Customer Reviews: A Passion for Him (Georgian)
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on October 30, 2007
Raised by a despicable father, Amelia Benbrige was always on the move. Never in one place for too long. Forced to live nearly alone and endure the never ending turn around of governesses and servants. Friendships were scarcely made and then broken. The only constants in her life were the groomsman and the gypsy stable boy. A boy close to Amelia's age who brought her laughter, light and true love. That is until he risked his life for her and died.

Colin Mitchell has been living a secret life for six years. A life that he hoped would bring him riches and a title, making him into someone who would be suitable for a peer's daughter. Now that he has all that, the only thing missing is the woman he's loved for years. But now it may be only too little too late. Amelia's about to marry another. And even if she succumbs to the phantom's kisses, will she ever forgive him for his *death* when her lover is unmasked?

This is the third book in the Georgian set series by Day. 'Passion For The Game' being the prequel. I liked that one, but its not necessary to read it before. This is a stand alone book. Nearly all the parts with Amelia and Colin are rewritten as flash backs here. (Plenty of Maria & Christopher from PFTG -so you may want to read the prequel for that reason)

Now what did I think about the book? Ahhhhh!...Yet another one of those unrequited love books (which gosh darn it I love!). Only here the heroine thinks the hero has been long dead, so she doesn't understand her immediate attraction to the masked stranger. Day puts her own spin on this one with her signature super steamy love scenes (wowsa!), well drawn out characters and danger laced plot. I especially liked that the length of time the reader was in suspense over which when the hero would be unmasked. And heck it was sure worth the wait! ;) I also appreciated the rival suitor not being some toad, but rather an extremely handsome and eligible Earl. I mean really! Whose going to choose spam when they could have filet mignon? Those book irritate me.

A Passion For Him is another well written romance that kept me turning the pages well into the night with toothpicks keeping my eyes open (OK so thats a lie :)). But I really do enjoy all of Days historical romance (not a lie! I swear!). She's one of the authors I turn to when I want a bit of extra sizzle over the typical historical. If you don't believe me then read 'Bad Boys Ahoy', just keep a fire extinguisher handy. And if you like this then you might also enjoy Lisa Valdez's 'Passion', Kalen Hughes 'Lord Sin' and Elizabeth Holt's 'The Raven Prince' and its sequels.
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**This book is my Recommended Read for November 2007!**

Six long, mournful years ago, Amelia's life was turned upside down. Her father was exposed as the criminal he was, she was reunited with her long-lost sister, and she lost the love of her life. Resigned to the fact that her one chance at true romantic love was lost with her childhood sweetheart's murder, she faces a promising future as wife of the Earl of Ware, her long-time friend and trusted confidante. But having once tasted abiding love and unbridled passion, albeit unconsummated, she yearns for more.

Colin came very close to losing his life that fateful night when he helped Amelia escape her father's evil clutches. But he survived. Indeed, he did more than survive, using their separation to build his status from that of a gypsy stable boy with no future to that of a mysterious and obscenely wealthy nobleman.

Now, when Colin has retired from his short stint as a secret agent, ready to return to Amelia and claim her for his own, the enemies he made along the way endanger everything he has sacrificed for all these years. Worse, Colin's own decisions threaten to destroy Amelia's trust in him forever.

I only just read the previous story to this one, Passion for the Game, a few months ago, but it knocked my socks off to the point where I was left panting for its sequel! Between Sylvia Day being firmly ensconced on my list of very favorite authors and the previous book in this passionate (pun intended) series, my expectations for 'A Passion For Him' were extremely high. As usual, Ms. Day does not disappoint her fans. This book lives up to every hope and dream this reviewer had for Colin and Amelia, making the interminable moments of anticipation waiting for its release more than worthwhile.

Raised in virtual solitude with only servants for companions, closely guarded by her father, the unpretentious Lady Amelia has no notion of the social mores of the real world. She never realized the difference in station between herself and the few friends she made in her childhood. But Colin was never allowed to forget his place in her life, no matter that the love he harbored for her was requited. Knowing he can never give her the life she deserves as a stable boy, he resolves to grab the chance he is given to make something more of himself, with a plan to return to her once he is firmly established. But to take that opportunity, he lets everyone who loves him most believe him dead for six years.

Poor, virtuous Colin is a typical headstrong male - once he decides he knows the best way to proceed, he doesn't always consider the emotional impact of his actions on this around him. Although he had the very best of motivations, and admirable intentions, Colin's methods leave something to be desired. Will those actions cost him the one thing he desires above all else?

Amidst it all, our fair couple, along with their family and friends, is embroiled in an intrigue that keeps them on the edge of danger - a fact that Colin is always conscious of. The unraveling intricacies of the plot against our hero keep the story as exciting as the romance, and the reader on the edge of their seat!

