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on August 28, 2012
I'd like to get this out of the way first: I am not an audiophile and my review is not based on any scientific audio tests - just my subjective enjoyment or lack thereof. I'd also like to say that I'm harsh in my reviews of products because I expect a lot, especially for an item as expensive as this. I gave this a 3 but I think it is really deserving of a 3.5 (Amazon does not allow for 0.5 increments in ratings, so I erred on the conservative side).

I'm an early adopter of technology, so I bought this `sight unseen' the moment it was released. I had been in the market for a good wireless headphone/set and had been disappointed with what'd I'd experienced so far (most recently with the Novero Rockaways). So while I waited and tested other products, I continued to use my Bose QC2s. Ultimately, what I was looking in a headphone/set was (1) solid sound, (2) wireless/Bluetooth capabilities, and (3) solid headset capabilities. Fit was also very important and one of the reasons I started moving away from my Klipsch S4is - I could never get a good fit with those. And then lastly: battery life/longevity. Anything else would be a bonus. What appealed to me about the Ziks was all fancy gadgetry. With that all said, the following is how I came out on this set:

Sound/Audio Quality - This is paramount. I spend most of my time listening to music on my subway commutes and on airplanes, so this is by far the most important characteristic for me. I think the Ziks produce sound beautifully, really beautifully... but only when powered on (more on this below). I found sound fidelity to be rich - all the lows, mids, and highs were easily discernible even with music on my iPhone (much of which is compressed to 256kbps AAC). I never tried lossless, but from what I read, you that's when you can really, really hear these come alive. I also listen to a lot of Pandora and Spotify, some of which is, or course, lower bit rate than 256k. Unlike the Beats, which I've repeatedly heard over emphasize the lows and essentially drown some of the mids and lows, I felt that the audio quality with the Ziks was very well balanced. I felt the sound quality was at least on par with my QC2s (which is very good) but better than the Klipsch S4i (which actually sounded decent to me before, but now sounded a bit muffled compared to the Ziks). I was really pleased.

Much of my listening was with noise cancelling (ANC) on, which I think is really necessary. I get a faint `humming' with the ANC off (similar to what you'd get if you cupped your palms and put them over your ears). Some folks love the Concert hall effects and EQ controls, but I rarely used them because I felt that they drained the battery too much and didn't add a whole lot to my listening experience. As a side note, I think the noise cancelling was better than on my QC2s simply because I hear less of the `hum' than I do with my QC2s when ANC is on.

Now, everything mention above is with the unit powered on. Once you turn it off and use it passively with the provided audio cable, the quality takes a HUGE hit. In fact the first time my battery ran out and I resorted to using the unit passively, I actually couldn't believe how awful music sounded. Completely flat, neutral, and lifeless. I'm not joking when I say that it was worse/on par with the quality of the $20 headphones that come with the iPhone. When I recharged the battery and turned the set on, it was like the music came alive again. I felt so disappointed that $400 headsets can't replicate at least some of the quality when turned off. After all, I've used cheap unpowered, passive headsets before that sounded 10x better than these when off. With battery life issues (more on this below) this is a big problem and seems like an oversight/afterthought by the company. Like it or not, you're going to have to always plan on keeping these powered on. That said, I only knocked off a half point off for this issue because it is meant to be used power on... but still, it is inexcusable for a $400 headphone.

Design/Fit - Completely subjective but I like the design. The flat sides have a minimalistic feel (despite the size of the cans) and lend themselves well to the touch controls (which work very well). I've had train myself not to touch the flat side when adjusting the headset on my head because it toggles the play/pause function. Other than that, no issue with the design.

However, the fit is problematic. They're heavier than the QC2s, but that doesn't really bother me. This does: I have a small-average sized head but these feel like if I ran with them or bent down to pick something up, they'd easily fall off. The fit isn't snug. I would definitely not use these at the gym for that reason. They really should have made these more adaptable to a larger spectrum of head sizes.

