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on August 22, 2012
Physically, I like the capless style of the drive and that it has a slightly rubberized feel to it.

It has been hard to find some speeds for this drive so I wanted to provide feedback for people looking for a fast USB 3.0 drive with a great value. These tests are with the drive formatted NTFS, but I provided Crystal results below for FAT32 as well. The test machine is a quad core i7 with 16GB of RAM and a Crucial M4 512GB SSD as the system disk.

I am getting 168MB/s read and almost 47MB/s write speeds on large files > 1GB which match with what Crystal Disk Mark is reporting.

Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.1 x64 Win7 formatted NTFS:
seq 168.2 46.71
512 134.8 1.156
4k 6.055 0.034
4kq 6.666 0.050

Formatted FAT32:
seq 168.2 46.87
512 100.5 0.896
4k 5.836 0.032
4kq 6.170 0.039

I haven't had any problems with the drive in any way, but only used it between two different systems.
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on October 24, 2016
This thing is nothing if it's not tough. I forgot and left it in my jeans one day. My wife washed and dried it without realizing....and it still worked perfectly! Then, just last week, I left it in a pocket with a small chocolate bar. The chocolate melted and not only coated the drive body but also completely clogging the USB connector. The chocolate had hardened to the point that I had to scrape the thickest parts off with a knife, then soak and rinse the rest of it off, fearing all along that the drive was going to be ruined. I had to flush the USB connector with copious amounts of hot water to get it clean. I let it dry overnight and--you guessed it! The drive still worked. I am very impressed. As far as overall function, it seemed to read and write sufficiently fast for my needs. The only think I don't like about it is the slidey gizmo that is supposed to protect the connector when not in use. It doesn't work, but just slides open and stays that way most of the time, except when it decides to slide back the other way. If you're not concerned with that, this is otherwise a very good and survivable flash drive.
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on June 6, 2018
I needed a USB3.0 128GB thumb drive to store large backup files (20-30GB files). I made the mistake of buying a Samsung because it looked so cute. BIG mistake. Returned it 2 hours after it arrived in the mail. Here's a link to my 1-star review of this Samsung:

Having returned the Samsung, I shopped around again and chose this one. It's a bit expensive, but it promised good performance. And it delivered. Upon receipt, I ran the H2Test program to verify capacity and speed. Its write speed was a constant 95 mBytes/sec (compared to the 20-30 mB/s of that horrible Samsung). It's read speed was a constant 205 mBytes/sec. I then reformatted again, and filled it with 103GB of LARGE backup files. Those were written at an average speed of 197 mBytes/sec. The drive was thus under constant write/read operation for a good 20+ minutes, at the end of which it was barely warm (unlike the Samsung which became boiling hot within a couple of minutes).

LOVE it! I am very satisfied with this thumb drive. Will it last a long time (some are flimsy and don't last long)? I don't know. But it does look sturdy and I hope that it will.
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on December 9, 2015
Patriot don't stop being you! Because you make some impressive pieces of hardware!

Ok. First off, I bought a Patriot XT Boost for my first flash drive--it was 16gb. I loved that thing. You could throw it around, throw it at your friends. Walk away a richer man after betting your friends it would withstand the washing machine and dryer. It was a beast of a flash drive. This Patriot product is just as excellent and it's 64gb!

What I like about this flash drive is the lack of losable parts. The XT Boost had a cap cover which I would occasionally lose and would frustrate me to no end. Patriot always came through though and would send me replacement caps for free. THIS flash drive simply snaps into place when needed and back inside the confines of its shell when not. I love it! The one drawback of this design is the front of the flash drive is exposed the whole time. I wouldn't feel as confident betting this would survive a washing machine and dryer. As long as you remember to take it out of your pant pockets before a wash, this flash drive will stay functional until you...throw it down a cliff or something. It's a beast.

I really have nothing negative to say about this product. It's a perfect flash drive for all occasions.

