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on January 24, 2017
Ok... so I ordered the Deluxe Edition Hardcover... AND THERE IS NO BUNNY. I had this book as a child, and was looking to purchase it for a friend's new baby. Upon receipt, I opened the book to relive the Pat The Bunny magic. They go on and on about how they have included pages from the 1940 version.. but in doing so, they have LEFT OUT THE BUNNY. IS THIS A JOKE? I am FLABBERGASTED. The whole point of the book is to PAT THE BUNNY. I don't care about the new shakey buttons and the squeaky ball. This book was a classic in it's FULL form, to exclude classic things from the book to include others ( Daddy's scratchy beard as another example), is disappointing. But to remove the bunny... absolute FAILURE.
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on January 15, 2016
For some reason my daughter really likes this book. Especially the page that rattles. But every review about the binding is right. It is terrible. I ended up taking off the binding and using yarn to hold it together and now she loves it even more because she likes how the yarn feels.
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on June 5, 2016
So the book overall is cute with the interactive pages. But the construct of it is flimsy. I bought the hardbook and shouldn't have wasted my money because it's exactly the same but with a hard cover. The binding is still the same and my little guy will prob rip this book wide open any second now. Also, this book literally arrived damaged even though it comes in a nice box.
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on November 4, 2015
Ok so i started reading this book to my son at..3 or 6 months and hes 14 months now. He loves the book and remembers everything about it. The only reason im giving this deluxe edition pat the bunny book 4 stars is because its still not very sturdy. The other two i bought him before were the small spiral bound versions; didnt last through the chewing,throwing, etc. I bought this one expecting and actual board book/hardcover. The case i guess you can say is hardcover but once you open it up its spiral bound! A few tugs and those pages will be ripped out before you know it. Im 10 weeks pregnant now and plan on reading this to him/her when theyre born but idk if this will last either.

Update: i recieved this book november 4th, november 12th the pages seperated from the binding. Like i said wont last and not much of a "deluxe edition". Had to take off one star for that
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on October 23, 2012
I purchased this book for my 16 month old. Having read many of the reviews here referencing the malfunction of the plastic comb, I opted to go with the more expensive "deluxe" version, assuming that it would, indeed, be deluxe and of superior quality. I was pretty bummed when I opened the book to find that it is still bound with a plastic comb. I would think a binding similar to a spiral bound notebook would be a better suit yet still provide the same style they are going for.

I read the book to the baby, turning the pages gingerly. He LOVED the story. My 2 older children got home from school, saw the book, and wanted to read to their little brother. I warned them to be careful & they were, however, the book just fell apart in my autistic 7 year old's hands. A regular functioning child might understand that it's not their fault, but not my child. He was extremely upset and now the book falls apart every time we read it. The baby is crazy about it, so we'll try to figure something out to use as an alternative binder.

If you're looking to purchase this book for yourself or as a gift, try to find one without the plastic comb binder :( What a disappointment.
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on November 12, 2002
This is an awesome book and a classic! My 18 month old twin girls have really been into touch and feel books. This is definitely one of their favorites. It has soft textures, scratchy texture, and the peek-a-boo is their favorite as well as the mirror. It also has a scent page, which is great as well. The only thing I would change is to make it more durable. I've already taped it back together, and the comb binding comes undone easily when toddlers are handling it. It is still a great book, and I would recommend it to anyone with toddlers. At least it fits in my purse or diaper bag easily because it is small and lightweight.
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on October 23, 2013
My son has loved this book since he was a year old. He knows how to interact with all the different activities, and even tries to hug the bunny in addition to patting it. The Deluxe version is nice because it includes all the pages from the original version of the book, so there are even more activities to choose from. It's a fun, interactive reading experience that we engage in on a daily basis.

The construction of this book is horrendous. I intentionally bought the hardcover version to avoid the plastic comb binding that many of the other reviewers hated. I still ended up with a plastic comb book. The cover of the book is hollow cardboard covered with glossy finish paper. The interior pages are the thickness of about two sheets of posterboard. Many of the pages involve embedded objects, so the posterboard is used to sandwich those objects inside the page. This is not what I would consider a board book. The pages are flexible, bendable, and highly susceptible to drool.

