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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on October 3, 2017
It has been one year since I had last read Book 1, 'Particular Intentions' which mainly focused on Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Before reading 'Particular Attachments', I decided to re-read it again to keep all the details fresh in my mind and to allow the story flow. I do feel it is necessary to read 'Particular Intentions' first to understand all the dynamics.

This is Georgiana's story and how far she has come toward healing due to the assault by Mr. Wickham at Ramsgate. I felt Ms. Diamond has sensitively handled this issue.

Georgiana has sworn never to marry. However, with their return to London for the Christmas season, Georgiana's fears re-surface...her fears of being the topic of gossip and causing scandal to fall on herself and her beloved brother, Darcy, and his wife, Elizabeth. Then when she dreams of her childhood tormentor, who vowed she would marry him, she becomes completely tongue-tied when she finally meets him again. Oh my, Lord Sele is swoon-worthy and determined in his pursuit of Georgiana. However, her secret lies between them. How he breaks through her defenses will have you admiring him as much as Darcy! I so loved the journal entries that Georgiana wrote...her fears, her feelings and her hopes. His mother, the Countess of Sele is a very intelligent and insightful character.

But there more to this story than just Georgiana. Lydia is joining them in London. A Lydia who will force Georgiana out of her comfort zone. I loved Lydia in this story...yes I did say 'love'. Her growth since 'Particular Intentions' has been delightful, but have no fear, the young Lydia still simmers under the surface. Believe it or not, she has hidden talents...which I would have liked to have seen explored!

"If you continue to shun the world, you allow him influence over your future - he is still a part of your life. He deserves no such attention."

Let's not forget Darcy and Elizabeth, Colonel Fitzwilliam and his mother, the Countess of Matlock. Each play a role in helping Georgiana through her insecurities. There is a wonderful new twist for Colonel Fitzwilliam too! The Darcy heir certainly keeps everyone on their toes as well!

My only quibble, not enough to take stars away, was the wedding at the beginning of the story. I would have loved seeing certain family members attending and learning more about them through that route. But like I said, it is only a quibble...but a new surprise near the end was so much fun!

So, dear readers, to find out more, I highly recommend you read this variation based on Georgiana Darcy journey to love!
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on September 24, 2017
I just love how she writes! I fell over and over for Nathaniel. All the emotions in this book. She once again doesn’t disappoint. Definitely need to read the first book in the series. Still so glad I accidentally one clicked on Rain and Retribution (if you haven’t read this one DO IT)and in the process discovered one of my favorite JAFF authors!
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on September 22, 2017
I love L.L. Diamond! I have yet to read a book by her I didn't like. Her books are fresh, with real characters, and clean language. If you are a JAFF reader, you must read this author's books. You won't regret it. On a side note, if you'd like to read this story, you'll get more out of it if you read Particular Intentions first. Enjoy!
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on September 22, 2017
Particular Intentions (the first book in this series) tells us that Georgiana’s Ramsgate encounter
was much more serious than in Canon and she was actually raped by Wickham in his attempt to convince her to elope.

Since that trauma, Georgiana has retreated to the company of her family, rarely seeing anyone else.
She has been helped by her new sister-in-law Elizabeth and her Aunt Lady Matlock but she insists she will never marry.
Her brother and sister support whatever decision she makes and assure her she may live at Pemberley for her lifetime if she chooses.

Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety. ~ Henry H. Tweedy

After four years of seclusion in Derbyshire, Georgiana feels confident enough to travel to Meryton
to attend Mr. Bennet’s wedding (Mrs. Bennet had died more than 2 years previously) and to go to London
and be seen at a few limited gatherings. At 20 years of age, she has never had a “season” or declared herself “out”.

In London, Georgiana is the victim of vicious gossip concerning her lack of a season. She is rescued
from an unkind encounter by Lord Sele, a childhood adversary who had declared at twelve that he intended to marry Georgiana.

Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Lydia Bennet is a prominent fixture as she resides with the Darcys in London and becomes the bosom friend
that the shy Miss Darcy has never had. Lydia changed after her Mother’s death and is finally capable
of seeing the world from another’s point of view. She becomes a tremendous support to Georgiana.

