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on October 20, 2013
"Peaceful Warrior" is not your run-of-the-mill Hollywood movie. It is not for people that are looking for an action or special-effects centered movie. Nor is it a film for people that are looking for a film that is trite or typical. "Peaceful Warrior", instead is for people that are looking for a film that is unique, that can inspire, and that can possibly even cause them to take a deeper look at there own lives.
This film accomplishes something that I feel a great number of films don't even come close to: it manages to teach life lessons through the screen while, at the same time, providing solid entertainment. I feel that the strongest aspects of this movie are the plot, the directing, the acting, the dialogue, and, most importantly, the message. The plot is very strong and personal. It flows in a very consistent and easy-to -follow manner that compliments the overall story. The directing does a stand-out job at pulling you into the plot. There were several instances in the film where I felt as if I was there watching a scene take place. The acting is spot-on. Scott Mechilowicz and Nick Nolte do great job acting out the parts of Dan Millman and Socrates. The dialogue is full of inspiration. And the message is deep, personal, and easy to relate to.
With all of this said, I would like to address my take on other online reviews I've seen of this film. I find it pretty ironic that, on sites like this, where reviewers are the common audience, "Peaceful Warrior" has very positive overall reviews and on professional critic websites, like Rotten Tomatoes, it has very negative overall reviews. I think this shows in a stark and obvious way that what professional critics believe doesn't always align well with what average consumers believe.
All in all, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone with an open mind or anyone that is looking for an inspirational film.
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on March 25, 2017
This movie changed my outlook on life. I look at the world differently now and I always will. This is one of the most inspiring movies that I have ever seen and I just wish that everyone had the opportunity to watch it and discover what I have found
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on February 9, 2015
I decided to give this movie a try because it had excellent reviews and sounded like a good message. I'll concede that it is a good movie, but it's not quite "a movie that changes lives," as it claims to be. Telling the story of Dan Millman -- a gymnast who struggles to carry on after a devastating injury and meets up with new mentors/friends Socrates and Joy, who teach him to cope -- the message of perseverance in this film is a good one. Much of the dialogue feels somewhat forced and unrealistic, however,and the prevailing message from Socrates and Joy is hardly revolutionary -- it's taught by coaches and athletic trainers all around the world: focus on what you are doing in this moment and not the implications of the past or future. Additionally, Socrates and Joy are implied to have some sort of mystic or supernatural abilities, which are never really explained and which never particularly figure into the plot of the story. The movie is good overall -- I especially like the powerful confrontational vision scene where Dan climbs the university clock tower at night. But I also found this movie a little more confusing than life-changing.
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on June 12, 2014
This one makes you think, ponder, wonder, "what if" about life, the universe and everything. And it's a heck of a good story too! I bought this one twice: after lending it out to a friend and not getting it back, I had to get another copy.

It's wonderful for stretching your spiritual senses and for stretching your imagination. Think Karate Kid but on a "higher" more refined level!
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on July 5, 2017
it is tough watching this when you know that he is going to recover. nick nolte's character is priceless. as an injured person I do not like hearing that I will succeed if I just "try a little harder"
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on February 1, 2010
I bought this movie from Amazon after watching it several times from a pirated copy online. I'm telling you this to emphasize how much important it was to me to show my deep appreciation to everyone who contributed to make this movie happen, and to encourage more of such works.

Some people will feel deeply impressed with this movie consciously or unconsciously, and they will feel the urge to watch the conversations between Dan & the wise man. Do you know why? Because the wisdom presented throughout the story resonates deeply with what we *Already* are as spiritual beings, but just because we are currently sleeping we do not recognize such truths until we are impressed by such an artistic work as this movie, and start to remember who We Truly Are in our sleeping state, and Long for enlightenment.

"You can live a whole life without every being awake."--Soc

This movie is an Immortal Masterpiece A Message, that's why It's unbeatable. The same message could be presented in unlimited number of creative ways, but the message will still remain the same, there IS NO other moment but NOW, so why the hell should we ever live elsewhere?

When you cry watching this movie, Be Happy that you're crying. Crying in this context is an instantaneous Understanding of the wisdom presented that happens too quick to be grasped by the false-Mind (ego) and that's why we cry and we don't know why we did.

To truly Understand what this movie is trying to convey you should read "The Power of Now" by Eckart Tolle.

There are a lot of people who flamed this movie because their evaluation was based on a mental level, and not on a level of higher consciousness. If you are surprised that this movie is underrated, don't be. Just know that everyone will spiritually progress at their *own pace*, and the fact that so many people will not *right now* be able to grasp the immortal message of this story is just natural.

This movie will touch everyone who is in touch with Heaven, but guess what? The kingdom of heaven is.. inside you.
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on December 19, 2016
It was a very interesting movie. Not quite the same as the book but it didn't detract from the book that i could see. Very well made and acted.
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on July 1, 2016
It's good how it shows that we can learn a lot from our dreams, and how it shows how we can even learn about the future with dream premonitions, and how by being in the moment / in the zone (like athletes often describe it) we can find peace and detachment from situation, but that's really about it. In a sense, it's a good little starter to bring about an interest in what lays behind every day life and how there is so much more to life than what we think. A bit like "Flatliners" with Julia Roberts.
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on December 7, 2013
Remember when you were in high school and you used Cliff notes to write your essay? The movie is the cliff notes, the book is the book. I think the movie was great, very much the same and yet vastly different from the book. I think it was an entice. Did you find the message spoke to you? Want to find out more? Read the book. I wasn't disappointed in the movie. It just doesn't, can't touch the writing in the story of the book. It's 2.99 to rent...If the message touches you. Buy the book. I'm a deep girl and out of body experiences are my thing. The book is deeper and quite frankly, I don't think if he was making it up, he coulda done better, which leads me to believe he was telling the truth. It's so ridiculous and squirrely...which has been my experience with when the Universe wants to turn you around. It's wholly unbelievable with your mind, but in your makes sense. Just sayin'.
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on December 26, 2016
I am still shaking from spiritual overload. In a great way. This film has left me in a state of trance, saddened by its ending. Wanting so much more. I feel like I was abandoned in a sense because the film is over. Though it sounds sad, is actually good. A film that can leave you feeling that way has done its job. It's entertaining and enlightening. I'm a fan and have begun to purchase all of Dan's pieces.
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