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on September 3, 2014
Bought a few of these to replace my Zebra F-701s which I have been using for the last 3 years. Ultimately made the switch from Zebra to Parker because I received a bad batch of Zebra refills which pissed me off, and the Jotter will accept Fisher Space Pen and gel refills without modification which is what I plan to upgrade to once the original fills dry up.

So far, my impressions of the Jotter are good. There will be some comparisons between the Jotter and F-701 throughout this review. The Jotter is a smooth, elegant stainless steel pen. Its metal does not seem as thick and sturdy as the F-701. It is definitely lighter than the F-701. Update: after using these pens for some time, I take back my initial comment about the quality of construction. The pen body is rigid and tough and it instills confidence. I was used to the beefy construction of the F-701, so the smaller, thinner Jotter seemed "weaker" in comparison but it's not. The clicker mechanism is awesome - it produces a very authoritative CLICK, unlike the softer click of the F-701. I even proudly demonstrated this to my girlfriend and she looked at me unimpressed. The ink quality is unremarkable - the Jotter writes like any other cheap pen I've ever used. It took a few seconds of scribbling to get the pens working when I first received them. I have average-sized hands (7.5" from bottom of wrist to middle finger) and the Jotter fits in them well. I don't think that I miss the knurled grip of the F-701, as it would start to wear on the side of my middle finger after a while. The smooth Jotter barrel is comfortable to hold, although it is inherently less grippy. The F-701's clip is way better. It slides over my front shirt pocket and holds the pen in place with no problem. The Jotter's clip is equally secure, but it does not slide onto anything easily - I've actually had to "open" the clip up to slide the Jotter into my pocket, my notebook's pen holder, even a few sheets of paper. It's too tight. Update: the clip also has a tendency to dig into one's hand. It sort of stabs the base of my index finger, requiring me to spin the pen around so the clip is facing out. I consider this a minor inconvenience.

Overall I'm pleased. I like the Jotter and F-701 for different reasons. The Jotter is classy and refined, and the F-701 is tough and utilitarian, so choose accordingly. Personally, the greater variety of refills that do not require modifications for the Jotter is what tipped the scales.
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on October 20, 2015
The pen doesn't work and apparently there is no way to return it? Why would this be the case when the pen clearly has old ink which you can't even make a dot or anything with it.... Basically this is just the pen with no ink. This is not what I paid for. I want to return it
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on August 21, 2015
My Dad carried this pen for his 30 years of being head of security at an auto auction. It wasn't until I started carrying one of his old ones that I found out why. This is a workhorse of a pen. From his breast pocket to mine, from mine to my back pocket of my pants, to a backpack, this pen seems to be indestructible. Until it fell out of my breast pocket one day. So I guess keeping it clipped to your back pocket bends the clip out a bit once you sit on it too many times, and it finally slipped out and I broke the plastic threads that held it together when it hit the floor. So I bought a replacement and figured out how to fix the old one and I'm still using it to this day. The clip bent back no problem. Another added bonus, the ink cartridges have return info and if you mail in a spent cartridge plus something like $7 US, they mail you back a new cartridge. It's nice having that written on the cartridge itself, since you can't really lose it. But if my father using the pen for 30 years on the job and another 10 or so off the job, and me using it for several years before finally abusing it to the breaking point isn't a testament to the quality of this pen, I don't know what is.
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on February 18, 2015
My grandfather was a carpenter, a teacher, and a thrifty guy who appreciated things that were worth more than what you paid for them. He always had one of these pens in his pocket. Come to think of it, it was the only thing I ever saw him write with aside from a carpenter's pencil. My dad went through this "Mont Blonc" phase a few years back. Between writing with his $300 fountain pen and various other expensive ball points, and a Parker pen in this lower price range, I see no reason to buy anything but this. Not saying it's completely equal, but there is such thing as overkill in my book. This does what a pen should do without being too ritzy and over-the-top. I use them in the field, in cold weather, hot weather, you name it... they are built to last. I have a few of them in different places, and always one in my left breast pocket, so I know I will always have one handy when I need it.
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on September 28, 2014
I actually ordered this item by accident while on my phone and looking at pens. I noticed on time to cancel, but also remembered using these as a child in primary school in a part of a world where most people have a cheap copy of this (called PAX - same look, same refill, different pocket clip) - so I didn't cancel.

Still the same cool clicking action, a good pen overall. I really cannot compare the quality to my 30 year-old memory, but have the feeling that those pens back then had a nicer detail. Comparing it to a current Parker I own, the clip on this one feels cheap, almost as if it could cut your hand.

It is cheap it works and you get what you pay for. Both Parker or Cross has pens that are nicer and will cost you 5-10x more and will have nicer detail. This will be a perfect in-car pen as a nicer replacement for the random plastic garbage I carry in my cup-holder for random in-car "jotting" needs...
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on August 10, 2016
No matter what I try I cannot get it to write no matter the surfice, I wouldbrecoment also buying some fine point refills and switching to those. That said the pen is very durable, and in my opinion aesthetically pleasing, lastly the mechanism is pretty normal and thusly dependable.

Again I recommend switching to the fine point refills if you want this pen.
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on June 28, 2013
As a reference for this review, I might compare it to a zebra F-701......maybe.

So I received this pen a few months ago when it was FREEZING outside. I opened the package and tried writing with it.........nothing. I let it warm up a little and tried again. The only kind of lines I could get out of the pen were so inconsistent. I had to squiggle a little or re-write the first few letters to get the ink flowing, and then it would be patchy. So, I got ride of the sucka and threw in a fisher space pen refill. Amazing.

The construction of the pen is nice....IF you are using it for its correct purpose. It's called the jotter for a reason. I use it at my work (security) to jot down notes throughout the day. I pop out the pen and write down 25-50 quick notes a day. At home I carry it in my pants pocket or shirt for the off chance some one needs a pen. The pen is small and sturdy and great for taking notes. And with a fisher refill in it, it's a fantastic little EDC pen.

If you are a student or doctor or nurse or whatever, and do a lot writing, this may not be the best. Maybe. But i could be wrong if you like small pens with no grip. (here comes the 701 plug) The zebra 701 is also fantastic. I have used it for about a year in my work and home life. Nice weight, good grip, decent clip. The only reason that the jotter goes with me is because the clip is a little stronger (in my opinion) and is just a little more travel friendly. Again YMMV
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on January 22, 2017
These pens are practically perfect for general use: small and sleek enough to fit into any pocket, large and well-formed to hold for extended periods. You can choose from a large selection of ink fillings, including roller-ball and different widths of ballpoint -- all the genuine Parker refills work great and some 3rd party also (e.g. Fisher space pen). I've used the plastic-barrel ones for decades and just recently tried the stainless steel version. It is a gem and a true bargain at this price.
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on July 7, 2014
I like the nice, firm spring tension on the button. It gives that satisfying "click" sound with each use. The arrow clip is tight and substantial enough to open it up a bit and make it easy to clip this on to my pants pocket for easy retrieval. The stainless steel body is understated, but gets attention when you pull it out for use. The ink is high quality and easy flowing. The QuinkFlow ink that comes with this pen is superior to what I had in an old Parker.

I use this instrument daily and often hand it to customers to sign paperwork. The price point is just right for "spoiling" myself a little with a better quality pen while at the same time I won't be out any serious money if it eventually disappears.

My only reservation with this pen is that the body is so smooth, it can be slippery. If you find your hands are often oily or grip can otherwise be an issue, I would look for something with more texture.
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on April 28, 2017
I've always loved these pens, they write well and they feel great in the hand. Good quality stainless steel pens, what else could you ask for?
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