Wireless/Bluetooth - I didn't have any dropouts as some have stated. It seems to have good range and I could consistently keep a link between the phone (which is usually in my pant pocket) and headset. So no issues here.

Headset capabilities - Admittedly, I've only tested this briefly, but the audio quality when on calls is nothing to write home about. But then again, I'm not looking for superb sound fidelity when talking on the phone - just need to make sure I can hear the other person very clearly and they can hear me well. I think the Ziks getting a passing grade on this, but they're certainly not raising the bar here.

Battery Life - Now for the Achilles heel. Battery life is the biggest problem and what prevents this from being a truly superb headset. [I should mention that I'm on my second set. The first set had sever battery problems and would sometimes drain at a rate of 1%/minute(!) with only the ANC turned on so I was getting less than 2hrs before it shut off. My exchanged pair is much better.] I'm not getting anywhere near the stated 18 hours with only ANC and 6 hours with all the features on. You should probably count on half (I'm currently getting about 9-10 hours with only ANC). I get amazing battery life with a single AAA battery in my QC2s.

This is one of the reasons I don't use the EQ and Concert hall effects - I just don't think they're worth it for the battery life hit I'd take. Given that this uses a proprietary battery that can't be charged outside the headset, I think this is the weakest link with this product. Especially given the fact that audio quality in this headset is unbelievably awful when powered off and used passively. As such, I knocked off 1 point for the fact that (1) the battery does last something even close to the stated amount, (2) it is proprietary, and (3) it cannot be charged outside the headset (at the moment). Buyers should be prepared to have 1-2 charged batteries at their disposal if you're going to use all the features.

All in all, I'm really at a crossroads with this product. I want to love it madly, but can't find it in me to do so. I Go back and forth between feeling I should return this and wanting to keep it. I LOVE all the nifty features (touch controls, mute when removed from your head, control through app, etc) - as a techy gadget freak, I eat all those up. But despite those features and the great sound quality when the device actually has some juice left it in, the appalling audio quality when you lose power, which you will often, and the nagging battery life issue puts me in a tough spot given then price of these headsets. At half the MSRP, I think this is a no brainer for a keeper. But at $400, I'm having difficulty determining whether I should bear the shortcomings. It's a lot of money and for the price, I need something I'd consider superb.

That said, the one thing keeps me from hitting the return button at the moment is the fact that, as an overall package with all the features and benefits and audio quality (when powered on, of course), there's just nothing that competes within this at the moment. At least not that I know of... not unless you want to spend $500+, which I don't.
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on May 20, 2014
I have had this a bit over a month now, I will admit when I first got them after a few days I was going to send them back. I did not find them to sound great at all. I have a set of beats wireless I was using before these and I wanted something a bit better and not such a fashion statement. I saw and ad for these on a video channel being endorsed by Lou Reed, so I went and check these out looked good some reviews were lavish some a bit harsh. When I go them I tried them didn't sound so good, so I got the app and used the tune by Lou Reed preset and to me it sounded way to bassy and distorted. That saddened me. And the active NC did it's job. But sounding flat or distorted was a deal breaker for me. I was going to send them back. Then I read a review on and audio site and following its suggestions I went in and turned everything off and manually adjusted the EQs. My God did that make a difference. Everything sounded great. with just a few tweaks these headphones sound 10x better than my beats. The features these have is one of the reasons I bought them and I am glad to have been able to found a way to make them sound good. The touch controls are simply put awesome, not having to find the correct button to push, not accidently hitting the wrong one. Anywhere on the headphone you can swipe or tap and it works. ( on the right side that is) I like how it automatically pauses or hangs up when you take them off. and automatically restarts the music when you put them back on. The NFC function makes for easy connection. Speaking of connection, these are the only pair of Bluetooth headphones/speakers that i have owned that actually keep the video and audio synced properly. The only thing I still feel needs a bit of improvement is the battery like. I get like 6-7 hours of music play out of them. There are some work-arounds to this, they do feature a removable battery (i did buy a spare) and another feature that I haven't found elsewhere is that they work wirelessly still while charging. I have a battery pack for my phone (Nokia Lumia 1520, there is a Windows App for these in case you were wondering) and if the headset dies while I am out and I didn't think to bring the spare battery with me, I just plug them into the battery and keep on listening . I mean if I have to have a cord if the battery is dead I'd rather it be a power cord than a passive connection. These are meant to be powered so of course as others have stated using them passively quite plainly sucks.
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on December 29, 2013
I really love these headphones. So much so, I decided to write a review about them. They do just about everything I am looking for. I love the look, the feel, the controls, the features, and ultimately the sound. What entitles me to make these statements? Nothing really, I am just a guy who bought the product. I am not an audiophile, though I am not sure what one is.

