Customer Reviews: Parrot Asteroid SMART Digital Media Receiver with Navigation, Apps, Multimedia and Hands-Free Bluetooth
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on March 8, 2013
I previously had a Kenwood DNX6190HD and enjoyed the unit. Good navigation, video, and other features but the interface was slow and the screen quality was ok. Same with other units on the market.

I have been tracking Asteroid smart for about a year and finally pulled the trigger and am glad i did. The screen on this unit is simply gorgeous! It is fluid and acts just like a typical phone nowadays. The speed of the interface is also super fast. Nothing has to load or tap and wait. It just works. The connectivity is awesome as well. Everything works with USB today and so why not have it in the unit. I can have my iphone 5 charging and playing music, a USB stick with pics and videos for the kids and more. Also this thing looks super slick when installed. My dash of my 2008 GMC Yukon is slightly curved and it sits back just enough to almost look factory. Way better then my old kenwood.

Amazing Screen
Touch Input is super accurate
Good navigation
Apps work as described and some android apps can be sideloaded (pandora, plex, netflix, torque)
sound is great even without an amp
4 usb inputs
call quality is perfect
voice recognition is spot on
Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB tethering!
Spotify and TuneIn radio native
Completely customizable android interface

Steering wheel controls require a parrot adapter which doesn't work with GM bus
No amp turn on wire in harness
No mute line in wire in harness (none of these are deal breakers)

UPDATE - 10/8/13

I dropped my review to a 4. The unit had/has so much promise but the lack of development and support have all but made it impossible to enjoy. Video playback was pretty much useless and surprisingly once I switched to an Android phone I lost some functionality that I had with my iPhone 5. I ended up selling the unit and moved to a Pioneer AppRadio 3 (even worse)
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on April 3, 2013

I drive a 2006 Mustang and it looks pretty close to factory.

1. Great factory navigation that does not need a internet connection to run (Edit: Navigation broke due to GPS, see below!)
2. Easy flawless bluetooth connection
3. Easy to bypass the ebrake safety feature just by grounding it to any piece o' metal
4. You can easily load most android apps. Once you fix the ebrake they all work all the time. Just search APK on android market to convert the apps from your phone to APK files. Pop out the 8 gig SD card from the unit. Use your PC to move APK files to SD card then reinsert SD card to SMART. Go thru menus under "Development" to install apps.
5. Voice command standard app works great with pulling up and calling contacts.
6. Handsfree is crystal clear on both sides. I ask everyone I talk to and they can't tell I'm on handsfree. It has a double microphone that has advanced noise cancellation features.
7. I suggest loading Llama into it. My car starts up with a sexy ironman sound, then she says "hello mark, here is todays weather" and it pulls up the weather app from ASteriod market and reads it to me. Can you say Knight Rider?
8. Easy to control audio volume levels. You just swipe up or down and swipe left or right to skip tracks or stations.

1. No volume knob.
2. Haven't got Pandora working on it yet. Gives me a critical error. Using bluetooth streaming instead.
3. Bass seems to weird out on me sometimes.
4. SD card is annoying to get out, but not bad.
5. Takes 20 secs to boot up. Runs fast tho once up tho.

!!!! EDITED !!!!!!
(Original listed above)

This product is horrible! It made great promises at first but it since has proven to be a piece of crap! This is my review after having the product a year.

Why you should not buy this product:

1. The gps dongle fails after about 6 months of use. If you try to get a new one Parrot support is extremely rude and unhelpful!! They hung up the phone on me after I had to call back a second time from being put in an endless waiting pattern. After I hit "0" 4,000 I got a live person the second time. The gentleman on the phone was very rude. They say that a gps dongle is a consumable product so they WILL NOT replace.

2. The system itself is very unstable. I has a plethora of random bugs and errors. IE. Half the time the voice command for phone calls does not work.

My suggestion if you want an android system is to mount a tablet and save yourself the trouble. It may sound awesome but this product DOES NOT meet it's claims.
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on April 22, 2014

So its been a while and through trials and tribulations I have an update on this product:

The unit has been updated to (which is an older version of Android) but seems to be more reliable than the 2.1.9 update.