Georgiana makes small attempts to appear in society. Lydia gives her a push when she invites
Lord Sele to Georgiana’s debut ball even though no ball has been planned. Lord Sele quietly courts his love.

Lady Lindsey, a close friend of Lady Anne and mother to Lord Sele, becomes a surrogate mother to Georgiana also.

"Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd."
in the 1697 play The Mourning Bride (Act III Scene 2) by William Congreve

Georgiana begins to spy a woman known well to her – the despised Mrs. Younge is encountered
while shopping and in the Park. She speaks to Georgiana as if they were friends – but, of course, she is no friend.

With rampant rumors concerning Georgiana already circulating throughout the first circles, Mrs. Younge threatens disclosure.

Can Georgiana’s family and friends protect her from gossip?

I did a quick re-read of Particular Intentions before starting this sequel.
Particular Attachments could be a stand-alone but is best understood if Particular Intentions is also read.

Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small. ~Ruth Gendler
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on September 22, 2017
This was a perfect sequel the previous novel , I own both and will be reading them later on !!!!
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on September 21, 2017
Last summer I had the pleasure to read and review the first book in this series by L.L. Diamond, Particular Intentions. After listening to the requests of her numerous readers, this year she is back with the second book in this series, Particular Attachments, where the focus of her story is now on Georgiana Darcy and the events of her life several years after the marriage between her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.

I have to say this is one of the best alternate character JAFF stories that I have read based on the character of Georgiana Darcy. This is because I not only loved the way Leslie focuses on Georgiana’s story, I also adored the new supporting characters she created for this story as well as the way her plot unfolded throughout the entire story.

As Georgiana attempts to move her life in a new direction after a few years of being secluded at Pemberley with Darcy, Elizabeth, and their adorable young son, William, she heads to London with the Darcy’s to help her decide if she wants to spend a season in London making her debut in society. Prior to emerging on the London social scene, Georgiana has been resolved in her decision to forgo marriage and brings along the one person who not only offers her companionship in London, but who also understands many of the desires and concerns she shares at this age: Lydia Bennet.

Yes, I said Lydia Bennet! Lydia and Georgiana have become close confidantes as a result of Lydia growing into a more mature, thoughtful, and more refined person and Georgiana feels safe in having Lydia near her throughout her time in London. As they head to London together, Georgiana believes she will stay single, while Lydia is determined to meet an eligible suitor since Meryton holds no matrimonial promises for her. Of course, once they settle into their daily lives in London, their best-laid plans go a bit off course and take readers on a really fun ride!

After many years, the Darcy family reconnects with the Lindsay family, who were very close friends of Lady Anne and George Darcy. As young children, Lord Sele always pestered Georgiana Darcy with his pranks and his teasing ways. Believing that Lord Sele meant to only cause her dismay, Georgiana is hesitant when he displays a new side to himself to her. Is there more to this handsome, grown man who seems to only have eyes for Georgiana and is she willing to overcome whatever is holding her back to give him a chance to prove any attachment her may have to her? The answer to this question becomes the major obstacle for these characters to overcome throughout this story.

Thank goodness Lord Sele knows how to court a lady in a more swoon-worthy manner than Fitzwilliam Darcy! Not only is he handsome, eligible, and yes, a wealthy and titled gentleman, Lord Sele has two parents who support his intentions and who want to help him make a match with the beautiful girl they’ve known since she was a little girl. Lady Lindsay not only is a champion of her son’s hopes for the future, she also becomes key in helping Georgiana face the demons that are haunting her own past. I just adored her relationship with Georgiana because I’ve always had a soft spot for the fact that Georgiana lost her mother at such a young age.

The gradual way that Leslie builds the romantic tension between Lord Sele and Georgiana is done thoughtfully and through the uses of many of our senses. A meaningful glance, and soft, yet thrilling touch, and a shared love for beautiful music makes readers feel as though they too are part of their courtship journey. I really want to believe that a Lord Sele exists for every woman after finishing this story!