By way of a better explanation, I am a person who likes and uses headphones almost daily. I have had Sennheisers (450), Beats (wireless), Sync by 50 (both wireless types), Bose (QC3), and various others of lesser pedigree. All have had things they do well and not so well. Out of all of these, the Ziks are the best I have found. Why? Because I can make them sound the way I want them sound. The Ziks allow the user to do something the other headphone brands don't, change the way they sound. The app is fantastic. It allows you to adjust, readjust, and readjust again. To me, this is a huge plus. Every other brand I have owned, sound the way they sound. Sure, you can mess with the iPhone EQ and change a little, but I was never satisfied. Never.

The Ziks change all that. Is it perfect? Nope, no product is. Is it worth $350+? Absolutely. They may be a little heavier, only last six hours on a charge, and have a stiffer headband, but they sound fantastic to the ears I will have the rest of my life. Not Dr. Dre's ears, not some audio guy in Germany's ears, not Fifty Cent ears, mine. How did I get it here? I adjusted it to suit me and what I liked to hear.

With regard to the minor downsides, these are easily fixed. Battery life? Get a spare battery. They are $30. The Lenmar charger works great with it. The best headphones need power to run. The best in the world use separate amps. Get over it, buy another battery and the problem is solved. Hard Case? $32 on Amazon. It is a nice case. Stuff headband? In softens over time and you can adjust to find the spot that suits your head.

Would I do it all again? Yes! I researched headphones for months. These are the best wireless out there. Why? Because I can make them sounds the way I like, not how someone with different ears likes them to sound. And that is why they are worth the money.
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on January 3, 2016
First, my collection of noise cancelling - Bose quiet comfort and beats studio wireless (Amongst others but will only mention the two for review purposes)
Beats has better overall sound (but not impressed) than Bose but wireless turned out to be crap. Beats was a $300 garbage for what it was bought for...wireless.
After all the reviews decided to try zik.
Out of the box, the sound was sub par. Good BT and felt a bit on the heavy side. Didn't fold up nor included a traveling case. Just a flimsy cloth bag. But knew that from the reviews. Not why I purchased it.
So the test...5 hr flight.
Downloaded the zik app on iPhone and messed around with eq. Sound wasn't what it advertised (110db) when setting phones volume to max. Then realized I had 50% more volume to play with from the headphone vol controls. Messed with eq some more...woooooow!
I haven't had this kind of enjoyment from listening on a headphone since old days of Sony mdrv400's.
The bass produced one of the best lows (10hz) I've heard on a headphone. Technically u can't 'hear' 10hz but u can feel it. This zik was able to capture the very subtle low freq waves missed by most speakers.
After all said and done, my 5 hr flight was pure bliss...thanks to zik.
Sound 9.5/10
Wireless 9/10 -BT lost connection 1x during the 5 hr flight)
Battery 7/10 - the battery was about done at end of the flight (I would have liked more)
Comfort 9/10 - yes the headphones were on the heavier side but didn't experience discomfort in the 5 hrs I wore it. U can tell the weight helped the bass produce true at low end hz. Lighter, the vibrations would of overcame the weight and probably ended up with unwanted 'shaking'. The ear cups felt nice and soft. Didn't leave any marks nor pressed too firmly into my sides.
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on November 8, 2013
As a technophile I was quite excited about this pair of headphones. I wish I could have read my own review before the purchase.