I LOVE the ability to natively use Google Maps (with voice search) to be able to get the fastest route with traffic conditions and now I'm apparently getting some cheap gas prices (not complaining but I dont always go for the lowest quality gas out there).

First and foremost...the recommendation that I had for Avast is no longer valid. There are just too many features that they try to pack into the software and you will end up using more resources than needed. So while I do recommend initially installing it and running a full scan...once you are satisfied with the results UNINSTALL it and use it only if you aren't installing apps from Google Play.

The hardware itself isn't the latest and according to the specs the processor could be overclocked to 1Ghz from 800Mhz theoretically however Parrot won't provide an unlocked bootloader for anyone to test this out. :( What I am hoping for is a custom ROM that includes more features that are well designed around the hardware.

I did have Hangouts and Google Music installed on the device but oped to remove them as I had the device's storage fill completely up (yes you can move the apps to the SD card but with Hangouts I just didn't bother) and the device itself will automatically perform a factory reset thus killing any DATA, custom apps, and Root. :(

I have taken updated pics tonight and will be uploading them...

Long story short this is a decent head unit for any vehicle however it does have its limitations. Please don't install any unnecessary apps that you really wont be using which will contribute to lackluster performance.

This weeked I will be playing around with the unit more to determine if I could possibly link certain system partition directories to the SD card with the understanding that I might take a hit on performance (unless I get a Class 10 SD). We will see...

Anyway I hope that this has helped some for those who have this unit or desire to get the unit...overall good buy but I think that Parrot will be coming out with a Android Auto edition within the next few years. Until then we can try to get this unit as close to it as possible. ;)


Ordered this head unit and had it installed by audio specialists in my 2000 Toyota 4Runner. Updated to 2.1.9 and rooted with latest version of framaroot.

Downloaded Astrotweaker, Gapps for gingerbread (Google Play), maps, Tasker, alternate TTS engine, Torque, etc and added the voice library file as r/w filesystem. Remember to get another launcher and forget ANYTHING by Parrot as far as Apps.

The unit is solid as it was intended at single core 800Mhz device, its not a tablet so be mindful of what you install. It isn't perfect but it isn't bad either..."To me...the point of having this device is to be able to customize and enjoy it to the fullest". With that said if Parrot unlocked the bootloader and allowed some XDA members to port at least Jellybean to it then maybe it would be better - maybe in time this will happen.

Try Avast Mobile Security once you get it the way you want and do a full scan for malicious code (there are those who don't want the paid apps from Google Play and get trojans instead...ignore framaroot warning as it is the exploit that enabled root in the first place, right? Make sure nothing else is an exploit then uninstall Avast (we probably don't want this burning up system resources by running all the time) and download a firewall app from Play Store and enable it to minimize the apps that you don't want reporting (why would I want the Video In app to access the net?)...remember to enable new apps or the ones that you find you suddenly want to use and DON'T go crazy installing everything out there...also DO NOT UPDATE THE BUSYBOX OR YOU WILL LOSE THE TOUCHSCREEN FUNCTION and will have to do a hard wipe and rebuild.

Recognized a T-Mobile USB modem for HSPA+ but I went with a hotspot since I have other devices. The USB modem is more secure connection to the net as it is point to point and the likelihood of man in the middle or packet sniffing is lesser versus the hotspot since it broadcasts but I have other ways to mitigate that too so the latter was my choice.

The system works with a 4 port self powered Hub and with Cyclops you can even use (not record yet) with certain Logitech USB webcams. I'd love a dash cam to record the nonsense that is GA400 but it does show in HD which surprised me...not useful in any other way at this point but to show that it can be possible.

I love being able to have geofencing, boot up tasks, Hangouts reading my text messages out loud, Torque telling me any faults and tracking my fuel economy, Bluetooth streaming, using Google Maps with traffic updates and voice searching, and use the Google Car mode when driving.