I pre-ordered 'A Passion for Him' with two-day shipping as soon as I read its predecessor, and planned the evening of its UPS delivery around this book. I began reading it the moment I arrived home from work and was, as expected, unable to put it down until I finished the book that same evening. I know fans of Sylvia Day and fans of historical romance will find this delightful new release as gripping as I did!

Series Order:
Ask For It
Passion for the Game
A Passion for Him
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on April 8, 2013
Had a really hard time connecting with the characters in A Passion For Him. I felt the plot was all over the place. I did not like how the first sex scene was about to take place but then ends and starts something else in the plot with other characters. Then it gets back to the sex scene. I do love good steamy scenes but the first one did drag on.

The characters were all over the place. Ware who is Amelia fiancé makes it very clear he does not want her interacting with Colin because it looks bad since they are to be wed and she needs to decide if she is going to be his wife then she needs to act like his fiancé and not pursue Colin but all the while Ware is sleeping with someone else. Colin one minute his character is flat, and kind of cheesy but the next he a sexy dominate hero with a dirty talking mouth.

I really wanted to like A Passion For Him. Love the idea of lost love. The synopsis grabbed my interest and even though it is the 3rd in the Georgian series I was not lost at all. Sylvia Day does a great job at letting the readers know what happened before but unfortunately it did not hold my interest enough and have no desire to read the pervious novels. I have yet to read The Crossfire series and heard great things about this series. I do look forward to trying that series out.

Rating: 2 Stars - OK

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest Review

Originally posted at Wickedly Delicious Book Blog
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2007
Amelia Benbridge seems to have everything a woman could desire. Her upcoming marriage to the Earl of Ware ensures her a place amongst the creme de la creme of society despite her father's shameful captivity. It's not a love match, but Amelia and Ware are good friends. He fully understands that she's never stopped loving Colin, her childhood sweetheart, and still mourns his death but he also believes that they're perfect for each other - after all, many marriages have started with far less than friendship.

Colin Mitchell has loved Amelia for as long as he can remember but the simple fact that he was a stable boy makes any relationship between them futile. Amelia's misguided belief that Colin died presents him with the opportunity to slip away and `make something' of himself and then return to her as a new man - one worthy of her love and hopefully the title of her husband. There's just a few glitches in this plan. Amelia's about to marry another man and she has no idea of his true identity.

Amelia's content with her engagement to the Earl of Ware. They may not be in love but they're comfortable with each other. She's just never felt that special spark with him that she'd had with Colin and doesn't believe any man will ever inspire her to lust again. That is until she notices a masked man watching her at a ball - all of a sudden long dead feelings are roused and she can't understand why that would be. Colin's very careful to keep his true identity a secret. He'd found himself in a bit of trouble while in France just before he departed for England. He has a price on his head and he fears what may happen to Amelia if she's caught in the middle of his problems. He struggles with his desire to remain near her and the necessity to ensure her safety by leaving the area, but that decision is taken out of his hands when Amelia spots him as he tries leaving town and follows him. What follows is a sizzling affair with her mystery lover. How will she react when she learns that her phantom lover is none other than her childhood sweetheart Collin? And can the lovers share a life together free of worry about Collin's past?

Once again Sylvia Day gives readers a book that encompasses all the passion, intrigue and endearing characters that we've come to expect in her storylines. I couldn't help but feel an immediate attachment to Collin and Amelia and had my fingers crossed for a happily-ever-after for them. At the same time I really felt bad for the Earl of Ware. I loved getting the chance to revisit characters from ASK FOR IT and PASSION FOR THE GAME. Now I'll be on the lookout for DON'T TEMPT ME which is due out in March 2008. Sylvia Day never fails to write stories that can transport me to into the characters lives for the extent of the tale and they often live on long after I've finished reading. If you haven't picked up a Sylvia Day book yet then you're missing out.

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)
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on April 24, 2013
'A Passion for Him' tells the story of Amelia Benbridge and Colin Mitchell who were introduced in 'A Passion for the Game.' I didn't connect well with either of the main characters, especially Amelia. She came off as a shadow of her sister Maria, the female protagonist in Passion for the Game in that she was neither particularly interesting or strong. In fact, she came off as a bit spoiled and whiney.

Ms. Day is true to her formula of a beautiful, troubled woman who falls in love with a dashing, impossibly handsome man who alternately plagues her and seduces her. All the pieces are there with the faithful servants, the understanding friend/would-be lover, the requisite sex scenes which are reasonably well written, the bit of danger near the end, and finally, the expected HEA.

Bottom line? The problem may lay with me in that I have read enough of Ms. Day's work that it has become boring in its predictability.
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on August 25, 2012
...gawd, I loved this story..a continuation from book #1 Passion for the Game. This is Colin Mitchell's and Amelia Benbridge's story.