- (My Fav) The EQ control feature. Many apps, at least for iOS, do not allow any user control of EQ. Spotify and rdio being prime examples. The built in equalizer is an awesome way to circumvent this and it is my favorite feature of the headphones overall.
-Very cool look
-Quality materials
-Rechargeable battery
-Decent sound (only with all app features switched on)
-Firmware updates (When parrot gets around to it)


****Bluetooth 2.0!!! Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX is the new standard for quality bluetooth audio and has been for at least a year. These headphones operate purely upon the quality their bluetooth connection. True, they include a hard wire but this is not what people are buying the headphones for. Bluetooth 2.0 is very old/outdated tech. It's hard to justify spending $350 to $400 for a pair of headphones with a bluetooth technology that was outdated even in 2012 when these launched.

-No Siri/Google Now access! The touch panel on the headphones is very cool but it only allows you to Play/Pause, Adjust Volume, and skip tracks. All new headphones with a control allow you to hold down play/pause to activate Siri (or Google Now on Android) except these.

-Poor customer service. I tried to speak with customer service and they never responded to my email. Also, there is a forum for the headphones where users have expressed frustrations and questions about the Ziks and the only response was Parrot saying that the forum is not for tech support and that users should refer their questions to customer service.

-Automatic pause. This is an example of more harm than good with tech. The sensor detects the presence of your jawbone and automatically pauses/plays when you take the headphones on and off. Unfortunately it also pauses any time you adjust the headphones on your ear which is often because....

-Zik's squeeze your ears in. I get a headache after wearing these for more than 20 minutes. I constantly readjust (this causes the headphones to auto pause, a feature that cannot be turned off)

-If you have a big head the adjustable top piece will probably not give you enough slack to wear these comfortably.

-Very heavy, if you lean forward these will probably fall off of your head.

-Only work to their full potential with Android and iOS devices. Without the accompanying app these headphones sound like garbage. The app controls the noise cancellation, concert hall effect (fancy term for reverb), and Equalizer (Which is built into the headphones). Many people in the forum complained that these would not work at all with their computers.

****The APP. I like the features but before getting to them you have to see a pop up add for another product of theirs AAAAND they have Google Analytics switched ON by default! You pay $400 for these headphones then they advertise to you and track your info!

Customer support finally got back to me in broken english and told me that there were no plans to add support for Siri (aka holding pause for 2 seconds on most headphones) and that the auto pause feature could not be turned off.
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on September 26, 2014
I've had this product for over 8 months and they have worked superbly. I upgraded from a Plantronics wireless set I owned that I broke the microphone on. I first saw these in Dubai in an electronics store at the airport. I was immediately impressed by their sound quality, but equally turned off by the $460+ price tag. I researched them for several weeks, put them on my wish list here on Amazon, and when the price dropped ($299) I dropped the money on them and have been very pleased that I did. I gave them 5 stars because they have truly knocked my socks off as well as not dig to deeply into my pockets,.....So, let's hit the categories and talk about them:

PRICE: As i said earlier, $460+ seemed a bit outrageous but $299 was something i could swallow and although a subjective category I believe their sound quality is phenomenal! You get what you pay for and these beauties hit the mark for me in so many areas I've long since gotten over the $300 price tag. I've listened to everything from AWolnation to the Carpenters, to Trey Songz to Tachovsky thru them and they have reproduced an amazing listening range that at times has had me mesmerized:-)

SOUND: So, as eluded to in the last category, these headphones reproduce a wonderful and exceptional range of tones. In my humble opinion they easily rival Bose and certainly put Dre Beats to shame. As for Sennheiser, its debatable and although i'm a bit biased, I'd be willing to concede that Sennheiser has a bit of an edge. I enjoy the fact that via the Parrot Zik app I can customize my listening experience easily, quickly and enjoy a music filled atmosphere that is nearly unparalleled.