A must for vehicles that don't have the factory options! Again it isn't perfect but may be fully capable of making it into what you want! Just took a bunch of pics but can't upload them to this review? Its 9pm so any video footage would be grainy. :(
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on April 23, 2014
I have had this unit for some time now it is is OK... yes, only OK. With that said I must add that Parrot's service is no were near adequate. This unit came with IGO navigation. I can see it on the SD card but when the application starts it cannot find the maps.... does a great job of showing your location by coordinates but not maps. I sent an email to the service department and got a very prompt response saying I would get an answer in 48 hours... its been 28 days.... no answer.

The unit itself works fairly well and the Tom Tom navigation software works very well - but cost an additional fee.

Ok receiver, not hard to install, sorry service...
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on April 8, 2015
Installed in my 2000 Pontiac Trans Am with the Parrot Unika Steering wheel adapter

This is a fantastic radio. Make sure when you read the reviews on this product that you read the most recent ones. There have been numerous firmware updates since the launch so almost all of the bugs that people complain about are no longer existent.

I've owned about 40 aftermarket car stereos over the years. I change cars often and buy new stereos as soon as a new one is released (sort of how people are with iphones). Overall, I'd say this Parrot Asteroid Smart is an amazing radio. There are a few flaws to it but that's with any product. Try buying any piece of advanced technology and not find something that could have been designed better (most of them are just personal preferences).

-Media player audio sounds very good. The EQ modes is one of the most advanced and customize-able I've seen.
-3 USB inputs for Music and 1 SD Card and 1 Ipod input. Need I say more. You can fit an unbelievable amount of music on this radio and it searches through it fast.
-The voice recognition function is spot on. I've never had it "not understand me". It works great for calling people and launch apps. My favorite part is you can actually say an Artist/Album/Song and it will go right to it. I wanted a radio that was less distracting and easy to navigate while driving. My previous radio was a Sony XAV-712HD and it was great but also very difficult to navigate so I was constantly taking my eyes off the road. You wont have that problem with the Asteroid Smart.
-Steering wheel controls work if you know how to program them which is extremely confusing to install. I'll right a review on the Unika adapter
-Built in GPS software without having a network connection
-Crystal clear conversations via bluetooth on both ends of the call. The people I call honestly can't tell I'm on a hands free kit.
-The vibration feature is very innovative. Basically when the radio picks up a large movement (such as the door closing), it starts to boot without turning the screen on to speed up the cold boot time. It's normally fully booted up and playing music in less than 30 seconds. The rear view camera will work immediately though while booting up. If no key on is detected in 120 seconds, the unit turns back off.
-Sleep function when you turn your car off can be disabled or you can adjust it to 10 min, 20 min, 30min, or 40min. That way if you're running some quick errands when you turn your car back on, it starts playing instantly without doing a full cold boot.

-The EQ mode is great but it only works on Parrot Sources (MP3 player, Tuner, Bluetooth music). If you download and app such as Pandora, Iheartradio, Spotify, the music sounds flat. To fix this, I downloaded the app 'equalizer'. Now they all sound very good but not as good as the Parrot Sources.
-The Pre-amp outputs turn on right away when the radio is booting. I have a subwoofer amp and I can hear very quiet white noise coming from my subs since there isn't an audio signal yet. Not sure why they did this. Also when powering off, the remote wire turns off but the preamps stay engaged during the sleep mode. When they finally turn off, my subs make the large thump noise. I'm going to try and fix this with a time delay relay on the remote wire.
-You need to root it to take full control of it so you can download the play store. The Asteroid Market is very limited in content. Rooting is simple. There are a lot of write ups on line. It took me about 1 hour to complete without any problems.

Overall I'm very happy with this stereo. It looks great too in my dash. :)

Update 4/10/15.....

I found out what caused the sub woofer speakers to pop when the radio finally shuts down. For some reason the way it's programmed, when the Parrot goes to do it's final power off, it cycles the remote wire on and off and this causes the speakers connected to any amplifier powered but his wire to pop. To remedy this, I used a relay with the ignition wire to control the remote wire that way when the key is off, there is no way for the amplifier or power antenna to turn on again without the key in the ignition. I could have just hooked the amplifier and power antenna directly up to the ignition wire I guess but I want the Parrot to still have control in case it shuts it off while loading programs, etc. This solved the power off popping problem with the relay. Simple fix and maybe it'll be repaired with a future firmware update.
review image
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on January 15, 2014
I originally bought this head unit at the start of 2013. I sold my car and the head unit with it, as a new car was on the way.