+Good Construction

-Exposed front
review imagereview imagereview image
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on March 13, 2018
A very fast flash drive and is set up to work on many operating systems. I bought one a few months back and have experienced such good results I just bought another one. There are two small design flaws, 1) the slider part of the unit doesn't lock properly, so the information on the drive is more susceptible to the "slim" possibility of something entering the unprotected end of the connection and shorting out the drive. This has NEVER occurred, but the fact the sliding part doesn't stay open (or closed) is not good. I noticed Patriot makes one very close to this model with a "cap" not a slider, however, the speed is a bit slower. 2) The physical size of the drive is a bit wide, which presents a problem if you have a few other flashes inserted into the side of your computer. Chances are, you'll have to leave a space between this drive and one of the other usb slots. Still highly recommend this unit
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on July 10, 2016
Works great and I have had great luck with Patriot flash drives.

- It is recognized super fast by any computer
My 5th Patriot Flash Drive

- Rugged and compact
- Does not attract lint like other Patriot device
- Device slide to extend usb
- Usb 3.0 and backwards compatible with 2.0
- Don't have to worry about losing the cap

- Key holder ring barely fits in space. Large ones don't fit or do not let it move freely on key ring.
- Device slides forward occasionally by accident (it is not loose but it does happen)
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on May 31, 2016
In comparison to the Patriot Supersonic XT 128 and 256GB sticks, this was a big disappointment. While I experienced upload speeds in excess of 70MB/s with the XT drives, I have yet to see speeds over about 39MB/s with this drive (uploading similar Kontakt material). If you want a very fast USB stick, this is not the one. Get the XT!

Update: I changed my review from 2-stars to 4-stars. The reason is the incredible dowmnload speed of this device to an SSD. Although the upload times were much worse than the Supersonic XT, the Rage turned out to be quite a performer in downloading. I downloaded eight Kontakt libraries to an SSD in an i7 6700K 4.0GHz systrem this afternoon, and I saw an average download speed in excess of 200MB/s, with peaks hitting 275MB/s. That, from a USB thumb drive, is phenomenal. So, I guess that there is a trade off here. If you want excellent upload/download performance, go for the other Patriot. However, if you want fast access from the drive or you can upload stuff to it overnight while you sleep, and then expect excellent download performance from it, then this is probably your best option.
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on January 6, 2016
I recently bought a 4K TV and experienced a problem to play back a movie stored on my U.S.B. 2.0 memory stick. The memory transfer speed was so slow that the TV would reject (not play) the video. So I bought a 3.0 Adata memory stick and experienced the same problem. Then I found out that LG TV required a minimum transfer speed to playback a video when plugging into the U.S.B. port. This stick solved the problem. Transfer speed on this unit is exceptional (180 Mb/s read, 50 Mb/s write) meaning that in real world conditions, it's about 3.5X to 4.0X faster than a fast 2.0 stick or a slow 3.0 stick. Very satisfied with the quality too.

Just a note to let you know that when this is plugged into a computer (desktop, laptop..etc), you must have a 3.0 port to experience its full potential.
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on August 28, 2016
Solid USB 3.0 drive. Did a speed test on it and the speeds were pretty close to what it advertises. Feels pretty sturdy and I do like how it retracts. I got this and a 32gb one for my wife cause I do not have faith that she would not lose a cap if it had one. XD Of course even though it is protected decently by the rubber around it, you don't want to drop it in water or anything cause the usb port is still open. Some people have mentioned it's a bit wide, but it doesn't seem any or much wider than the few other different brand usb drives I have. The one downside that does get to me is the key ring hole. It's probably more designed for a lanyard with a small string and not a split ring. I'm using a very small one and it doesn't want to move around much. But small price to pay as I don't use them on my key rings anyway. Overall I'd say this is a great usb 3.0 drive.
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on February 18, 2015
I came across Patriot thumb drives years ago at a small, national computer chain. I'd been exposed to virtually every brand but was unfamiliar with this company. At the time (Rage with USB 2.0), and smaller memory size, it was one of the more expensive thumb drives. I liked the capless design and was wear of reported R/W performance statements/claims.

Now with USB 3.0, I've continued with this version and have purchased several of them in different sizes. I'm not a professional tester, but stated R/W speeds seem factual. Other better known brand names have failed, are slow, or just fail to mount; these have worked seamlessly in bot a mac and a pc. Slightly larger form factor for durability and sliding cap design; a tradeoff I personally like. I'm fairly rough on the handling of these. Never a failure; and even better pricing than years ago.

Patriot makes a different version that is faster, but this is a perfect in memory size, durability and price.
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