FUNCTIONALITY: Although not completely foldable I do like the fact that the headphone ear cups can be rotated to "flatten" the device's profile for easier storage. I pop these into my backpack or carry-on luggage and take them everywhere my laptop goes. And recently, I've been using them as my headset to converse with family and friends while on my smartphone. I enjoy the fact that you can use them via the supplied audio cable or Bluetooth mode. On my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) I switch them into Bluetooth, turn the Bluetooth on my phone on and within seconds the devices pair and connect and now I can speak freely and clearly without having to bother others around me or switch the phone back and forth from my mouth and ear to make sure I'm both heard and not miss what the person on the line is telling me. I can control volume of both my laptop and smartphone via the touch controls on the side of the headset which is definitely a very convenient feature. Obviously being wireless and not tethered to my device(s) by a cord is truly a great freedom. I have been able to move freely throughout most of my house and still receive and send as I'm holding a conversation thru Skype. And if I need to quickly mute my call, it's as simple as swiping the right earphone to mute and swiping it again to resume speaking. The headphones also do an incredible job of blocking ambient noise as well as the mic not picking up every single sound in the room. And yes, they even have a ANC (auto noise cancelling) mode to block out even more ambient noise if needed.

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY: I'm not the biggest social media subscriber, But currently I have used this headset with Skype with absolutely no issues, Yahoo Messenger error free and Tango. Streaming videos from sites such as youtube and Netflix and watching/listening to the content has been great. Once again, no issues with hearing the content. The PZ app is available on both my smartphone and windows 8.1 LENOVO Yoga laptop.

BATTERY LIFE: Thus far, the headset is proving to be quite durable. As I stated earlier, I've had this 8 months, have charged both batteries numerous times and have not noticed any degradation in battery life. The longest I've used them before completely draining the battery was for 6 hours (12 for both batteries) while sitting at the Dubai airport during a layover; And yes, they were on the entire time as I watched 2 1/2 movies and listened to music on my smartphone before they finally died. Needless to say I was quite impressed. Charging is as simple as plugging in the provided cord to your USB on your laptop and allowing them to fully charge which seems to take approx. 3 hours.

COMFORT: The material encapsulated ear covers and padded headband are very comfortable for long periods, as I can attest during my flights to and from and subsequent layovers in Dubai, The headset was on for 7 hours and my ears didn't feel sore or sweaty nor do they feel heavy on your head. During long trans-atlantic flights I have fallen asleep numerous times with them on while listening to music. And with the adjustability of the headband I suspect they can be nicely fitted to a variety of head sizes. My 9-year-old daughter has tried them out as well and they have fit her very well.

So, to summarize, Parrot Zik has impressed and delivered a well made and phenomenal sounding headset. The product works, is of high quality and constructed to last. I look forward to getting another 8+ months and beyond of excellent service from it.
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on May 3, 2014
The sound on this product is phenomenal. I loved the idea of wireless bluetooth headphones, so I sold my Beats headphones and bought Zik. First off, it looks beautiful and it is really nice not to have a cord to fool with. There are some drawbacks that I've found:

1) while the cup functionality works very well and is very slick, there is no way to activate Siri without digging the phone out of your pocket and holding down the home button. Just to request a specific artist, album, etc., you have to do this, when it wouldn't be so hard (as other cheaper options have done) to implement a way to tap the ear cup to activate this feature.

2) One thing I never saw in other reviews before buying these headphones is something apparently common to all bluetooth headsets, but important to note for those who don't know it: when watching videos, Netflix, etc. on any device, computer, there is a noticeable lag in audio between the video and your ability to hear it through your bluetooth device.