I thought I'd try something different, see if anything better was on the market. i bought a custom dynavin head unit to replace the original stereo in the new audi a3, and it was a piece of crap. terrible interface, slow, rubbish touch screen etc. the asteroid smart was sorely missed.

so i bought this unit again and i couldn't be happier. yes it does have its flaws but comparatively it blows the competition out of the water - unless you want to play cds... shouldn't be a problem for the intended market.

- the touch screen
- ipod software
- popular apps on the marketplace like spotify and tune in
- ability to sideload apk apps with ease
- quality sound output

things to improve
- remember to start on ipod on boot, rather than just land on the main screen. however a relatively recent software update now lets the unit start with radio on so it's not all frowns
- not having a volume knob can sometimes be annoying, but only for 3-4 seconds til you reach the media player. you learn to end up leaving it on the media player for quick swipe up/down for volume change
- native ability to re-size icons

do yourself a favour and buy this! installation is also a breeze, even for those who haven't got a lot of experience fitting head units. can't wait to see what Parrot delivers next.

Note: I'm from Australia, bought unit here on Amazon USA.
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on January 10, 2014
It runs Android (2.3.7) but its still limited. They have their own app marketplace with just a handful of decent apps available to download. Google's Play store will not work on this without rooting the device and then installing the necessary framework. You can however install Amazon Appstore pretty easily or with a little more effort install the APK file directly.

I use the Vgate ELM327 without problems so far with the Torque app. I originally wanted to install Pandora but because of the additional hurdle of getting it to work, I'm going to just install Spotify from Asteroid store. I've also installed Waze instead of Google maps for similar reasons. I'm pretty happy with it with its limitation because unlike other head units, this has potential if you willing to hack at it a little.

With the correct harness and dash kit for your vehicle, installation is easier. Thankfully, I didn't need an adapter for the antenna as some may need. The unit is slim which adds to the ease of installation. This is a definitely a huge improvement over the stock head unit and audio is much better and louder. I miss the volume knob but volume button is accessible which opens the on screen adjustment slider.

As of now, this is a great unit compared to what's available. The specs should have been better running Android 4.0+ with higher screen resolution and prepackaged with Google Play. Also the SD card is practically impossible to remove unless you have a tweezer.

I'll update this as I get more familiar with this device.

Update 1/11/14
I was able to get Pandora (5.1) installed via Amazon Appstore.

Update 9/23/14
After 9 month of ownership, I'm still happy with my stereo. I was disappointed that I had to give up my Millenicom hotspot due to rate increase loosing my ability to use Pandora and Waze. However I've managed with the alternatives...

I play mp3 directly from my usb stick instead, just make sure the stick is FAT32 formatted if you do.

Another problem I had using usb is it gets mounted as an invisible folder which may be problematic for some apps. Installing Asteroid Tweaker allowed me to mount it in a way that was visible, plus it does a couple other useful things. Highly recommend installing it.

Initially I thought I wouldn't like the included iGo Nav, but I only recently installed and started using it. Wish I installed it sooner, I probably would have used it instead.

Trying to remove the SD card is PITA.

Despite its mediocre hardware specs and outdated OS, its still the best car stereo you can get with Android.
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on April 30, 2015
buggy software; apps only available via Parrot's app market; very slow boo; replaced with a generic Chinese Android head unit for 1/2 price- replacement is 2x as fast and has access to normal Google Play store.
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on May 24, 2016
It's good if you want a good car stereo, but its terrible if you expect it to function like any modern android device, it's stuck on android 2.3 and gets very infrequent updates. I have had to root the unit and make some modifications to make the volume system more user friendly. The power button light started shorting out and flickering about 1year into use.
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on May 17, 2015
Terrible product. Great Idea but bad hardware/software? Have to reboot at least twice a week. Sometimes it reboots itself it hangs on the boot even when car is off and gets hot. When it reboots itself there's a huge explosion of sound that scares the crap out of me. Tried updating the firmware but still buggy. I'd give 0 zero stars if it was an option. Going to replace with a Pioneer.
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