your grip if you squeeze to hard.

This pen is somewhat longer, and thicker than the medium sized Parker pens. That should be a given though, being that this is a large; just thought you'd want to hear it first hand.

This pen does come with a cap, it is not a twist. I hate pens without caps.

The pen's integrity is very firm; like an extra thick aluminum can. You won't be able to crush it with your hand though unless you have the strength of a gorilla or something. It's very well made in that way, the cap snaps on and off. Although it doesn't hold on the backside of the barrel extremely well. You don't want to wave it around to much, if you don't want to lose the cap that is.

The ink flows pretty well. I'm not 100%, but I believe this to be a roller-ball. It writes like one anyway. The ink freely flows and is wet. It does smudge initially, until it dries. So, be careful with your check writing.

Overall this is a nice enough pen. Overpriced (i got for 145) but nice. If you have the cash to drop and don't mind overpaying somewhat, pick this chrome pen up and watch it fly from your hands as you're writing in rage... bills irritate me.
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on November 27, 2011
I have to admit to being a pen junkie. I've got a number of good fountain pens, and have always liked Parker products. The Parker Duofold remains my favorite fountain pen. I looked forward to trying this because it seemed to combine fountain pen like writing with no-leak and no-need-to cap-quickly convenience. The pen has some positives. It's nice looking, seems well made, is nicely balanced. However, the writing is NOT fountain-pen like. It is much more like writing with a Sharpie and has the feel of porous point device. In a fountain pen, one can see a difference between the thickness of strokes, as in a script lower case f or g--lines are thicker where you go around the bottom of the loop and thinner on the upstroke, which gives the writing a nice look. I can't get that effect here. I directly compared this pen with an ultra-fine Sharpie. I'm quite convinced I could not tell the difference with a blindfold. The refill is configured to look like a fountain pen and it does have some flex to it. According to the Parker website the refill 'interacts' with the fountain-pen like 'hood.' I am unconvinced this really happens. So, I wound up paying 160 bucks for a good looking Sharpie. Maybe the dress up is worth it for you, I'm feeling buyer's regret.
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on July 25, 2012
I have used fountain pens exclusively since 1957, when I was a seventh-grade student. I bought this Parker 5th Generation pen in all good faith that I was getting something new. What a rip-off. Total rip-off. Do not buy this, under any circumstances. Ink cartridges for this pen cost me $8 apiece. On April 27th I installed a new ink cartridge in this pen. This cartridge cost me $8. Since that date, I signed exactly 30 computer-printed checks and endorsed 10 of them since they were payable to me. I was unable to sign my 31st check since this $8 ink cartridge was dry. As for me, I will go back to using one of my traditional ink pens. Once all of my remaining horribly expensive ink cartridges are gone, I will throw my $190 Parker pen into the garbage and charge this up to having endured a terrible experience. Sadly, this might well not happened for several months since I have nine of these ink cartridges on hand which I bought for a total of $72 not including those other cartridges which went dry. Incidentally, I have seen those infamous ink cartridges offered for sale at for as much as $10 each. If had allowed me to award this pen a total of zero stars, that's exactly what it is worth. I should mention that my signature contains seven letters and my endorsement (including all letters and my first name) contains 11 characters. Seems to me that eight dollars is a mighty high price to pay for putting 330 cursive letters on a computer-generated expense check.
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on December 11, 2011
I was intrigued by the ads for this product and though I've never owned a Parker pen they seem to be a reputable well known brand name so I thought why not treat myself to something special this time of the year. I was sorely disappoinnted.

1) ink flows easily but at $8 a pop you can do better with cheaper pens

1) this is not a small pen, in the name it uses the word small, but there is nothing small about this pen, it is chunky and clunky

2) it is top heavy, you can not comfortably write with the pen if the top is on the back of the pen; I have to use the top to keep it from rolling so there is no way to comfortably use this pen

3) I prefer fine point pens so I got a fine point refill, it is no finer than the medium point refill and at $8 for a refill that is way too expensive

4) $190 is way too much for this pen, there is no indication of what quality gold they used in the nib and trim, they just describe it as pink gold, and already with just removing the cap 2 or three times the nib holder is scratched and I can't tell what inside the cap is doing it

Bottom line: this pen is not that unique to warrant dropping close to $200 for it, no one is going to oooh and aaah over it to warrant that kind of money


FREQUENTLY while writing with the pen while having the top attached to the back of the pen the top flys off for no apparent reason. I firmly push the top onto the back of the pen and it still flys off. This is a poorly designed pen and there is nothing innovative about it.
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on June 6, 2012
I love the Ingenuity. It's my favorite pen at the moment and perhaps my favorite of all time. I have one small nit: I wish the texture on the metal surface where your index finger finds traction was a bit more sticky, a little more friction. It's not slippery exactly, but it would be more restful and relaxing if the grid pattern was deeper or somehow more grippy. A subtle change would be enough for me. But other than that I love the ink delivery. Haven't had a cartridge run out yet but we'll see how it goes. I'll spend a few years with this and hope in the meantime that can rev the barrel just ever so slightly.
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on March 18, 2012
This is truly a leap in technology. The special refills for this pen start out looking like a normal thin felt tip pen. After writing with it for a few minutes it "cuts" itself to your particular writing style. This makes further writing a rich, flowing experience. The only deficit is that the refill does not last that long - mine ran our of ink after about three weeks of use.
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on December 23, 2012
I love this pen, but for what they cost--about $10 each--the ink cartridges dry up far too quickly. They even dry up when the pen is not in use for awhile. How does ink dry up from a closed pen? It looks like some kind of design flaw to me.
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on January 15, 2014
I am a fountain pen man, and have been for many years, buying and using fine pens. I gave up on the rollerball years ago because I didn't like the feel not the outcome of using one. Just didn't look classy. But in my recent search for a pen for my wife, I finally tried the Parker 5th Technology with a fountain pen look but a rollerball delivery. And I love it. I am certainly not putting my ink pens away, but the Parker 5th is now part of the rotation.
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on June 8, 2014
I absolutely love this pen, to the point that I bought 2 more. One was a different colour, and the other was a gift for a friend. I read the specs and reviews and knew that this was not a fountain pen, only designed to look like one. Fountain pens have a lovely style, but there were huge headaches that came along with them. I will admit however that it does take a bit of time before you determine the right amount of pressure to apply to write - but once you do it glides effortlessly along the page. I have been complimented on it by my superiors and peers at work. I would not suggest this pen to someone who does not like fat pens, or for people who want an actual fountain pen.
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