The plastic comb binding is worthless. I hold the book and read it to the baby, and the pages still fall out. Once I put it back together for the 43rd time, I'm thinking of super-gluing the comb together. It's obvious that whoever prints this book did not put it in the hands of a child before deciding on this binding format.
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on August 26, 2016
I just purchased this book for my 10 month old grandson and it arrived yesterday. I was hoping the "deluxe edition" would have a better binding than the regular edition. After one day of gentle reading with him, I picked up the book and somehow the comb binding had already separated from the book. (See picture). I tried to put it back together (I'm a teacher and have worked with comb bindings for years), but this was virtually impossible because the cover has two parallel holes for each tooth and there are 14 teeth to try to fit back in. Thankfully Amazon is so good about returns. This will be going back and I will get the cheaper version and not worry if it is destroyed.
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on January 11, 2009
Even though Pat the Bunny is such an old classic (published in 1940, and the first touch and feel book ever) I had never heard of it till my son was born 3 years ago. Many librarians and book experts recommended it for babies and young children. Thought about getting it when he was a small infant, almost did when my husband and I were in a bookstore and saw it there. But hubby convinced me it looked too cheap and flimsy, even I thought it looked pretty bland, by only by looking at the cover. Thought I would just see if it was at my local library instead of buying it.Then just forgot about it altogether.
When my daughter was born I tried to look for it in the library, they did not have a copy there. So I said, what the heck, maybe I will just order it from Amazon. Saw some really excellent reviews here, but also some saying the product was flimsy, not worth it, etc. I also wondered if it may even be too babyish for my now 3 year old son and even my daughter who is over 1 year old, since some reviewers were saying they got it for their infants.
Finally did order it and I must say I am really glad I did. I read on a children's book site that every toddler should "pat the bunny" and it is true!It is a very interactive experience, The children can pat the soft fur of the bunny(which is artificial by the way, animal lovers), play play "peek-a-boo" by lifting a "blanket"(a piece of fabric) to see one of the characters faces underneath (My kids LOVED this!), smell flowers that really smell like baby powder, feel a scratchy beard of the father character (sandpaper), read a little book within the book and finally put their little finger through "Mommmy's ring" in the book.
Both my son and my daughter loved the book, my son could not stop smiling throughout and my daughter seemed fascinated by every page too. I do recommend getting this book for your new baby or as a gift to new parents, but having said that, I don't think even a 3 or 4 year old is too mature for this book. Even though my son loves it when I read more wordy Dr. Seuss books or even a lengthy storybook like the story of Babar the elephant, he still liked this little book very much as mentioned.
As far as the illustrations go, yes as some people have mentioned they could be seen as unimpressive, or not very colourful, but this is a simple little book, where the focus is not really on a great visual experience, but more of an interactive one, and there is something soft and comforting about the pictures anyway.
A warning, I do agree with some of the reviewers, the book is a little flimsy, it is a plastic spiral book format,maybe that is the way it has always been, but it is not the best style, this is one thing I would like to change, however, just keep it high up somewhere, don't let the little ones have access to it, till you want to read to them. It is also a bit small ( about 4" by 3" rectangle) but I did not mind that and neither did the kids, it is cute size, I don't know if there is a bigger size available elsewhere, but this one from Amazon is small.
Overall very happy,sounds cliche, but "never judge a book by its cover!" Also, I must say Amazon's service was great,they delivered promptly. Thank you very much!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 23, 2016
"Plastic Comb" version fell apart, so i exchanged it for the "hardcover" version. GUESS WHAT? it's STILL bound by a plastic comb! only the hardcover front, spine, and back "hide" the comb! it will still fall apart. This is not the book i loved as a child (the small version that's about 6x6"), instead it's quite large and the plastic comb binding is terrible. Don't be misled!
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