Overall, I am very happy to have these.
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on July 14, 2016
Quality wireless headphones with the touch control features. They are very light weight but seem to be of quality materials and construction. These were purchased for my daughter to use in her dorm study area - replacing a hotly colored Beats pair that were about 3 years old. She prefers the pretty grown-up styling & performance and LOVES the touch controls! I don't know how much of an apples to apples comparison that is...may be personal preference.
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on January 17, 2015
I'm an avid headphone enthusiast, though I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile. I received these headphones as a gift for Christmas. I have a number of reviews for headphones all over Amazon so I figure I should make a review for these as well.

First of all, these cans look fantastic. While eye catching with their artistic inspired style, they don't look too flashy to the point of gaudiness. The faux leather earpad covers are a good choice as they will keep your ears cooler than with real leather. The headband and earpads have just the right amount of padding, making sure that these will rarely if ever feel fatiguing after hours of use. The earcups are made of a very soft feeling plastic and feel solidly constructed.

The integrated touch controls on the earcups are a breeze to work with and function without a hiccup. If I were to have a point of criticism here, it would be that the controls are super sensitive and prone to activating while adjusting the headphones. Pairing is a breeze, whether you do it via NFC or just pressing the power button with bluetooth search enabled on your device.

The bluetooth connection functions real well and hassle free. It kinda pays to purchase the original Zik headphones this late in their lifespan as most of the connection kinks have been ironed out via firmware updates. The noise canceling works great as far as I could test, negating the sound of my bathroom fan while directly underneath it. Battery life is adequate for my uses throughout the day, averaging about 6-7 hours with most functions turned on. This could be a con for those looking to use these on international flights but in that case I recommend buying and charging a spare battery.

Before I get to sound quality, let me say a few things that were disappointing about the Parrot Zik headphones. For one, despite the $400 price, they only come with a cheap cloth carrying bag. For the price you pay, they should at least throw in a hard shell case. For another, the sound of these cans in passive mode is horrendous. It's like the life is drained out of the music. But this is improved if you connect them wired through a headphone amplifier. Lastly, the Lou Reed setting in the companion app doesn't really sound all that good, it seems like a waste.

So, sound quality. Perhaps the most important factor. I am happy to say that when running with the app and wirelessly, these cans sound fantastic. The app includes an equalizer that can adjust the sound signature to your tastes. The level of detail is awesome. For example, listening to one of my test tracks, Wish you were here by Pink Floyd, I could actually hear the static from the radio the guitar intro is recorded from. At first I thought there was something wrong with the bluetooth connection causing the static sound but it never occurred in any other song and only in the first 45 seconds of the test track.

Another thing about the sound quality, which I can't quite describe is that the sound brings the satisfaction of a warm sounding set of cans, without actually sounding "fuzzy". I guess "lush" is the term I'm looking for. The highs are bright without feeling fatiguing and the lows are deep with great bass extension yet it doesn't muddy up the upper frequencies. In all these headphones are incredibly pleasing to listen to no matter your frequency tastes, though the most picky of audiophiles might find the reliance on the equalizer to sound a little forced and unnatural.

For over a month, my fiancee and I shared these headphones and we both liked them so much, that we bought her a pair. In some ways, these are better than the Zik 2.0s (mainly in how the app works) and in other ways worse. So my advice? If you can find these new (or in lightly used condition) for under $300, snatch them up and skip the 2.0s because you found yourself a great bargain.
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on July 12, 2016
I love the concept of Parrot Zik but it lacks the battery power required to use it. The packaging comes with a external headphone jack, external battery, micro USB charger and a clean white carry case. Parrot Zik has a better bass but not the best. I loved the bass but not worth the battery included. The battery dies pretty soon within about 3-4 hours. The app from the appstore was useless to say! It asked me to update the firmware but there was no way I was able to update it. And the other issue was that it heated up while listening to music over Bluetooth which is why I ultimately decided to return it. I would recommend buying the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (Link: ). It is totally worth of paying extra $50 and getting something way better than Parrot Zik! And if sound quality is your priority I'll say buy the V-Moda Wireless (Link: )which prices about $320 after tax!
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