I also loved the way Leslie wove her supporting stories based on our other favorite characters into this story. Colonel Fitzwilliam plays a role in supporting Georgiana is London, while finding his own path to happiness. Readers also spend some time with Darcy, Elizabeth and their precocious son, Will, as they handle some personal challenges in their own lives. As a fan of Pride & Prejudice sequels, I enjoy spending time with the Darcys and witnessing their delightful banter again.

Yet, the biggest surprise character in this story for me was Lydia Bennet because she’s a more mature and ladylike character and these traits are established in a believable manner because Lydia still retains some of the younger and more impetuous aspects of her character too. I love when an author can actually get me to empathize and root for a character I normally dislike from canon.

Readers will be swiftly turning pages to learn what dreadful secrets Georgiana is harboring from her past and how these secrets have the ability to come back to plague her future too. My heart really felt for her throughout her trials, and even though I hoped she would have a future filled with happiness and love, I wasn’t sure how her past secrets would be received by others once they were revealed to them. Leslie did a good job keeping this part of the story suspenseful without making it drag along.

The structure of the story also really allowed me to easily relate to Georgiana’s thoughts and feelings because numerous entries in Georgiana’s journal are interwoven throughout the narrative. I really enjoyed these shifting perspectives and I found myself looking forward to reading Georgiana’s inner thoughts and musings on various events and situations. I also thought that Leslie shaped this main storyline in a way that kept me eagerly engaged throughout the story because I felt it was handled with the right amount of angst and romantic tension and the way Georgiana personally came to face her demons made me cheer for her happiness even more!

Particular Attachments is a delightful read and one I highly recommend for JAFF readers. This is a very strong addition to this series and when an author can make me empathize with Lydia Bennet and find ways for me to enjoy spending time with her character, I am pleasantly surprised. By the time readers turn the final pages of this story, they will be completely enamored with Lord Sele and find him to be a worthy and charming match for Fitzwilliam Darcy’s little sister!
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on September 17, 2017
A book this well written about Georgiana is hardly ever written. Loved the family relation with the Lindseys and especially Nathaniel. The love he had fir Georgiana spanned for years and helped her overcome so much. Fantastic book!!!
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on September 17, 2017
After reading this most excellent book I was smiling about how lucky we all are for a new L. L. Diamond book, when I read the Acknowledgement.

I'm sure I know some friends who have been raped, but I know no one who has admitted the fact. I'm glad the author had friends who had and they shared their stories with her. The emotions I felt for Georgiana, in the story, were more 'real' probably since the author had real people's stories to tell.

My thanks for a touching story.
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on September 17, 2017
While ODC is present in this book, the story is largely Georgiana Darcy's.
It is a moving, difficult, engaging and at times a funny read. Brought tears to my eyes, then had me laughing out loud and all of the in between.

Would recommend to read "Particular Intentions" first as this book enters 4 years after that book but it is not a hundred prosent necessary as it can stand on its own.

The Darcy's has had a son, William and he is a funny little chap. Georgiana has turned twenty and are living comfortably at Pemberley.
Journeying to Heartfordshire for Mr Bennet's wedding (Mrs Bennet has passed a couple of years prior), Lydia is invited to visit with the Darcy's in town.
Rumours compels Georgiana to have her debut as she overhears some ladies speculation on why she has not...
As a knight in shining armour, Lord Sele castigate the gossiping ladies. Georgiana is not so impressed though. She remembers him as a pain in the b... from her childhood.
Lord Sele however, has all the patience and love required to earn the trust of the badly damaged Georgiana.

Lydia has her own demons to fight and meets a nemesis in town. This is to some extent, Lydia's story also.

Mrs Young stirs up a havoc as she enter their lives again as a kept woman.

There is a twist to the Bennet's story at the end and a little bundle of joy for the Darcy's.

Heartily recommend this book!
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on September 16, 2017
After reading Particular Intentions for the second time, I started reading the second novel. Georgina's mental state remained the focus and how she overcame the trauma of rape. Lydia also made a major transformation after hearing how the leading ladies of Hertfordshire really felt about her mother. Mrs. Goulding called her a strumpet, and she was mortified, finally understanding how her inappropriate behavior affected her friendships and ability to find a husband. She was basically shunned. I loved the way Nathaniel won Georgina's love and trust since he had loved her since they were children. This was a n excellent love story.
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