It's 6 years later (London) and Amelia is now 22 years old..still believing Colin is dead, still grieving for him, her only love. But Colin is alive and has been in France building his empire of wealth and gaining a title- - all for Amelia. To be worthy of her station. Afterall, she is a Lady and he is nothing more than a Groomsman/Stable boy in her fathers' employ.

In the meantime, Amelia and Lord Ware (anyone know his first name??!?) are close to being engaged when Colin returns from France in the guise of Count Reynaldo Montoya. His mystery and intrigue lends much excitement to what would've been an otherwise mediocre plot.

There are pages upon wasted pages of "flashbacks" in the ruse of "dreams" and reminiscent thoughts which is nothing more than repeating diaglogue from the first book. Now, there's nothing wrong (IMO) in repeating certain amounts of dialogue from previous books, to make a point, or to reiterate what Amelia (or whomever) was/is thinking or was/is dreaming about (allowing the reader to feel the extent of her angst), or reinforce the memory of such events that have happened long ago....but it's NOT ok when it takes pages equal to entire chapters! That's a waste of the readers' time and money....even if a reader hasn't read the first book; so many pages of the previous books' dialogue is unnecessary and basically wasted space.

Yet I thoroughly enjoyed this riviting story (probably more because I read it on the heels of the 1st book "The Passion for the Game" and am still very connected to all the characters). It has great dialogue, it's fast paced and reinforces all that Colin (Count Montoya) sacrifices, experiences and finally attains to feel worthy of his love, Amelia. In the end his sacrifice becomes the very thing that causes him to lose her. My heart breaks for Colin and his dilemma of being born into servitude...working to change his status in life, and still it's not enough. He could not be enough for her in spite of all his effort.

Colin is a fascinating and strong character one cannot help loving and cheering for his success. Amelia is a lovely character albeit, somewhat weak in description. It's not until the end of this book that we're told the extent of her talent with weaponry and grow to appreciate her a bit more than the innocent, insipid weakling that she is in book #1. Her character description could have been stronger.

At any rate, Fabulous story! Wonderful finale! Brava Ms. Day!
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on October 31, 2007
A+++!!! I honestly wasn't sure if Day could surpass the previous novel in the series, "Passion for the Game," but this book was just as incredible as the last! I am a HUGE sucker for the "childhood friends turning to romance" plot, especially when it involves huge social class and racial barriers (hero is a half-Gypsy former stable boy). Although this book is a strong stand-alone read, I would recommend reading "A Passion for the Game" beforehand just because almost all of the characters introduced from that novel re-appear in this one. Day also has a wonderful way of writing from every character's perspective, fleshing out realistic multi-dimensional personalities for everyone.

Why I consider this a 5-star read:
- Colin and Amelia's story was as heart-wrenching as expected, I was already anticipating their tale from "Passion for the Game," and was not disappointed!
- Lots of hero jealousy here, and yes, there is a "misunderstanding," but the author does not heavily rely on this plot device to tell her story.
- The love scenes were top quality, realistic and VERY sensual (without being offensive).
- Secondary characters were very well-written, and I especially liked how Lord Ware's character was represented... won't give anything away, but if you liked him in the previous novel, you will like him even more in this one. The heroine's choice of the "right" guy isn't as easy and straight-forward in this book as it is in most other romance novels, which is what makes this story (and its conclusion) much more meaningful and memorable =)
- The plot was very well-paced and nicely balanced with the proper blend of romance, secondary characters, suspense, and of course, the extremely sensual love scenes ;)
- Now, I am absolutely dying to read Simon's story,(does anyone else think the Simon on that cover looks absolutely *divine*? ^_^) I believe he may end up with Lysette Roussou (maybe, maybe not?), another fascinating character that was introduced in this story, and I can't wait to read her story, too! Just don't want to wait all the way 'til April... grr.

Honestly haven't read a "great" romance in months, so this one was a very refreshing and wonderful experience. Other reads I would recommend with similar plots are Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas, When Angels Fall by Meagan McKinney, Paradise by Judith McNaught (contemporary), All Things Beautiful by Cathy Maxwell, and of course, Passion for the Game by Sylvia Day (which introduces all the main characters from this story).

Happy reading!
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on June 18, 2016
Amelia and Colin were in love as youths, until he died protecting her. Years later she is living with her sister and her sister's husband, a pirate/smuggler and expected to marry her childhood friend, a wealthy nobleman.Then she meets a mysterious man in a mask at a masquerade. Thus begins the story.
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on August 9, 2016
I really liked this one! I have read others of Day's books and this one was much better. Better story, better characters, good balance of romance, story and graphic details. I will probably go back and buy books 1 & 2. I hope the trend continues.
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on March 4, 2013
Each one of these books were read in a day, day in a half. I had lots of late nights, but it was so worth it. I loved the Georgian style, it will make you feel emotions and you really feel these characters. I loved them. Sad when finished this series. ;(
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